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How sober are these young people to spend money

to cultivate rational consumption, platform and social guidance are essential.
At the beginning of this year, Huabai and borrow Bai took the lead in reducing the amount for young people and advocating rational lending and rational consumption. This trend has also swept many platforms in the industry. Everyone began to follow up and promote the rational lending and consumption education of young people. “Rationality” has become a hot word in the industry.
“Rationality” has also been selected as one of the five consumption hot words in 2021 released by the consumption Daily recently. The other four are: saving, peace, national tide and breaking away.
According to the survey of consumption Daily: in 2021, there have been obvious changes in the consumption concept and behavior of many young people. Rational borrowing and consumption, just paying for their immediate needs, has gradually become the mainstream trend of society.
“The more people around me, the more they love ‘comparison’.” Xiao Yun said, “it’s more cost-effective than who buys the price, and it’s much better than who collects the wool. If someone discovers a treasure store with high quality and low price, it will become the focus of everyone’s sharing.”
Meng Zhou also said: “My attitude towards shopping has changed in recent years. In the past, emotions, people around me, Amway, advertising, and even film and television dramas may all be the reasons for me to buy things, but now I just look at whether I really need them. I will also give myself a quiet period to think about whether this thing is what I need, and whether there is a substitute at home? I can’t be sure for the moment It will be put in the shopping cart. If you still want to buy it after a period of time, you will place an order. “
Xiao Yun and Meng Zhou are not alone. Like them, more and more young people can be called “sober in the world” on the issue of consumption
“Spend money for a while, save money for a long time”
Many people once worried that this generation of young people would be destroyed by “consumerism”, but with the growth of young people, these concerns have been gradually dispelled, and the rational performance of young groups towards consumption is gradually revealed. According to the “China youth consumption report” released by CCTV finance and economics, the top three consumption of young people are education and training, housing and health care. Nearly 60% of young people say “only buy necessities”, and 40.2% of young people choose “buy less and buy better”.
“Shopping can indeed bring immediate satisfaction, but this satisfaction lasts for a short time. After a short time of satisfaction, there is a deeper and long-term emptiness.” Meng Zhou said bluntly, “when I try to give up and buy only necessities, I feel relaxed and comfortable.”
For shopping, 24-year-old Li Yao also has his own view: “shopping is still for use. There is no need to buy a brand. Now many things have flat replacement versions, with little difference in functions, but the price is much cheaper. For consumers, cost performance is the king.”
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The voice of “buying” gradually dissipated, and the voice of huddling together to save money became louder and louder. According to the survey report on China’s pension prospects, the monthly savings proportion of the younger generation has increased from 20% in 2020 to 25% this year.
Compared with spending money, young people enjoy the happiness of saving and making money. Topics related to saving money have been on the microblog for many times, and topics such as “women’s saving two suites in nine years after graduation” and “young people saving or spending first” have aroused extensive discussion.
Bookkeeping and hugging are the mainstream postures for young people to save money.
On the little red book, there are more than 80000 notes related to “bookkeeping”. Tens of thousands of people share their bookkeeping methods, bookkeeping apps and how to save money through bookkeeping.
“I spend a lot of money on my daily consumption. For me, the best function of spending is bookkeeping. How much money I spend every month and where I spend it will be automatically recorded by categories. After reading it, I will consider where I can reduce my spending.” Meng Zhou, who has just worked for two years, said: “sometimes it is difficult to rely on self-control, so we need some external forces to help us control our expenses. Huabai can adjust the quota by itself. I will set a suitable quota, and then set an excess reminder. If it spends too much, it will send me a message to remind me.”
Controlling expenditure through bookkeeping is a traditional way that has been proved effective by many people. Now there is also a popular method of saving money among young people: holding a group.
Various saving groups on Douban also once came out of the circle, and millions of young people gathered together to exchange saving ideas, such as the “crazy saving group” with 580000 group members.
“I used to spend as much as I had. I was a typical ‘moonlight family’. But in recent years, my friends were talking about saving and managing money, and I began to save money consciously.” Meng Zhou, who graduated two years ago, has changed from “Moonlight” to “more than a month”.
“In the past, I spent about 10000 yuan a month. But after accounting, I found that without deliberately suppressing my desire to buy, my basic expenditure only needed about 6000 yuan, including rent and commuting. So now once I receive my salary every month, I will only leave my basic expenditure and save the rest on a regular basis. Now I find that if I spend money for a while, I can save money all the time Cool! “
“The amount of flowers is not low,
Become a measure of whether you are still young “
“Today, did you spend money to reduce the amount?” At the beginning of this year, this sentence once became a way for everyone to say hello on social media.
At the beginning of January this year, many young people found that their spending and borrowing quota had become less, and many people’s quota had been adjusted to less than 3000 yuan. In this regard, Huabai officially acknowledged that the quota of some young people has been adjusted, mainly in the hope that everyone can borrow and consume rationally and form good habits.
As a result, the impact of this derating began to develop in an unexpected direction. Many users who have been reduced have posted their own screenshots of the reduction, saying, “I thought I was old, but Huabai told me not.” Anger not yet appeased by the people who have been cut down, but make complaints about “I am too old for flowers”?
For a moment, whether you have been paid or not has become the only standard to measure whether you are a young person. Some young people meet and shine the amount of money, and prove who is younger than who through comparison, which has become a hard currency.
The topic of “Hua Bai adjusting the quota of young users” has also been popular on the microblog because of the quota of various Versailles among young people.
The performance of young people this time also exceeded the prediction of many platforms. They thought that the reduction would be scolded, but they didn’t. instead, they gained a wave of praise. At that time, many platforms felt that young people had changed. As long as your measures were sincerely good for them, everyone was open-minded and listened to them.
So, taking advantage of the popularity of iron, Huabai later launched a small assistant for rational consumption, calling on everyone to consume rationally and be self-discipline young people.
In the hands of this rational consumption assistant, it provides bill management, progress reminder, excess warning, repayment suggestions and other functions. After entering Huabai, the user can click “my” in the upper right corner to set the monthly budget amount. After that, the system will remind the quota usage every week. When the set quota is almost reached, it will also give an early warning in the payment phase.
This effect is obvious. After setting the quota, Meng Zhou can save a lot of money every month. “Quota warning will make me feel nervous and control consumption.”
In addition to the actions of reducing the amount and launching small assistants, Huabai also carried out a small class of users’ rational consumption.
In this small class, Huabai invited well-known host Ni Ping, talk show actor Zhao Xiaohui and Professor Zhou Xinyue of the school of management of Zhejiang University to share tips on rational consumption.
Figure / microblog @ flower chant
For example, Zhou Xinyue introduced that “simplifying the payment password into complexity”, putting your hand in your pocket when shopping, and setting the mobile phone screensaver as family photos can restrain and reduce impulsive consumption.
Ni Ping said with her own experience that young people should live within their means, just to pay for what they just need. Because they are young, they don’t have to buy clothes full of brands. They look good with a piece of white cloth. This paragraph is also popular.
After Huabai, many platforms began to follow up and carry out various user rational consumption education.
For example, Zhongyuan consumer finance has also launched the “7-day repayment without reason”, and users repay in advance within 7 days before the first loan, The company will not charge any fees (including interest) to provide consumers with a “calm thinking period”; Societe Generale consumer finance has added the right of “90 day unconditional loan refund” to the “xingcai plan” of the public welfare project of education and poverty alleviation, allowing borrowers to unconditionally refund loans within 90 days.
According to Ouyang Rihui, vice president of the Institute of Internet Economics of the Central University of Finance and economics, Huabai’s measures this year are of positive significance. “If platforms and institutions can follow up and create an atmosphere of reasonable consumption in the whole society to prevent young people from excessive consumption, it will have a demonstration effect on the self-discipline and healthy development of the whole industry.”
“The change and invariance of this young people”
Ni Ping said in the small class of ant rational consumption that people always like to say that young people are destroyed by this and that. In fact, young people are not so vulnerable. “We don’t want to know young people, but we are always used to looking at them with old eyes and always take it for granted to put all kinds of negative labels on them.”
“They have always been excellent. The diligence, responsibility and thrift of the older generation have never changed in them.” Ni Ping said.
What has changed is that young people follow the footsteps of this era.
From the in-depth analysis of the five annual hot words in the consumption daily, it can be seen that since this year, young people have become more saving, more culturally confident and more rational in consumption.
More and more young people are becoming more interested in how to manage money and save money. A survey conducted by the social survey center of China Youth Daily shows that 64.5% of young people have enhanced their financial management concept and know better about rational planning of income use.
The China family wealth index report released by Alipay financial think-tank in July showed that funds like prudent funds began to become popular among young people, and half of the new people in 2020 were born after 1990. Safe funds and other financial management are popular among young people.
Burning finance searched for “financial management” on station B and found that there were more than 99 relevant up people, and there was no lack of content with a playback volume of more than one million in relevant videos, For example, there are more than 680 thousand notes on the search for “financial management” by Alipay, which has more than 680 thousand related notes.
Cultural self-confidence began to rise and become the mainstream among young people. Young people’s choice of brands has changed from popularity to reputation, and cost-effective national brands have become the first choice for more people, especially those with a sense of social responsibility.
Many national brands are also rooted in cultural genes, constantly innovate, actively approach young consumer groups, understand young people’s aesthetic preferences and needs, and the national trend has gradually become a new fashion.
According to the data released by the people’s Network Research Institute, the attention of “Guochao” has increased by 528% in the past 10 years; In the past five years, the proportion of Chinese brand search popularity in the total brand popularity has increased from 45% to 75%. Meng Zhou said: “now when I buy sports products, I will give priority to Hongxing Erke and Anta sports brands in our country. The price is appropriate, the clothes are comfortable, and the design is more and more beautiful.”
In terms of consumption, young people are becoming rational and “sober in the world”. In addition to the mature consumption concept of many young people, a series of new measures and functions of rational consumption launched on platforms such as Huabai, as well as various forms of user education, are also helpful to cultivate young people’s basic understanding of rational consumption and moderate lending.
*The title map, part of the text and part of the accompanying map are derived from visual China. In the article, Xiao Yun, Meng Zhou, Xiao Bao and Li Yao are pseudonyms.
*Disclaimer: under no circumstances shall the information or opinions expressed herein constitute investment advice to anyone.
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