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“Big country Luzhou flavor” set sail from “new”, and Wuliangye “12.18” created a new model for the development of liquor industry

At the foot of Baita Mountain, on the Bank of the Yangtze River. The newly completed Wuliangye Yibin International Conference Center ushered in its first grand event – on December 18, the 25th “December 18” conference of Wuliangye was held here.

The completion of a group of talents attracts the attention of all. The annual event of the industry, known as the “wind vane” and “thermometer” of the industry, this year again focused on “new”: the conference took “new journey and new achievements in a new era” as the core theme and drew a blueprint based on “three innovations”.

Gou Rixin, Rixin. From “starting a new journey and building a five grain dream” in 2017, to “sharing high-quality development in a new era” in 2018, to “pursuing a new dream in a new era and joining hands in a new journey” in 2019, to “creating a new chapter in educating new machines and opening a new Bureau” in 2020, and to this year’s “new journey and new achievements in a new era”, all are guided by “new” orientation.

Every beneficial way goes with the times. Since Wuliangye’s “second venture”, the “December 18” annual event held at the end of each year has been “new” for five consecutive years, interpreting Wuliangye’s entrepreneurial spirit of insight into the general trend of development, keeping pace with the times, pioneering and innovative, and pursuing excellence. Reaching a new level of development, Wuliangye cut waves, wrote a brilliant chapter, and made efforts to establish a “development paradigm” for the development of the industry.



The annual Wuliangye “12.18” joint discussion, co construction and sharing conference is a “summary conference” for Wuliangye to gather wisdom and strength, forge ahead, build the future, create value, share beauty and build a dream. Wuliangye takes wine as the medium, looks back on the great process with aging and looks forward to the great blueprint with fine wine.

Five years ago, Wuliangye started a new journey of “secondary entrepreneurship”. At that time, the theme of the “12.18” conference was “starting a new journey and building a Wuliangye dream”.

“Wuliangye’s mission is to carry forward the historical heritage and brew a harmonious life. Wuliangye’s vision is to strive to build a healthy, innovative and leading world-class enterprise.” At the “12.18” joint discussion, co construction and sharing conference five years ago, Li Shuguang, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of Wuliangye Group, clarified Wuliangye’s major development strategy for the first time.

A year later, the 22nd “12.18” Conference on co construction and sharing again focused on the theme of “sharing high-quality development in the new era”. At the conference, it was first clear that the long-term policy of Wuliangye’s market work was “making up for weaknesses, lengthening the board and upgrading new kinetic energy”, and constantly promoted Wuliangye’s great reform, opening-up and development.

The second venture was completed in the beginning of the third year. In 2019, Wuliangye Group’s revenue historically exceeded 100 billion. At the 23rd “12.18” joint discussion, co construction and sharing conference of Wuliangye held that year, the theme was determined as “pursuing a dream, a new era and a new journey together”. Li Shuguang stressed at the meeting that Wuliangye’s market work will further deepen the long-term policy of “making up for weaknesses, lengthening the board and upgrading new kinetic energy”.

The 24th “12.18” Conference on joint consultation, co construction and sharing in 2020 has attracted much attention because it is a year of transition and integration of the two “five-year plans”. The theme of the conference is “opening up new opportunities and writing new chapters”. Standing at a new intersection of medium and long-term development history, Li Shuguang said that innovation, transformation and leap are the three main tones of Wuliangye’s future development Three key words.

Take dreams as horses and achieve great success in five years. Li Shuguang, who attended the 25th “December 18” Conference on joint consultation, co construction and sharing this year for the first time as a “host” with the theme of “new era, new journey and new achievements”, said, “Facing the new era, Wuliangye must accurately grasp the general keynote and general requirements of stable word and steady progress, and the underlying logic and value drive of the continuous structural growth of Baijiu industry in the long term trend of consumption upgrading.”

In the past five years, with “new” as the theme, unswervingly adhering to the strategy of focusing on the wine industry and strengthening the main business, taking “building a green, innovative and leading world-class enterprise” as the strategic blueprint, taking “making up for weaknesses, lengthening the board and upgrading new kinetic energy” as the long-term policy of market work, and taking “transformation, innovation and leapfrog” as the three main themes, Wuliangye adheres to “a blue picture to the end and a blueprint to the end”, and has made brilliant achievements in a down-to-earth and long-term manner.



Today, China is at the historical intersection of the “two centenaries” and has entered a new stage of development. Looking at the world, under the great changes that have not been seen in a century, the world economy is in the doldrums and the global market is shrinking. The impact of the epidemic has brought greater uncertainty to all countries; At home, domestic demand has increasingly become the main driving force of economic growth.

Taking a new journey, Wuliangye has embarked on a high-quality development path of “innovation as the first driving force, coordination as the endogenous feature, green as the universal form, opening as the only way and sharing as the fundamental purpose” in the face of the changes in the past century and the impact of the epidemic, making steady progress and achieving a good start in the “14th five year plan”.

This hard won development achievement is inseparable from the strong leadership of Sichuan provincial Party committee and government, Yibin municipal Party committee and government, the full support of industry associations, the joint efforts of dealers, the support and help of investors, strategic partners and news media, and the hard work of all employees, At the 25th “12.18” Conference on joint consultation, co construction and sharing, Wuliangye people expressed their sincere thanks for this.

China Municipal Government Association of Yibin, Zhang Chong, chairman of China Light Industry Federation, Song Shuyu, chairman of China Liquor Association, Sichuan vice president of Chinese Baijiu Liquor Association and executive secretary Guo Jianxin, Song Shuyu, were fully affirmed and made further hope for Wuliangye’s future development.

A big boat has a heavy burden, and a horse gallops far. The guests are looking forward to the future development of Wuliangye. We hope that Wuliangye will show greater efforts in 2022, serving the local economic development, leading the world class Baijiu industrial cluster, making the best of the state-owned enterprises, promoting the high quality development of Baijiu industry, and accelerating the construction of the new development pattern.

Wuliangye people said that they would continue to demonstrate Wuliangye Group’s high political position and strong responsibility with practical actions:

Yibin will continue to forge ahead and achieve better results, leading to the establishment of the world’s main producing area for high-quality Luzhou flavor Baijiu, and will make greater contributions to Yibin’s acceleration of the construction of a modern and socialist regional central city in Yibin.

Standing at a gilded signboard of the development of Sichuan Baijiu, Wuliangye will take the responsibility to actively promote the development of Sichuan liquor and shine the golden signboard of Sichuan liquor, and support the development of world-class liquor industry clusters, and do a good job in promoting the construction of the “5+1” modern industrial system in Sichuan.

Standing in the overall situation of state-owned enterprise reform and innovation – Wuliangye will continue to deeply implement the three-year action of state-owned enterprise reform, “party building casts the soul, reform efficiency and supervision escort”, and build Wuliangye into a provincial demonstration and national first-class benchmark of state-owned enterprise reform.

Chinese Baijiu will continue to play the leading role of the industry and persist in the spirit of innovation, vision and international vision. It will continue to promote the quality development of the Baijiu industry in China and jointly write the new chapter of liquor business in the new era. “Wuliangye will continue to play a leading role in the development of the liquor industry.”



The central economic work conference proposed that next year’s economic work should be stable and strive for progress while maintaining stability, with special emphasis on the need to implement the strategy of expanding domestic demand, enhance the endogenous driving force of development, continue to stimulate the vitality of market players, strive to smooth the national economic cycle and hold the bottom line of people’s livelihood.

As a market player and industry leading enterprise, Wuliangye must accurately grasp the pulse of the market, earnestly shoulder the mission of state-owned enterprises and fully fulfill its political, economic and social responsibilities.

Grasp the new stage and lock in new goals. The 25th “12.18” Conference on joint consultation, co construction and sharing put forward the general tone of Wuliangye’s development next year – to fully implement the spirit of the Sixth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee and the spirit of the central economic work conference, adhere to the principle of stability, maintain the general tone of seeking progress while stability, continue to deepen the supply side structural reform, and adhere to the promotion of high-quality market share as the core.

Zeng Congqin, general manager of Wuliangye Group and chairman of the joint stock company, made a marketing work report at the meeting and proposed to do a good job in the marketing work next year, adhere to the strategy of focusing on the wine industry and strengthening the main industry, continue to promote transformation, innovation and leapfrog development, deeply promote the long-term work policy of “making up for weaknesses, lengthening the board and upgrading new kinetic energy”, and lay out a new round of high-quality development.

The meeting also defined five key points of Wuliangye’s marketing work next year: adhering to the simultaneous development of culture and service, and continuously increasing the cultivation of consumers; Adhere to the balance between supply and demand and continuously improve the market position of Wuliangye; Adhere to the combination of personality and fashion to continuously meet the consumer demand of the new era; Adhere to both scale and value, and continue to promote the upgrading and development of series wines; Adhere to sharing and co construction, and continue to build Wuliangye community of common destiny.

One point deployment, nine points implementation. This is a blueprint, a program and a mission, which condenses the powerful new driving force for the efforts of all Wuliangye people; This is also a mission statement, a standard ruler and a mobilization order, which shows Wuliangye’s glorious new journey of stressing politics, taking into account the overall situation and undertaking the mission.

The journey is long, only struggle. Looking at the Yangtze River in Wuliangye Yibin International Conference Center, the waves are surging. Chinese Baijiu is going to open up a new and vast voyage with the new momentum and pattern, and with the spirit, heroism and ambition of the business leaders, Wuliangye is standing at a new historical starting point.

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