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The 2021 topawards Asia award list is announced, taking you to appreciate the packaging aesthetics of 20 foods

in the so-called packaging aesthetics, beauty is the product details embodied in packaging, beauty is the value proposition expressed by packaging, and beauty is the moving and thinking brought by packaging.
Asian packaging design has made rapid progress in the past two years, won many international well-known awards, and also gave birth to a packaging design award topawards Asia Limited to Asian countries. Topawards Asia was born in 2016. Different from the competition process of traditional awards, its entries are collected and invited by the evaluation committee composed of famous designers from Asian countries and regions, and the exquisite packaging design in Asia is selected based on different themes every month to publish the products with the highest evaluation from active creators in the world. This innovative move of topawards Asia aims to explore more hidden treasure works in other independent application mode awards through professional vision, with the goal of developing Asian packaging design industry, spread the award-winning packaging design to all parts of the world through the Internet and other media, and promote Asian packaging towards an innovative future.
Source: Twitter
Recently, topawards Asia announced the list of awards in December. Several food advocates sorting out 20 food category works in combination with the award-winning works in 2021 to present a feast of packaging aesthetics.
Nibbo bean to bar boutique chocolate
Design company: low profile design company
Designer: Jieru Chen
Country / region: Chinese mainland
Nibbo bean to bar chocolate has a variety of flavors, so the product design takes “flavor Museum” as the design inspiration. The flavor card of each chocolate is designed into the style of museum collection label. In addition to clear flavor guidelines, the card also has an exclusive number from nibbo, Let chocolate lovers collect all kinds of good flavors in nibbo, the “flavor Museum”.
The outer box structure of chocolate is in the form of file box. Each file box has a unique label card for this chocolate, and the layout of the card follows the basic grid system specification. When you open the mini file box, there is a sentence “you deserve this better chocolate”. When you open the whole box, the illustration from bean to bar chocolate allows you to quickly understand how a fine chocolate is made.
At the same time, there are two particularly noteworthy details on the package. The first detail is that the bayonet on the front of the chocolate is a smiling arc. The second detail is that there is a small illustration related to cocoa beans on the back of each variety of chocolate box, with a little humorous color, because nibbo hopes to bring everyone a sense of happiness and laugh often.
source: Sohu
Design company: vincdesign
Designer: koan TSE
Country / region: Hong Kong, China
Dama is a new Vegetarian Cafe in Hong Kong. Its corporate philosophy is to contribute to animal welfare, protect the earth and cultivate the whole ecological health system. In order to highlight the brand message of “love the earth”, Dama turned the takeout container into a reusable water bag and gave it a second life.
The smooth organic water bag has a simple overall design. It is very suitable for dining tables, handbags and offices. The information on the package not only emphasizes the need to always maintain a shining and down-to-earth attitude towards life, but also reminds consumers to prolong the service life of the package.
Source: vincdesign
Malt Grain and Cane
Design company: Roots
Designer: Jonathan Yuen
Country / region: Singapore
Malt, grain & cane is an independent bottler headquartered in Singapore, specializing in the production of high-quality spirits based on malt, grain and sugarcane. The brand expresses this basic pursuit with a simple and stylized triple graphic representation.
In addition, the product uses exquisite typesetting and layout to highlight the bottle label design, and enhance the expressiveness through bronzing and embossing printing. It is worth mentioning that by improving the paper materials, consumers can get a high touch when holding the bottle, emitting the unique quality and luxury feeling of the product.
Source: maltgraincane
Design company: Kohei Okura
Designer: Mayuko Kanazawa
Country / region: Japan
Based on the concept of “expressing natural personality”, peligro (meaning “danger” in Spanish) is a slightly “dangerous” ginger syrup. Product design aims to intuitively convey the changing characteristics of product raw materials and product tastes.
This product has four designs, which respectively express the subtle differences created by each category of products. The product pattern is drawn by the artist akari uragami. The design integrates the stimulating impression of ginger and the unbalanced nature of peligro, and sets the main color as yellow, reflecting the stimulating and warm and lovely image of ginger juice.
Peligro will prepare different formulas according to different seasons and mix syrup with various unexpected things, which not only creates a new brand, but also allows consumers to experience a taste enjoyment of “novelty and danger”.  
Source: mayukokanazawa
Parfait Sato’s ice cream
Design company: Arica Design Inc
Designer: Nobuya hayasaka
Country / region: Japan
As an ice cream produced by Bafei store, this ice cream itself is of high quality, but the brand also attaches great importance to the new stimulation brought by the taste “combination”. In order to convey the product concept of “combination of two flavors of ice cream” to consumers, the packaging design is divided into two colors.
“And” in Japanese is used as the design symbol to express the image of the combination of two colors of ice cream. The simple layout with as few elements as possible makes the product identification clear at a glance, such as “strawberry and cheese”, “pistachio and caramel” and “Matcha and three pots”.
Source: pfsato
other cranes
Design company: Bullet Inc
Designer: Aya codama
Country / region: Japan
At present, the domestic consumption of sake in Japan has dropped to about 1 / 3 of the peak period, especially the consumption of sake of the younger generation has decreased significantly. In order to restore the demand for sake, Baihe liquor has established a project team called “bekkaku (biehe)”, which is composed of young employees in their 20s and 30s. Combined with the diverse views and ideas of the younger generation, Baihe liquor expresses the attraction of sake in a new way.
Under the concept of “let’s see the new world of sake”, the project plans and develops a kind of sake as a gateway to the new sake experience, attracting the interest of young people and sake beginners. This concept is expressed through insect glasses, vent tubes and binoculars on the front of the label, so that the illustrations inside the label can be “seen” through the bottle. The illustration seems to be distorted by the refraction of sake, which also closely fits the drinker’s curiosity about sake.
Source: Hakutsuru
Design company: 6d-k
Designer: Shogo Kishino
Country / region: Japan
This is a candy brand, which aims to promote people to participate in its “do well by doing good” charity activities and deliver delicious food at the same time. With the mission of “the world is perfect, so do well by doing good”, the brand hopes to make a modest contribution to solving the social problems in the field of food and agriculture all over the world.
The product design concept is based on simple typesetting to increase the opportunity for people to understand the brand outside the store. In addition to simple typesetting, the product also uses high-quality packaging paper, giving the product a unique and luxurious feeling.
Source: perfect store
NORDAQ(Bistro bottle)
Design company: n / A
Designer: Nordaq design team
Country / region: Japan
The design of the bottle is inspired by Nordic aesthetics. With its simple and elegant form, it is not only a symbol of taste, but also a sincere commitment to protecting the environment. The bottles can be cleaned with a standard dishwasher and are easy to clean.
Source: Nordaq
Design company: simplicity
Country / region: Japan
The chocolate brand operated by Murata villa, a Japanese hotel in Buyuan, is a chocolate shop surrounded by beautiful nature. The brand has a total of 12 kinds of chocolate, all made by Japanese chocolate craftsmen, each of which has its own unique characteristics. The product packaging fully reflects its exquisite, beautiful and perceptual characteristics. The design of bar shaped chocolate box is full of emotion, connecting the brand with customers, Japan with the world, and people with each other.
Source: Murata shop
Design company: sanowataru design office Inc
Designer: Wataru Sano
Country / region: Japan
The red bean sand shop “dusong’an toshoon”, established in Kyoto in 1950, focused on the compatibility of red bean and coffee in the process of brand reconstruction, and launched a new sheep sauce (red bean sand jelly) product yokan for coffee to meet customers who are both coffee lovers and loyal fans of Japanese dessert.
The product name of yokan for coffee conveys the product concept in a straightforward way. Therefore, the circular “coffee ring (coffee cup seal)” is also used in the design to effectively express the concept of “coffee” on limited small packages. In order to create a realistic texture, during the packaging design process, the designer team has repeatedly brewed coffee and embossed it on art paper.
In addition, in order to facilitate the sale of products in coffee shops, diagonal silver foil is added at the bottom to attract consumers’ attention when stacking products, and letterpress printing is used to make the design more eye-catching.
Source: dusong nunnery
Pan-jikan (bread time)
Design company: hicosaka mokuhan koubou
Country / region: Japan
Drip coffee “pan-jikan” is a product developed based on the concept of coffee with bread. At present, there are four coffee categories for cream bread, croissant bread, jam toast and French baguette. Each specialty coffee is freshly roasted, ground and then made into a drip filter coffee bag.
In terms of packaging design, in order to convey the concept that the product is “drip coffee enjoyed during bread time”, even the drip coffee packaging adopts the illustration of bread. In addition, because the product name of “pan-jikan” is very unique, other words on the package are minimized to make the product name stand out.
The illustration of bread is made of wood block printing, and its unique texture gives people a simple and warm feeling. By drawing bread crumbs and jam, it creates a sense of reality that people want to reach for the product.
Source: TSUJIMOTO coffee
So-men Gift Box
Design company: Design Studio Hito_ to
Designer: Masaya sugamura
Country / region: Japan
This is the so men gift box from the special buckwheat noodle store “so men sosososo”, which uses the “shimanohikari” of Xiaodou Island, one of the three largest buckwheat noodles in Japan. So men sosososo came up with an unprecedented so men gift box idea, which gave people who received gifts a refreshing and amazing feeling.
In order to create an atmosphere, one of the gimmicks in the design is that when you open the box, you will find and place a small box of plain noodles and dipping sauce. In general, this is a well-designed gift box, which reflects the brand’s innovative consciousness of constantly exploring the possibility of buckwheat noodles.
Source: somenso
ISHIDA Coffee Gift Package
Design company: sitoh Inc
Country / region: Japan
Ishida coffee shop is a coffee baking shop located in the quiet residential area of Sapporo. This Ishida coffee gift package is based on coffee and a combination of various elements, highlighting different themes such as “coffee and people”, “coffee and space”, “coffee and music”. Inspired by the brown of coffee, the white of milk and coffee beans, seven different organic coffee packages are created through multiple layered color schemes.
Source: fontinuse
Design company: mykc
Designer: kimoon Kim, yongchan Kim (mykc)
Country / region: Korea
Dr. mate is a brand of health solutions for Generation X in Korea. It is committed to becoming a healthy and fashionable lifestyle that goes beyond habits and runs through consumers’ life by penetrating into daily life.
Dr. mate’s c-position product focuses on the strong management of the liver. The “life of my life” on its package reminds people of the Queen’s song “love of my life”, which evokes the nostalgia of Generation X, breaks the heavy and boring image of traditional nutritional supplements, and transmits a relaxed health management mode.
At the same time, the intuitive and exquisite design gives the product beyond the general functional food attributes, highlighting a special lifestyle and aesthetic value, which can be neatly placed anywhere, including office desk and kitchen table. When you are happy to put it next to you, it will attract your attention. If you see it, you will not forget and eat it.  
Source: drmate
Design company: ugly half beer
Designer: tsan Yu Yin, AI Yin Shen
Country / region: Taiwan, China
Ugly half beer is a fine brewed beer brand born in Taiwan. It was founded by founders Max and Harn in November 2019. Its Chinese name is “Yougui”. In terms of packaging design, the brand is good at using complex and bright illustrations to tell the personality and story behind each beer.
Oyster stout trio is a new series launched by ugly half beer this year. Oysters harvested locally in Jiayi, Taiwan are used for brewing, adding different flavor levels to the products. To commemorate this brewing process, ugly half beer created a label reflecting the mysterious ocean and oysters in the packaging design. The design is inspired by the sensory complexity of oysters. In order to reflect the surface shape of the oyster shell, the team used metal labels to obtain the dazzling effect of laser. The wave texture is easy to think of the calcium carbonate on the oyster shell. On the small bottle packaging, the designer cuts the label into the shape of an oyster, which has a more eye-catching effect.
Source: Behance
Design company: superunion
Designer: Louisa Luk
Country / region: Hong Kong, China & Italy
Keeping tradition is one of the charms of Italian olive oil. Many producers are family businesses with a long and proud history, and Agricola dargenio, located in Puglia region, is no exception. In 2019, emanuela, the newly appointed female CEO of Emanuele dargenio, started from her female identity and found an opportunity to build a unique brand – figlia was born.
Figilia means “daughter” in Italian. It respects tradition but does not lose its modern flavor. The creation of the brand is based on a simple but resounding concept of “natural femininity”, which reflects the pure natural production method of the product, the real origin story and the sustainability of the product. In order to express this idea more appropriately, figilia worked with a ceramic artist to handmake 300 bottles locally. Each bottle represents a form of women, and each ceramic bottle is unique to highlight the charm of personality. In addition, except for a small mark on the base, the whole bottle body is not decorated. Figilia hopes that in this way, it can be preserved after use, rather than becoming a disposable product like traditional consumer goods.
These beautiful porcelain bottles inspired the figilia team to create a series of illustrations, which formed the basis of the brand’s visual language. These illustrations use natural and soft lines to outline women’s facial lines with fine but simple strokes. All creative elements are designed to convey the uniqueness of all natural things, and carry out a variety of morphological changes based on the same style concept and tone, showing the multiple forms of female beauty and natural charm, making the product irresistible.
Source: superunion China
Design company: Oddity Studio
Designer: Alan wa Lun
Country / region: Hong Kong, China
The carbonation is a sparkling wine brand from Hong Kong. By local design agency Oddity studio has developed a complete brand logo for it, focusing on the design of bottle label. The overall visual language forms distinctive secret letters based on the bubble shape to convey the brand’s unique aesthetics and ideas. The label takes white as the background color, and different forms of letters are presented in black. It is both playful and eye-catching visually. Following the concept of circular design, it is easy to become a part of artistic interaction. The bubble shape also uses ingenious die cutting to form another graphic layer to supplement the visual system and become a symbolic element of bottle openers, business cards, coasters and other products.
Source: thecarbonation
Design company: Center Product Design
Designer: Akira Shimizu
Country / region: Japan
Hinoakane is a Japanese tea brand, which uses tea named “sunrouge”, which grows on Tokushima Island, one of the Amami islands. Different from ordinary green tea, the most remarkable feature of “sunrouge” is that the green tea will gradually turn red at the time of harvest. Hinoakane takes “Japanese black tea connecting the island, people, soul and beautiful soul” as the concept, and hopes that this beautiful green tea can become a bridge between the island and the people.
The packaging design fully shows the scene of tea field changing from green to red in the tropical sun. The long strip design of the outer box is combined with the water drop hollowed out pattern. When the package is opened, the water drop will show a changing landscape. In addition, because hinoakane is classified as Japanese tea, the team focused on the creation of Japanese style in the design. In addition, the words “Japan” and “Qian” on the label are designed to be the shape of the island of Germany, which once again reflects that the product is produced in the island of Germany.
Source: tokunomaru
Murano kome Minamishinshu Shimojomura
Design company: harukart
Country / region: Japan
Murano kome from xiatiao village, Nanxin Prefecture, Nagano county is a kind of delicious rice even if it is cold. This kind of rice is carefully planted by farmers in xiatiao village, xiayinai County, Changye County, Nanxin Prefecture. It is sown in spring, grown in summer and harvested in autumn. In winter, the microorganisms in the soil begin to prepare for the next season. At the same time, Murano kome’s irrigation water comes from the pure stream water in the mountains.
In order to express that the product is very suitable for making rice balls, the packaging design is based on the triangular shape of rice balls. At present, there are three kinds of products: white rice, brown rice and glutinous rice. The color of each grain of rice can be seen in transparent packaging. In addition, a lovely rice ball illustration is also one of the product features. Such a warm design arouses the interest of consumers.
Source: pinterest
Premium Ayu Gift
Design company: Masahiro Minami design
Designer: Masahiro Minami
Country / region: Japan
Kimura is a seafood manufacturer located in Shiga Prefecture, Japan, mainly engaged in freshwater fish growing in Biwa Lake. “Premium Ayu gift” is a fragrant fish gift box launched by Kimura. The product is packed in Tongmu wooden box, which is because of the ancient custom of giving gifts in Tongmu box in Japan.
When consumers open this wooden box, they will see the blue wave paper package reflecting the rough scene of Biwa Lake, so they can imagine the scene of fragrant fish playing in Biwa Lake, as if the product tells consumers a story about fragrant fish in Biwa Lake.
Source: ayukimura
Design company: polarno
Designer: Masahiro Minami
Country / region: Japan
“King of modern light” is a new series of sake from fengnai Baimei winery, an old brand winery in Niigata founded in 1636. The inspiration of product packaging comes from Du’s experience as a DJ. I hope people will choose sake as they choose records. The pictures on the product label are composed of photos and illustrations of the local scenery of Niigata.
Source: polarno
With the new consumption wave sweeping the world today, packaging is no longer just playing the role of protecting and preserving products, but has been endowed with more important functions and significance, and has become one of the key factors affecting consumption decision-making.
In the booming Red Sea market of food, packaging plays a major role of “taking the lead” if products want to become the absolute C position on the shelf. The so-called “love at first sight” has always belonged to high-value groups. Only brilliant packaging design can instantly catch the attention of consumers and create their interest in deeply understanding and experiencing products. However, high appearance value is only the standard of excellent packaging, and it is also a link that most brands are relatively easy to break at present. However, how to stimulate consumers’ vision, touch and smell through packaging, so as to highlight the characteristics of the product, highlight the concept of the brand, and help consumers have feelings with the product is the part that the brand needs to work hard in packaging design.
The so-called packaging aesthetics, beauty is the product details embodied in packaging, beauty is the value proposition expressed by packaging, and beauty is the moving and thinking brought by packaging. It is expected that with the continuous upgrading and innovation of packaging design concept in China’s food industry, more Chinese good packaging will emerge in the future.
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