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The main personnel of Nestle China have changed. Happy tea was newly stationed in 20 cities last year, the price of McDonald’s in Hong Kong was adjusted in the new year, and man coffee experienced five rounds of financing. Consumers have begun to prepare new year’s products

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Xi tea was newly stationed in 20 cities last year

According to the latest statistics of happy tea recently, happy tea came to 20 new cities in 2021, more than 500 stores can eat in 15 minutes, and more than 1.98 million members and friends “drink” happy tea together during the year. (issued by the company)

Major personnel changes in Nestle China

According to the industrial and commercial data, the main personnel of Nestle (China) Co., Ltd. changed on January 1. Zhang Xiqiang, the newly added key personnel, is the chairman and general manager. Meanwhile, Zhang Xiqiang is also the legal representative of the company. In addition, director Martin roemkens withdrew from key personnel. (snack generation)

After five rounds of financing, man coffee has opened its store in Haikou

Wang Xu, Assistant CEO of man coffee, said recently that so far, man has experienced five rounds of financing, including hedge funds, sovereign funds and Internet giants. The farthest store has been opened to Haikou. Enterprise survey data show that since 2019, the development of the coffee industry has entered the fast lane, and the industry has obtained financing of nearly 74.332 billion yuan in three years. It is estimated that the scale of China’s coffee market will exceed trillion yuan in 2025. (CCTV Finance)

McDonald’s in Hong Kong raised prices by an average of about 2% in the new year

McDonald’s in Hong Kong announced that under the dual pressure of soaring freight costs and food inflation, it decided to increase the price of main products of all main restaurants and MC caf é in Hong Kong by HK $1, including single point and set meal, with an average increase of about 2% from 4 a.m. on January 3, 2022. In addition, from January 1 to February 16, customers who spend more than HK $35 using payme from HSBC in local McDonald’s restaurants or McDonald’s apps will enjoy preferential measures such as 10% off the full order. (Hong Kong Economic Daily)

The ex factory price of some Panda Dairy products will rise by 3% – 10%


On December 30, Panda Dairy, the “first stock of condensed milk”, issued a price adjustment announcement, saying that in view of the continuous rise in the costs of main raw materials, packaging materials, labor and transportation, it was decided to adjust the ex factory price of main condensed milk related products by 3% – 10%, and the new price will be implemented on January 1, 2022. (company announcement)

The highest soared by 1000 yuan, and the prices of two series of Maotai wines increased

On January 2, Hongxing capital Bureau learned from several Maotai dealers that the guide prices of the new treasures Maotai liquor (hereinafter referred to as “Maotai new treasures”) and the aged Guizhou Maotai liquor 15 (hereinafter referred to as “Maotai liquor 15”) in the Maotai series have been raised since January 1, 2022, with the highest soaring by 1000 yuan. However, some experts believe that: “the price increase of Feitian Maotai is an old topic. It may have been divorced from the market factors, and the pressure from public opinion should be considered. Even if the market expectation is good, it is still difficult for Feitian to raise the price.” (Red Star News)


Modern animal husbandry and Ainiu technology signed a framework agreement on pasture materials

Modern animal husbandry announced yesterday that as the term of the previous agreement has expired, modern animal husbandry and Ainiu technology, a connected person of the company, have entered into a pasture material framework agreement, which includes that Ainiu Technology Group will supply pasture materials to modern animal husbandry group from January 1, 2022 to December 31, 2022, with an annual ceiling of 200 million yuan. It is said that the Ainiu platform operated by Ainiu technology integrates resources from more than 1000 suppliers for leading market participants in China’s dairy farming industry, which can reduce the purchase price of relevant pasture materials through centralized procurement. (company announcement)

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Consumers have begun to prepare new year goods

Although special purchases for the Spring Festival are still in existence, many consumers are already preparing for the new year’s products. The data of Jingdong supermarket show that Baijiu, nuts, milk, biscuits and tea are the five main categories of gift boxes. Among them, the purchase of time-honored gift boxes by consumers after 00 increased by 4.5 times year-on-year, showing their love for tradition. In addition, 60% of the people take the special flavor gift box of new year goods in their hometown as the first choice for giving gifts to relatives and friends. At the same time, consumers pay more and more attention to healthy diet. Data show that the sales volume of health care gift boxes increased by 153%. In addition, low sugar pastries and alcohol free wine also emerged. The sales of low sugar pastries increased by 530% year-on-year, and the sales of alcohol free and alcohol free wine increased by 11 times year-on-year. (CCTV Finance)

International grain prices hit a ten-year high. How will China’s grain prices go?

The international food price index in November 2021 released by the food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) rose 27.3% year-on-year, the highest in a decade. The analysis predicts that international grain prices will run at a high level in the future. Li Guoxiang, a researcher at the Institute of rural development of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said that China has a good foundation for the stable operation of ration prices, “At present, there is a relative surplus of rice production, and the price does not have the conditions to rise; after a round of rise in the early stage, the wheat price is currently running at a high level. However, with the Chinese government paying great attention to summer grain production, the summer grain harvest may drive the wheat price down.”. Due to the large rise in corn price and the continuous growth of China’s corn import, the trend of corn price has attracted much attention. (China News Network)

Hangzhou Chun’an: 12 imported pitaya inner and outer packaging nucleic acid test was positive

On January 2, Hangzhou Chun’an officially announced that as of 12:00 on the same day, 12 internal and external packages of Pitaya from Chun’an century Hualian Supermarket (Wancheng Plaza store, building 6, building 2-1, 2nd floor) and Chun’an Zhengyuan Fruit Industry Co., Ltd. (Baiguoyuan, No. 183-184, sunshine road) had been detected and tested positive for nucleic acid. The epidemic prevention and Control Office of Chun’an County immediately sealed and killed the above fruit stores, investigated and disposed of the sales of epidemic related pitaya fruit and contact personnel, sealed the imported epidemic related pitaya fruit that was not sold, and tested and controlled the nucleic acid of the direct contact personnel. The results were negative. (people’s daily client)

The Supreme People’s court and the Supreme People’s court jointly issued the judicial interpretation on handling criminal cases endangering food safety

On December 31, the Supreme People’s court and the Supreme People’s Procuratorate jointly issued the interpretation on Several Issues concerning the application of law in handling criminal cases endangering food safety. Among them, the interpretation clearly stipulates that if the nutritional components of the main and auxiliary foods for infants and young children seriously do not meet the food safety standards, they shall be convicted and punished according to the crime of producing and selling food that does not meet the safety standards; At the same time, it is also stipulated that the production and sales of infant main and auxiliary foods that do not meet food safety standards will be regarded as an aggravating circumstance for relevant crimes endangering food safety.

The interpretation also clearly punishes the production of food with food raw materials exceeding the shelf life according to law. According to the supreme law, the production and sale of food raw materials beyond the shelf life, food beyond the shelf life, recycled food as raw materials, or the sale of food beyond the shelf life and recycled food have high food safety risks and social hazards, so they are explicitly prohibited by the food safety law and the regulations for the implementation of the food safety law. (CCTV news client)

The General Administration of Customs issued a notice on the trigger level and quantity of dairy products imported from New Zealand in 2022

According to the official website of the General Administration of customs, according to the free trade agreement between the government of the people’s Republic of China and the government of New Zealand, China implements special safeguard measures for four categories of agricultural products with 12 tax numbers imported from New Zealand, and will no longer implement special safeguard measures for class I, class III and class IV agricultural products from 2022. The import quantity of agricultural products with four tax numbers in Category II at the applicable agreement tax rate in 2021 and the import trigger level in 2022 are now published. (General Administration of Customs)


Only 26% of new shares on the Hong Kong main board remained above the bidding price last year

According to statistics, 96 new shares were listed on the main board of Hong Kong in 2021. As of December 31, as many as 68 had fallen below the bidding price, accounting for 71%. Together with three new shares that only kept the bidding price, it means that only 25 new shares remained above the bidding price at the end of last year, accounting for about 26%. Shangtang, which was listed only last week, has increased by 40%, which is one of the better performing new shares last year. Beikang medical fell by more than 70%, with the worst performance. Most of the new shares with the largest decline last year were listed in the first half of the year. (Ming Pao)

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