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Selected into the hall of fame with a sales volume of more than 200 million, the legendary pudding brand has entered the new Xiu brand

an evergreen brand, on the surface, is a frequent explosion of products and continuous iterative evolution. The deep-seated driving force behind it is that the brand goes deep into the society and people in each era, accurately insight into user needs and even lead popular culture.

Text: Cathy Wang

Source: foodaily daily food (ID: foodaily)

As the food field with the highest development maturity and the most concerned by the whole society, China’s dairy industry is moving towards a more diversified era of development. On the one hand, domestic dairy products continue to develop towards a healthy, nutritious and high value-added dairy track. On the other hand, dairy products are constantly breaking through category boundaries and expanding their territory in catering, snacks, baking and other tracks.
Milk based desserts have long been loved by dessert lovers, especially female consumers. However, with the improvement of people’s health awareness and the prevalence of sugar reduction demand, the growth of high sugar and high sweet traditional milk based dessert is limited; The rise of milk based substitutes such as vegetable protein is also constantly seizing the market share of milk based desserts.
Although the milk based dessert market is facing a series of challenges, there are still brands that can remain prosperous and continue to win the favor of consumers. Recently, mognavi, the “public comment” in Japan’s snack industry, released the 2021 snack reward. Among them, “Ohayo Jersey milk pudding” (cow’s milk pudding) which has been rewarded for 4 consecutive years was selected into the “Hall of fame”; and “Ohayo baked pudding cream cheese flavor” (Ohayo baked pudding cream cheese flavor) (Ohayo baked pudding cream cheese flavor) which has been rewarded for 3 consecutive years again won the first place of “best dessert pudding”. This makes us pay attention to the Japanese brand Ohayo.
Source: mognavi
In the increasingly competitive dessert market, why can Ohayo pudding series stand out and continue to be favored by consumers? What is its birth history? What is the secret of lasting prosperity?
According to foodaily, in addition to pudding, “Brulee roasted bud ice cream”, “luxury fruit yogurt” and “extra strong 4.4 milk” are also the long-term best-selling star products of Ohayo brand. Pudding, ice cream, yogurt ··············································································? Which sub categories have opportunities in China?
13 years to sharpen a sword,
How was the legendary pudding of Japanese pick born?
Ohayo brand was founded in 1958 and headquartered in Okayama, Japan. The company’s main business is the manufacturing and sales of dairy products. The product line includes milk beverage, yogurt, pudding, ice cream and coffee.
Source: Ohayo
As the first explosive of Ohayo pudding series, and also the first pudding with golden Caramel surface in Japan, “Ohayo baked pudding” is made of raw milk, raw cream, fresh eggs and other ingredients. The surface caramel is crisp and fragrant, and the main flavor of pudding is rich. It melts in the mouth, allowing consumers to enjoy high-end exquisite desserts anytime and anywhere.
Source: Ohayo
Since its launch in 1992, the product has sold well in the Japanese market for nearly 30 years. It is still a popular dessert in Japanese convenience stores and supermarkets. However, the birth process of “Ohayo baked pudding” was not smooth, and it took 13 years from product conception to successful listing.
Inspired by European desserts
Pudding originated in Europe in the 13th century and initially referred to a traditional sausage in Britain. With the opening of the maritime colonial era of the Empire in the 17th century, sucrose from the Caribbean was continuously imported, and the price of sugar was reduced to the level that civilians could consume, pudding began to gradually change to dessert.
The popularity of pudding in Japan can be traced back to the 17th century when a large number of Portuguese missionaries entered Nagasaki. The prototype of caramel pudding was among the various European snacks distributed by missionaries to Japanese civilians. Soft and slippery fruit was a high-grade food for the upper class in Japan in the old days. In addition, soft food was conducive to gastrointestinal digestion, and the subconscious of “soft = delicious” gradually formed in the hearts of the Japanese people.
Guangzhi Guchuan (ふるわわひろし) was one of the main R & D personnel of “Ohayo baked pudding”. According to his memory, his boss who came back from a business trip in Europe said: “there is a baked pudding packaged in glass or aluminum containers in Europe. Can we make it?” Having insight into the Japanese people’s demand and love for soft food, in 1979, Hiroshi Guchuan and others began to officially develop “Ohayo baked pudding”.
Guchuan Guangzhi | photo source: Ohayo
The taste appreciation period was blocked and the research and development was forced to be interrupted
After nearly half a year’s reading of cooking books and repeated trial and error, milk powder, butter and eggs were identified as the main raw materials of “Ohayo baked pudding”. However, the shelf life of the product for national retail distribution needs at least two weeks. After testing, the actual shelf life of the sample is only 3-4 days. Although the shelf life can be extended to about one week by modifying the formula, it is still far from the “passing score”, and the product development has to be temporarily interrupted.
Product R & D record | picture source: Ohayo
Product prototype – “steamed pudding”
After the taste period was blocked, Furukawa Hiroshi and others continued to study gel pudding for about 4 years. The cooking and sterilization device accidentally mentioned to him by an acquaintance became a turning point. The next year, the R & D personnel used this device that can be pressurized, heated and sterilized to steam “steamed pudding” with hot water. Although it is different from the “baked pudding” studied in the past, the two raw materials are close, which marks a big step forward in the R & D process of baked pudding.
Introduction of sterile eggs and comprehensive upgrading of raw materials
In the 10th year after the research and development of baked pudding, the idea of “sterilizing eggs and milk separately” suddenly flashed in Guchuan Guangzhi’s mind, and repeated experiments with the production process of “steamed pudding” as an example.
Considering that most of the eggs used in the factory are purchased in the form of liquid eggs, and bacteria begin to attach to the eggs from the moment they are separated from the eggshell, Guchuan Guangzhi and others realize that it is very necessary to make delicious baked pudding and use sterile eggs. However, there was no suitable supplier of sterile eggs in the market at that time. Although it would be a large expenditure, Ohayo decided to introduce an egg breaker and break the eggs only on the same day, so as to avoid bacterial pollution during processing as much as possible.
Source: Ohayo
Keep improving and optimize the process again
The prospect of commercialization of baked pudding has been established, and the construction of production line has also made progress. But competitors have introduced “baked pudding” baked in an oven. The hurried internal meeting decided that the appearance was also important because it was a baked pudding. In order to make it have a fragrant smell, bake it out of the caramel surface anyway. Although many manufacturers bought and used Caramel already made at that time, Ohayo insisted on baking Caramel by himself.
Source: Ohayo
After 13 years of ingenuity, the first popular “baked pudding” was successfully launched
Pudding in glass containers can easily turn brown when baked at high temperature, and plastic containers will melt when heated. In order to solve this problem, researchers spent nearly a year and finally got inspiration from “failed works”.
Guchuan Guangzhi noticed that the samples that were not fully processed and accidentally baked before entering the oven had a perfect Caramel surface. Through repeated discussion and process improvement with the technology development department, an epoch-making technology was finally born, making the baked pudding show an ideal Caramel surface.
First generation “Ohayo baked pudding” | picture source: Ohayo
In March 1992, “Ohayo baked pudding”, which took 13 years to build, was fully launched. This is a product that consumers and retailers have never imagined, and the market response is far more than expected. Six months after it was put into operation, the Kanto plant was expanded from one line to three lines, and the next December the plant was expanded to four lines, and the current five line system was established in September 1997. In the pudding dessert market of about 40 billion yen at that time, “Ohayo baked pudding” achieved a feat of occupying 10% of the market share in the second year of its launch.
follow up a victory with hot pursuit,
How does Ohayo continue the legendary pudding myth?
With the birth of “baked pudding”, the result of 13 years of trial and error, Ohayo dessert has become the focus of attention. So, what does Ohayo do next?
Differentiated supply chain construction wins at the starting line of dessert competition
Ohayo researchers found that Jersey milk contains more milk fat and protein than ordinary Holstein milk, with rich and deep taste. However, due to geographical reasons, only 0.8% of dairy cows in Japan are Jersey cows. Jersey milk is rare and rarely used in desserts.
If Jersey milk is used, it must be managed separately from ordinary Holstein milk in the factory. An independent milk receiving tank is also needed, and capital investment is essential. Even so, as a dairy manufacturer, Ohayo decided to make its own products.
Centered on the suanshan plateau in the north of Okayama County, Ohayo took the lead in using Jersey cows for dairy farming in China, which can stabilize the supply. Therefore, Ohayo began to use Jersey milk to develop dessert.
Source: Ohayo
Thanks to exquisite craftsmanship, the second popular product “Jersey milk pudding” was born
Ohayo researchers found that the taste of single-layer milk pudding is relatively single. If a layer of cream is added to the pudding, the part of the pudding will become relaxed and more delicious.
After repeated experiments, a “double-layer” pudding – “Jersey milk pudding” was born. The pudding with mild milk flavor and melting texture is covered with cream, and the taste is highly praised. This is the unique feature of Jersey milk pudding, which has remained unchanged since its launch and is still inherited today.
According to intage Sri statistics, “Jersey milk pudding” has sold more than 200 million cups since its launch in 1999. From April 2016 to March 2021, the brand’s cumulative sales ranked first in the Japanese milk pudding market. “Jersey milk pudding” has become the second popular product of Ohayo pudding series after “roast pudding”.
Source: Ohayo
New tastes constantly enrich consumers’ sensory experience
In recent years, Ohayo has been guided by user needs, insight into consumer preferences, and constantly updated the product taste and packaging design of pudding series, so as to enrich consumers’ sensory experience.
For example, Ohayo introduced the “chocolate x coconut” limited taste in the summer. Use chocolate sauce containing Belgian chocolate, add coconut flavor, and bake slowly in an open fire oven. The packaging design is inspired by the Beach Terrace of the resort, hoping that consumers can have a relaxing time in the hot summer.
In the autumn, Ohayo launched “chocolate x almond Caramel” to limit the taste. Using the chocolate sauce of Belgian chocolate, the roasted almonds and other nuts are added with melted granulated sugar to make caramel. The rich chocolate flavor and fragrant almond flavor are perfectly integrated. The packaging design adopts luxury Brown suitable for autumn to bring consumers a unique autumn experience.
Source: Ohayo
“Jersey milk pudding Royal Milk Tea Flavor” matches the rich Jersey milk with the selected three black teas of “Assam tea”, “nikiri tea” and “tingbula tea”, so that consumers can enjoy the delicate flavor of milk and the elegant aroma of black tea at the same time.
In addition I, in order to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the sale of “Jersey milk pudding”, Ohayo specially launched Japan’s first pudding with spice taste. By mixing cardamom, cinnamon and clove with pudding, you can enjoy the rich and elegant aroma of Jersey milk.
Source: Ohayo
Except for pudding,
How does Ohayo play ice cream and yogurt?
The processing technology is extended to roast the explosive products of ice cream
In Japan’s ice product market, a considerable number of new products come out every year, among which “Brulee roasted bud ice cream” has brought unprecedented taste impact to consumers. Golden caramel with rich milk ice cream has received many praise after sale: “crisp taste is delicious”, “fresh taste for the first time” and “the sweetness of ice cream is just right”.
The researchers initially planned to make the caramel surface of roasted BRET ice cream through the top of roasted cream and pudding, but they failed. The “stability and uniformity of taste” required for mass production can not maintain a certain quality level. Through the introduction of new equipment and continuous extension and adjustment based on the process of “baked pudding”, the “Brulee baked bud ice cream” was finally born.
Source: Ohayo
Once launched in April 2017, it has brought a wave of buying upsurge of instant stock shortage, and the consumers are mainly women aged 20-30. As the sales volume far exceeded the sales plan and the supply of raw materials and containers was not available, the sales of the product was suspended within one month after its release. It was not until 2018 that it was able to supply goods stably in convenience stores and supermarkets across Japan.
Focus on raw materials and technology to create a luxury fruit yogurt experience
In 1982, Ohayo set up a yogurt factory in Changchuan factory and launched the first multi fruit yogurt beverage in the industry. 500ml home decoration was very popular, and the technology was exported to Australian dairy manufacturers in 1983.
Source: Ohayo
As another star product of Ohayo, “luxury fruit yogurt” adds selected large fruit pulp to rich yogurt to bring consumers a sense of luxury fruit satisfaction and a perfect experience of balancing fruit, jam and yogurt.
In order to let consumers enjoy the original flavor of fruit, Ohayo pays great attention to the original flavor of fruit in every link from fruit procurement to processing into products. Personally go to the farm to check the fruit quality and carefully select the best fruit; The harvested fruit is deeply frozen locally to maintain its fresh taste; Use Ohayo’s original method to make fruit into delicious jam, and make yogurt most suitable for the acidity and sweetness of fruit.
Source: Ohayo
Grasp the pain points of national health and carry out research on functional yogurt
Ohayo believes that food is the source of health. By setting up a basic research laboratory to develop healthy food, Ohayo puts forward a new eating habit of “changing the balance between medicine and food”.
In April 2000, Ohayo found “L-55 lactic acid bacteria” that can resist gastric acid and maintain activity in the intestine through independent research. Human experiments confirmed that the lactic acid bacteria had a certain preventive effect on pollen symptoms, and launched the first yogurt to prevent pollen allergy in 2009.
In addition, Ohayo laboratory creatively established a method to isolate lactic acid bacteria from fruits, and successfully isolated “plant lactic acid bacteria p2l9” from white peach in Okayama county. Like “L-55 lactic acid bacteria”, the lactic acid bacteria can maintain activity in the intestine. In the later stage, it was commercialized and applied to yogurt by improving production equipment.
In view of the decline in the average iron intake of Japanese people year by year, especially the sharp decline in iron intake of women, Ohayo launched “today’s iron folic acid yogurt”. The product is fermented with “L-55 lactic acid bacteria”, and each cup of 110g contains 10.5mg iron and 350 μ G folic acid and 3.5 μ G vitamin B12, one cup can meet the daily iron intake of adult women.
Source: Ohayo
For the common bone problems of the elderly, Ohayo launched the functional food “muscle and bone habit Dr. active yogurt”, which can absorb calcium and vitamin D at the same time. The product is fermented with “L-55 lactic acid bacteria”, and each cup of 190g contains 220mg calcium and 1.8 μ G vitamin D. It also contains a protein “サルコペップ” from egg white, which helps promote bone formation.
Source: Ohayo
In addition, Ohayo also signed a Roy’s bacteria license agreement with biogaia AB in Sweden to develop Japan’s first yogurt with oral care function “ロイテリヨグょト”. The product contains 200 million active lactobacillus reuteri DSM 17938, which has the ability to inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria, improve the oral flora environment and maintain gingival health.
Source: Ohayo
Benchmarking the Chinese market,
Localization innovation is a winning move
Pudding – domestic consumer mentality has been initially established, and promoting innovation for demands is the key to breaking the situation
Japan’s unique terrain, resources, and the national crisis consciousness forged by the track of modern history all make the local things particularly valued. Although pudding was only a concept introduced from Europe, Ohayo completely transformed it into made in Japan and made in Japan, and gradually formed a fixed eating habit and consumer mind.
In China, although there is no Japanese pudding eating habit, with the popularity of Western desserts, domestic consumers are gradually attracted by the soft, waxy and smooth taste and sweet and rich flavor of pudding. Dessert shops and bakeries have successively launched a series of pudding products. Pudding is used as an ingredient in current tea drinks.
The little red book searches for the keyword “pudding”, with a total of 780000 + notes. Most of the notes are about how to re carve pudding DIY recipes at home. It can be seen that domestic dessert lovers have formed a certain mental cognition of pudding and gradually transformed into the consumer demand for high-end exquisite pudding.
Source: Little Red Book
With the accelerated pace of modern life, the new generation of young people’s attitude towards “cooking” has changed quietly. Many young people don’t have spare time to study the kitchen. The production process is cumbersome. It often consumes 80% of cooking patience and halves people’s enthusiasm. The ease of use of recipes has also become the standard for users to choose delicious food. Instant pudding, which is both convenient and delicious and has multiple eating scenes, has become one of the future development directions of the domestic pudding market.
In addition, with the prevalence of women’s self pleasing culture, they are eager to bid farewell to the sweet troubles of high calorie, high sugar and high fat. Desserts made from high-quality dairy products such as milk and fresh cream will also be a new outlet for consumption under the wave of “her” economy.
Looking at the instant pudding products in the domestic market, the product form and consumer experience are single, and there is no representative brand. Ohayo maximizes the localization of pudding relative to the limited geographical and species resources. China has larger food resources and richer food culture. With the popularization and application of pudding in Western desserts and new tea drinks, if new products can be launched according to the current market demands on the basis of market education, the domestic pudding market may have more room for growth in the future.
Yogurt – localization, individuation and daily function food
The development of Japanese yogurt industry since the beginning of last century reflects the rough road of germination, reconstruction, take-off, self-confidence and depression experienced by Japanese society from one side. Zero fat, low sugar, high protein and plant-based, these trends from Europe and America are changing the trend of Japanese yogurt bit by bit. Dairy enterprises adapt to social development, gradually localize foreign food, reflect personalized needs in functional demands and eating scenes, and new products seize the pain point of national health and become a model of functional food daily.
In China, compared with the past, China’s yogurt has made remarkable achievements. It is gratifying and singing. It started from scratch and now ranks first in the world, with a huge market of nearly 200 billion yuan. However, compared with the United States, Japan and other yogurt developed countries, we do have some deficiencies, such as lagging construction of laws and standards, non-standard market operation, and low level of milk source construction and management. Despite different market standards, we can still learn from Ohayo’s emphasis on basic research, the concept of launching products for different demand groups, the selection of functional components, etc.
In addition, with the growing national strength, national self-confidence has become the main theme of the times, and the wind of national tide has swept the whole FMCG field. Just as the baking industry has called for rejuvenation for many years and the functional food field has proposed to take “Chinese food therapy and health preservation culture” as the innovation direction, the domestic yogurt development in the future can also carry forward the local characteristics. Fully tap and utilize the homologous food materials of medicine and food, introduce regional food materials and create regional food style.
The subtle carving behind an explosive product successfully constructs the emotional connection between the product and consumers. On the surface, an evergreen brand is a frequent explosion of products and continuous iterative evolution. The deep-seated driving force behind it is that the brand goes deep into the society and people in each era, accurately insight into user needs and even lead popular culture.
Combined with Ohayo’s brand concept: “we believe that food is the source of health. We aim at enterprises that consider the whole diet and create new markets. We consider the food itself from the source, and re-examine it from raw material selection, research and development, production technology to users.”
We found that excellent products never deliberately pursue the range of innovation, but are completely user-oriented. Perhaps consumers’ evaluation is as simple as “delicious”, but the careful thinking, skills and feelings in product design have merged into an innovative university. In the process of the giant ship of food innovation moving forward, the profound insight into consumer demands, the perseverance in basic research and the repeated interpretation of ingenuity are worth our repeated learning and thinking.
reference material:
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