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The 200000 ton Yili mineral water project was put into operation, another meat customer set up a R & D center in China, the chairman of Dayi group died, the king parent company of Hamburg cooperated with ant group, and the new chief brand officer of general mill

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Mengniu’s 61st plant in the world was put into operation

Mengniu Dairy, the 61st modern intelligent factory of Mengniu Group in the world (Qujing) Co., Ltd. has been put into operation. Recently, six normal temperature production lines in phase I have been put into operation, with a daily output of 550 tons. The company is a key project jointly signed by Qujing Municipal People’s government and Mengniu Dairy Group, with a total investment of 1 billion yuan, and designs 14 production lines, including 8 at normal temperature and 6 at low temperature. (metropolis times)


Yili Jilin mineral water project has been put into operation

Recently, Jing Junhai, Secretary of Jilin provincial Party committee, met in Changchun with a delegation of China Young Entrepreneurs Association led by Fu Zhenbang, Secretary of the Central Secretariat of the delegation, and Pan Gang, chairman of Yili Group. In September 2019, Yili started the mineral water project with an annual output of 1 million tons in Antu County, Yanbian Prefecture, Jilin Province. In October 2021, the first phase of the mineral water project with an annual output of 200000 tons has been successfully put into operation. (issued by the company)


Yili 20000 high-yield Dairy Cow Ranch project settled in Pingliang

Recently, the launching ceremony of Pingliang dairy farming demonstration park project and the signing ceremony of Youran animal husbandry • Lingtai “1 + 1” 20000 high-yield dairy farm project were held, marking the official settlement of 20000 dairy farm project of Yili Group in Pingliang. (New Gansu)


Beyond meat plans to set up an R & D center in Shanghai

Beyond Meat (another meat customer) today announced the establishment of a new R & D center in Shanghai and finalized a lease for the facility. As part of its global expansion strategy, Shanghai R & D center will be its first overseas exclusive R & D organization outside the United States. As an innovation center in Asia, Shanghai R & D center will focus on developing high-quality plants to meet customers and consumers in the Asia Pacific region The protein product is expected to be put into use in the first half of 2022. (issued by the company)

Beinmei subsidiary initiated the establishment of industrial incubation fund

Beinmei announced yesterday that the controlling shareholder beinmei Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “beinmei group”) plans to set up an industrial fund initiated by its wholly-owned subsidiary Hangzhou golden future venture capital Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “golden future investment”) as the general partner (GP). The total scale of the fund is RMB 2 billion, and the investment field is mainly in the direction of maternal and infant industry incubation. (company announcement)

Wu Yuanzhi, chairman of Dayi group, died of sudden cerebral hemorrhage

Yesterday, Dayi group issued a notice that Wu Yuanzhi, chairman and President of Dayi group, died of a sudden cerebral hemorrhage during his stay in Canada. Dayi group has established a special committee to be fully responsible for the operation and management of Dayi group. At present, the production, operation and decision-making of Dayi group are carried out normally and stably. (Financial Associated Press)

Guojiao 1573 raised its price again, and the group purchase price was adjusted to 1100 yuan

According to Chinanet Finance yesterday, Luzhou Laojiao Guojiao Liquor Sales Co., Ltd. issued a price adjustment notice. The notice shows that after research and decision, the recommended group purchase price of 52 degree Guojiao 1573 classic package (500ml * 6) is adjusted to 1100 yuan / bottle, and the recommended group purchase price of 38 degree Guojiao 1573 classic package (500ml * 6) is adjusted to 800 yuan / bottle. ( finance and Economics)


Ding Dong buy vegetables: buy back up to US $30 million of shares in the next 12 months

Ding Dong shopping yesterday announced that the board of directors of the company had approved a stock repurchase plan. According to the plan, Ding Dong will buy back up to US $30 million of shares before December 19, 2022. Ding Dong plans to use the cash in his hand to fund the stock repurchase. (issued by the company)


AHF expands cross-border e-commerce channels and infant formula products will enter the Chinese market

Australian dairy nutrition group (ASX: AHF) disclosed to the market yesterday that it had signed a cross-border e-commerce distribution agreement with a Chinese infant formula distribution enterprise on future brand milk powder. AHF will send 2000 products to the Chinese market at the beginning of the year and release them on the distributor’s sales platform. AHF is mainly engaged in dairy farming and the production and sales of milk, yogurt and other dairy products. Recently, the company announced that it would launch organic A2 milk powder in early 2022. (Aohua Finance)


Problems were found in many catering units in Bayannur, including McDonald’s, snow ice city and Wallace

Yesterday, Bayannur municipal market supervision and Administration Bureau and Linhe district market supervision and Administration Bureau formed a joint inspection team to inspect the epidemic prevention and control and kitchen of catering units. The inspection found that at Victoria McDonald’s, law enforcement officers found that the powder was not covered; At the honey Snow Ice City beverage store in Victoria, law enforcement officers found that the warehouse of the store had no ceiling, no mechanical exhaust, no purchase date on the purchase account, no water quality inspection report on the ice maker, mixed sundries in the dressing room, mixed food and non food in the warehouse, imperfect self-inspection records and inadequate self-inspection; At the Wallace fried chicken vittori store, the freezer temperature did not reach the food storage temperature. The management personnel are not clear about the contents of the morning inspection, and the self inspection is not in place. (Bayannur daily)

Zhengbang Technology: it is proposed to transfer 100% equity of Zhengbang food to the controlling shareholder for RMB 233 million

Zhengbang technology announced yesterday that the company transferred 100% of its equity of Zhengbang food to the controlling shareholder Zhengbang group, with a total equity transfer price of 233 million yuan. In addition, the company plans to increase the capital of its wholly-owned subsidiary Jiangxi Zhengbang Animal Husbandry Development Co., Ltd. with RMB 300 million, and its wholly-owned subsidiary Jiangxi Zhengbang Biotechnology Co., Ltd. plans to increase the capital of its wholly-owned subsidiary Guangxi Zhengbang Feed Co., Ltd. with RMB 300 million. (company announcement)


Fonterra Anjia promotes Christmas Recipes

Fonterra’s brand Anja recently launched “Jiabei easy Christmas season” in the kitchen in combination with bean and fruit food, and launched 12 Anja Christmas Recipes with zero threshold, including dumpling skin pizza, crispy roast chicken, snowman pasta, etc. (issued by the company)

Fujian Mingyi ecological nutrition Co., Ltd. was approved to produce infant formula milk powder

Recently, Fujian Mingyi ecological nutrition Co., Ltd. successfully obtained the production license of infant formula milk powder, marking that the enterprise’s infant formula milk powder will be put into production at full capacity. After delivery, the annual output value can reach 3 billion yuan and the profit tax can exceed 100 million yuan. (Sanming financial media center)


Northwest dairy manor ranch plans to delist from Hong Kong stocks

Manor ranch announced in the evening of December 17 that the company had held a meeting of the board of directors on December 17, passed the proposal on the planning, demonstration and preliminary preparation of the company’s H-share repurchase and delisting plan, and agreed to carry out the planning, demonstration and preliminary preparation of the company’s H-share repurchase and delisting plan. (company announcement)


Mead Johnson China cooperates with children Wang to promote the “warm winter action” public welfare project

Recently, the child king “warm winter action” public welfare project fully supported by Mead Johnson China business group held a public welfare donation award ceremony in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province. “Warm winter action” is an important project in the public welfare plan of “I help women’s and children’s health and children’s love” jointly carried out by childwang and Jiangsu women’s and children’s welfare foundation. The project is initiated by childwang and 30 love brands such as Mead Johnson. It is planned to send cold protection and nutrition materials to left behind children and children in distress in Shaanxi, Qinghai and Northern Jiangsu. Mead Johnson China Business Group donated more than 10 million yuan of caring nutritional materials to the project through Guangzhou Mead Johnson public welfare foundation. (Nanzao network)


The food waste solution company cooperated with Danone received a financing of US $23 million

According to pulse 2.0 today, full harvest, a food waste solution company cooperating with Danone North America, announced that it had completed round B financing of US $23 million, Led by agricultural technology investment division TELUS ventures (Strategic Investment Division of TELUS), full harvest plans to use this fund to further establish its online market, promote data and market insight products, and triple its technology and product team in 2022. (pulse 2.0)


General Mills appoints new chief brand Officer

According to food business news yesterday, Doug Martin has been appointed chief brand officer of general mills, effective January 3. Martin will report to Dana McNabb, chief strategic growth officer, and oversee the company’s global brand building capabilities and emerging business innovation. Martin has worked for general mills for 15 years. Previously, he served as the president of the company’s North American dairy operations, responsible for the business and brand growth of Yoplait and liberty é brands. (Food Business News)


Herbert A. Allen III was elected as a member of Coca Cola’s board of directors

Coca Cola announced yesterday that Herbert A. Allen III had been elected as a director of the company,


Hamburg King parent company cooperates with ant group to achieve regional digital cooperation

Restaurant brands international, an international catering group with Tim Hortons, Burger King and PoPeyes, announced on December 19 that it had established a regional partnership with ant group to promote the digital transformation of its restaurant operations in the Asia Pacific region by using ant group’s digital solutions. This transaction further complements RBI’s continuous efforts to support the operation and expansion of local franchisees in the Asia Pacific market. (issued by the company)


Tyson food invested US $1.3 billion to automate some links

Tyson food recently announced that it plans to invest US $1.3 billion in the next three years to automate some links of its chicken processing production line. In an investor report earlier this month, Tyson food said that automation will reduce more than 3000 jobs in its factories by 2024, mainly in the chicken boneless production line. (Harvest Public)


TSN plans to acquire the Australian superfood, an Australian food supplier

The sustainable nutrition group (ASX: TSN), a plant-based nutrition and health products company, recently announced to the market that it plans to acquire the Australian superfood, an Australian food and raw material manufacturer, for a consideration of $3 million. Neale Joseph, managing director of TSN, said that the acquisition is in line with the company’s established strategy of producing and selling plant, sustainable and traceable raw materials and products, and helps the company develop the fast-growing food raw material market and the export markets of South Korea and the United States. It is reported that the Australian superfood is a leading supplier of Australian origin food, fruit and food raw materials. (Aohua Finance Online)


Quick reading of food industry information



Panjin Market Supervision Bureau carried out actions to improve the quality and safety of infant formula milk powder

In order to further improve the sales supervision system of infant formula milk powder and ensure the quality and safety of infant “rations”, Panjin Market Supervision Bureau has carried out solid actions to improve the quality and safety of infant formula milk powder in the whole city since the beginning of the year. Through the promotion action, 121 infant formula milk powder distribution enterprises in the city were surveyed and established, and 38 business units operating imported infant formula milk powder established food safety credit files and implemented key supervision. The city’s market supervision department shall strengthen the supervision and inspection of mother and baby stores, supermarkets, online stores and other business entities to ensure that the requirements for purchase inspection and special area placement and sales are implemented, and focus on the inspection and quarantine certificate of entry goods and Chinese label information for imported products. (Panjin market supervision)


The State Administration of market supervision publicly solicited opinions: six raw materials are to be included in the catalogue of health food raw materials

Recently, the State Administration of market supervision has organized the preparation and revision of nutrient supplements in the catalogue of health food raw materials (2022 version) (Exposure Draft), nutrient supplements in the catalogue of health functions claimed by health food (2022 version) (Exposure Draft) and protein in the catalogue of health food raw materials (Exposure Draft) , we are now open to the public for comments. There are 6 raw materials to be included in the list of health food raw materials this time, including soybean protein isolate and whey protein as the raw materials of functional health food, DHA, casein phosphopeptide + calcium, calcium tetrahydrofolate and tetrahydrofolate, and glucosamine as the raw materials of nutrient supplements. (State Administration of market supervision and Administration)

Snack supermarket operators let their 10-year-old son sell goods live: parents are educated and the platform is interviewed

Recently, Wujin District Procuratorate of Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province received a report that a snack supermarket used minors to sell goods live. It is reported that after the intervention of Wujin District Procuratorate, the relevant functional departments took immediate action. At present, the parents involved have been criticized and educated by the law enforcement personnel of the relevant departments. A company operating the live broadcasting platform has also been interviewed by the competent department, and the existing problems have been rectified and improved. (surging News)

China and Switzerland set up a ministerial financial working group to exchange and cooperate on stock market interconnection

According to Ming Pao today, China and Switzerland agreed to establish a ministerial financial working group to strengthen exchanges and Implementation on sustainable finance, stock market connectivity, wealth management and insurance regulatory cooperation. Last week, the CSRC publicly solicited opinions on Revising the regulatory provisions on the interconnection of depositary receipts business between Shanghai Stock Exchange and London Stock Exchange (for Trial Implementation), and planned to broaden the scope of application of Shanghai London Stock connect, include qualified listed companies of Shenzhen Stock Exchange in China, and expand abroad to Switzerland and Germany. (Ming Pao)


Alibaba plans to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030

According to Ming Pao yesterday, Alibaba plans to achieve the goal of carbon neutralization by 2030 and promote Alibaba’s ecosystem to reduce carbon emissions by 1.5 billion tons by 2035 compared with 2020. Zhang Yong, CEO of Alibaba group, said that the group will work with consumers, businesses and partners in China and around the world to reduce carbon by 1.5 billion tons by 2035. The group pointed out that it will reduce carbon through systematic and scientific basic planning, including promoting energy conservation and efficiency through technology driven innovation, actively transforming the energy structure, gradually switching to clean energy, and actively exploring more carbon reduction measures. (Ming Pao)

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