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Blue bottle coffee’s China headquarters and baking factory are located in the science and innovation park. China Red Bull’s order volume this year is 21.8 billion. Tims coffee will show more than 800 stores in Huatuo next year, and the independent director of Dongpeng beverage will resign

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China Red Bull’s order volume increased by 4% year-on-year in 2021


According to today’s news from China Red Bull wechat, Huabin group held a 2021 year-end market economy work conference from December 27 to 29. At the meeting, China Red Bull announced its sales performance for the whole year of 2021, with a locked order amount of 21.8 billion yuan and a delivery amount of 22.1 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 4%. In 2022, China Red Bull will improve the distribution accuracy and promotion coverage through special marketing measures such as Festival Promotion and in-depth grass-roots expansion, optimize market grid management through continuous investment in information technology, integrate digital innovation, and make the product to consumer path faster, feedback more direct and operation more efficient. (issued by the company)

Blue bottle coffee settled in PLoS Jing’an International Science and Technology Innovation Park

According to today’s news from, recently, the headquarters of the world-famous coffee brand blue bottle coffee (hereinafter referred to as “blue bottle coffee”) in China registered and settled in PLoS Jing’an International Science and technology innovation park in Jing’an District, Shanghai, and its baking factory also settled here, marking a key step for blue bottle coffee to enter the Chinese mainland market. PLoS Jing’an International Science and technology innovation park is located in the gateway of Jing’an North High Tech Park, the core bearing area of Shanghai Science and innovation center. It is also the first industrial park of PLoS in Jing’an District, Shanghai. (

Guizhou Maotai expects a net profit of about 52 billion yuan in 2021

Today, Guizhou Maotai announced that after preliminary accounting, it will produce about 56500 tons of Maotai base liquor and about 28200 tons of series base liquor in 2021; It is expected to achieve a total operating revenue of about 109 billion yuan (including about 93.2 billion yuan for Maotai liquor and about 12.6 billion yuan for series liquor), an increase of about 11.2% year-on-year; The net profit is expected to be about 52 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of about 11.3%. (company announcement)


Starbucks is the world’s first female coffee baking master

When Starbucks selected Shanghai baking workshop ushered in the fourth anniversary of its opening, Li Jiahui, one of the first eight Coffee Roasters, officially became the first master roaster in Starbucks international market, and she was also the first female roaster in Starbucks in the world. This is also one of the highest level honors in the growth path of Starbucks Coffee specialty. At present, Starbucks has only a dozen coffee baking masters in the world. This also indicates that her coffee production team in Shanghai baking workshop has become the mainstay of Starbucks China’s refined coffee bean supply chain. (Forbes China)

Swellfun has spent nearly 120 million yuan on repurchase

Swellfun announced today that as of December 31, 2021, the company has bought back 992400 shares through centralized bidding, accounting for about 0.20% of the total share capital of the company. The highest purchase price is 128.50 yuan / share, the lowest price is 111.83 yuan / share, and the total amount paid is 118971601.68 yuan (excluding transaction fees). (company announcement)

Tims Hortons China’s store opening target in 2022 released

Tims Hortons China disclosed today that it plans to expand the number of stores in the Chinese market to more than 800 in 2022, and hopes to open at least 2750 profitable stores by the end of 2026. So far, TIMS Hortons has opened more than 390 stores in more than 20 cities, including Dalian, Nanjing, Beijing, Xiamen, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. To realize the latest store expansion plan in 2022 means that it needs to expand at least one store a day next year. (Interface)

Danone signs strategic cooperation with tmall new product innovation center

On December 29, Danone signed a strategic cooperation with tmall new product innovation center (TMIC). The two sides will jointly build an “innovation factory” to innovate new products from the front end of product R & D. Meanwhile, Danone will launch a new brand, Ganmai, through tmall to lay out the adult nutrition market. At present, 9 brands including Jahwa, Nestle and Philips have reached DoNews with TMIC

Dongpeng beverage independent director resigns

Dongpeng beverage announced today that the board of directors recently received the resignation application of independent director Kang Xiaobin. Kang Xiaobin applied to resign as an independent director of the second board of directors of the company for personal reasons. At the same time, he resigned as a member of the strategy committee and the nomination committee of the board of directors of the company. After his resignation, Mr. Kang Xiaobin will not hold any position in the company (company announcement)

Several food enterprises donated materials to Xi’an

Recently, several food and beverage enterprises donated to Xi’an. Among them, the company donated 2 million yuan of products, and nongnongshanquan Shaanxi Branch donated natural water, buckets of water and water dispensers. Nestle, Yuanqi forest and other enterprises have only made donations to varying degrees. (blue whale Finance)

Nestle announced the termination of its existing stock repurchase plan

Nestle announced today that it has terminated its existing stock repurchase program launched on January 3, 2020. Nestle said that as announced on December 7, Nestle will launch a new stock repurchase plan of up to 20 billion Swiss francs on January 3, 2022. The company expects to buy about 10 billion Swiss francs of shares in the first 12 months. The new share repurchase plan will be completed by the end of December 2024. (Zhitong Finance)


Naixue founder: not to be a Starbucks in China

“Naixue’s tea”, as the “first share of new tea”, has a greater goal – not to be a Starbucks in China, but to be Naixue in the world. Recently, Peng Xin, founder of Naixue’s tea, expressed a wish in an interview: one day, she can open her store in New York, USA. The standardization, internationalization and fashion of Chinese tea have become her goal (Sina Finance)

Beinmei’s supervisors and independent directors resigned

Today, bainmei announced that it had received a written resignation report from Gao Fei, a non employee representative supervisor of the company, and Gao Qiang, an independent director. Among them, Gao Qiang applied to resign from the position of independent director and relevant positions of the special committee of the board of directors due to work reasons. After resignation, Goofy and Gaoqiang no longer hold any position in the company and its holding subsidiaries (company announcement)


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IKEA China responded to the “global price increase of 9%”

IKEA Chinese mainland officials said today that some prices were adjusted recently, but the price adjustment level in the Chinese mainland market was lower than the average global price increase. In the Chinese mainland market, the price stability of most products is maintained as much as possible, especially the classic products and seasonal popular products that meet the consumer’s preference for seasonal purchase. At the same time, considering that many consumers will buy a complete set of product combinations or collocations, they also try to balance the price of product combinations and solutions. (surging)


Ministry of Commerce and other 22 departments: the 14th five year plan plans to build a number of duty-free shops with Chinese characteristics

The Ministry of Commerce and other 22 departments issued the domestic trade development plan of the 14th five year plan, which proposed to accelerate the development of silver economy, develop aging technologies and products, and cultivate new business forms of intelligent elderly care. Encourage the development of new business formats related to infant care. We will improve the policy of duty-free shops in the city and plan to build a number of duty-free shops with Chinese characteristics. (Sina Finance)

The Chinese Internet tycoon’s wealth will not decrease but increase in 2021

According to the Bloomberg billionaire index, the net assets of China’s top ten technology rich lost a total of $80 billion in 2021, nearly a quarter of their total wealth, and it is also the largest annual decline since the index began to track the global rich in 2012. Huang Zheng, founder of pinduoduo, lost the most, reaching US $42.9 billion, accounting for two-thirds of his wealth, as the share price of this e-commerce platform plunged nearly 70%. Alibaba’s Ma Yun’s wealth decreased by about $13 billion. Zhang Yiming is one of the few Chinese Internet tycoons whose wealth grew in 2021. His wealth increased by US $19.5 billion. This is partly due to his keeping tiktok’s parent company in an unlisted position from market fluctuations. (BusinessWeek Chinese version)

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