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Top ten “rollover” online red food in 2021

the world has been suffering for a long time, and food is no exception.
jiuxing_ Neweekly), by Huang Jiabao.
The world has been suffering for a long time, and food is no exception.
In 2021, the old artist gave you a lot of delicious food for Amway: Huaiyang food, Ganzhou food, Shanwei seafood, Shenzhen Coconut Chicken, etc., but there are still many delicious food. Once you put on the hat of “net red”, it will not be far from turning over.
Cai Lan, a famous Hong Kong Gourmet, once went to Australia to search for net red crocodile meat. Unexpectedly, she was disappointed: “chicken still tastes a little chicken, and crocodile meat doesn’t even smell crocodile. Unwilling, she ordered a large piece of crocodile steak in a Tu restaurant on her first trip to Australia. She didn’t feel any oddity and couldn’t leave any memory. This kind of meat is called personalized meat.”
When food becomes stereotyped, you should be vigilant. This may be the beginning of our taste buds losing consciousness.
Sorghum malt
What are you doing besides drawing?
Sorghum malt can be described as “the first hot food in 2021”. Even if I haven’t eaten it, I’ve heard the magic brainwashing word “QQ can play and pull silk”. This seemingly ordinary snack has madly harvested 18 related topics on Weibo, read hundreds of millions of times, and countless bloggers are scrambling to “pull silk at home”.
What kind of artifact is this, attracting countless people to compete for “wire drawing”?
△ this spring, sorghum malt brought a group of “wire drawing” people
Originally, this is not a novel food, but a special soft candy made by Shandong people from snacks to large. It is characterized by “elasticity, softness and toughness”, and it is also wrapped with a layer of icing.
After the tiktok master Hou Mei’s magic drawing performance, it immediately swept the country and became a phenomenal dissemination of delicacy.
△ famous product in Shandong, sorghum malt / fig insect
I didn’t expect the rollover to come so fast.
Many people found that things were not simple after they entered a pile of “sorghum malt”: it was a little rusty and “saccharin taste” was only a basic evaluation. “Wasting voice, teeth and brain” had been a little hurt, and some people were stuck with 1000 yuan of teeth by sorghum malt.
△ source: @ Congcong
Even Shandong people are a little wronged: in my impression, sorghum is not so sticky, and I never noticed that it can’t pull wire.
Although sorghum is good, blindly following the trend is risky.
Broken ear root
Frightening international cuisine
Let’s make it clear that folding ears is not a “rollover”, it’s just a food that makes people clearly love and hate. Before eating it, everyone will be fascinated by its white and simple appearance until the first bite is eaten, and the whole outlook on life will be rebuilt.
In a widely circulated “international stinky food rating table”, the broken ear root has surpassed canned herring, Beijing bean juice, niuping hot-pot/" 22375 rel="nofollow" target="_self">hot pot and so on.
△ seemingly harmless human and animal ear roots
The more correct way to shout is “Houttuynia cordata”. Some people describe eating broken ear roots as “licking a male virgin fish who has been single for more than 20 years”.
At the moment of chewing, you seem to have “Empathy” with the whole nature: the cry from the roots of trees, the throbbing of earthworms turning over the soil, and you even think of the grass carp living in a muddy, cold pond.
△ overturned, overturned, he overturned
Even Wang Zengqi, who has eaten all over the world, said in five flavors that he was incompetent to accept this kind of food: “it doesn’t matter if it’s bitter. It has a strong smell of raw fish, which can’t be parried!”
But the broken ear root is the true love of the people of cloud, Guizhou and Sichuan. As early as the Western Jin Dynasty, Houttuynia cordata was widely eaten by people in Southwest China. According to the records of customs, “the so-called fragrance of Shu people also.” It can be cold mixed or dipped in water, but the folding ear root yogurt and folding ear root cake coming from the back are not necessary.
Everything can be snail powder?
Help, don’t fix it!
As above, snail powder, like folded ear root, is a delicious food known for its “odor”. But what the old artist wants to criticize is not the snail powder itself, but the food atmosphere of “everything can be snail powder”.
Snail powder is not bad, but when you feel that everything can become “snail powder flavor”, the only thing left is fear: snail powder flavor qingtuan, snail powder flavor moon cakes, snail powder flavor dumplings, snail powder flavor zongzi, snail powder flavor fried dumplings, and even snail powder flavor milk tea and tea bags
△ recently, even McDonald’s has published “snail powder” hamburger / microblog
It’s suffocating just to see it, let alone taste it.
The “sour, cool, fragrant and spicy” of snail powder does have the potential to become a net red food, but it does not mean that everything can be set according to the taste of “snail powder”.
Some people can’t stand the “smelly” smell of snail powder, but when it becomes a national food, these people’s voices will be automatically blocked, and even encounter “food kidnapping” and criticized “God, you don’t eat snail powder?”
△ the original taste of snail powder is not acceptable to everyone
Before snail powder became net red, people had their own love. And “everything can be snail powder”, which does not represent the taste of ordinary people.
Oil Citrus beverage
≈ “channeling thin” artifact?
In the summer of 2021, the oil Citrus beverage was so popular that even the oil Citrus from Chaoshan, Guangdong, was out of stock.
Out of curiosity, the old artist also ordered a bottle of oil Citrus drink in the summer. After drinking, there were only two words left: bitter and astringent.
△ oil oranges sold out of stock
In Chaozhou area, oil Citrus is a common fruit. It can be eaten directly or pickled. “The pickled oil oranges are sour and crisp, and they taste very refreshing”. The locals do not have the habit of squeezing the “oil oranges” into juice. However, since the milk tea merchants made “oil Citrus” into a beverage, it has been on the road of Internet popularity.
Some drinks are out of the circle because they are “good to drink” and some drinks are out of the circle because of “packaging”, but you will never think that oil Citrus drinks are out of the circle because they are “thin”.
△ will you get thinner after drinking?
The first wave of early adopters soon discovered the additional functions of oil Citrus beverage, calling it “scraping oil is not covered”, “a small skill to get thin every day” and “the gospel of patients with constipation”. But with the evaluation of bloggers, Yougan is not as terrible as rumored.
In fact, what many people can’t stand is the taste of oil Mandarin. It is said that “3 seconds is slightly astringent and 5 seconds is sweet”. I’m afraid there is only bitterness in my mouth and I can’t wait to go back and forth.
0 sugar / 0 sucrose
Silly can’t tell
“0 sugar / 0 fat / 0 card” is the pursuit of countless young people today. However, in the first ten days of this year, a very popular net red milk tea overturned on “0 sucrose”.
Therefore, the public has been forced to popularize science: there is a difference between “0 sugar” and “0 sucrose”.
△ 0 sucrose ≠ 0 sugar
In fact, “0 sucrose” does not mean no sugar. When a beverage claims “0 sucrose”, it may also have lactose, natural sugar substitutes and crystalline fructose (OS: unexpectedly), and crystalline fructose is a real sugar.
If you are addicted to milk tea / milk tea, don’t expect any “0 sugar”. After all, milk tea has milk. It must be lactose.
△ there is lactose when milk is added
Even if it is labeled “sugar free beverage”, a certain sugar substitute will be added to ensure the taste. According to the general rules for nutrition labeling of prepackaged food in China, if the sugar content in food is less than 0.5g/100g (solid) or 100ml (liquid), it can be labeled as “sugar free food”.
Therefore, “0 sugar” is a pseudo concept, and “0 sucrose” is confusing.
Net red three shrimp noodles
Stale Suzhou noodles
In May and June every year, people always make great efforts to run to Suzhou, not for anything else, but for a bowl of “charming and dripping” three shrimp noodles.
Authentic three shrimp noodles are really delicious. They are also known as “Hermes” in the noodle industry. A bowl often costs hundreds of yuan.
△ three shrimp noodles / figure worm
Because three shrimp noodles pay attention to “not eating from time to time” and are only available from April to June, it doesn’t matter. Three shrimp means that “shrimp meat, shrimp brain and shrimp seeds” are all peeled by hand. Only ten river shrimp produce one or two shrimp seeds, which can best reflect the “delicacy” of Jiangnan food culture.
Here, three shrimp noodles are still the heart of countless gourmets. Until it became a net red.
△ when three shrimp noodles become flowing noodles / Taobao
People began to find that this bowl of noodles has become an assembly line commodity. Old Botou, a gourmet, pointed out in his article nonsense and three shrimp noodles: “in the factory in Suzhou, you can buy ready-made shrimp seeds, ready-made shrimp brains and ready-made shrimp meat.”
In the past, most of the time-consuming and laborious three shrimp noodles have been eliminated. Even the locals in Suzhou say: we don’t want to make an appointment.
White Truffle
Don’t be superstitious, brother. Brother is just a legend
White truffle has always been a low-key child, until he was stuttered by big s for more than NT $10000.
Everyone is curious: what is the taste of white truffle?
△ white truffles that don’t look very good also cost more than 100 yuan per gram / insect in China
It must be admitted that white truffle is a mysterious Lord. Although I often hear gourmet writers praise this kind of mushroom which is good at underground and has pimples all over, few have really eaten it. Even after eating, not everyone can accept the taste.
When you open a foreign language website, the comments on white truffles are: “Musk”, “garlic”, “sulfur” and “stench”.
The BBC once reported that sows are better at finding white truffles than hounds because truffles contain the smell of boars (androstenone).
△ I only smell money
Of course, the reason why people are disappointed in the taste of white truffle may also be the preciousness of white truffle. If it is not eaten immediately after picking, its freshness and aroma will even disappear in a few hours and days. This is similar to the Tricholoma matsutake written by an old artist.
In fact, truffles are not naturally noble. Before being regarded as a treasure by Europeans, truffle has always been the food of the lower class people in the Middle East, because its strong smell represents “unclean” and “evil”.
Net red ice cream
Taste and cost
Wanghong ice cream seems to be the “place of war” every year, because they are new again! Since the salted egg yolk ice cream came out of the circle, the ice cream industry seems to have opened the door to the new world, abandoned the “non sweet is sweet”, and the salty and spicy are also in the battle.
Don’t you see, stinky tofu ice cream comes from heaven.
There are coconut grey ice cream with black mouth, northeast iron pot stewed ice cream with satisfaction, squid ice cream mixed with seafood, chive ice cream representing the debut of onion Province, and cultural and creative ice cream launched by major scenic spots
△ northeast iron pot stewed ice cream
Even if the taste changes, it becomes very expensive.
#Zhong Xuegao’s most expensive ice cream is 66 yuan # for hot search. It’s just pediatrics. When you see that a box of online red ice cream has been fried to nearly 200 yuan, you will sigh that you are too young.
Young people have to spread red ice cream on the Internet. At this time, I’m afraid only the old ice cream with the same packaging and taste for decades is worth remembering.
Fancy hot-pot/" 22375 rel="nofollow" target="_self">hot pot bottom
“Pot” doesn’t want to bear this
I don’t know when the hot-pot/" 22375 rel="nofollow" target="_self">hot pot bottom material industry has been “rolled in”. What tiktok egg bottom and spicy lobster pan bottom are the first to make, and the bottom bait and jitter can be derived from countless kinds of hot-pot/" 22375 rel="nofollow" target="_self">hot pot bottom formula. Finally, even the businessmen have launched various strange pot bottom voluntarily.
Matcha pot bottom, chocolate pot bottom, durian pot bottom, cheese pot bottom… Ah, don’t come here!
△ don’t come here
Heat Matcha sauce with water, and then add Oreo, fruit, taro balls, etc. with all due respect, this is not a hot-pot/" 22375 rel="nofollow" target="_self">hot pot. It clearly wants me to “die”. Thick Matcha and chocolate wrapped with food, let alone people, can’t even support the pot.
Someone also redefined the “mandarin duck pot”, with Matcha on the left and durian on the right. Using Matcha to rinse fat cattle and durian to wrap beef balls really drives hotpot lovers crazy!
Give you a Yue Jpg’s expression bag, feel it.
Wonderful Youth League
Please be a “group”
This year’s Qingming Festival, there are a lot of strange green groups. First of all, I’ll give you a taste of the impact: pickled cabbage fish flavor green ball, chicken feet green ball, rattan pepper chicken green ball, spicy green ball, pickled fresh green ball (salty), dried bamboo shoots green ball
Not only the hot eyes, but also the hot mouth.
Sweet and salty disputes can be put aside first, but sauerkraut fish is really. Imagine that the sour taste of sauerkraut fish is combined with the bitterness of wormwood. I just want to shout: Mom, help me.
△ sauerkraut fish green ball, what is this chemical attack
Originally, the meaning of the Youth League to traditional culture was very good. It originated from the “three days of cold food” that people in the Central Plains put out cooking in the past. Later, the cold food festival and Qingming Festival were combined into one. The custom of eating the Youth League was migrated to Qingming Festival as a way to open spring.
Fresh wormwood juice is wrapped in glutinous rice dough and filled with bean paste or jujube paste. The bitter aroma of wormwood and the sweet and greasy of bean paste are properly matched to form a soft waxy green ball.
△ the Youth League just wants to be a “beautiful dumpling”
The Youth League is characterized by elegance, fragrance and the feeling of spring.
And sauerkraut fish, chicken feet, snail powder, spicy strips and so on are forced to join the Youth League, just like an overbearing “third party”, which completely destroys the freshness and delicacy of the Youth League in the taste buds.
Please, let the Youth League be a “League”.
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