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The second-hand “Snow King” doll soared to 500 yuan. Why can honey snow ice city always stir up young people?

“Snow King” brushes the sense of existence among young people again.
The “Snow King” of honey snow ice city has brushed a sense of existence among young people.
Recently, station B is painting the unpacking video of “Snow King Singing Doll”: he can sing honey snow ice city sweet honey and dance.
At present, the price of this limited edition doll in the second-hand market has soared to 500 yuan.
How can young people who are not easy to fool pay for the “Snow King” of honey snow ice city again and again?
Snow King is on fire again! This is “white fat man who can dance”
Which young man has not been brainwashed by the “Snow King” of honey snow ice city?
Recently, the latest “Snow King Dancing Doll” became popular with the unpacking video of the up Master of station B, and many netizens ridiculed it as “white fat man who can dance”:
Unpacking video of station B up main
Can sing “Honey snow ice city sweet honey”, can dance with the music, and dance.
Let’s start with the official video:
In the video, the dance movements of Snow King Duang Duang are very popular with the magic theme song.
It is understood that this doll is on sale on the member purchase platform of station B, with a price of 89 yuan and a limited sale of 2000.
With cute modeling and limited blessing, this doll not only sold out quickly, but also became a “financial product”. At present, the market in the second-hand market is about 500 yuan, which has been properly increased by 5 times (much higher than the income of stocks and funds).
You can feel that “no one can escape the magic of Snow King” is definitely not just talking.
How hot is the top stream IP? “Worship the Snow King”
Looking back on the popularity of the “Snow King” in the past six months, it can be said that “everything can be the Snow King”, which is not lively——
Snow King’s first time out of the circle, relying on the theme song MV of honey Snow Ice City Tu Meng’s brainwashing, has now harvested nearly 20 million broadcasts.
Brainwashing is brainwashing. You will always be annoyed when you listen to it. What really makes this marketing out of the circle is the whole work of young people in station B who like to make ghost animals.
For example, the king of hell wants to be silent when he sees it, and grandma Meng wants to cry when she hears the “hell version”.
Another example is the Peking Opera version of the quintessence adapted by netizens, which has an internal flavor from serving Tao to singing songs.
There are also “bear haunting version”, “big Cup curse version”, “DJ version”… Only what you can’t think of, and there’s nothing Snow King can’t try. These videos make the ghost livestock area of station B completely fall at once.
The hot Snow King is not idle. Honey snow ice city has arranged a lot of work for them: it is normal for stores to attract customers, some have to participate in new store opening activities, others go to lemon base to “choose lemons”, and even go to Huawei to experience work, etc.
Go to the lemon base to “choose lemon” and go to Huawei to experience the Snow King
Another is to appear on the large and small surroundings of honey snow ice city and brush the sense of existence.
The spread of some “netizens acting as advertisers spontaneously” has added fire to the Snow King fire.
For example, the ubiquitous Snow King dance videos are mostly taken by netizens, and also said that “life is not easy, Snow King Performing” has aroused the resonance of countless migrant workers.
There is also Snow King’s “arrogant” door blocking video, which is linked with many tea brands.
In the just past graduate examination, some netizens said that “it is also the Snow King that senior students and sisters seek success in the postgraduate entrance examination”, “Snow King = finish learning”, and the homophonic stem is also quite like that.
Up to now, not only B stations are millions of playback tiktok, but also micro-blog and Snow King related topics have billions of reading volume, and in the shaking platform, search is 1w+’s capacity.
Snow King’s popularity again and again, for netizens, is a “Honey Snow Ice City brainwashing to insomnia night”.
While brainwashing, honey snow ice city also successfully teased young people through the IP of Snow King.
And this is what xincha wants to do most.
Snow King, how did you provoke this young people?
Objectively speaking, Snow King doesn’t rely on face value circle powder like the “Lingna Belle” next door. It can even be said that Snow King is “slightly dull and cute with some soil”.
Moreover, the IP operation of Snow King is essentially a commercial behavior. Young people don’t like commercial advertising, but it makes an exception for Snow King.
What magic does it have? I surfed around station B and other places where young people gathered. Combined with the brand case, I summarized several characteristics of xuewang IP:
1. Familiar enough images can be remembered at a glance
Let’s look at the image of “Snow King”: two round snowball bodies, a pointed carrot nose, an ice cream scepter and a crown.
It is easy to see that this image has retained the basic characteristics of snowmen, “rolling body and carrot pointed nose” – no matter whether the north and the south, or at home and abroad, up to ninety-nine, and just to go, the description of snowmen is so the world (China and China have dismantled the image in its official account).
On the basis of the snowman, with the scepter, crown and other symbols of the “King”, the “Snow King” was born, becoming a memorable and characteristic IP image.
In short, finding a well-known cultural prototype, creating a sense of familiarity and letting consumers remember at a glance is the key to the success of IP image.
2. Create personalized IP, first “live” before “fire”
Many brands are doing “personalized IP”, but it is easy to leave a place of self hi and embarrassment.
To personalize the “Snow King” IP, honey snow ice city has done these things:
  • For example, Snow King has a girlfriend “snow sister”, and honey snow ice city often shares the daily love of Snow King and snow sister;
  • For another example, Snow King is painted on the sealing film of milk tea cup, and then matched with “heart piercing”, “sky shaking” and other copywriting, so that customers can feel fun at the moment of explosion, and “Snow King” will live;
  • In addition, Snow King will be built into a “traffic anchor”, with its own “two micro and one shake”, hair circle of friends, make recommendations for new products, and change patterns to interact with netizens.
Snow King and snow sister’s daily love
Not long ago, the ice snow city released a video of “how busy the day is tiktok”. Snow King’s “no work, go fishing at work” will also resonate. Just as Hua and Hua said, “live first” before “fire”.
To create personalized IP, we must first make IP live, have their own personality, story, imagination and extension space.
Just as Hua and Hua said, “live first” before “fire”.
3. Everything can be the Snow King, constantly extending new topics
With the IP of Snow King, from brand image to MV production to offline promotion, almost all focus on the iconic symbol of Snow King. Even after the store proofing, you can see the image of “Snow King” on the rolling gate.
In the snow king magic shop of snow ice city, there are a series of peripheral products – canvas bags, mugs, pillows, dolls, key chains, blankets… You can see them everywhere and deepen your memory again and again.
More importantly, in the process of extending the surrounding areas, we should constantly create new topics. This time, the magic “Dancing Doll” which is popular all over station B is an example.
4. Er Chuang’s sense of participation is a secret weapon to please young people
This generation of young people like to communicate with brands with creativity. In addition to “drinking” a drink, they also want to have more sense of participation.
For example, on station B, you can see the “56 ethnic snow kings” and “news broadcast snow kings” created by netizens spontaneously.
Snow King of news broadcast
A large part of xuewang’s success is also brought by erchuang. This interactive little play makes the brand image more three-dimensional.
This reminds me of Ruixing, the spokesman of lilushu. When Ruixing official announced the recommendation of the official, the fans took the initiative to create the “Da baa drinking method” for the second time, and Ruixing also opened the “Da baa imitation competition”.
During the interview, Carmen learned that when promoting the theme song, one idea of Michelle ice city is to encourage store employees and fans to create short videos as much as possible (portal:.
The various creations of netizens are too “wild” than the official ones. They may not be perfect and unified, but they have imagination and interest that the official creation cannot cover.
Honey snow ice city does not “push” the official creative content, but focuses on guiding fans to create freely and find high-quality fan content, so as to achieve themselves in the process of promoting fan content.
After finishing all the “Snow King box video” at B station, I make complaints about this little thing in the Internet users’ hunting, living and even Tucao.
It has to be said that the IP that can be opened and played can be deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.
The significance of brand IP is to become an association strongly bound to the brand and bring spontaneous virus transmission between users.
Author: Jin Yu; Source: Kamen club, reprint authorized. Reprint authorization and media business cooperation: Amy (wechat: 13701559246);
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