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Yili pushed the ancient yogurt of the Imperial Palace, nongnongshan spring released the Chinese Zodiac bottle of the year of the tiger, and brought a new brand Newton’s law from the hi pot… | hot smell in a week

foodaily picks up the most important and valuable new product information and news information in the food industry on time every week, including all companies that may change the industry.
1. Yili launched the curd milk of Royal diet, which was made by the ancient method to return to the pure flavor of yogurt
2. On the Yili new food machine, the new padanwood freeze-dried cheese block is delicious with cheese and nuts
3. Nongfu mountain spring 2022 Chinese Zodiac bottle collection version of the year of the tiger arrived as promised. A set of double bottles means good things in pairs
4. Nestle’s overseas flagship store launched Nestle milk Qi drink, which uses Nestle’s patented emulsification technology to empower Chinese traditional ingredients
5. The baby is greedy for new children. There is no need to add microwave cake powder and spend a minute eating nutritious cake
6. Dr. cheese launched a new product, super thick cheese sandwich seaweed crisp, with a cheese content of up to 55%
7. Since hi pot released the new brand Newton’s law and launched the prefabricated gift box for new year’s goods, it has everything from main dishes, hard dishes to appetizers
8. With the help of the new year’s table, Lixiang country launched a customized New Year gift box with a basin full of Zhaofeng year, and presented a new new New Year gift box for the reunion banquet
9. Chali launched the new year lucky tiger gift box, which contains bag tea, freeze-dried fruit tea and stick milk tea
10. Missberry berry sweetheart, a low alcohol fruit wine brand, has won strategic investment from AB InBev. At present, a total of 6 rounds of financing have been completed
11. Lanzhou, a new wine brand, was invested by AB InBev, which contributed 20%
12. The tea of his highness Guochao new Chinese tea brand has completed an angel round financing of RMB 10 million, positioning the “Oriental tea” as the main original leaf fresh milk tea series
13. We have completed an angel round financing of RMB 10 million for the marinated brand duck neck, and used smart cabinets to create a new retail model
14. Chinese egg hamburger chain brand Limburg won millions of yuan of angel round financing, and the investor is pineapple venture capital
15. Wahaha wholly owned health management company, with Zong Qinghou as the executive director


In December 31st, the official account of the Yili low temperature dairy announced the introduction of a new Palace Royal Milk cased to meet the new year. The new product is simple and pure with 6 ingredients: raw milk, lactic acid bacteria, egg yolk, jam, gelatin and white granulated sugar; Using the “cheese” method in Qi Ming Yao Shu, it is carefully brewed through 21 processes, and the buttermilk is still solidified for 4 hours, reducing external intervention and returning to the pure flavor of yogurt; At the same time, the product is first canned and then fermented, one cup and one fermented, and the cup is the essence.
Source: Yili


Recently, Yili new food machine tmall flagship store has a new Badan wood freeze-dried cheese block. The addition amount of baked Batan wood chips is ≥ 18%, and that of processed cheese is ≥ 40%. Different from the traditional separation design of nuts and cheese, each bite is the uniform integration of large Batan wood chips and cheese, resulting in a harmonious and unique taste of 1 + 1 > 2. At the same time, the product adopts FD Aerospace freeze-drying technology, which can retain the nutrients in cheese and nuts to the greatest extent. From the nutritional point of view, each 100g cheese block contains 270mg calcium and 3.3g protein, which is about 2 times the calcium content of pure milk and 5 times the protein content, and does not add pigment, essence and preservative. The new product is now priced at 40g * boxes / 29.9 yuan in tmall flagship store.
Source: Yili


On December 25, Nongfu mountain spring launched the 2022 Chinese Zodiac collection version of glass bottle water to send new year blessings to everyone. This year’s collection edition still follows the design idea of “group images”, implying reunion. A set of double bottles, one of which is natural mineral water containing gas. Two tigers are printed on the bottle, snuggling with each other, which contains the wishes of happy reunion of farmer spring; The other is non aerated natural mineral water, which continues the classic tiger pattern. The king of beasts comes slowly and calmly, which means that every consumer can be calm, confident and forge ahead in the new year.
Photo source: Nongfu mountain spring


Recently, foodaily observed that Nestle’s overseas flagship store has a new emulsified medlar powder “Nestle medlar”. It is reported that this new product is operated by the innovation incubator team set up by Nestle in China in early 2018. The new product uses medlar, a traditional ingredient familiar to Chinese consumers. In addition, it only adds milk powder and vitamin E. It is worth noting that the milk wolfberry adopts Nestle’s “patented emulsification” technology to melt and extract milk and wolfberry into lyophilized powder, which can more fully release the nutrition of wolfberry than the traditional method of soaking in water or stewing. The new tmall flagship store sells for 68.5g * boxes / 169 yuan.
Source: Nestle


Recently, the baby is greedy for a new microwave cake powder to help the family bake easily. The new product features New Zealand milk powder, fruit and vegetable powder and egg yolk. The cake is soft, nutritious and healthy; Trehalose is specially added, which will not decompose in the mouth and take care of ChanBao’s tooth health; Preservatives, thickeners, emulsifiers, artificial colors, edible salt, granulated sugar and flavors are added in 7 ingredients, 0 ingredients. It is worth mentioning that this cake powder does not need to be sent. Just add water or milk to stir, pour it into a paper cup, and finally heat it in the microwave for one minute. You can eat the nutritional cake in three simple steps. The new product has been put on the shelf in tmall flagship store. It has two flavors: original flavor and spinach flavor. The price is 150g * box / 49.8 yuan.
Picture source: the baby is greedy


In December 27th, Dr. cheese announced its new super thick cheese sandwich seaweed crisp on its WeChat official account, providing children with more nutritious cheese moss snacks. The formula of the new ingredients is exquisite. The cheese powder imported from Denmark is selected, and the cheese content is as high as 55%. The sandwich is thick and full, showing hierarchical taste buds; Light and slow baking process is adopted to retain nutrition and the original attractive flavor of seaweed; And use healthier trehalose instead of industrial sugar, without adding flavors and preservatives, the formula is pure and more suitable for children to eat. The new product has been launched in the flagship store of Dr. cheese tmall, with a price of 24g / box / 99 yuan.
Source: Dr. cheese


On December 23, zihi pot launched its new brand Newton’s law and released its new annual gift series, new year’s Prefabricated vegetable gift box. The new on-line gift box series includes four pot dishes: King Crab abalone scallop golden soup rich dish, Boston lobster abalone Xianbei golden soup rich dish, abalone sea cucumber scallop abalone juice reunion dish, black truffle Boletus and chicken fir fungus; There are also six hard dishes: hand shredded Confucius chicken, braised Babao duck in sauce, braised pig elbow in sauce, large yellow croaker in tomato sauce, stewed quail and braised sheep scorpion in sauce; In addition, the gift box also contains five special snacks: marinated chicken legs with sauce, marinated duck legs with sauce, marinated streaky pork with sauce, marinated pig head meat with sauce and Cantonese sausage. From main course, hard dish to appetizer, it is suitable for family reunion, self use and gift giving when visiting relatives and friends.
Photo source: zihi pot


Recently, in order to welcome the new year, Lixiang country launched a customized gift box for the year of the tiger. The basin is full of Zhaofeng year. The soup in the pot gift box is made of thousands of abalone, scallops, ham, pig bones and other ingredients, cooked slowly for 8 hours, with beautiful color and mellow taste; In addition, 12 delicacies such as 8 Dalian light dried sea cucumbers, 8 Dalian dried abalone and 200g cod flower glue are added, one of which can be eaten by 8-10 people.
In addition, lixiangguo also launched a new year gift box for reunion banquet. The gift box is jointly launched by four chefs of Guangdong, Sichuan, Huaiyang and Shanghai style fusion dishes, including ten new year dishes such as spicy red croaker, Hongyun wine stuffy Dongpo meat, Huaiyang stewed lion head, which means “going all over the mountains, lakes and seas and going to a family banquet”.
Source: image country


Recently, Chali put on the 2022 New Year’s assorted gift box in its tmall flagship store to wish everyone luck and prosperity every year. The gift box contains 1 bag of bagged tea of 10 flavors: Peach Oolong, rose black tea, tangerine peel Pu’er, pineapple white tea, red bean job’s tears, osmanthus oolong, care tea, chrysanthemum Pu’er, litchi black tea and buckwheat green tea, 2 bags of Peach Oolong, 1 bag of grapefruit Jasmine Green freeze-dried fruit tea, and 2 bags of Peach Oolong and strawberry Assam stick milk tea. The new tmall flagship store sells at 146g / box / 148 yuan.
Image source: Chali


On December 27, low alcohol fruit wine brand missberry berry sweetheart obtained strategic investment from AB InBev, and the financing amount was not disclosed. It is worth noting that this financing is the fifth financing completed by berry sweetheart. According to tianyancha, berry sweetheart obtained equity financing from kangzhicheng e-commerce in March 2020, a round of financing of tens of millions of yuan from Jingwei venture capital in August 2020, a round of financing of more than 100 million yuan from CPE Yuanfeng leading investment in May 2021, and tens of millions of yuan of strategic financing from country garden leading venture capital and CPE Yuanfeng following investment in September 2021.
Missberry berry sweetheart was founded in 2019, focusing on young female consumer groups. It was founded by Tang Huimin, who once served as the director of e-commerce in Yifen and the director of digital retail of Ruiao cocktail. The main products of the brand include bubble fruit wine series, selected fruit series and small square bottle series, covering multiple consumption scenes such as drinking alone, friends’ gathering, gift giving and so on.
Source: Berry sweetheart


Recently, the equity of Hangzhou Likou Liquor Co., Ltd., which belongs to the new liquor brand Lanzhou, has been changed. The new shareholder is Interbrew China Holding Limited, with a capital contribution ratio of 20%, which has become the largest investor of Lanzhou, and the actual controller of inblue China is Budweiser.
Lanzhou was founded in April 2020, is a low alcohol liquor brand, belonging to Hangzhou Li Kou wine industry Co., Ltd., positioning the “third kinds of wine” fruit liqueur outside the Baijiu liquor. Through the data of up to 13 production processes and refined 4 appearance process, we made the refined fruit wine orchid boat, aiming at enabling consumers to enjoy the happiness of alcohol with pleasure and comfort.
Photo source: Lan Zhou


On December 23, his highness Guochao new Chinese tea brand completed an angel round of financing of RMB 10 million, which was not disclosed by the investor.
His Highness’s tea was established in Shenzhen in April 2021 and positioned as “Oriental tea”. The product focuses on the original leaf fresh milk tea series. The store adopts the combination mode of 20-30 square meters takeout store, 40-60 square meters standard store and more than 80 square meters flagship store. By December 2021, his Highness has signed up more than 100 tea stores, and the member repurchase rate has been stable at more than 65%. The sales volume of his product “three Liang broken silver” milk tea is firmly in the top 1, becoming the super popular model that continues to be the first in store sales.
Source: Your Highness’s tea


On December 21, our duck neck of the stewed flavor brand won an angel round investment of 10 million yuan. The investor is an individual investor. This financing injects new vitality into the further development of the company.
Yes, our duck neck is a marinated brand of Jiangsu Yingguo data Holding Co., Ltd. based on the smart cabinet retail mode and Internet retail mode, it provides users with marinated duck neck and other marinated products. It is dominated by 29 Chinese herbal medicine formulas, 21 special processes and no added marinated food. Once it is launched, it is favored by consumers. Its global original duck neck intelligent unmanned vending cabinet can quickly and easily take away goods in 10 seconds, realize full offline scene coverage, reach users, share resource flow and enable offline entities.
Source: Sohu


Recently, Chinese egg hamburger chain brand Limburg completed an angel round of financing of millions of yuan, led by pineapple venture capital and followed by several angel investors. It is reported that after the first round of financing, Limburg has accelerated brand promotion, supply chain optimization and store expansion.
Limburg is a Chinese egg hamburger chain brand, which is committed to the field of catering management and catering services. It has developed fresh meat egg hamburger, egg hamburger and other products to provide users with relevant services. At the same time, create the brand “traffic password” with food + new media communication + brand VI to enrich the online Red taste and meet the market demand. At present, the unit price of brand customers is about 20 yuan, the monthly sales volume of a single store is stable at tens of thousands of orders, and the repurchase rate can reach more than 40%.
Source: cloud hunting


Recently, Zhejiang Wahaha Health Management Co., Ltd. was established with a registered capital of 10 million yuan, the legal representative is Shen Jiangang and the executive director is Zong Qinghou. Enterprise survey data show that the company’s business scope includes health consulting services, Internet sales, takeout delivery services, etc. Shareholder information shows that the company is wholly controlled by Wahaha Commercial Co., Ltd.
Hangzhou Wahaha Group Co., Ltd., established in 1987, is the largest food and beverage manufacturer in China and the fifth largest in the world. In terms of sales revenue, profit and other indicators, it has ranked first in China’s beverage industry for 11 consecutive years and has become the most potential food and beverage enterprise. At the same time, Zong Fuli, the “new leader” of Wahaha, released important strategies on products, brands and sales in 2022 at the group meeting from December 27 to 28, and more than 20 new Wahaha products were also unveiled at the meeting.
Source: Wahaha
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