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The more apples and pears are used, the more tea trends in 2022 focus on “affordable fruits”

in 2022, the use of cheap / daily fruits may become a major trend in tea shops.
It is more and more common to make drinks with apples and pears
In recent months, the use of relatively common fruits such as apple, pear, apricot, persimmon and hawthorn has increased significantly.
in December, this trend is obvious: according to the beverage report in December, among the new products launched by 46 brands, there are 11 products containing hawthorn, 9 products containing apple, 3 products containing apricot, 2 products containing pear and 1 product containing persimmon.
in terms of specific products: at the end of December 2019, Xi tea launched the pop juice big orange product, and launched the orange product through a group of nostalgic videos.
in the autumn of 2021, Naixue’s tea used apricots as products. The follow-up strawberry series is used with hawthorn.

hi tea recently launched a baked product, bagel, which uses apple flavor. The Little Red Princess launched in autumn is the combination of apple and hawthorn. The book also burns Xiancao, the national new Xiaodiao pear soup series. Lele tea is the use of pear honey osmanthus in November. user do # vis
of the little red book of the figure source can find that some parity / daily fruits with relatively grounding gas, unclear regional attributes and high cognitive familiarity begin to appear in the use list of tea products. These fruits are less expensive than cherries, avocados and other expensive fruits; Compared with coconut and durian, the regionality is not so strong; It is more grounded than strawberries and mangoes. They are more homely and basic. They are fruits that most people eat when they are young. But before that, the utilization rate of this kind of fruit in tea shops was not high, and it was often considered by R & D as “low sense of value, too common”. Next, will these common fruits be more popular? How to solve the problem of weak sense of value?
Which brands are selling these affordable fruits?
Statistics of some common fruit products, first to see how they are used.
  • Apple: a common partner of hot red wine
with the popularity of hot red wine, Apple’s appearance rate is much higher. It is not only done in independent small stores, but also chain brands are following the red wine element drinks. Coco can offer two new hot red wine series drinks, the hot red wine flavor fruit barrel with fairy grass in the book, and the new creative special apple on s.o.e. all combine red wine elements with apple and cinnamon.
in addition to red wine, guoyaya also applies apples to yogurt, and adds a small amount of Apple elements to the new concept of Shanghai green, Xueli red and yellow bud white to make a combination of various fruits; Manner’s snow latte series combines apples with coffee and oat milk. Persimmon: this autumn is a new fashion
. In the autumn and winter of 2021, many brands are offering persimmon drinks. Fu Xiaotao launched three new persimmon drinks in November. One of the persimmon ice is to put the whole persimmon into the smoothie. There are many new hi persimmons in yecui mountain. The loose red persimmon is selected, matched with CASS yogurt and passion fruit. The persimmon pulp can be sucked and chewed.
new 3 persimmon products of Jacques IELTS: persimmon as smoothie, persimmon with milk cover and persimmon + orange. Persimmons are bright in color and have high color value after being made into drinks. They are suitable to be defined as seasons. However, persimmons have certain edible taboos to pay attention to (persimmons are rich in tannic acid, which is easy to cause stomach discomfort if consumed in large quantities). Watermelon: there is a new idea for selling melons. In the summer of 2021, there is a double combination for selling melons: a bucket of fruit tea and watermelon juice. Chabaidao, shuyishaoxiancao, aunt Hushang, 7 Fen Tian, yihetang and other chain brands with a scale of 1000 stores have uniformly launched two watermelon drinks. One is a large barrel of fruit tea, which focuses on product hot spots; One is a watermelon beverage with added materials, which is low-cost and seasonal, so as to meet the product needs of customers and improve the efficiency of watermelon supply chain. ,
Lele tea, yihetang and other brands combine the popular fruits in 2021 with watermelon. There are two new watermelon + coconut drinks on Lele tea and one new watermelon + coconut drink on yihetang. Hawthorn: mainly with strawberries in 2021. In November 2016, Naixue’s tea launched the combination of strawberries and hawthorn. In December, there were 11 new Hawthorn drinks, 9 of which were matched with strawberries. Arteasg, Bawang chaji, ashui big cup tea, Jacques IELTS, Wuyin liangpin, s.o.e and other brands all combined strawberries with hawthorn.

pear: take the health preservation route. In autumn and winter, many areas will use Sydney stewed soup to clear the fire and moisten the throat. The book also burns fairy grass. With the theme of “paying tribute to the traditional Beijing flavor”, with the smoke and fire of the market and inheriting the classic flavor as the transmission point, they launch two Xiaodiao pear soup series drinks. Lele tea, in the new autumn moon pear honey osmanthus in November, takes “sweet and juicy” as the key word, and combines Sydney with honey, Maofeng jasmine and osmanthus jelly.

apricots and oranges: you can play the leading role. In September, Naixue’s tea launched domineering xiaoque apricots. The orange color of apricots and the autumn occasion made into smoothies, with a sense of freshness and golden atmosphere. In December, three new apricot drinks on Fu Xiaotao were stirred into smoothies, which were matched with milk cover, cream top and pure tea respectively. Qingshan
, a photo loving user of the little red book of the source, likes tea to return to the big orange with burst juice. It can be used as both smoothies and hot drinks. The orange is moderately sour and sweet. Compared with other fruits, it is more suitable for hot drinks. Coco can serve two new drinks, making oranges into jelly, which combines oranges and lemons respectively.
There are three application ideas for affordable fruits
. Combined with the above cases and comprehensive interviews with professional R & D opinions, the main application methods of affordable / common fruits are
1. Those with weak sense of value are more suitable for compounding. According to Jing Hua, head of yuanzhenzhen R & D, the supply barrier of common fruits is not high. No matter jam or fruit juice, after the process upgrade in 2021, the taste is more restored, the authenticity is higher, and it is more suitable for compounding. For example, when strawberries are too sweet, adding a small amount of Hawthorn can supplement acidity; Hot Strawberry Tea is too sour, add a little pear, and neutralize the sour and astringent value with a sense of fragrance; Hot lemon tea tastes too sour. Add a small amount of apple to neutralize the acidity and improve the richness of the taste; When delivering fruit tea, the taste will be weak over time. Adding apple slices will make the taste more delicious and layered.

apples, pears and other common fruits have unclear memory points, and it is difficult for consumers to feel a sense of value, so they are more suitable for compounding.
2. For fruits with high taste recognition, they can make their own flavor. For fruits with high taste recognition and clear memory points, they can make their own flavor. For example, oranges with high sour and sweet feeling and clear taste in the mouth; Persimmon and watermelon with high sweetness are suitable for use as the main flavor.
3. Those with strong label attributes are suitable for concept drinks. Based on the inherent labels formed by consumers, some fruits can be directly used for concept drinks. A typical case is pear, which has health preservation properties. It is used in Xiaodiao pear soup and other products to continue the taste of the fruit itself.

There are four reasons behind the popularity of affordable fruits
1. Stability advantage of supply and price
From the perspective of supply, the supply chain and price of small fruits such as oil oranges that suddenly burst red in 2021 are unstable. Similarly, imported cherries, avocados and other high-end fruits have high prices and costs. These common fruits themselves have been developed and applied in various fields such as food. In addition, choosing daily and affordable fruits to reduce costs also meets the profit needs of stores. 2. There is a basis for popularization. In the opinion of the person in charge of shuyishaoxiancao products, among the common fruits, the frequency of some fruits with high aroma and obvious flavor is gradually increasing, such as pineapple, orange, etc; Some fruits and vegetables with public taste and cognition are also gradually emerging in the popular products in 2021, and there is good market feedback. Daily fruit itself has a general consumption basis, and with the continuous introduction of brands in the market, the consumer acceptance of making drinks with daily fruit will gradually improve. From the perspective of economic value, this popular development is also more meaningful to return to the local community and support social reputation and benefits such as agriculture, rural areas and farmers.
3. Make the drink more rich in flavor. Consumer taste is a process of continuous cultivation and improvement, and the requirements for the richness and flavor of fruit tea will be continuously improved. The combination of ordinary fruits with strong flavor can help fruit tea products meet the rising tastes of consumers. 4. There are fewer kinds of fruits to choose from. In the initial stage, we make fruit tea and choose more high-end and imported fruits, which is the demand for establishing quality labels, making a sense of value and allowing consumers to form cognition. After the use of regional and minority fruits such as oil Citrus, with the development of industry maturity, the selection of fruit types becomes less. Under the influence of multiple factors such as profit, it will be inevitable to return to rationality and the public. So far, fruit tea will also complete three changes from imported high-end fruits to minority regional fruits, and then to affordable daily fruits.
How to enhance the sense of value of affordable fruits?
The key to making good use of affordable / daily fruits is to enhance the sense of value. The book also gives four suggestions to the R & D director of shaoxiancao:
1. Find value points through origin and raw material information
For example, labels such as high nutrition, good origin and certification can create differentiation. This idea can refer to taro, purple potato and other cereals, and improve the product brand label through the origin label.
2. Use raw material processing techniques to make differences
Such as persimmon, keep the core, make the taste characteristics that can be sucked and chewed, and improve its own flavor.
3. Value with flavor
For example, in the combination of hawthorn and strawberry, its own flavor matching is the highlight. Naixue tea, ashui big cup tea and other brands will also give sugar coated Hawthorn balls or mini sugar gourd with the cup to deepen the marketing point and enhance the sense of value.
4. Cater to consumption scenarios and make differentiation in packaging
For example, the orange series of Fu Xiaotao is combined with the concept of orange cat. Three quilts with different capacities are made in the product presentation, named small young orange, long orange, big fat orange and so on, which cooperate with the design to enhance the attraction.
In the melon ball series of xixiaocha, the round bottle shape is used to show the appearance of watermelon, which has a sense of “eating melon”.
In short, in the launch of affordable / daily fruits, through different channels such as video screen, picture style and interactive mode, with the help of marketing value, help them make a sense of value and build new products into works.
Author: Meng Jie; Source: Yinli Laboratory (ID: ylsys2020), reprint has been authorized. Reprint authorization and media business cooperation: Amy (wechat: 13701559246);
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