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In 2021, Japan’s 40th food hit awards were freshly released, and 29 award-winning products were proposed to take you all

on December 22, 2021, Japan food news announced the “40th food hit Award”, which commended the popular products with excellent performance in the market and loved by consumers this year. Among them, Asahi Beer won the special food hit Award for three years.
On December 22, Japan food news announced the list of winners of the “40th food hit Award”. The food hit award was established in 1982 (Showa 57) to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the founding of Japan food news. It was monitored by more than 100 food enterprises and major dealers in China within one year From January to December, the performance of various products in the food industry will recommend the products to be selected, and then the internal expert committee will determine the final award-winning products according to the recommendation list. The award selection criteria mainly include: (1) creating new demand, (2) helping the market revitalize, (3) promoting sales growth, (4) effective marketing means, (5) industry leaders (6) There are six aspects of novelty oriented to the new direction of industry / business. Three awards are set for the grand prize: Food hit special award, excellent hit award and long-term best-selling award. A total of 29 products have won awards this year, including the “raw” and “raw” launched by Asahi Beer (Asahi super dry super cool full open draft beer) won the food hit special prize vacant for 3 years with overwhelming votes.
Several food advocates sorted out the information of the 29 award-winning products, and let’s feel the moving and thinking brought by these excellent products.  
Food hit special award
Asahi super dry super dry full open draft beer
This subversive new beer focuses on the new design with large opening, which is different from the traditional easy to open beer. As long as you buy it from the supermarket and open the pull ring, a large number of beer bubbles will automatically emerge, so that you can enjoy the high-quality enjoyment of drinking dense bubble beer in a bar even if you drink it at home at low cost. Asahi Beer describes: This is a revolutionary and exclusive invention in the beer industry!
Listing date: April 6, 2021
Selling price: 340ml / 220jpy
Source: Asahi Beer official website
Excellent hit Award
1. A blue dolphin (a blue dolphin bone instant noodles)
In order to meet the commercialization requirements put forward by customers, Yilan, a well-known Ramen restaurant chain, has repeatedly tried and error for more than 20 years, and launched the first Yilan dolphin bone instant noodles product in 2021. Different from the general products on the market, the taste of this product noodles is more moist and rich in texture. The dolphin bone soup of Yilan essence adopts the combination of soup powder and soup liquid bag to present consumers with rich flavor as in restaurants. In addition, Yilan also repeatedly studied and developed a secret sauce matching the cup surface to restore the original flavor of the store to the greatest extent. It is reported that a blue dolphin bone instant noodles has sold 1 million bowls in only two months.
Listing date: February 15, 2021
Selling price: 128G / 454jpy
source: Food Industry News Agency
2. S & B back fat (garlic back fat)
Influenced by New Coronavirus, the demand for home eating scenes has increased dramatically. S&B Food has launched a garlic sauce with its back fat. The product mainly contains garlic, soy sauce, lard and pig bone extract, focusing on the taste characteristics of garlic grains, so that consumers can easily enjoy the delicious experience of “pork and garlic Ramen” at home. In addition, this ingredient is not only suitable for ramen, but also suitable for fried rice, hot-pot/" 22375 rel="nofollow" target="_self">hot pot, barbecue and fried dumplings. It is reported that the cumulative sales volume of the product reached 1 million bottles within 3 months of its launch.
Listing date: August 9, 2021
Selling price: 110g / 350jpy
Source: S% B food official website
3. Zandeli craft boss Matcha Latte
This type of latte latte is made from stone mortar and ground tea. It is rich in alcohol and sweet milk flavor. The latter is the refreshing aftertaste of Mopai tea, so that you can enjoy the rich taste and high quality latte. The packaging adopts green and White Checkered patterns to make you feel the unique composure of Japanese culture. Highlight the product connotation by striking the words “Shijiu grinding Matcha” on the front of the package. In addition, the product also designs a seal printed with the word “rest”, which conveys the intention of the product to create a relaxed atmosphere.
Listing date: August 17, 2021
Selling price: 500ml / 170jpy
Source: Amazon
4. Chuangwei (Chuangwei haconese Series)
The characteristic of Chuangwei haconese is that the product adopts a cooking packaging bag that can be eaten only by heating in the microwave oven. It is also the first instant spaghetti sauce on the market. The product does not need to use a water bath or transfer to another plate for heating, and children and the elderly can make it safely because there is no need to use an open fire. At present, haconese has launched three flavors: thick fresh shrimp tomato cream sauce, rich Boletus cream sauce and burnt garlic cooked tomato sauce to enrich consumers’ home diet choices.
Listing date: March 1, 2021
Selling price: 130g / 258jpy
Source: Nikkei xtrend
5. カッヌドょ Pro high protein & low sugar (cup noodle Pro high protein & low carbon water)
Japan’s first protein rich cup noodles launched by Nissin. The product has two meanings, “pro” represents protein and also represents high-end. Therefore, the product is positioned as a high-end and high-specification “cup surface” to meet the protein needs of consumers. The product allows consumers to ingest up to 15g of protein. In addition, Riqing’s original “low carbohydrate three-layer frying method” can reduce the carbon water of the product by 50% compared with ordinary cup noodles, and keep the calories below 300 kcal. At present, Pro Series has launched two flavors: original flavor and seafood.
Listing date: April 5, 2021
Selling price: 74g / 206jpy
Source: price mag
6. Lingying Cafe Matcha Latte
Ling Ying Cafe Matcha latte is the first product in the new series of Ling Ying Cafe launched by Ling Ying, a green tea brand under Coca Cola. The products are jointly supervised by the “Shanglin Chunsong head office” of Kyoto Yuzhi time-honored tea shop and the characteristic coffee shop “apetianyan coffee”. 100% domestic Matcha tea with mild and smooth cream is known as “refreshing and delicious” and is deeply loved by people aged 20 and 30. It is said that many people not only like to drink it directly, but are keen to add it to ice cream. Ling Ying revealed that the cumulative shipment of the product has exceeded 100 million bottles since its listing.
Listing date: March 22, 2021
Selling price: 146g / 440jpy
Source: Lingying official website
Hiroshi launched by Mishima food is a mixed meal made of “Hiroshima green vegetables”, a representative ingredient of “Hiroshima”. Before the product is launched, it creates various topics on social networking sites and successfully attracts consumers’ attention. Through the continuous fermentation on the Internet, this local specialty with low national popularity is strongly sought after by consumers and takes the initiative to act as the Promotion Ambassador of Hiroshi. Mishima food went on sale in February. Hiroshi began to achieve its annual sales target (10000 packages) in only two months.
Listing date: February 2021
Selling price: 16g / 120jpy
Source: Official Website of Mishima food
8. スプわうセゃぶゃゃゃシリズ (Shabu Shabu series with soup)
In recent years, Shabu Shabu, which can easily eat meat and vegetables, has been welcomed by Japanese consumers. Mizkan’s Shabu Shabu series with soup is a new type of Shabu Shabu soup bottom. Consumers can not only enjoy the delicious meat and dishes prepared by Shabu Shabu, but also taste the rich and warm soup. This product is a concentrated package, which can prepare the amount of soup from one person to one family according to the needs of the number of people. At present, the product has two flavors: strong soup and salt grapefruit
Listing date: August 4, 2021
Selling price: 32g * 3 / 380jpy
Source: prtimes
9. Spring Valley × Fengrun 496 (Spring Valley Fengrun 496)
The SPRING VALLEY Toyojun 496 launched by Kirin brew is designed to enable consumers to enjoy the quality of brewed beer at home, while expanding canned products to speed up the expansion of COVID-19’s brew beer market and increase consumer interest in beer products. The product is characterized by foaming, fluffy and a small drink. The flavor of the wheat spreads in the mouth, and the aftertaste is rich and beautiful. The malt used in the product is about 1.5 times that of “Kirin lager beer”. At the same time, the blending of four kinds of hops has been selected. By using the hops soaking manufacturing process, the bitterness of the product is restrained and the product is full of strong aroma. The “496” in the product name is a perfect number in the digital field, which also shows that this product is the best beer product in history.
Listing date: March 23, 2021
Selling price: 350ml / 248jpy
Source: Spring Valley official website
10. サッポロいめのレンサワー (Sapporo strong lemon sparkling wine)
The strong lemon sparkling wine launched by sapporobeer allows consumers to enjoy the wine drinking experience of living in a wine house at home. The product uses juice made of Sicily hand picked lemons and sparkling wine made of pickled lemons. It has rich lemon flavor, fresh fruit aroma and fresh aftertaste, but also has a little sour taste, which is unforgettable. In addition, the words “しっかりすっぱい” with taste characteristics are printed on the lower part of the tank body to let customers know that the product will give them a fresh, sour and refreshing taste experience in an easy to understand way.
Listing date: March 2, 2021
Selling price: 350ml / 141jpy
Source: sapporobeer official website
11、パーフェクトサントリービール(Perfect Suntory Beer)
The “luxury drink sugar 0 preparation method” adopted by perfect Sunday beer is a new process that combines “the premium malt’s” and “masters dream” and takes five years to develop. It can realize zero sugar while retaining the high-quality original flavor of beer, so that consumers can feel the refreshing aftertaste of Zero sugar when enjoying strong drinks with an alcohol content of 5.5%. Compared with traditional products, the amount of diamond malt characterized by high quality and strong flavor is increased by 1.3 times, so as to further strengthen the rich taste of beer. The package is based on gold and navy blue, and a new logo is placed on the top of the can to enhance the overall style of beer.
Listing date: April 13, 2021
Selling price: 350ml / 190jpy
Source: Amazon
12. か じ る バ タ ア イ (gajiru butter ice)
The raw material of “kajiru butter ice” uses Hokkaido milk to make fermented butter, which reproduces the rich and unique flavor of butter in the form of popsicles. Once launched in February 2021, it immediately became a hot topic on the social platform, which greatly exceeded the initial sales forecast. At that time, the product adopted the period limited mode, so many consumers initiated initiatives to sell it again. To this end, Chicheng launched the product again in September this year, ready for everyone in the country to taste delicious food.
Listing date: February 2021
Selling price: 75ml / 140jpy
Source: Twitter
13、ザ★ハンバーグ(The ★ Hamburg)
The ★ Hamburg launched by weizhisu uses 100% fresh leg meat, which is chopped at the refrigerated temperature to avoid damaging the meat fiber. Then it is fried and roasted on an iron plate, and then cooked slowly in the oven, so as to lock the gravy and ensure the delicious taste of the meat. In terms of seasoning, garlic granules, minced garlic, black pepper sauce and butter are combined to create an excellent taste. The product only needs to be heated in the microwave for about 6 minutes (600 watts), and you can easily enjoy the fried and roasted hamburger at home.
Listing date: August 8, 2021
Selling price: 212.5g/385jpy
Source: Amazon
14. Osaka King Jiang Yugen meat dumplings (Osaka King Jiang Yugen stamina meat dumplings)
Eat & Foods launched this Osaka King Yugen stamina meat dumpling product. The amount of garlic is twice that of ordinary Yugen dumplings, and the amount of meat is also greatly increased! At the same time, in order to highlight the flavor of the material, the product also comes with 2 bags of rock salt. It is not only a quick-frozen dumpling that allows consumers to fill their stomachs quickly, but also allows consumers to easily enjoy the professional level of the restaurant at home.
Listing date: end of February 2021
Selling price: 281.2g/284jpy
Source: eat & Foods official website
15. Defecation improvement (bifidus yogurt defecation improvement)
Senyong dairy will launch “bifidus yoghurt biantong improvement drink”, which is a functional food, claiming that it can improve the problem of constipation by improving the intestinal peristalsis of constipated people. It is well known that yogurt can regulate the intestine, but this product is the first product in the yogurt industry to clearly indicate the function of improving constipation. In addition to containing 2 billion bifidobacteria bb536 independently developed by Senyong dairy, the product is also combined with milk oligosaccharide, which is a low-fat yogurt.
Listing date: April 7, 2021
Selling price: 100g / 133jpy
Source: bifidus official website
16、ヤクルト1000/ Y1000(Yakult 1000/ Y1000)
Yakult launched Yakult 1000 and y1000 products. The product contains 100 billion lactic acid bacteria shirota strain, which is the product with the highest density of lactic acid bacteria in Yakult’s history. In addition, it is also a product with functional claims, with the functions of “relieving stress” and “improving sleep quality”. Yakult 1000 is mainly sold through home distribution channels, while y1000 is sold through general stores.
Listing date: April 5, 2021
Selling price: 100ml / 130jpy
Source: Yakult official website
17. Infinity (infinity shrimp)
Unlimited shrimp under Guitian fruit making is a special Xianbei snack to highlight the delicious flavor of fragrant shrimp. By crushing the shelled fresh shrimp and kneading it into the dough, we can get an “addictive” snack with unique taste and rich flavor. In addition, the product also adds “wudaotan salt”, which has the characteristics of mellow taste and less saltiness, which further enhances the freshness of shrimp.
Listing date: February 22, 2021
Selling price: 83g / 200jpy
Source: Guitian fruit making official website
Marosh under kanro is known as a soft candy that can turn into marshmallow in 15 seconds. This product has been sold in advance in some convenience stores across the country since October last year, instantly attracting consumers’ attention. “Is this marshmallow?” “Is it fudge?” And other topics aroused heated discussion on SNS, which is the most popular pre-sale product in kanro at present. In fact, the surface of “marosh” is coated with an instant powder. When it is put into the mouth, the powder will spread and give people a refreshing feeling, but when you chew it, you can feel the different feeling of q-bomb and bring people a new taste experience. Feeling the warm love of consumers, kanro decided to sell this product nationwide this year.
Listing date: June 8, 2021
Selling price: 50g / 151jpy
Source: kanro official website
In order to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the establishment of Lake pool house in August 2022, (company name) launched this “koikeya the” series, which carries 60 years of commitment and enthusiasm for potato chips and returns to the original heart. In order to achieve the perfect taste as a snack, koikeya the cuts potatoes into unique thickness, the rich flavor of sauce, seafood, etc. combined with chili powder, creates a potato chip that people can’t stop eating. In addition, the series uses “paper” As a new potato chip facing the future, huchiwu is determined to implement environmental protection measures such as reducing plastics and carry out various activities to achieve sustainable development goals. At present, the series has launched two flavors: Laver salt flavor and Jiuqu flavor.
Listing date: September 13, 2021
Selling price: 56g / open
Source: huchiwu official website
20. Riqing Cisco hot cereal series
Riqing Cisco hot cereal series is based on the potential hot demand of the cereal market, that is, the concept of “warm cereal brewed by hot water and hot milk warms your heart and body”. It is committed to integrating oats into daily life and enabling consumers to love and continue to eat oats. The product is crisp and has a light sweetness. It is also rich in fermentable dietary fiber and iron, supplemented with protein, calcium and 9 vitamins. At present, the series has launched “delicious oatmeal tomato cream risotto”, “delicious oatmeal cheese cream risotto”, “delicious oatmeal” and “delicious oatmeal”.
Listing date: September 27, 2021
Selling price: 200g / 330jpy
Figure source: Official Website of Riqing
21. ケッグオトミル (Kellogg’s oatmeal)
Oatmeal is a kind of cereal made from oats. In the context of the increase in COVID-19’s influence on people’s home time, people’s awareness of food and health has been increasing, and oats eating scenes are gradually enriched. Kellogg’s oatmeal is 100% made of oats containing fermentable dietary fiber. Consumers can enjoy this delicious food by microwave heating, and the flavor will be enhanced after heating. In addition, the low-carbon water property of this product also helps consumers build a healthy physique.
Listing date: April 1, 2021
Selling price: 330g / 350jpy
Source: Amazon
22、カントリーマアムチョコまみれ(Country Ma’am Chocolate Mmire)
The “country ma’am chocolate mmire” of Bujia attracts consumers by creating the popular mascot “mamire sang”. Wrap the chocolate cookies with chocolate chips with milk chocolate. You can experience the surprise flavor of chocolate with different texture in one bite. It is very suitable for people who feel tired or hungry due to community activities or learning. In addition, the interesting packaging design, with the role of surrealism, consumers are keen to share on social platforms. At the same time, the portable size makes the eating scene of the whole product richer.
Listing date: April 21, 2021
Selling price: 127g / 324jpy
Source: mognavi
23. ヤマザキマリトッツォ (maritozzo, Yamazaki)
This is a product inspired by the traditional Roman bread “maritozzo”. Its shape is a lovely round sweet bread with a large amount of soft Hokkaido cream in the middle. The seasoning of orange peel makes the cream taste fresh and reduces the original sweet and greasy feeling of the product. In addition, the product is also very suitable for consumers’ secondary processing, such as putting their favorite fruits such as Kiwi fruit or banana on it.
Listing date: June 1, 2021
Selling price: 1 piece / 115jpy
source: Tokyo bargain mania
Long term best seller award
1、ホットケーキミックス(Hot cake mix)
Senyong hot cake mix is a soft muffin ready mixed powder, which is very suitable for holiday breakfast. In addition, in addition to muffins, this ready mixed powder can also be used to make other desserts and dishes. It is worth mentioning that the product does not contain eggs, so people who are allergic to eggs can eat it safely.
Listing date: 1957
Selling price: 200g / 132jpy
Source: Amazon
2. Medium thick sauce (Bulldog medium thick sauce)
This is a multifunctional sauce that combines the fresh taste of vegetables and fruits with the mild spicy taste of ginger and pepper.
Listing date: 1966
Selling price: 500ml / 360jpy
Source: Amazon
3. Chiang Kai Shek, Chiang Kai Shek, Chiang Kai Shek, Chiang Kai Shek, Chiang Kai Shek, Chiang Kai Shek, Chiang Kai Shek, Chiang Kai Shek, Chiang Kai Shek, Chiang Kai Shek, Chiang Kai Shek, Chiang Kai Shek, Chiang Kai Shek, Chiang Kai Shek, Chiang Kai Shek, Chiang Kai Shek! (EDO muraski is rice!)
Taowu launched “Edo muraski is rice!” With national reputation, it is known as the pronoun of tenant cooking, and is loved by a wide range of people from children to the elderly. In order to maximize the use of laver leaves, the product adopts the “shallow cooking method”, which makes the production time shorter and the laver flavor richer. The addition of bonito and scallop makes the product stronger, and the unique flavor of seafood complements laver. In addition, the Porphyra in the products are made in China (mainly harvested near yishiwan), and the complete foreign matter removal process is carried out in the special factory set up in Matsuzaka City, Sanzhong county.
Listing date: 1974
Selling price: 180g / 380jpy
Source: Taowu official website
4. Wild vegetable life 100 series (vegetable life 100 Series)
Kagome’s vegetable life 100% mixed vegetable juice is a healthy, nutritious and affordable product for all ages. In terms of raw materials, all vegetables and food materials used in production are from kagome’s own farm, cultivated by local self-control planting “contract”, and the quality screening is strictly controlled. With the unique ro cold pressing process, 100% fresh fruits and vegetables are pressed without addition, which retains the original flavor and nutrition of food materials as much as possible, which is more efficient than the nutrition absorbed by raw vegetables. In addition, each flavor of fruit and vegetable juice is low-fat, low calorie, low sodium, rich in a variety of vitamins, mixed with at least 10 kinds of fruits and vegetables, with balanced nutrition. Fruit juice tastes sweet, but there are no additives and sugar. All sweetness comes from natural ingredients and has no burden. It is especially suitable for people who are losing weight, have upper limit requirements on calorie and sugar intake and need to control cholesterol. At the same time, each bottle is equipped with a straw. No matter on the way to work, lunch break or staying up late, the portable package that replenishes nutrition at any time is also suitable for consumers in office and school.
Listing date: 1995
Selling price: 200ml / open
Source: bizspa
5. Curry House (Curry House)
As the No. 1 Curry House in Japan’s fast food curry market for 19 consecutive years, curry series is Japan’s good waiter food The flagship products of house foods target a wide range of people from children to the elderly. They are made of 29 kinds of spices, so that consumers can enjoy the same delicious taste as curry stores. In terms of packaging, with the continuous innovation of technology, Curry House curry series has changed from the original packaging bag that needs water bath heating to microwave oven compatible packaging, so as to provide more and more consumption While providing convenience, it reduces carbon dioxide emissions during cooking, demonstrating the brand’s commitment to environmental protection.
Listing date: 1999
Selling price: 180g / 145jpy
source: housefoods official website

Analyzing the characteristics of this award-winning product, it is easy to see the significant impact of COVID-19 on the food industry. Self elimination and other anti epidemic measures have made home scene products popular with a large number of consumers this year, among which convenient fast food products have a good overall performance. Other snacks, wine and drinks also greatly promote their home leisure attributes in an attempt to break the circle. In addition, the causes of the epidemic have also led to the improvement of people’s health awareness. Products focusing on health elements such as low fat, low sugar, low calorie and pressure resistance have become the “good heart” of the new generation of consumers.
However, from a macro perspective, the underlying logic that all products can be loved by consumers is that food enterprises can accurately grasp the real needs of consumers, create scenes and design products for consumers’ constantly updated needs. In this process, how to get familiar with the market, gain insight into the market, clarify the laws from the rapidly changing market forms and complex and cumbersome market data, and grasp the correct direction is particularly important. Especially in the Internet plus era, it is hard to copy the product of creative brain. The innovation that really makes consumers pay for it is not necessarily shocking, but it must be scientific and has market rules to follow.
Finally, sushi advocates that by taking stock of these excellent cases in the Japanese market, it can bring some inspiration and ideas to China’s food people and China’s food innovation.
Author: Ma Baiguo; Source: FDL digital food claim (ID: foodatalink), reprint has been authorized. Reprint authorization and media business cooperation: Amy (wechat: 13701559246);
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