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Yuanqi forest’s organizational structure was accused of large-scale adjustment. The valuation of meisujia’er may exceed US $2 billion. Haidilao was frustrated as a vice brand of fast food. Coca Cola pushed the temperature change bottle, and Taobao planned to prohibit sellers from returning cash to guide high praise

Hot company information and announcement


Meng FanJie withdrew from the position of director of Mengniu Dairy and Wang Yan took over

On December 20, the main members of Inner Mongolia Mengniu Dairy (Group) Co., Ltd. changed. Meng FanJie withdrew from the position of director and added Wang Yan as director. (Xiaoshi representative)

Zheng junhuai’s son refers to new hope dairy as a shareholder in Hongxing group

Recently, Heilongjiang Hongxing Group Food Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Hongxing group”) had an investor change. This change did not change the number of shareholders, but adjusted the order of shareholders. For the above change information, the official of new hope dairy said to the interface news that it would not respond for the time being. Zheng Qiang, the son of Zheng junhuai and the director of Hongxing group, told the media, “This is not an acquisition, but a planned equity participation. The planned shareholding ratio of (new dairy) is 51% – 60%” (Interface)

Chen Bin resigned as deputy general manager and chief financial officer of bainmei

Bainmei announced today that Chen Bin applied to resign from the post of deputy general manager and chief financial officer for personal reasons. After his resignation, he no longer held any position in bainmei and its subsidiaries. At the same time, the board of directors decided to appoint Jin Zhiqiang as chief financial officer. (company announcement)

Haidilao is frustrated to be a vice brand of fast food

Recently, Haidilao’s fast food brand “Qiaoqiao’s powder” in Zhengzhou closed down, only about 10 months from its opening. It is reported that half of the eight fast-food brands under Haidilao have been fully closed one after another. At present, there are only 13 sub brand catering stores left in Haidilao. (Interface)

The organizational structure of Yuanqi forest is accused of large-scale adjustment

According to latepost today, vitality forest is making a large-scale adjustment around the organizational structure recently. Ma Lin, the person in charge of the original dairy brand Beihai ranch, will be in charge of all the middle and back office businesses of Yuanqi forest; Founder Tang Binsen will focus more on channel, sales management and product R & D. At present, the organizational adjustment of Yuanqi forest is still in progress, and the national sales director of Yuanqi forest has also been replaced in this round of adjustment. A series of changes seem to mean that efficiency and cost will become the focus of vitality in the coming year. (latepost later)


Guangming dairy completed the national layout of 1.93 billion fixed growth rate

Yesterday, Guangming dairy announced that it had completed a fixed increase of 1.93 billion yuan, and Guangming Food (Group) Co., Ltd. and Jining Huisheng industrial investment partnership (limited partnership) participated in the subscription. In the fund-raising, Guangming dairy will invest 1.355 billion yuan in the construction of milk pasture project, accounting for 70.19% of the funds raised this time. (company announcement)

“Zhang Lala” won hundreds of millions of yuan in round B financing

Recently, Lanzhou hand torn beef Ramen chain brand “Zhang Lala” announced the completion of hundreds of millions of yuan of round B financing, led by CICC cultural consumption fund under CICC capital, and followed by Jinshajiang venture capital and Shengjing Jiacheng. (36 krypton)

The first full link digital beef production line of HEMA was put into operation

On December 20, the digital agricultural beef industry cluster jointly built by nullandi and HEMA was officially put into operation in Zibo, Shandong Province. Hou Yi, CEO of HEMA, told the media that after the project is put into operation, on the one hand, it can support the development of HEMA’s original beef brand, on the other hand, it can more quickly realize the whole process from production and breeding to processing, and improve retail efficiency. (Interface)


KFC and McDonald’s supplier Baoli food performance update

Recently, the pre disclosure update of the initial public offering of Baoli food, which focuses on composite seasoning products. According to the latest prospectus, the total assets of the company in the first half of the year (Unaudited) were 20.067 million yuan, the net assets were 1988.97 million yuan and the net profit was – 03 million yuan. Baoli food’s main business was the R & D, production and technical services of food seasonings. Its downstream customers involved KFC, McDonald’s and other catering brands, of which Yum China was its largest customer. (official website of the CSRC)

Coca Cola launches temperature change bottle in Beijing

Recently, Coca Cola officials announced the launch of a limited temperature change bottle in winter. When the product is at room temperature of about 20 ℃, the label of the bottle body is white. After cold storage below 4 ℃, the label of the bottle body will turn pink and a pink love will appear. Coca Cola has launched four kinds of temperature change bottles with patterns this time, including four different winter representative sports scenes of skiing, skating, ice skating and snowboarding. Warm change bottle Cola is only available in Beijing. (Shandong business daily)


Yuanqi forest jointly launched the donation activity of “dragon first”

On December 21, Yuanqi forest (Guangdong) beverage Co., Ltd. jointly launched the donation activity of “caring for veterans” with “longyidi” and Liu Lin, founder of Shenzhen entertainment times, and donated 400 boxes of Yuanqi forest beverage. (released by the company)

Feishilan was accused of selling
to meisujia’er in January

Reuters quoted “people familiar with the situation” today as saying that feishilan may start the sale of Meisu Jiaer brand in early January, with a valuation of US $2 billion to US $2.5 billion. JPMorgan Chase has now sent information to potential buyers, including private equity funds and other strategic investors. The spokesman of feishilan said that the purpose of the strategic evaluation of meisujia’er is to ensure that the brand can continue to achieve the best growth in the future. (Reuters)

It is said that McDonald’s in Japan will suspend the sale of medium and large French fries

Due to the impact of supply shortage, McDonald’s in Japan will suspend the sale of medium and large fries from Friday (December 24) to December 30. It is reported that due to the delivery delay from Canada, 2900 McDonald’s stores in Japan will only provide the smallest portion of French fries. McDonald’s said it was working with suppliers and importers to solve the supply shortage. (Zhongxin Jingwei)

PepsiCo expands food aid foundation worldwide

Recently, the PepsiCo foundation is planning to expand its food for good program for needy communities across the United States to solve the problem of global hunger. The PepsiCo foundation pledged $100 million to fund food security initiatives and the development of sustainable agriculture. (The Hill)

General mills are facing cost pressure and supply chain disruption

Yesterday, General Mills released the results of the second quarter of fiscal year 2022. According to the financial report, the revenue in the second quarter was US $5.024 billion, and the market expected US $4.839 billion, compared with us $4.719 billion in the same period last year; The net profit in the second quarter was US $597 million, and the market expected US $627 million, compared with us $688 million in the same period last year. Operating profit in the second quarter decreased by 13% to US $800 million; The adjusted operating profit decreased by 6% under the fixed currency, reflecting the sharp increase in input costs and the increase in costs related to supply chain interruption. (Oriental Fortune)


Baby food start-up Yumi received $67 million in round B financing

Yesterday, Yumi, an American baby food start-up, announced that it had obtained a round B financing of US $67 million, and the company’s round of financing amounted to US $79 million. Yumi is an organic and plant-based food service provider directly facing consumers. Its meals are tailored according to the development stage of infants and young children. (Forbes)

Marley spoon, a global provider of customized meals, acquired Melbourne prefabricated fast food company

Marley spoon AG, a global provider of customized meals, disclosed to the market yesterday that it had reached an agreement to acquire chefgood Pty Ltd, a Melbourne ready to eat and hot fast food provider. It is reported that Marley spoon will purchase all the shares of chefgood for a total consideration of a $21 million (about 95.57 million yuan), and pay an additional up to a $5.6 million according to the achievement of the revenue target in the next 2.5 years. (Aohua Finance)

Quick reading of food industry information



The auction price of global dairy trade eased slightly

At the global dairy trade auction held yesterday, the global dairy trade (GDT) auction price index decreased by 1.5%, and the average Fas auction price of milk powder in each contract period was US $4236 / ton. The wholesale milk powder price index decreased by 3.3%, and the average price of wholesale milk powder was US $3867 / ton. (nzherald)

Taobao intends to prohibit sellers from returning cash with praise to guide buyers to “praise”

Taobao announced today that it will change the relevant provisions of the Taobao evaluation specification, which will take effect on December 28. It is mentioned that the Seller shall not require the buyer to write only high praise, modified evaluation, additional evaluation, etc. by itself or through a third party; It is not allowed to encourage and guide buyers to “praise” on the condition of material or monetary commitment. (Interface)


Many provincial tax bureaus require artists and anchors to actively report and correct tax related problems before the end of the year

Today, many local tax bureaus, including Jiangsu provincial tax bureau, Guangdong provincial tax bureau, Shanghai Municipal Tax Bureau and Zhejiang provincial tax bureau, successively announced that star artists and network anchors who have not paid attention to their own tax related problems or failed to conduct self-examination and rectification before should pay close attention to self-examination in accordance with the tax law and relevant notice requirements, And take the initiative to report and correct tax related problems to the tax department before December 31, 2021. The tax department will reduce, mitigate or exempt tax penalties according to the requirements of the notice. For those who still refuse to conduct self-examination and self correction or do not conduct self-examination and self correction thoroughly, the tax department will seriously deal with them in accordance with the law and regulations. (Sina Finance)


Alibaba cloud is suspended from network security threat information sharing platform partners

Recently, the network security administration of the Ministry of industry and information technology reported that Alibaba cloud computing Co., Ltd. is a partner of the network security threat information sharing platform of the Ministry of industry and information technology. Recently, Alibaba cloud failed to report to the competent telecommunications department in time after discovering serious potential security vulnerabilities in Apache log4j2 components, and failed to effectively support the Ministry of industry and information technology to carry out network security threat and vulnerability management. After research, Alibaba cloud is suspended as the above-mentioned partner for 6 months. After the suspension expires, Alibaba cloud will study and resume the above-mentioned partner according to Alibaba cloud’s rectification. (21st Century Business Herald)

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