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The change of Starbucks industrial and commercial data involves senior personnel, Chunhua capital’s acquisition of Mead Johnson China was rated as the “best M & A Case”, Haixin food executives voluntarily reduced their salaries, and the frequently asked questions and answers for baby matching registration were released

Hot company information and announcement


Change of key personnel of Starbucks enterprise management (China) Co., Ltd.


According to the industrial and commercial information, the key personnel of Starbucks enterprise management (China) Co., Ltd. have changed recently. The director Fang Yijie and the supervisor Chen Dahong quit, and the new director Liu Wenjuan and the supervisor Yu Wenliang were added. (snack agent)


McDonald’s part of the package is accused of price adjustment

Recently, some consumers found that the “1 + 1 optional” package originally priced at 12 yuan at McDonald’s rose by 0.9 yuan. In addition, McDonald’s breakfast also has an adjustment ranging from 1-3 yuan. (times Finance)

Shiqijia announced that the price of cattle well will rise

It is reported that recently, the beef rice chain of benquanshan holdings announced that the price of its main commodity “Niujing (beef rice)” will rise, which is the first price rise of “medium bowl beef rice” since April 2015. The price rise is due to the rise in the price of imported beef and other raw materials and the depreciation of the yen, resulting in an increase in costs. (Interface)


Shiqijia launches new vegetable meat dishes

Unlimeat, an Asian vegetable meat brand, cooperated with Sukiya, a Japanese beef rice chain, to launch a new vegetable meat dish “plant energy well series” in the Chinese restaurant of Sukiya. The new beef rice is sold in 15 restaurants in Shanghai, China, and will gradually be put on shelves in all stores. Except for the “cheese plant energy well” which belongs to dairy vegetarian, others are pure vegetarian, with a price of 24 to 33 yuan per bowl. (issued by the company)

Haixin food executives voluntarily cut their salaries

Haixin food pointed out today that since 2021, the company has faced multiple pressures such as the adjustment of external consumption environment, fierce industry competition and rising upstream costs, resulting in a sharp decline in operating performance in the first three quarters. In order to show the determination to spend the crisis with the company and boost the confidence of all employees of the company, Teng Yongyan, general manager of Haixin food, Zheng Shunhui, chief financial officer, and Zhang Yingjuan, deputy general manager and Secretary of the board of directors, voluntarily proposed to reduce the salary in 2022. (Beijing News)

Yili’s overseas wholly-owned subsidiary plans to subscribe for Community Fund LP fund units with us $42 million

On December 23, Yili announced that China Youran dairy holding limited, an overseas wholly-owned subsidiary of the company, as a limited partner, subscribed for communityfund LP fund units with its own funds, with a subscribed capital contribution of US $42 million. This participation in the subscription of investment funds will help the company track and layout new products, new technologies and new business models related to consumption in the field of consumption, and promote the implementation of the company’s strategy and the building of an ecosystem while obtaining the return on investment. (gelonghui)

JD and Budweiser deepen digital cooperation

On December 23, JD and Budweiser reached an all channel & Digital partnership. In the future, Budweiser, as the captain of JD supermarket category, will deeply cultivate consumer data insight, lead digital marketing schemes and promote the rapid development of beer category. (beer daily)

Zhanjiang Swire Coca Cola factory has an annual output value of 430 million yuan

On December 23, the Zhanjiang Swire Coca Cola factory opening day hosted by Guangdong Swire Coca Cola Zhanjiang Co., Ltd. was officially opened. It is understood that Zhanjiang Swire Coca Cola currently has five production lines, namely glass bottles, pet steam and water lines, cans, water lines and ready-made syrup production lines, with an annual production capacity of 185000 tons and an output value of 430 million yuan. (South plus)

Xiangpiao established a supply chain management company in Huzhou

Today, Xiangpiao Food Co., Ltd. added foreign investment. The investment enterprise is Huzhou dadianxia Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd., with an investment proportion of 100%. Huzhou dadianxia Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd. was established on December 24, 2021. Its legal representative is Shen Hongjie, with a registered capital of 5 million yuan. Its business scope includes supply chain management services; International freight forwarder; Domestic container cargo transportation agency, etc. The company is wholly owned by Xiangpiao. (Leju Finance)


New hope plans to sign an investment agreement with ABC investment and increase capital of RMB 1 billion to Yangling Benxiang

On December 23, new hope announced that Agricultural Bank of China Financial Assets Investment Co., Ltd. planned to set up Agricultural Bank of China investment – Yangling Benxiang debt equity conversion investment plan, which was jointly funded by the company and Agricultural Bank of China investment to subscribe for the share of the investment plan, with a total investment amount of 1 billion yuan, of which gold oak investment holding (Tianjin) Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company, subscribed 500 million yuan with its own funds, accounting for 50%. After the establishment of the investment plan, it is proposed to increase capital by 1 billion yuan to Yangling Benxiang Agricultural Industry Group Co., Ltd., the holding subsidiary of the company. (gelonghui)

Riqing food plans to acquire 30% equity of Jieling with HK $13.7264 million

On December 23, Riqing food announced that the company had agreed to purchase 30% of the shares of Jieling sold by Mitsubishi commercial, accounting for 30% of all the issued shares of Jieling, for a consideration of HK $13.7264 million, which will be paid by the company to Mitsubishi commercial in cash on the completion date. Jieling is a non wholly owned subsidiary of the company, with 51% and 49% interests held by the company and Mitsubishi commercial respectively. After the transaction is completed, the company will hold 81% equity of Jieling. (Zhitong Finance)


Jiajia food plans to invest and establish a new company with qihetu

On December 23, Jiajia food announced that it planned to jointly invest with Shanghai qihetu technology partnership (limited partnership) to establish a holding subsidiary “Jiajia food (Hunan) Co., Ltd.” of which Jiajia food contributed 25.5 million yuan, accounting for 51% of the registered capital of the joint venture; qihetu contributed 24.5 million yuan, accounting for 49% of the registered capital of the joint venture. (Leju Finance)

Shenzhen Stock Exchange resumes IPO review of Bama tea gem

On December 23, as the issuer has completed the update of financial information, according to the relevant provisions of Article 66 of the review rules for issuance and listing of gem shares of Shenzhen Stock Exchange, Shenzhen Stock Exchange resumed the review of issuance and listing of Bama Tea Co., Ltd. CITIC Securities, as its sponsor, plans to raise 682.79 million yuan. (Zhitong Finance)


3114400 shares of the company held by the controlling shareholder of maixier will be auctioned

On December 23, Merrill announced that some of the company’s shares held by the company’s controlling shareholder Merrill group will be publicly auctioned in Ali. The number of shares involved this time is 3114400, accounting for 4.87% of its shares. (Zhitong Finance)

Liu Hongliang, independent director of baby care room, leaves office upon expiration

On December 23, the baby care room announced that Liu Hongliang, the independent director of the company, will serve for six years and will no longer serve as an independent director and relevant professional committees of the board of directors. It is agreed to nominate Zhu Bo as an independent director candidate of the Fourth Board of directors of the company, which needs to be submitted to the general meeting of shareholders for deliberation. (Zhitong Finance)


Your Highness’s tea has completed an angel round of financing of RMB 10 million

The tea of his highness Guochao new Chinese tea brand recently completed an angel round financing of RMB 10 million, which was not disclosed by the investor. (Tencent)


Longda meat signed 1.1 billion yuan investment project

On December 23, Longda meat announced that the company recently signed the investment agreement for high-end meat products deep processing project of Western China meat products production base and the investment agreement for 1 million pigs slaughtering project in Enyang District, Bazhong City with the people’s Government of Enyang District, Bazhong City. The total investment of the high-end meat products deep processing project of the meat products production base in Western China is planned to be 800 million yuan, and the total investment of the 1 million pigs slaughtering project in Enyang District, Bazhong City is planned to be about 300 million yuan. (Beijing business daily)


Jinfa Rabbi plans to transfer 20% equity of mirlele

On December 23, the blonde Rabbi announced that, The company agrees that Guangdong Jinfa Rabbi Investment Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary, will transfer 20% of the equity of mirlele dairy (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. held in its name, and give priority to sending an equity transfer offer to the management shareholders of mirlele. If the management shareholders waive this priority, they will transfer the equity to other investors. (Beijing business daily)

Chunhua capital’s acquisition of Mead Johnson China won the golden bull Award for the best M & A Case

On December 22, Chunhua capital’s investment in Mead Johnson China won the golden bull award of China Securities Journal for the best M & A case. This acquisition is another important layout of Chunhua capital in the field of consumption. It is reported that since the acquisition, Chunhua capital has supported Mead Johnson’s development in China from many aspects such as team building, business innovation, operation improvement, channel optimization and digital transformation, and strengthened its positioning and growth prospects in China’s huge infant milk powder market. (issued by the company)

Oatly Singapore factory reduces packaging use


Oatly cooperates with packaging company billerudkorsn ä s to provide innovative secondary packaging solutions for products produced by its Singapore factory. Compared with traditional packaging solutions, this secondary packaging solution can reduce secondary packaging materials by up to 35% and is expected to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 50%. (packaging south asia)

Quick reading of food industry information



Frequently asked questions and answers for baby matching registration issued by the State Administration of market supervision

On December 23, the food evaluation center of the State Administration of Market Supervision issued the “frequently asked questions and answers for baby matching registration”. Specifically, it includes: formula and R & D, quality and technology, labels and instructions, supporting documents and other information. (food evaluation center of State Administration of market supervision)

CSRC: Vie structured enterprises that meet the compliance requirements can be listed abroad after filing

On December 24, aiming at the problems concerned by all walks of life, the reporter interviewed the relevant responsible comrades of the CSRC. Among them, with regard to the supervision of overseas listing of vie framework enterprises, the CSRC said that on the premise of complying with domestic laws and regulations, vie framework enterprises that meet the compliance requirements can go overseas for listing after filing. (surging)


People’s Daily: Supervision of temporary food price reduction

Temporary food prices can be reduced, but food safety cannot be relaxed at all. To further build a resource-saving society and achieve green and sustainable development, we should stick to the bottom line of quality, unblock sales channels, make the best use of temporary food, and better promote mutual benefit between buyers and sellers. (people’s daily)

Guichi District Municipal Supervision Bureau of Chizhou City, Anhui Province comprehensively renovates network catering safety

The market supervision bureau of Guichi District, Chizhou City, Anhui Province has actively played a “combined fist” by carrying out centralized administrative interviews, strengthening online and offline investigation and promoting “you and I check” in catering, constantly innovating supervision methods, extending supervision tentacles, and comprehensively promoting the safety regulation of online catering food. (Anhui market supervision and Administration Bureau)


The group standard of cold tea beverage has been drafted for comments

The group standard cold tea beverage jointly drafted by Guizhou Liangdu Shuicheng Spring Tea Co., Ltd., Guizhou Tea Research Institute, Guizhou Green Tea Technology Development Co., Ltd., Guizhou product quality inspection and testing institute and the Standardization Technical Committee of Guizhou food industry association has completed the draft for comments. (national group standard information platform)

Nanfang Daily: it is strictly prohibited to return high praise. At the same time, it is also necessary to ensure the real bad comments

Recently, Taobao released a notice on the change of relevant provisions of Taobao evaluation specifications, which emphasizes that “fictitious praise” and “return of praise” are strictly prohibited, which has attracted public attention. In this regard, Nanfang Daily said that the platform should not only continue to strengthen the governance of “return of praise” and other issues, but also continuously strengthen the mechanism to protect consumers’ bad comments. At least, we will never be soft hearted to the behavior such as the seller’s continuous harassment of those who objectively evaluate the business trip. (Nanfang Daily)


Chenfan responded to the dissolution of Sydney company: a rumor

It is reported today that Shengheng culture, a live broadcasting company in Sydney, has been dissolved recently, and there are letters of thanks to employees. Chenfan responded that it was a rumor and the company did not dissolve. (per network)

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