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Energy drink, roll King’s joke


The king of magic water is red bull. There are actually three kinds of Red Bull: Thai Red Bull, Austrian Red Bull and Chinese Red Bull. They all came from Thailand. Red bull was founded by Xu Shubiao, a Thai Chinese drug dealer.
the reason why the brand that dominates the world energy beverage market is closely related to a drug dealer is that energy beverage is an over-the-counter drug to some extent.
in 1962, Japan’s Dazheng pharmaceutical launched a health product “strength health care” containing taurine and B vitamins. Every 100 milliliters of strength health care contains 1000 mg of taurine, focusing on regulating blood lipids and anti fatigue. No matter from the composition, name, packaging or publicity function, the earliest “force health care” looked more like a medicine than a beverage. Until 1979, energy drinks represented by Li health care were still regulated as drugs in Thailand. After this health care product was sold to the Thai market, it entered the vision of drug dealer Xu Laozi.
(even if it was later renamed as health drink, lihealth is more like an over-the-counter drug than a traditional FMCG)
Tiansi pharmaceutical under Mr. Xu founded Thailand Red Bull in 1975. The product adopts a formula similar to lihealth, and its appearance is more like a large oral liquid. Taurine can quickly supplement physical fitness. Caffeine can refresh your mind. Complement + refreshing = anti fatigue.
in the age of no air conditioning, the hot night in Thailand is not only a time of lights and wine, but also a main time for workers to work hard. So I stayed up all night for Red Bull. You can understand that it’s the volume King accelerator. At that time, a bottle of 10 baht was about two yuan at the exchange rate. Cheap, most people have the ability to consume Red Bull. If you insist on comparison, Thai Red Bull at this time is like betel nut, cheap, refreshing, addictive and social currency. Therefore, it is naturally welcomed by Thai workers. Or, not welcome, but no choice.
After the explosion of
Red Bull in Thailand, Matt Hitz, a former P & G salesman, and Yan Bin, a Shandong native who wandered in Thailand, successively found the founder Xu Shubiao and said they wanted to spread Red Bull to Austria and China. Mr. Xu readily agreed. He and these two friends from afar reached a cooperation and established a joint venture. Xu is responsible for the more familiar Southeast Asian market, the Austrian is responsible for the market outside Asia, and Yan Bin is responsible for the Chinese market. The old man thought very well: take risks, expand the market, and pick fruits when Red Bull has become a global brand. Later generations called this period of history “Xiaoxitian takes scriptures”, no, “Xiaoxitian takes Red Bull”.
[Austrian Red Bull] and [China Red Bull] (later called Huabin Red Bull, because Yan Bin’s Huabin group is mainly operating) were born successively. This kind of franchise model is very similar to the franchise model. But for FMCG, this model has great problems.
① it is easy to cause brand inconsistency. Local princes will adopt different brand strategies according to local cultural markets. Even if these princes make the brand bigger, it is easy for consumers to have a vague image of the brand. ② It’s hard to control the actions of the joint venture. If the partner sets up a sales company outside the joint venture system, how much they sell may have nothing to do with themselves, which is equivalent to handing over the market to others.
but Mr. Xu also has his own plan. Energy drink is not a pure drink. Some places regard it as a drink, some places regard it as a health product, and some places regard it as a medicine. The review criteria vary from country to country around the world and rely heavily on local agents. In the end, red bull got a third of the world. This is not his original intention, but his regret.

Due to the different development stages of the Austrian market, the Chinese market and the Thai market, the brand tonality of the three Red Bulls is very different.
Austrian Red Bull is positioned as a sports drink rather than an energy drink. The scene it cuts into is not the anti fatigue of blue collar workers during shift, but the supplementary energy after exercise. The “Red Bull” team we saw in Formula 1 today is sponsored by Austrian Red Bull. Austrian Red Bull’s bottle is blue and white, reducing a lot of caffeine and adding carbonic acid.
the painting style of red bull in China looks lower than that of red bull in Austria, but red bull in China is more original than red bull in Austria: it’s just an anti fatigue drink. It works, it works, it works. Both workers and donkey friends of Sichuan Tibet line like this golden can drink. Although it is earthy, it looks very “rich”.
20 years ago, Red Bull set its terminal price at 6 yuan – this was the result of a quick price reduction. It sold for 7 yuan when it first entered China. That was more than 20 years ago. The price is daunting.
but the demand for anti fatigue is often not for workers, but for bosses. Workers who stay up late will not be sleepy and will not make mistakes. The capitalists were ecstatic. For six dollars, you can hammer the sleeping devil. Red Bull entrance, sleep you paralyzed, get up, hi.
price is usually closely related to brand tonality. Because of the high pricing, “Red Bull” is not only a high-end brand in energy drinks in China, but can overlook the existence of all drinks.
from 2000 to 2010, red bull’s sales increased. The economy is as dynamic and growing rapidly as the Red Bull on the gold pot. A series of large-scale infrastructure projects such as the western development, the rise of central China and the connection between villages have been launched. With the continuous increase of highway mileage, a large number of working people pour into the transportation industry. In the first decade of the 21st century, under the double-digit economic growth, the sales of passenger cars increased by 11% and the sales of freight cars increased by 20%. Infrastructure needs to stay up late and freight needs to stay up late. With its anti fatigue buff, Red Bull has jumped from a niche drink to a national drink. Just like Popeye’s spinach, just a can of red bull can support the driver to send 50 tons of coal from Datong to Nanjing in two days.
the purple old altar pickled vegetable beef noodles and the golden canned red bull support the infrastructure together.

Unlike other parts of the country where drivers are the main consumers, Guangdong’s energy beverage market is more blue collar workers and citizens.
there are obvious differences between Guangdong’s beverage market and other regions in China. The custom of morning tea allows laoguang people to sit in tea restaurants for a day. They are fond of appetizers and digestive drinks, such as vinegar, herbal tea and Pineapple Beer. And energy drinks. Energy drinks are not only to solve difficulties and fatigue, but also to speed up metabolism. Many people who are not used to drinking energy drinks are prone to diarrhea in part.
is located in the tropics. The hot climate is easy to make people tired. Sweating will consume a lot of physical strength. Therefore, Guangdong has a strong demand for energy drinks. In the financial report of Dongpeng special drink, Guangdong region (including Hainan) will be juxtaposed with the domestic market. The revenue of Guangdong Province is almost equal to the sum of other regions in the country.
Red Bull also loves Guangdong deeply. Guangdong has the highest sales volume, accounting for 50% of Red Bull’s national sales volume. Guangzhou alone can account for one tenth of Red Bull’s national sales volume. Guangdong market is the place where the strategists of energy beverage brands will win. It can be said that in the track of energy drinks, those who win Guangdong win the world. In Guangdong, blue collar workers drink red bull in groups after work.
according to the general sales representative of Guangzhou Red Bull, in the early years, because red bull was expensive, workers felt that drinking Red Bull had face, just as northern workers sent cigarettes to each other, and Guangdong workers sent Red Bull to each other. But in fact, it is not entirely a matter of face. In that era of poor working conditions and environment, a can of red bull can well regulate physical and psychological discomfort. Before Dongpeng special drink went to the whole country, it also relied on the huge Dongguan blue collar group to dig the first pot of gold. Hard work during the day, wind and snow at night, all need physical support, and a bottle of energy drink opens up the perfect closed loop. Red Bull, Dongpeng special drink and Lehu have made themselves and China’s manufacturing industry.
“thirsty, tired, drink red bull.” Become the most familiar advertising language. In the final analysis, small yellow cans are more than drinks. It’s a potion, a magical potion. It is not only the potion for blue collar workers, but also the potion for manufacturing. Countless drivers, construction workers, workshop workers and word workers in office buildings, spreadsheet workers and PPT workers have supported China’s economic growth and added fuel to red bull’s sales. Especially red bull in the first 20 years of China.
like a king standing on the top of Mount Tai. Red Bull, which accounts for almost 99% of China’s energy drinks, probably regrets its loneliness without rivals. For a long time, red bull’s energy drink track was dominated by a single oligarch. “No one can fight?” “None of them can fight.” Until 2009.
energy drink is essentially a sleep deprivation product. Its more applicable scene is not sports, but the physical recovery of manual workers. Or to be exact, it doesn’t make you recover, it just keeps you awake.
long distance freight drivers are self-employed and work for themselves. No one reimburses and no one pays, so they are more sensitive to prices. Even with the continuous improvement of residents’ income, red bull, which costs 6 yuan, is still a relatively expensive drink in 2009. I buy you not because I think you are perfect, but because there is no better alternative. The market needs competitive products and flat replacement. The audience of energy drinks is thinking about efficacy, not taste. When the effect is similar, whoever buys cheaply. Lin Qin, who used to be the acting director of Red Bull factory, entered the bureau with Dongpeng special drink.
in Dongguan, where blue collar workers gather, Dongpeng special drink has continued to write a new chapter in energy drinks. From advertising language to visual image, Dongpeng special drink is a replica of Red Bull. As a pioneer of domestic energy drinks, it has accurately found its own positioning. “I’m the cheap red bull, Red Bull flat.” Flat replacement is also very simple. Change the packaging. Red Bull’s price lies in packaging. Red Bull packer Origen even propped up a listed company with a market value of nearly 20 billion. Dongpeng special drink has found another way to use PET plastic bottles, taking the lead in breaking through Red Bull’s “iron jar” and finding a glimmer of vitality for itself. Instead of plastic bottles, the production cost decreases and the product pricing decreases. And it can also give consumers a cheap reason: I’m not that the product is bad. I don’t play tricks, don’t work hard on packaging, and spend all my money on the product. It has the civilian temperament at the beginning of the birth of Thai Red Bull.
the spokesman of Dongpeng special drink is Nicholas Tse, which is liked by the blue collar class. Young blue collar workers like his unruly and Jianghu loyalty in music, film and television dramas. Nicholas Tse’s hairstyle, shirtless upper body, cheap tobacco and Dongpeng special drink have become the standard for blue collar workers.
the success of Dongpeng special drink is so simple. Just return to the original positioning and market of Thai Red Bull. The price of Dongpeng special drink in the early generation was only 2.5 yuan. It soon spread to the national market and sat down on the second. Even if the price was later raised to 3.5 yuan, it is still the most cost-effective energy drink. The Dick came too suddenly. Red bull was caught off guard. In just two years, it lost 10% of the market.

Domestic beverage giants have followed up. Wahaha launched “Qili” in 2012 and Daliyuan launched “Lehu” in 2013. Lehu followed Dongpeng’s special drink and followed suit.
Qili doesn’t believe in evil. It wants to fight Red Bull. It also uses expensive metal packaging. Similarly, 250ml, Lehu and Dongpeng special drinks are priced at 2.5-3 yuan, and Qili and Red Bull are priced at 5-6 yuan. So Lehu and Dongpeng drank it, and Qili almost disappeared.
is a simple truth. Since you are not cheap, why should I buy a new product. If the price is the same, why don’t I choose red bull? Of course, the success or failure factors of many years of business war are not just packaging and pricing. Wahaha thinks it has channel advantages and Lehu has scale advantages. But after all, he can’t beat Dongpeng.
when Dongpeng special drink issued the prospectus, the most questioned was that “95% of Dongpeng special drink’s revenue depends on a drink, which is too risky”. But this is also the reason why Dongpeng special drink can be killed. Because it’s all in. Only by putting all its resources into one drink can it defeat Lehu and Qili. Wahaha focuses on selling water and Daliyuan focuses on selling snacks. Energy drinks? In their item priority, they may not even get in the top ten. The reason why meituan of all in takeout finally won is that Baidu takeout is only a very small business of search engine company. What is needed to fight is to fight back.
red bull or Dongpeng special drink are miracles bought by migrant workers. The more volume the market, the more energy drinks sell well.
the world’s first energy drink “grape” appeared in the British Empire in 1927; The originator of taurine, Li health care, will appear in the 1960s when Japan’s economy takes off; Red Bull also appeared in Thailand, which is still in a glorious period. This is also the reason why Austrian Red Bull should find another way to engage in the concept of sports. Because the old imperialists in Europe and the United States have long gone too far. From the late 1980s to the 1990s, the western world reached its peak and did not need to roll. They moved their fingers, the four dragons developed and designed according to the authorization, and Asian countries processed and produced in shifts. Finally, Indian customer service was trembling for 24 hours.
after China’s entry into WTO, it also began to integrate into the global market and supply system. Roll from scratch, energy drinks from scratch. Looking back 20 years ago, energy drinks accounted for only about 1% of China’s soft drink market, increasing to 7.8% by 2020.
energy drink, roll King’s joke. In addition to the boss of Red Bull, among all the “bosses”, the one who likes red bull most is the boss of Internet cafe. First, red bull’s retail profits are high, and netizens who are all night have no resistance to this refreshing artifact. Second, Red Bull allows them to overcome physiological obstacles, sleep only a few hours and continue to contribute income to Internet cafes. When Internet cafes were booming, there were more than 100000 Internet cafes across the country with 126 million registered users. Many people drink red bull for the first time in Internet cafes.
when consumers calculate the cost of Internet cafes all night, they often include the money for Red Bull. You think the boss makes money by paying for the Internet? The turnover rate is so low and the commercial electricity charge is expensive. How much money can you earn. The key is to make money by selling red bull, cigarettes and instant noodles. Generally, supermarkets sell red bull for six yuan. In Internet cafes, the boss makes a net profit of six yuan by selling red bull, because you can’t buy red bull at a price lower than 8 yuan, mostly at 10 yuan or more. One can of Red Bull ≈ one night ≈ two packs of cigarettes ≈ three bottles of coke ≈ four bottles of spring water.
after 2010, with the initial improvement of infrastructure, the sales volume of trucks and buses declined. After the popularity of home computers, the business of Internet cafes has become more and more light. However, the sales of energy drinks are still rising by more than one billion a year. There are more private cars, more express, and more online car Hailing. It’s not that people like red bull more, but because they need to work and maintain their mental state. Although there are many products to alleviate fatigue and eliminate sleepiness in the world. But for most people, instead of trying to experience new products, it’s better to spend 3 to 6 yuan to get rid of small yellow bottles and small yellow cans directly. For typical loyal customers, the repurchase rate is moving. Everyone is busy rolling and not in the mood to choose.
ironically, the “Aphrodisiac” prepared for migrant workers is often positive in product publicity. Obviously, it has nothing to do with sports, but it starts telling stories from sports. Because killing two birds with one stone. ① Positive image; ② The market for sports drinks can also be won.
in the early days of the birth of red bull in Thailand, in order to open the market, it showed people the image of drinking flavored drinks with wine. Mixing red bull can make Thailand Baijiu taste of whisky. This is the earliest selling point of Red Bull. Does that sound ridiculous? The reality is true.
unfamiliar products did not attract the attention of Thai consumers. “I drink Thailand Baijiu, not whisky.” The reason for Red Bull to become a national beverage in Thailand is “Muay Thai”. As Thailand’s “national technology”, Muay Thai is widely welcomed by the Thai people. However, 40 years ago, Muay Thai was rarely favored by brands because of its aggressive characteristics, because most brands wanted their own image to have style. Thailand also has a story about how Thai Boxing defeated the strong Western players and raised the prestige of our country. Rudeness, violence, hormones, and personal heroism. This coincides with the profile of bottom workers in Thailand.
who is red bull’s target consumer group? Thai workers. Xu Shubiao, who has sold fruits and made sales promotion, knows about labor and Muay Thai. Red Bull puts all its limited marketing resources into Muay Thai. From sponsoring Muay Thai players to sponsoring Muay Thai competitions, Red Bull logo fills every corner of the boxing ring. Even red bull’s gold necklace to the winner has become a tradition of Muay Thai. Red Bull has become synonymous with Muay Thai. Because of Muay Thai boxing, almost everyone in Thailand knows about Red Bull. Finally, Xu Shubiao’s worth of $5 billion was achieved.
the Austrians changed the formula of Red Bull, but they also did not change the pattern of Red Bull’s rise. Matthitz spent half a million dollars he had accumulated over the years on Red Bull drinks. He encountered the same problem as Mr. Xu at the beginning: how to make the Austrians accept red bull?
in 1985, after watching the formula 1 race at his home, Matt Hitz took the initiative to talk to Jhad Borg, a freshman of the flying arrow team. Although Gerhard Borg has become a high-profile F1 driver, as a newcomer to the midstream and downstream teams such as Feijian, no brand will want to sponsor him, and the money burning racing has made him shy.
being able to draw big cakes does not necessarily make businessmen succeed; But successful businessmen are bound to draw big cakes. Matt Hitz said directly to Borg: I want to sponsor you. “But there is a small problem.” “ Ich habe das Geld noch nicht. Ich gründe eine Firma und bin überzeugt davon, dass das klappen wird.” Since there are no relevant reports in China, in order to find this story, I selected German information from the Austrian website. In fact, you can hear similar conversations in any cafe in Zhongguancun. 99% of them are deceptions. But the racer believed it.
in order to sponsor Borg, the cash strapped Matt Hitz took out the maximum amount he could have at that time: $10000. Not much money. But the value of friendship lies in meeting in micro knowledge. Newlyweds Borg and lubewe, Austria, settled the sponsorship deal by shaking hands.
in 1987, Austrian red bull was officially put on the market. Borg changed his name from a newcomer to the famous Ferrari team. On the podium, Borg will hold red bull; At the press conference, Borg will put red bull; Usually, Borg drinks red bull. Borg shows red bull in front of the media all the time. Young people in Europe follow suit and buy red bull. In just two years, Red Bull changed from an unknown small brand to a national brand. The deal became one of the most cost-effective sports sponsorship in history. Perhaps second only to the mutual achievements of Nike and Jordan.
red bull can become the king of energy drinks all over the world. On the one hand, it has good effect. On the other hand, it is also because the three helmsmen can find the marketing method with the highest cost performance and the lowest cost. Xu Shubiao found Muay Thai, and Matt Hitz found an F1 driver who has not yet become famous. However, compared with Yan Bin, the helmsman of China Red Bull, and his Huabin group, these two are weak. He is the real karate master and the king of white whoring.
when referring to Red Bull Austria, we can think of a series of world-renowned top extreme sports events. When referring to Dongpeng special drink and Lehu, we can think of their sponsorship of China Super League, CBA and other events. What major sports events have red bull sponsored in China? Sorry, I only think of “Yulin hegemony”. But many people associate red bull with sports. Even for a long time, red bull was a symbolic brand of “sports drinks” in China. A brand that rarely sponsors large-scale sports events has become the representative of sports brands.
because Yan Bin is better at taking advantage of the situation than those two. He chose “fuzzy strategy”. In the 1990s and 2000s when information was still underdeveloped, the main information channel that the public relied on was television. Both CCTV five sets and CSPN sports network will report a large number of international competitions sponsored by Austrian Red Bull. Compared with traditional foot and basketball, the sports sponsored by Austrian Red Bull cover flying in the sky, running on the ground, swimming in the water, and almost all extreme sports you can think of. The same logo, the same name. It is even rumored that red bull abroad is a Chinese brand. It’s hard not to think of red bull for 6 yuan. “The Red Bull sold in the canteen near my home is so popular!” Look at the classic advertisement of Chinese Red Bull. The hero climbs hard. Finally, “thirsty, tired, drink red bull.” Properly challenge the limits.
it was not until Austrian Red Bull entered China that we knew that the taste was so different that it was not a thing at all. As a person who drinks sugar free Red Bull (Austrian version) as water every day, I can responsibly tell you that the taste is completely different. On the basis of almost no major sports marketing and relying on the dividend of Austrian Red Bull, people habitually regard Chinese red bull as the first choice of sports drinks. The old man’s nose is bare. Of course, it can’t be said that red bull doesn’t sponsor sports at all.
a university can set up a red bull Basketball League and Football League at a cost of only hundreds of thousands or even tens of thousands of yuan. The cost is not much, and Red Bull drinks are enough. Almost all universities in cities with dense colleges and universities in China have been sponsored by red bull. Compared with millions or tens of millions of sponsorship investment for a single event, Huabin Red Bull’s marketing has saved a lot of money and achieved accurate landing. It explains what it means to really spend a little money on big things. Cost control is an art, not if you don’t accept it.
energy drinks are a piece of fat. Well done, you can make money in both energy drinks and sports drinks. Moreover, because caffeine is added, it has addictive characteristics and is a business with high repurchase frequency. Looking at Dongpeng’s counter attack, everyone rushed in. Even if it’s just a share, no, a share.
actually, you can’t squeeze in. Traditional soft drinks roll even more. Energy drinks are a less red sea. In the last five years, the compound annual growth rate of soft drink production was – 0.33%. In 2020, the annual output fell by 7.8%. You think it’s an epidemic? No, since 2016, the output of soft drinks has decreased year by year. Only energy drinks are alternative and growing.
almost all beverage giants at home and abroad launch energy drinks in the Chinese market. Coca Cola’s claw, the alien of vitality forest, Thomson Beijian F6, Panpan’s leopard power, Budweiser’s black krypton, Jianlibao just launched super power in November. The most powerful competitor is the claw of giant Coca Cola.
claw is the second largest energy beverage brand in the world, but it entered China in 2016 and has struggled for three years with a market share of less than 0.8%, which is almost a niche product that no one cares about. Carbonated drinks such as magic claw and Austrian red bull do not belong to the category of “energy drinks” in the eyes of Chinese retail terminals. So Talons have been with carbonated drinks for a long time.
lacks brand influence and marketing promotion in China, so consumers do not know the definition of this beverage: it is a carbonated beverage, which tastes harder than ordinary carbonated drinks; It’s energy drinks. The products are not placed together with energy drinks, and there is a lack of understanding of their functions.
in foreign countries, Talons are more targeted at sports people. It is unclear about the situation of energy beverage consumers in China, which makes talons go the wrong way in channel construction from the beginning. Without localization and lack of communication with channels and terminal retail, the product has become a sub line brand of Coca Cola. Huge product inventory has even dragged down global business. The claws of learning from pain make a change. The shelves began to be placed with red bull and Dongpeng special drinks. Significantly reduce the product price and keep an eye on Red Bull. If calculated by ml, the 330ml claw is actually cheaper than the 250ml Red Bull.
focuses on the gas station system. Now, as long as you enter the convenience store of PetroChina, the claw will be placed in the most prominent position. Enrich the product matrix in China. In addition to the traditional gas containing products, dragon tea, a tea flavor energy beverage without gas and specially developed for the Chinese market, is also added. At the same time, the marketing promotion is also more suitable for the Chinese market, such as inviting local stars to act as image spokesmen, sponsoring domestic E-sports teams, learning from Dongpeng special drinks and war horses to do award-winning activities. The market share of talons in China will be increased from 2020. In particular, it has seized a large number of market shares released by Huabin Red Bull.
according to the data disclosed by Rodney C. sacks, CO CEO of magic claw on this year’s earnings conference call: in the first quarter of this year, the sales of magic claw in China increased by 59% year-on-year in US dollars. Of course, for this giant that can be one of the best in all markets in the world, failure to enter the top three in China is a failure. In neighboring Japan and South Korea, Talons have surpassed Red Bull to become the first in the market. Why can’t the Chinese market bite down?
times have changed. The new generation of consumers are disenchanted with foreign brands. It’s too late to come in. A strange foreign brand has no advantage in today’s dog rolled consumer goods market, even if you are close to Coca Cola.
Red Bull’s owner, Thailand Tiansi, is eyeing the Chinese market. “If we kill Huabin group, doesn’t Tiansi enjoy its 30 billion legacy?”
last year, Tiansi accelerated the process of entering China. First, it was officially put into operation in the production base in Ningxia, and fired the first shot to recover lost land in the northwest where other energy beverage giants have not yet established factories. Then it announced that it would invest 1.06 billion yuan to build a Beijing factory, aiming at the former ally Huabin group.
five years ago, in order to recover the rights of China Red Bull, China and Thailand Red Bull started a marathon lawsuit. Tiansi believes that Huabin’s right to use red bull is 20 years old and has expired. At the same time, Huabin has only the right to sell but not the right to produce; Hua Bin believes that the right to use red bull’s trademark is 50 years, and the Red Bull production plant he has established throughout the country has nothing to do with Tiansi. When the high court rejected the appeal of Red Bull Vitamin Co., Ltd. (Huabin group) this year, Tiansi shouted: it’s dawn!
it’s too early to be happy. Huabin version of Red Bull is also full of major channels, and Thai Red Bull continues to explore hard in China. Although the revenue in China exceeded 1 billion last year, it is still a younger brother than Huabin group. Progress has indeed been slow. Let consumers pay the bill is not overnight. Why don’t you accept “original red bull?” Many users think Thai Red Bull is a fake, not a real red bull. No, I’m a double.
Hua Bin’s life is also difficult. Since the litigation started in 2016, Huabin Red Bull showed a downward trend in 2017 and has been retreating ever since. Also because of the lawsuit, Huabin Red Bull’s listing road was ruined.
continues to sell red bull brand, and the unpredictable risk is too great. Huabin will focus on the newly developed “war horse” brand. But at this time, the market has become numb. The new brand needs to invest a lot of marketing resources, and it may not be able to achieve a good record. The annual revenue of war horses is only about 1.3 billion.
the winner is Dongpeng special drink. As soon as the Red Bull dispute was ruled, Dongpeng pulled out 15 trading boards in a row, with a market value of nearly 100 billion.
so the colleagues cried greedily. Even the once Oriental magic water Jianlibao has put the future survival on the New Oriental magic water. Super energy launched by Jianlibao is positioned as a high-end energy beverage, with compound peptides as a gimmick. What is a compound peptide? I don’t know. You probably don’t know, but it doesn’t matter whether you know it or not. unimportance. The unit price of super energy is as high as 12 yuan, which is 40% more expensive than the daily filling, alien and leopard force with an average unit price of about 7 yuan. It’s a little crazy.
real high-end people who need to drink anti fatigue drinks. Taurine can relieve fatigue and caffeine can refresh. Consumers’ demands for other soft drinks are mostly taste, and energy drinks are hoping to supply “energy”. The logic of the energy beverage market is not taste, but whether there is enough energy. If super can bring consumers better results than red bull, Dongpeng special drink and Lehu, why choose more expensive products.
is there no better choice for this price? Even fragrance has begun to layout the functional beverage market. Just ten days before chaodaneng went public, Xiang Piao signed a cooperation agreement with jindawei, aiming at China’s energy food and beverage market. Now we can buy energy drinks from Budweiser, a beer brand. Maybe we will see energy drinks made by milk tea brand soon.
this year’s double 11, the aliens of Yuanqi forest not only beat Red Bull, Dongpeng special drink and Li health care, and won the sales champion of energy drinks, but also launched the metal canned energy beverage brand “big devil” which is closer to the flavor of Red Bull. Each brand has penetrated the market from almost all positions you can imagine. At present, there are dozens of well-known energy beverage brands entering the site and planning to enter the site, and up to 5000 registered brands of the same type in China. Did you say you could not roll it? But after rolling for a long time, most brands are still passively “testing the water” and fail to accurately analyze themselves and the market.

The essence of energy drinks is to cheer people on. With oil, the car can run. After drinking energy drinks, people can still turn. Not “there must be a road in front of the mountain, and there must be a Toyota.” But “when the car goes to the front of the mountain, there must be a gas station, and there must be a Toyota.” The whole road doesn’t even have a gas station. Even a two-way 20 lane road is a dead end.
consumers’ demand for energy drinks is like “refueling”. Whether the packaging is good or not, followed by whether the beverage is good or not. When do I want to drink? The most important thing is to buy it. The premise of full shelves is to sell well and make dealers earn more. Therefore, first, store more goods and subsidize more shelves. Second, build more factories to reduce costs (logistics costs) and absorb more profits to dealers.
factory, channel. In front of factories and channels, nothing matters. Red Bull sells well, relying on five production bases and four million retail terminals in China. Dongpeng teyin has three production bases and 1.7 million retail terminals before its listing. Most of other energy beverage brands have only one production base or simply OEM. The output is insufficient and the sales terminal is limited. No matter how rich the taste is and how exquisite the packaging is, it is unable to compete. Some brands stick to product positioning and image and refuse to sink. They really think more.
, especially some domestic brands, seems to imitate foreign high-end brands, but they have a global sales network and high brand reputation. Domestic imitators have nothing close to them except the price. In other words, why are other beverage brands that are not short of money cautious in building their own production bases and sales terminals?
in addition to the brand itself, there are some special factors. For example, red bull’s production bases are distributed all over the country, accompanied by the aforementioned packaging supplier Origen. As the earliest and most important supplier of Red Bull, Origen is equivalent to Tetra Pak in packaged milk. Every time red bull builds a production plant, Origen’s packaging plant goes hand in hand. As red bull occupied the absolute dominant position in the market, Origen became a metal canned giant. In terms of processing technology and production cost, Origen is as arrogant as red bull. Most energy beverage brands follow the trend, and Red Bull is mainly canned in metal, which makes it difficult to compete in packaging.
can other brands also cooperate with Origen? Yes. But you know, Huabin group is also one of the shareholders of Origen. Dongpeng special drink is right not to blindly follow the trend of metal cans. It reduces costs at the production end and is not controlled by others in the supply chain. Once a subdivision track has a boss and a dick, it is difficult to break through.
The largest user group of
energy drinks is drivers. Compared with other groups, they have one thing in common: they have to go to the gas station. Even excluding women who don’t like energy drinks, 300 million male drivers are potential consumers of energy drinks. The market of 300 million people is in their private plots. You say yes or no.
so PetroChina launched its own energy beverage brand “hospitality” last year. “The power of hospitality” is put in a general convenience store without deliberately remembering. Seriously, the next day you forget its name. Whether you can remember it or not is meaningless. Because the most prominent shelf in the hospitality convenience store is for energy drinks. You can no longer see red bull in that place. If you want to refresh your mind, you can only choose “the power of hospitality”.
whether red bull, Lehu or Dongpeng special drink, the biggest single channel that rose in that year was the gas station. Like red bull’s old rival karabao in Thailand, 40% of its sales in China depend on convenience stores in domestic gas stations. Among them, Red Bull is the most sold energy drink in gas station convenience stores. Brand influence is there, and consumers don’t have to pay the cost of trial and error.
running water driver, iron red bull. It is reasonable to say that in the market economy, if other brands are not allowed to enter the hospitable convenience store, it will be suspected of monopoly. Coincidentally, Huabin Red Bull lost the lawsuit, with the big stick of intellectual property in hand, and PetroChina took advantage of the situation to sell all Red Bull drinks in its convenience stores. Now the teacher is famous. Red bull can only reluctantly hand over the market. The competitors were in full bloom. You know, Red Bull products often account for one-third to one-half of the total beverage sales of hospitality convenience stores. According to the number of more than 20000 convenience stores in China, red bull will release 3-6 billion market space if it leaves the hospitality system. Kicking out red bull can bring PetroChina 30-4 billion in revenue every year. The overall gross profit of PetroChina is about 20%, and the gross profit of general energy drinks is generally about 40% – 50%. PetroChina does not need to consider the major expenses such as marketing and channels. It is expected that the overall gross profit margin of hospitality may be as high as 60% – 70%.
what is the taste of hospitality? It’s nothing more than taurine and caffeine, which can be different from red bull. Moreover, the price is cheaper than red bull, the quantity is more than red bull, and the effect is not bad. Red Bull’s biggest rival is not Dongpeng, but a channel brand such as PetroChina.



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