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Just now, McDonald’s changed hands in its largest acquisition in 20 years

At that time, the transaction of about 2 billion yuan was known as the first acquisition of McDonald’s in many years, and it was also the largest transaction of the fast food giant in 20 years.


According to a joint announcement issued by McDonald’s and MasterCard in the evening, MasterCard will acquire dynamic year, the “most advanced personalized platform and decision engine company” of McDonald’s. The bulletin said that dynamic field’s technology is a natural supplement to MasterCard’s existing service suite and can help brands provide a “more effective and reliable” customer experience across channels.


According to the data, McDonald’s acquisition of dynamic field in 2019 cost more than $300 million (about RMB 2 billion) is the largest acquisition of McDonald’s in 20 years. McDonald’s international executives said at that time that this is a core part of the company’s evolving digital strategy. Using customer data flow to help retailers provide personalized digital marketing to consumers is an important value of dynamic yield. Its customers also include IKEA, Forever 21 and Fendi 。


During the acquisition, Steve Easterbrook, former CEO of McDonald’s, once said that the Israeli start-up company would play a greater role in McDonald’s technology and big data, and provide consumers with a more personalized experience. It is reported that dynamic field has been operating as an independent company since it was acquired by McDonald’s.


As a core part of its evolving digital strategy, McDonald’s idea is to use dynamic field technology in its drive thru Restaurant – the digital display of drive thru restaurant will change in real time according to factors such as weather and customer ordering content. For example, in hot weather, the display screen of drive through restaurant will sell McDonald’s ice cream cone.


Although the acquisition was interpreted by the outside world as “McDonald’s is more and more willing to get involved in new technologies to enhance its competitiveness in the highly competitive fast food industry”, earlier this year, American media pointed out that McDonald’s local franchisees said that the platform did not bring the previously promised sales boost.


To this end, McDonald’s announced a strategic evaluation of the platform in March. An evaluation of the deal by the company indicated that dynamic field’s technology contributed less to sales than originally reported.


In the circular released today, the trading parties did not disclose the price of this “transfer”. McDonald’s reiterated the role of dynamic field, saying that the acquisition made McDonald’s one of the first brands to integrate decision-making technology into restaurants. In addition, after McDonald’s acquisition, dynamic field doubled its revenue and expanded its customer base in the vertical field.


“So far, dynamic field’s technology has been applied to McDonald’s pick-up speed and ordering scenarios in many markets around the world.” McDonald’s said today that it plans to further expand and integrate dynamic field’s capabilities in the global ordering channel.


MasterCard said that with the help of dynamic field technology, MasterCard will be able to help customers and partners meet the growing needs of consumers for more personalized experience, no matter where they shop or conduct business.


It is reported that the transaction is expected to be completed in the first half of 2022.

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