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Wahaha 2022 new products and marketing strategy were released, KPMG was accused of requiring the termination of Ruixing liquidation procedures, three squirrels responded to the controversial posters, and Guangdong Starbucks added the information of the executee?

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Wahaha 2022 new products and marketing strategy released

From December 27 to 28, the 2022 sales conference and new product launch of Wahaha Group “new drink engine, move forward together” was held in Hangzhou. More than 7000 dealers and sales personnel from branch venues all over the country gathered together through video. Zong Qinghou, chairman of Wahaha Group, Zong Fuli, vice chairman and general manager, attended the meeting and released important strategies on products, brands and sales in 2022. More than 20 new Wahaha products also appeared at the meeting. On the spot, Zong Fuli delivered a speech at the 2022 national sales conference on behalf of Wahaha Group, which was the first time she publicly attended an important event of Wahaha Group since she became Vice Chairman and general manager of Wahaha Group this month.

It is understood that in 2022, Wahaha will play a “combined fist” to meet new opportunities through multiple measures such as developing new products, dividing and setting up sales blocks and deeply promoting the development of three-dimensional sales channels. At the conference, Wahaha officially released the 2022 brand marketing plan and put forward four measures: one battle to start the “turning over battle of water”, two IPS to help the brand rejuvenation, three categories to lock in market segments, and four products to continue to create blood channels.

From the perspective of brand marketing planning in 2022, Wahaha will continue to help the brand rejuvenation through AD calcium milk and extraordinary Cola IP, carry out more in-depth cross-border linkage from the aspects of taste, packaging, channel and cultural significance, and extend and upgrade the brand IP connotation. Highlights. Starting from next year, Wahaha will focus on the three categories of soda, sports drinks and “new tea and new juice”, respectively aiming at the e-sports crowd, sports scenes and new urban white-collar consumer groups under the background of the Asian Games, positioning the market segments and realizing the upgrading of new products. In addition, in 2022, Wahaha will make efforts in milk beverage, Babao canned food and other fist products, continue to create hematopoietic channels through volume maintenance and resource support, and create a “new year” of brand marketing in 2022.

In 2022, Wahaha will launch 11 new products in 8 major beverage categories, including special Cola (sugar free version), “dianjing” soda, low sugar flavored tea drinks of “into tea”, sports drinks, fruit juice, milk beer, u-yo thick milk latte, Jingjing & Lili high protein milk, etc. in addition to new beverage products, Wahaha will also launch five major series of health products. (released by the company)

Progress of debt restructuring of Ruixing coffee: KPMG requests termination of liquidation proceedings

At the “Ruixing coffee debt restructuring hearing” held by the BVI court not long ago, due to the request of KPMG, the creditor custodian of Ruixing coffee, to terminate the liquidation procedures, the debt restructuring process of Ruixing coffee had to be significantly postponed, and the final deadline was postponed from December 31, 2021 to June 30, 2022.

Guangdong Starbucks added executee information? The company only has the obligation to assist in execution. According to China execution information disclosure network, Guangdong Starbucks Coffee Co., Ltd. recently added a piece of executee information, with the execution target of 10877142 yuan. According to the court information, the related case is the lease contract dispute between Bank of Guangzhou Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Wanji Hengtai Property Management Co., Ltd. and Guangzhou yaoyicheng Investment Co., Ltd., and Guangdong Starbucks Coffee Co., Ltd. is obliged to assist within its lease scope. However, a person close to the dispute told the snack today that according to the judgment, Starbucks only has the obligation to assist in the execution, and has handed over all the rent payable to the court. (snack generation)

Some shops in Guangzhou were closed due to the epidemic of imported pitaya, and all orchards have been opened

Recently, a batch of imported pitaya from Vietnam was involved in the epidemic, and many hundred orchard stores in Guangzhou were closed. On December 27, Baiguoyuan responded to the Beijing News reporter that in order to cooperate with the government’s epidemic prevention investigation, individual stores were temporarily closed for killing, and are now fully open. (Beijing News)

Three squirrels responded to the makeup problem of product models: investigation has been arranged

Three squirrels issued a statement on the official microblog yesterday, saying that in response to some netizens’ feedback that the makeup of models on some product pages did not meet the aesthetics, and then questioned their relevant positions, the following explanation was made: after investigation, the product was launched in October 2019. The models on this page were Chinese, and their makeup was built based on their personal characteristics without deliberate ugliness. We apologize for the feedback from netizens that the model’s makeup does not conform to the public’s aesthetics, resulting in discomfort. We have replaced the page at the first time, and arranged to check other product pages of the company to eliminate similar situations. (36 krypton)

Shanghai Consumer Protection Commission comments on the controversial posters of three squirrels

For the three squirrels poster incident, wechat of Shanghai Consumer Protection Commission commented on the 27th that the aesthetics of the consumer circle should also keep pace with the times. With the development of society and the iteration of consumption, only by keeping pace with the times can businesses keep up with the pace of the times, meet the new aesthetic needs of consumers, and establish cultural and emotional resonance with consumers. (Zhongxin Jingwei)

Shunxin agricultural GaoKai

Today, Shun Xin agriculture opened 4.75% higher than before. The company announced that it will raise the price of Baijiu mountain liquor products from next year. (36 krypton)

Jiajia food: strive to build the company into a listed enterprise of characteristic condiments within 3-5 years

During the institutional research, Jiajia food said that the company’s success in relying on marketing in the early stage led the company to gradually move from a regional brand to the national market, continuously expand the company’s revenue scale, and have a strong gene for marketing innovation and business model innovation. Looking forward to the future, the company will continue to give full play to its innovative advantages around its main business and strive to build the company into a listed enterprise of characteristic condiments within 3-5 years. (36 krypton)

China Unicom signs strategic cooperation agreement with Wuliangye Group

China Unicom’s official account of WeChat was December 25th, and in December 23rd, China Unicom and Wuliangye Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Chengdu. In the future, the two sides will jointly promote the development of the Internet plus “5G+” industry in information construction, big data services, 5G+ advanced manufacturing, online shopping mall and entity channel sharing, marketing and industrial chain cooperation. (36 krypton)

American Tyson food and McDonald’s inspection team visited Meizhou for investment investigation

From December 22 to 23, an investigation team from Shenzhen Xinda group, Tyson food group and McDonald’s (China) visited Meizhou. It is understood that the investigation team plans to build and operate the whole industrial chain project of chicken and poultry breeding and processing in Meizhou. (Meizhou daily)

Japan is now “French fries shortage”

Near the end of the year, there was a “French fries shortage” in many places in Japan. Recently, McDonald’s suspended the sales of medium and large French fries. The reason for McDonald’s “French fries shortage” is the tight supply chain. All the potatoes used in McDonald’s fries in Japan are imported from North America. In addition to McDonald’s, a number of chain restaurants in Japan have also experienced a “French fries shortage” to varying degrees, and have stopped selling some French fries. (CCTV Finance)

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Xi’an continues to strengthen comprehensive supervision

Wu fan, deputy director of Xi’an market supervision bureau, said today that the Bureau has continued to strengthen comprehensive supervision recently, including interviewing offline online merchants, interviewing more than 110 large-scale chain supermarkets and agricultural products wholesale market entities, more than 20 e-commerce companies such as Jingdong, meituan and HEMA, as well as chain supermarkets and online sales platforms of pharmaceutical enterprises, and ordered enterprises to establish a sense of the overall situation, Stabilize prices, strengthen distribution, and do a good job in stabilizing prices and ensuring supply. (surging)

Kaidu: China’s pre mixed liquor market is expected to exceed 200 billion in 2035

According to the official account of WeChat public, the pre market wine is the earlier subdivision in China’s low tide market, and the market capacity is still rising. It is estimated that by 2035, China’s pre blending market is expected to exceed 200 billion yuan.

Kwai Kwai group reached an interconnection and cooperation: the US group will soon launch a small program.

In December 27th, the Kwai Tong and the US mission reached strategic cooperation. Customer service Kwai Kwai will open the platform to launch the US group small program on the fast opening platform, providing package, voucher, booking and other commodity display, online transaction and after sale services to us business groups. (Beijing business daily)

Three express companies announced that the Spring Festival of the year of the tiger would not close, and the first weight price of each order would not increase by more than 1.5 yuan

On December 26, both Zhongtong and Yunda announced that “the Spring Festival will not close in 2022”. Earlier, deppon Express has announced that the Spring Festival in 2022 will be endless. It is worth noting that Zhongtong also provides guidance prices for the Spring Festival holiday: if the express weight is less than 1kg (i.e. the billing weight ≤ 1kg), the increase shall not exceed 1.5 yuan / order; if the express weight is more than 1kg (i.e. the billing weight > 1kg), the increase of the first weight quotation shall not exceed 1.5 yuan / order.

Guotai Junan Securities: ESG information disclosure of A-share companies has gradually improved, but the data quality still needs to be improved

Guotai Junan Securities Research Report believes that the ESG information disclosure of A-share listed companies has gradually improved, but the data quality still needs to be improved. A-share ESG information disclosure is mainly in the form of issuing social responsibility reports, and the number of corporate releases increased from 565 in 2011 to 1106 in September 2021. Among them, the disclosure of Shanghai stock market is better than that of Shenzhen stock market, the disclosure of large market value companies is better than that of small companies, and the disclosure of key financial and environmental protection industries is better than that of other industries. However, due to the lack of authoritative and complete ESG information disclosure framework, the quality of ESG report disclosure of listed companies is relatively low. (Interface)

Relevant person in charge of the Ministry of Commerce answered reporters’ questions on the negative list of foreign investment access in 2021

With regard to the introduction of the negative list of foreign investment access in the 2021 version, the relevant person in charge of the Ministry of Commerce said that compared with the 2020 version, the negative lists of foreign investment access in the country and the pilot free trade zone were reduced from 33 and 30 to 31 and 27 respectively. First, further expand the opening of manufacturing industry. Second, further expand the pilot scope of service industry opening in the pilot free trade zone. Third, further improve the accuracy of the management of the negative list of foreign investment access. The clause “domestic enterprises engaged in businesses prohibited from investment in the negative list issue shares abroad and are listed for trading” is added to the description. (official website of the Ministry of Commerce)

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