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Is compound condiment a new pursuit for young people?

who will save the “adventures” of kitchen Xiaobai?
“Bang, bang, Bang…” Some time ago, I could always hear the sound of chopping meat stuffing from my neighbor’s house. The harmony between the chopping board and the kitchen knife made me look at the meat stuffing I bought and fall into meditation. Near the end of the year (winter solstice), the family will always prepare a lot of delicious food, and there are many vegetable markets, such as dumpling stuffing, dumpling skin and dumpling seasoning, which also make some “black hands of whole ingredients (in this paper, it refers to groups that are difficult to match seasonings)” feel the joy of cooking delicious food.
When young people talk about making dumplings, the most difficult thing is not to deal with raw meat, side dishes and pastry, but how to make seasonings with moderate taste to add “soul” to dumplings. A few cloves of star anise, several liang of fennel, a few grains of pepper, whether to put cooking wine and raw smoke, etc. are almost impossible for people who don’t go to the kitchen.
As there is a market, there is demand. With the iteration of technological renewal, the compound condiment to save the “whole material blackhands” has gradually become a major industry in the consumer market. Recently, the compound condiment brand chuanwazi has obtained nearly 300 million yuan of a-round financing from Gaorong capital, Jianfa emerging investment, Chengdu anjechuan, Sanya Zhaohe Hongzi and other capital. With the capital support, Can the compound condiment market set off a new trend in the condiment market?
Seasoning to compound seasoning,
Cause young people’s cooking fever
Cooking is inseparable from seasoning, so seasoning is also known as the soul of food. According to the Research Report on China’s condiment industry from 2020 to 2021 released by AI media, the condiment market is becoming more and more mature, and the penetration rate of composite condiments will increase. By 2020, the proportion of composite condiments in the United States, Japan and South Korea will be 73%, 66% and 59% respectively, while the penetration rate of composite condiments in China is only 26%, which has huge growth space.
Of course, growth space does not coincide with growth efficiency, but the latter has a relatively great impact on the former.
The delicacy delicacy section has found a big plate. The comment area of gourmet videos is not only a few compliments and exclamations, but also a lot of questions about the kitchen which is attracted by video to try cooking and cooking. Because of lack of experience, the dishes produced after rough processing of food tiktok are always not satisfactory. Among them, the problem of how to season has attracted the attention of many “whole material black hands”.
When more and more kitchen whites are aroused to be interested in cooking, they will be more easily attracted by composite condiments because they are not familiar with ingredients, which will be transformed into an incremental part of the composite condiment market. Then think about the current market scale of China’s composite condiments of more than 100 billion and low market penetration, Then the potential of the future market will be infinitely enlarged.
Here, many people will wonder why kitchen Xiaobai can become a key part of the growth and penetration of the compound condiment market. In fact, this is inseparable from the unskilled kitchen Xiaobai and the “fast, new and simple” of the current new consumer market. In short, a bag of sour soup fat beef seasoning can simply and quickly complete a meal as long as the ingredients and ingredients are put in and operated according to the instructions. For kitchen Xiaobai, this composite seasoning looks newer and more attractive than the “old” way of matching seasoning.
Compound seasoning is easier to get out of the circle than catering, and can build a brand in a short time.
Tiktok, who has a blogger, “recorded the peach in the middle of the peach”, recorded the life through the delicacy, and also created the peach sister’s brand IP. Peach sister’s videos are mostly combined with delicious food. A video will show a dish, and there will also be simple explanations. However, most people who watch the video belong to the kitchen Xiaobai series. It is very difficult to complete the system production of a dish, and peach sister’s bowl chicken seasoning is precisely because people want to try delicious food, but they can’t touch the need for seasoning.
In fact, sister Taozi’s out of the circle also reflects the current situation of the whole composite condiment market. After watching and eating so many delicious food, she can’t complete the demand for making delicious food. More and more kitchen Xiaobai will try composite condiments, and following the three advantages of “fast, new and simple” can also increase the efficiency of composite condiments to penetrate the market.
According to the data of AI media network, the survey of users’ purchase channels in China’s condiment industry in 2021 shows that supermarkets account for 83% and online channels account for 43.6% (including overlapping parts). At this stage, short video helps brand development. In addition to the existing offline channels, online will also become a key channel for the growth of composite condiments.
compound seasoning and spark of foreign food
When it comes to the online channel of compound condiments, the takeout catering system should be the key production and marketing area.
If Xiaobai in the kitchen is a group with a very low penetration rate of composite condiments, takeout catering businesses are heavy demanders of composite condiments. The reason is that a large part of foreign food businesses rely on cooking to pack dishes. In addition, they arrange in store menus according to the categories of composite condiments.
Compound condiments include sour soup, fat beef soup and tomato sirloin soup. In fact, this soup has the same effect as hot-pot/" 22375 rel="nofollow" target="_self">hot pot. If there is no accident with seasoning and ingredients, you can make the same dishes as the restaurant. Compound condiments, such as pickled cabbage fish and double cooked meat, basically have the shadow of compound condiments, and compound condiments also have a regular and unified impact on the catering market.
In the future consumer market, prefabricated dishes, cooking bags and composite condiments will be the “raw materials” with both contradiction and huge demand in the catering market, and the new trend of catering may have taken shape.
According to the article “five yuan cooking bags beat 10 million Chinese chefs” by Chinese merchants strategy, 70% of takeout is five yuan cooking bags. According to the data reported by CNNIC, the total number of online takeout users in China reached 470 million in June 2021, an increase of 60 million over 2019, of which more than 80% are under the age of 35.
It is learned from the offline market that most people who choose to eat takeout have their own reasons, except that the rental conditions are not allowed, the working hours are not allowed, and their own ability is not allowed. However, when it comes to the view of takeout, consumers agree that due to the fixed place of work, almost all takeout stores around have tried, and they do not want to create conditions for themselves to cook by themselves, However, in the city, whether it is renting a house without a kitchen, or fatigue after a busy day, which makes it impossible to start the process of cooking, so far, the groups that realize the freedom of cooking are still a minority.
In addition to the internal reasons of consumers, there are also the strengthened management of the foreign meal platform, which shortens the delivery time and makes consumers more dependent on the foreign meal. Compared with the time-consuming and laborious way of cooking a meal by themselves, consumers quickly compromise with the foreign meal platform.
If you can’t cook by yourself, the competitiveness of foreign meals will continue to strengthen. Under the influence of various factors, cooking bags have become the focus of the catering market, and it is very difficult for composite condiments to break through the current situation of the consumer market by relying on foreign meals.
70% of takeout comes from cooking bags, so composite condiments have to compete in the foreign food market in less than 30% of the market. However, compared with the effect of low cost and high income of cooking bags, the choice of merchants is very unfavorable to composite condiments. Therefore, composite condiments still have a long way to go about foreign food.
Most importantly, at present, the main sales channels of commodities are still sold through online standardized management. Foreign food is a breakthrough, but to really start the sales war of composite condiments, it depends on how consumers’ living needs change.
from foreign food to family, is compound seasoning good?
The increase in demand for condiments is an important change brought about by population growth. At the same time, it is also people’s attention to dietary needs and their pursuit of complete color, flavor and flavor.
In the Internet age, many people discuss topics related to science and technology and electronic products, which is still endless today. However, with the increasing life of Internet technology, people’s attention returns to basic necessities of life again, and “eating” occupies a lot of people’s time.
Frequent exposure to fast-paced life and exposure to fireworks has become a big demand for consumers.
Entering the kitchen is not a temporary choice. In early 2020, Chinese people affected by the epidemic will return to their home state, and most of their three meals a day will be served from the kitchen. During the epidemic, many families cooked at home to alleviate their long-term anxiety at home, and many kitchen Xiaobai sought the fun of simple cooking from composite condiments.
When Xiaobai realized the importance of seasoning in cooking, he understood why most restaurants outside only had the skills of placing dishes, but could not leave a deep memory of the taste of the food.
From consumer demand to consumer experience, compound condiment has only achieved the first step. In order to make consumers have a good experience, it is necessary to meet the R & D and innovation of compound condiment to replace the original simple meal demand.
In the future, it is no longer the chef who controls the flow in the catering market. Perhaps a perfect compound seasoning can meet the long-term needs of a restaurant. It is not necessary for the chef to support the return of fireworks in catering. With seasoning, consumers can act as chefs, not only complete a meal, but also have a great sense of achievement, This is probably the meaning of compound seasoning to the family.
As more and more people enter the kitchen, the competitiveness of composite condiments is gradually increasing. When people create a “life” atmosphere in their busy life, the basic needs of condiments have the opportunity to become a new outlet in the consumer market, and composite condiments such as chuanwazi are easier to get out of the circle.
In general, after completing the financing process of nearly 300 million in round a, chuanwazi needs to explore the precise needs of the market, make corresponding marketing and innovation layout, and strive to stand out in the fast-paced capital market before it has the opportunity to occupy a larger share. In recent years, the competition in the condiment market has intensified, and the market is also in crisis. If we can find a way to quickly enter the eyes of consumers, maybe chuanwazi can reduce the time for brands to become famous.
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