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Pastoral 0 added flour soft package to the market, Rio incubated sugar free sparkling wine brand from minus… | hot smell in a week


foodaily picks up the most important and valuable new product information and news information in the food industry on time every week, including all companies that may change the industry.

1. Focus on nutrition and energy supplement for sports people, and terentsu x # keep promotes the customized version of m-plus high protein milk
2. Modern animal husbandry launched its first sub brand three calves and launched two “Mommy cow selection series” A2 β- Casein milk
3. The fresh cheese yoghurt of Wudao milk enjoy series is newly launched, and the maximum pulp jam brings a pure sense of reality
4. Rio’s sugar free sparkling wine brand appeared from minus lightly, with vodka as the base wine and erythritol as the sweetener
5. Pastoral push 0 series soft European bag, compound protein powder, iterative flour to unlock a new generation of light staple food
6. Wang satiated himself with a new overnight oatmeal bag. One bag of three materials was used to make the lazy breakfast
7. Baiguoyuan has launched a series of freeze-dried fruits. Advanced CD freeze-drying technology locks the fresh taste of the fruit and makes the taste more crisp
8. Daily black Qiao sea salt chickpea black Qiao is newly launched, and 82% cocoa solids give chocolate a softer taste
9. Single grain x Zhengda Group launched energy gardens functional candy, carbon blocking water, beauty and sleep, and unlocked punk health care for young people
10. Thomson Beijian released personalized customized vitamin concept products, which can realize more than 50 million nutrient combinations
11. Playing with the bottle body creativity, Linlong teahouse launched the “tiger Shengwei series” tea drinks with limited packaging in the year of the tiger
12. The offline chain coffee brand Wai coffee y coffee received tens of millions of yuan of angel round financing and is committed to creating “inspiration coffee” for the current young group
13. The original pure tea space brand, one tea and one house, has completed the angel round financing of millions of yuan to create a “life concept with tea” in line with modern people
14. Lanzhou hand torn beef Ramen chain brand Zhang Lala received hundreds of millions of yuan in round B financing, and constantly changed the catering categories centered on beef noodles
15. The Internet cake brand happy cake obtained 100 million yuan of financing and will launch the listing plan in the future
16. Chuanwazi food, a compound condiment brand, completed a round of financing of nearly 300 million yuan, and the BC side made concerted efforts to help the rapid growth of the brand
17. Beyond meat plans to set up an R & D center in Shanghai to develop high-quality plant protein products to meet customers and consumers in the Asia Pacific region
1、专注运动人群营养能量补充,特仑苏 X  Keep推联名定制版M-PLUS高蛋白牛奶

On December 22, telunsu wechat official announced to join hands with keep to launch a joint customized version of m-plus high protein milk, which has two options: full fat and low-fat version reducing 60% fat. Each 250ml bottle contains 15g of high-quality protein, which reaches more than 2.5 times the national minimum standard for prepared milk, and each 100ml contains 140mg of calcium. Taurine and vitamins A, D and E are specially added to help improve the condition of sports people; On the package, the product adopts a portable dream cover, which can be sealed repeatedly and carried with you. The product now sells at tmall flagship store for 250g * 10 boxes / 99 yuan.
Photo source: telunsu flagship store


On December 16, at the 2022 business conference, modern animal husbandry officially announced the launch of its first sub brand three calves, positioned as medium and high-end functional milk, and launched simultaneously the heavy new products of “Mommy chooses cattle” series: DNA A2 pure milk and milk drink 30 minutes before going to bed β- Casein milk. Among them, the former emphasizes DNA gene technology screening, and each 250ml package contains 2.2g A2 β- Casein, for delicate Baoma, Yueji women and pan family groups; The latter contains 1.34g A2 per 250ml package β- Casein and 307mg GABA sleep aid factor were added to mainly target people with sleep disorders. In general, the three calves hope to trace the milk quality back to the source of cows and provide consumers with truly nutritious high-end quality milk with the logic of “selecting milk first and selecting cattle”.
Source: three calves


On December 22, oarmilk Wudao milk launched a new series of fruity enjoy fresh cheese yogurt, including strawberry fresh cheese, mango fresh cheese and vanilla fresh cheese, which is also the fourth product series launched by the brand since it went online. The series focuses on sufficient pulp and jam, and the balanced ratio of jam content of about 20g and pulp content of about 10g is determined through repeated tests; At the same time, the base of yogurt shall be basic series sugar free fresh cheese Greek fermented milk, 0 sugar substitute, 0 pigment and 0 preservative, and the nutritional content of primary milk protein shall not be less than 7.2g/100g. The price of new products combined with other products is 100g * 12 cups / 168 yuan.
Source: oarmilk flagship store


On December 20, Rio’s sugar free sparkling wine brand lightly went online in a low-key manner, and launched a small program mall “everything from minus bar”. The new product has 0 sugar and 0 fat. Erythritol is used as the sweet source. At present, there are three flavors of summer night cucumber, sea breeze lime and cranberry, all of which are based on vodka. The alcohol content is between 3.3% – 3.8%, and the heat range of each can is 66-75 kcal. It is worth mentioning that the formula of lightly product is created by fans, so as to truly “focus on consumers”. At present, the official applet price of the product is 330ml * 3 cans / 26.4 yuan.
Image source: from lightly


Foodaily found that pastoral launched a new 0 series soft European bag in tmall flagship store, focusing on 0 adding flour to create a healthy and light staple food for the new generation. Wheat protein powder for products (gluten) completely replaces wheat flour as baking raw material, supplements a variety of amino acids, and adds flaxseed powder and oat fiber powder to greatly improve the content of dietary fiber without adding sucrose; 35g of each bread only contains 7.5G carbohydrate, 9.6g protein and 2.9g dietary fiber, which reduces 62.5% of carbon and water content and increases 231% of protein content compared with ordinary bread, which can provide 2-hour satiety Time. In addition, the product tastes delicate and layered, is packaged independently, and is fresh for 30 days. It costs 35g * 6 pieces / 29.9 yuan in tmall flagship store.
Photo source: Pastoral flagship store


On December 21, Wang manfull launched an overnight oatmeal bag, aiming at the pain point that migrant workers have no time to take into account breakfast. Each package of the new product contains three kinds of raw materials: Cereals, Chia seeds and coconut powder: Chia seeds come from gold producing areas in Mexico and are rich in omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids; Coconut powder uses local green and red coconut in Hainan to extract fresh pulp directly without additives; Oatmeal offers three flavors: hazelnut black chocolate, coffee nut and Chia seed strawberry. When eating, you can add hot water and mix it for 5 minutes. You can also add water and refrigerate the ingredients for 3 hours before eating. It is suitable for a variety of scenarios such as breakfast or meal energy supplement. The price of the product in tmall flagship store is 9.9 yuan per package.
Photo source: Wang Satin flagship store


Foodaily found that Baiguoyuan has recently launched a series of freeze-dried fruit crispness. The new products select the naturally ripe fruit from the best place of origin as the raw fruit, so as to achieve the best state in the dimensions of nutrition, freshness, flavor and aroma; In terms of technology, the first domestic CD freeze-drying technology is adopted to retain the nutrition and flavor of the original fruit to the greatest extent. At the same time, the taste is more crisp than the ordinary freeze-drying technology. The new products include fig, jackfruit, durian, pineapple, Hami melon 5 flavors, and now the online WeChat program.
Photo source: Baiguoyuan


Recently, the daily black Qiao sea salt chickpea dark chocolate has been newly launched. The new product follows the daily black Qiao’s consistent 0 white granulated sugar addition. The French naturally grown chickpea is used to retain the taste of the beans. Each 60g contains 6% carbohydrates and 54% high dietary fiber. At the same time, the combination of 82% cocoa solid content and chickpea gives the chocolate a solid taste. In addition, the new products are packaged with environmentally friendly degradable material cellulose. At present, tmall flagship store sells for 60g * 3 boxes / 62.9 yuan.
Photo source: landbase official flagship store

9、单身粮 X 正大集团推出Energy Gardens功能糖果,阻碳水美颜助眠三重功效解锁年轻人朋克养生

On December 16, the single grain microblog announced the joint launch of three energy gardens functional candies with Zhengda Group. Collagen peptide water light energy soft candy added with high-purity hyaluronic acid, fish collagen and rice ceramide can effectively keep skin tight and maintain moisturizing barrier; White kidney bean carbon blocking water plan tabletting candy adopts the U.S. patent white kidney bean phase-2 component, Bifidobacterium bifidum and multiple probiotics to block the absorption of starch and oil and protect the intestinal environment; Y-aminobutyric acid every good night soft candy adds Huaxi biological GABA, tea theanine and jujube kernel powder to help sleep all night. Use carbon blocking water, supplement collagen and adjust sleep quality to get young punk health.
Photo source: single grain microblog


On December 19, Thomson Beijian launched the first personalized customized vitamin concept product at the “definition of nutritional intelligence” press conference, bringing a new breakthrough in the related research and development in the field of precision nutrition. It is reported that each capsule contains more than 50 vitamin tablets with the size of 2mm, which can realize more than 50 million nutrient combinations. One capsule per day can specifically supplement 9 vitamins required by individuals for one day.
The experimenter only needs to use a simple and convenient fingertip minimally invasive blood collection instrument to collect blood samples by himself, detect the level of multiple vitamins and minerals in the experimenter through the dry blood spot technology, compare the population database with the support of big data and intelligent algorithm, and then combine intelligent analysis, Then, the vitamin microcapsule production technology is used to customize the personalized vitamin concept product (capsule). In the follow-up, the scheme can be adjusted and iterated in time through dynamic monitoring and evaluation.
Source: PR News Agency


Foodaily exclusively learned that Linlong teahouse announced that it would launch the Limited Edition Limited packaging of the year of the tiger – huhushengwei series of tea drinks together with artist Xiang Hao on January 1, 2022, covering several product series of adult tea, jasmine light tea, daily green tea and barley cool tea. The packaging is inspired by “tiger tail, a tiger”. The tiger tail design is used to convey the good wishes for the smooth year of the tiger to consumers, and the hollowed out process is linked with tea soup to achieve a delicate balance between national fashion style and taste. In addition, the brand also creates a variety of surroundings consistent with the “Relaxation” attribute of tea, so that “Linglong tiger” can accompany consumers’ daily life, reduce pressure and bring a relaxed moment for consumers.
Photo source: Linlong Teahouse

12、线下连锁咖啡品牌歪咖啡Y COFFEE获数千万元天使轮融资,致力为当下年轻群体打造“灵感咖啡”

Recently, the offline chain coffee brand Wai coffee y coffee announced that it had completed an angel round financing of tens of millions of yuan, which was exclusively invested by Lin Cheng capital. Cao Yuzhi, founder of Wai coffee, said that this round of funds is mainly used for store development, supply chain investment and brand upgrading.
Founded in Zhejiang in 2021, Wai coffee focuses on “waixing people”, “inspiration coffee” and other elements. It aims to provide young white-collar groups with an attitude of inspiration coffee. The star coffee drinks in the store include “beautiful latte”, “Meilong melon”, etc. The price of brand coffee is close to the people. The price of American coffee is 9.9 yuan, and the overall average price of the product is 15 yuan.
Image source: crooked coffee official website


Recently, the original pure tea space brand Yicha Yishe announced the completion of an angel round of financing of millions of yuan. The investors are Xinxian capital (negotiate Family Investment Fund) and kiss food. It is reported that this round of financing will be mainly used to improve the store product sales system and talent introduction.
Established in 2016, Yicha Yishe has opened 5 Direct stores in Shanghai. The store is mainly engaged in tea space and sells self-made pure tea drinks, refreshments, tea sets, tea and other products. The unit price of pure tea drinks is between 28 yuan and 158 yuan. By providing tea products with “tea charm” and convenient operation, and creating a quiet, comfortable and cultural atmosphere, one tea and one house hope to realize the youth of tea and convey a “life concept with tea” in line with contemporary life situations.
Photo source: one tea and one house
14. Lanzhou hand torn beef Ramen chain brand Zhang Lala received hundreds of millions of yuan in round B financing, and constantly changed the catering categories centered on beef noodles
Recently, Lanzhou hand torn beef Ramen chain brand Zhang Lala announced the completion of hundreds of millions of yuan of round B financing, led by CICC cultural consumption fund under CICC capital, followed by Jinshajiang venture capital and Shengjing Jiacheng, and Yuanqi capital acted as the exclusive financial adviser. This round of financing will be mainly used for product line expansion, store layout, digital system upgrading and talent introduction. It is reported that in the first half of this year, Zhang Lala obtained pre-A round of financing invested by Jinshajiang venture capital and Shunwei capital, and a round of financing invested exclusively by Shengjing Jiacheng.
Zhang Lala, founded in August 2020 and headquartered in Shanghai, started from Lanzhou hand torn beef ramen, hoping to create a warm national new catering chain brand image and is committed to becoming a “McDonald’s” in China’s catering industry. So far, it has signed a total of 100 stores in China, covering Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai, Suzhou, Ningbo, Hangzhou and other cities.
Photo source: Zhang Lala


Recently, happy cake has completed a new financing of 100 million yuan, led by the old shareholder Yashang capital, and followed by the new investors Chunjian capital and Fushan investment (Yunda’s investment company). It is reported that this round of financing will be mainly used for the supply chain layout and whole chain digital construction of the “county, town and village plan”. Happy cake will also start the listing plan in the future.
Happiness cake was established in 2008, initially positioned as an offline baking chain brand, and transformed into an Internet cake in 2013. By establishing the mode of “central factory + satellite factory + self built cold chain logistics”, it ensures that the cake is fresh, ready to make and delivered on time. According to official data, happy pastry has covered more than 300 cities across the country, with more than 22 million private users.
Picture source: Happy Cake


It is reported that chuanwazi food, a compound condiment brand, recently completed a round of financing of nearly 300 million yuan, led by Gaorong capital and followed by Xiamen Construction Development and relevant institutions. This round of financing will be mainly used for investment and M & A, digital supply chain and brand construction.
Founded in 2008, chuanwazi food is mainly based on Sichuan culture and covers the whole product line of compound condiments. At present, it has 13 star series products. The brand provides personalized, intelligent and professional flexible customized supply chain services for b-end catering enterprises, and creates a standardized catering service provider; At the C-end, based on data insight, focus on more subdivided sauce categories of composite condiments, and build a new product concept of “fresh sauce ready to eat”, so as to meet the consumer demands of “fresh and spicy” in the catering scene.
Source: Sohu

17、Beyond Meat计划于上海设立研发中心,开发满足亚太地区客户和消费者的优质植物蛋白产品

According to the release of xiaoshidai, on December 21, Beyond meat announced that it will set up a new R & D center in Shanghai, which is also its first overseas exclusive R & D organization outside the United States. As an innovation center of the brand in Asia, the R & D center will focus on developing high-quality plant protein products to meet customers and consumers in the Asia Pacific region. It is expected to be put into use in the first half of 2022.
Source: beyond meat

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