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Tiktok made takeout! Open 1000 takeout stations and specialize in online red food

I tiktok I’m afraid I can’t copy homework.
Tik tok finally extended his tentacles into the field of takeout.
During the epidemic, tiktok user pool and use duration soared, followed by a variety of food content on the platform. As of December, #foodtok had accumulated more than 11.5 billion videos, including teaching cooking skills, sharing recipes and testing recipes. After the recipe of roasted sheep cheese tomato spaghetti became popular from tiktok, the virus spread all over the Internet and became the most searched dish on Google in 2021.
Now, TikTok tiktok has not yet finished the fix in the country. Last Friday, TikTok announced that it was working with a company called Virtual Dining Concept (VDC) to make a takeaway service “TikTok Kitchen”, which was the popular food on the monopoly platform.
Before that, tiktok has explored many aspects of local life, but after all, overseas is very different from the domestic market. Can TikTok break through the “local life” of overseas? Or is this just a brief brand event marketing?
Food videos on tiktok
Because of the high logistics and labor costs, takeout, a thing that Chinese consumers have long been accustomed to, is not very common in the United States, but the sudden epidemic has led to a sharp rise in orders, and the American takeout industry has sprung up.
The businesses of Uber, doordash, grubhub and other takeout platforms have increased significantly. Many restaurants have closed the hall food and only set up takeout windows. Chain restaurants are the same. Applebee, an American restaurant, has opened a sub brand that only delivers takeout. Chipotle, a fast food with Mexican flavor, has opened stores that only accept online orders. This trend is called “ghost kitchen” and “virtual kitchen”, which are actually familiar takeout stores.
Chipotle, a fast food chain, has opened stores that only accept online orders,
Called “Digital Kitchen”
Tiktok kitchen has the same idea.
According to the current public reports, tiktok plans to open 300 takeout stations in the existing restaurants and start formal service in March next year. The scale will reach 1000 by the end of next year.
Consumers can place orders through grubhub, a takeout platform. The menu provides tiktok popular delicacies, including roasted sheep cheese tomato pasta, spaghetti chips, roasted corn, etc. The menu will be changed quarterly according to the fashion trend.
Jenny h ä yrinen, tiktok net red with roasted sheep cheese and tomato pasta, is very “excited and proud” that her recipe can be selected.
Air fryer roasted corn cob sought after by netizens
The partner VDC that helped tiktok expand its territory this time is also very noteworthy. The company was founded in 2018 to help restaurants establish sub brands that only do takeout, and is good at finding stars and online celebrities to cooperate to create catering brands to increase traffic effect.
For example, Mr beast, a big internet star with 85.7 million fans, cooperated with VDC to make a hamburger brand called Mr beast burger, and Maria Kelly made a baked biscuit brand. Restaurants can apply to become partners of VDC and sell these meals in their own stores.
The idea of VDC is to help restaurants solve the problems of meal efficiency and kitchen efficiency. During the epidemic period, with the rise of the trend of takeout stores, VDC also received a round a investment of US $20 million in October.
Mrbeast burger, the catering brand of tubing big net red mrbeast
Tiktok kitchen basically follows this model.
According to VDC’s official website, the restaurant can apply for selling tiktok cooperation menus without application fee. VDC will provide staff training, recipes, packaging, materials, etc., so that the restaurant can receive orders within 30 days. There are 25 kinds of meals, the average price is $30, the cost is less than 35%, and the meal time is 8-10 minutes.
The purpose of tiktok’s action has triggered a variety of speculation. In response to techcrunch, tiktok said that the company would reinvest its profits into the creators of food content on the platform. But no further plans have been announced for the time being.
According to the latest official data released in September this year, tiktok’s global monthly activity has reached nearly 1 billion, an increase of 45% compared with last July. Wallaroo media, a marketing industry organization, predicts that tiktok’s monthly activity in the United States is 80 million. This is a volume that can not be ignored in any market, and tiktok’s every move will receive more and more attention.
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