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In the war of honor at the end of the year, Shengyuan Youbo demonstrated its brand strength and won 2 awards!

Once, China’s mother and child market was channel driven. However, with industry development, brand concentration, epidemic catalysis and other factors, the importance of brand driven began to highlight. Today, the most mature milk powder sector in the maternal and infant industry has taken the lead in entering the stage of dual drive of brand and channel.

One of the important characteristics of market competition at this stage is the competition of brand power.

Recently, as one of the leading brands in China’s milk powder market, Shengyuan Youbo has won the honors of “origin award of infant and child industry in 2021 – best brand of the year” and “leading brand of healthy consumption in 2021”, which attracted countless eyes for a time.

It has won many industry awards and demonstrated the strength of Shengyuan Youbo brand

On December 22, the “2021 China Health Consumption brand influence annual conference” hosted by consumption daily was successfully held in Beijing. Shengyuan Youbo was invited to attend. In this grand event with high-quality brands, Shengyuan Youbo won the leading brand of health consumption in 2021.

It is understood that the winners also include Dong’e donkey hide gelatin, Thomson Jason, jinmailang, daily fresh language and other well-known brands in various industries. The praise of the leading brand of healthy consumption in 2021 is a high recognition of Shengyuan Youbo.

It is worth noting that not only in the field of health consumption, Shengyuan Youbo, as one of the representative brands of baby powder, also has a high brand voice in the baby industry and has been greatly affirmed by the authoritative media in the industry.

From December 13 to 14, the 8th China infant and child industry conference (CBIS) organized by China children’s media was held online as scheduled. As the highest standard annual event in the national infant and child industry, Shengyuan Youbo made a heavy debut. With strong brand strength and market reputation, it won the origin award of infant and child industry in 2021 – the best brand award of the year.

“Annual healthy consumption pilot brand” and “annual best brand” are double recognition from the healthy consumption industry and the infant and child industry. In 2021, the market performance of Shengyuan Youbo won praise from many parties, fully demonstrating its strong brand comprehensive strength.

Interpret “professional, caring and reliable” with strength

2021 will be a turbulent and challenging year for all people. Fully mobilized and elusive new mother and child consumer groups; The secondary formula registration system will further raise the industry threshold; Fleeing goods and disorderly prices have a heavy impact on the confidence of the industry For this reason, the brand should accumulate the strength of bottom rebound.

Over the years, Shengyuan Youbo has been adhering to the brand concept of “professional, caring and reliable”. Whether in good times or against the trend, it has been walking constantly, keeping its original intention, adhering to the concept and moving forward with great strides.

“Professional” is the foundation of Shengyuan Youbo standing in the forest of dairy industry for many years. Forward looking milk source and factory construction; Committed to breast milk research oriented formula upgrading; The hard core team that is good at cultivating channels and so on has been further consolidated through the accumulation of the brand over the years.

“Caring” is the humanistic background of the brand. Shengyuan Youbo is not only professional, but also wants to convey temperature and emotion. It is reported that the relevant nutrition teams and parenting experts of Shengyuan Youbo spread authoritative scientific feeding and parenting knowledge through various channels, and cared for the mother and infant population. Activities such as Shengyuan parenting book and healthy growth miles have won the pursuit and praise of consumers.

“Trustworthy” should not only be trusted by consumers, but also by channel providers. The bottom logic of Youbo is, “what values do we work with? Doing business with Youbo is not a day or two. We pursue long-term, and some principles should be adhered to”. Based on professionalism and warmth, we can finally gain trust.

Intensive cultivation of products, back feeding the brand and facing the “turning year”

Today, Shengyuan Youbo has formed a multi category layout covering baby powder, children’s powder and pregnant women’s powder. Among them, the baby powder takes ultra-high-end Youbo rimu as the core, which is the trump card of Shengyuan Youbo and carries the core resources of the whole Shengyuan group to a certain extent.

This year, uberchem strengthened the core selling points of the brand and highlighted the concept of “colostrum formula”. According to the data, colostrum contains more protein, minerals, antibodies and immune substances than mature milk, of which whey protein accounts for more than 90% of the total protein. Whey protein is a high-quality protein milk source. High content of whey protein is easier to digest and absorb, and contains nutritional elements such as immunoglobulin and lactoferrin, which plays a positive role in immune regulation. With its strong product power, youborimu has gained countless loyal fans and accumulated a good reputation among consumers.

Moreover, in response to the changing needs of new mothers and children, tiktok, based on the intensive farming products, relies on new infrastructure such as Xiao Hong and jitter, and links up the new generation of consumers with multi dimensions to build emotional bridges. Meanwhile, it forms a three-dimensional brand communication matrix. Uberimu pushes back the further promotion of brand strength with product strength, so as to make the brand image more distinctive.

Shengyuan Youbo has always been committed to the improvement of brand potential energy, but the improvement of brand power is still serving the enabling channel in the end.

Therefore, this year, Shengyuan Youbo not only pays attention to its own comprehensive strength, but also focuses on controlling the market and puts forward the strategy of “two controls and one guarantee”, that is, controlling prices, stores and profits.

As the “best brand of the year”, on the basis of the consistent brand concept of “professional, caring and reliable”, Shengyuan Youbo is born in line with the current market environment. In the most “difficult” year, it still performs well. We look forward to Shengyuan Youbo continuing to work together with the channel to win the next “turning year”!

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