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Counter trend growth sprint 30 billion sales, how did terentsu do it?

At the end of 2021, Mengniu terentsu normal temperature milk series also handed over the beautiful “report card” of the annual sales sprint of 30 billion yuan. It is worth noting that since the outbreak last year, as a high-end brand of Mengniu, telunsu has always maintained a high-speed growth trend.

According to the latest data, this year, terentsu normal temperature milk maintained a high-speed growth of more than 30% year-on-year, which not only completed the annual sales target, but also set a record high.

So, as a brand with a history of 17 years, how did Mengniu successfully build telunsu into a “phenomenal” single product?

Leading high-end

Looking back on the past 17 years, it is not difficult to find that terensu has been leading the trend of high-end normal temperature milk.

Statistics show that since the launch of the first normal temperature milk product in 2005, trensu has not only locked in the goal of building a high-end brand, but also created a high-end normal temperature milk category. In addition to the basic white milk, terensu has successively launched subdivided products such as low-fat milk, organic milk, grain milk, hi milk milk and m-plus high protein milk.

In 2016, terentsu upgraded its quality and put forward a new standard of “3.6 grams of high-quality milk protein and 120 mg of primary high calcium per 100 ml of milk”. In 2020, terensu will upgrade again and launch new products of organic milk and pure milk with 3.8 G protein per 100 ml and 125 mg native high calcium.

In April this year, terensu also launched “desert organic pure milk” from Ulan Buh and limited oasis milk sources, as well as CBP high calcium milk products focusing on “containing 135mg high-quality milk source calcium per 100ml”, hoping to open up a new track in high-end normal temperature dairy products.

In addition to product iteration, terentsu also led the reform of normal temperature milk packaging, changed the traditional way of drinking through straw, and introduced the “dream cover” packaging that can be opened immediately for the first time, breaking the limitation that milk can no longer be sealed after opening. On May 1, 2018, trensu organic milk became the world’s first normal temperature milk product packaged with dream cover.

Then, in 2019, terensu successively completed the dream cover packaging upgrade and listing of pure milk, hi milk 0 fat milk, m-plus high protein milk and other products.

Marketing breaking circle

In addition, the idea of breaking the marketing boundary has also become a bonus for the brand of terentsu. At the same time, it also excavates and extends more value for its high-end positioning.

Starting from 2019, terentsu has named the slow life variety show “yearning for life” for three consecutive years, advocating the concept of natural and organic slow life, encouraging consumers to explore and pursue a quality life, and transmitting terentsu’s brand proposition of “being better yourself”.

This year, terentsu launched three themed micro films of “better youth”, “better childhood” and “better gifts” during the three festivals of youth day, children’s day and teachers’ day respectively, accurately insight into the characteristics and needs of different people, and further interpret the brand vision of “better without standard answers” from different angles.

On the occasion of the launch of the new product “desert · organic pure milk”, terensu also carried out a social marketing communication: in the form of putting the sand of Ulan Buhe desert, where the product milk source is located, in the limited desert oasis gift box, it indirectly brought out the brand’s difficult pioneering in the desert, created an organic recycling ecology, and finally created the story of “desert oasis”. On this year’s trensu member day, Mengniu also sent 100000 Pumpkins from desert pastures to members who had purchased desert organic milk.

Behind this series of marketing measures is the theme of more far-reaching transformation of desert ecological environment, which also transmits the positive energy of telunsu brand.

As the “Chinese power” represented by the high-end dairy industry, trensu has always consolidated the brand’s “better” values and adhered to the brand tone. While providing consumers with high-quality products, it also expresses the feelings of the brand and provides dual support from nutrition and spirit.

Let’s wait and see what kind of surprises terentsu will bring after breaking the 30 billion mark.

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