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Like tea, “kill the queue”

In the first week of the new year, the “year-end summary” of 2021 came.

Today, the well-known new tea chain said in a notice that in 2021, Xi tea “continues to pursue inspiration and perfection in products, stores and experience”. Xiaoshidai noticed that according to its disclosure, Xicha entered 20 cities in 2021. According to the latest data on the official website, the total number of happy tea stores is close to 900.

Let’s focus together.


In 2021, many new faces of “pop models” will be added to the endless stream of hi tea products.

According to the company, in 2021, on the basis of the original cheese tea, multi meat series, Zhizhi series, Bobo series and other classic products, Xi tea launched a variety of products, including pop lemon tea and multi meat green tea, and gradually became the annual “new classic” of Xi tea. Although there are different drivers behind the “hot money”, we can still try to summarize some “success formulas”.

For example, fruits with regional characteristics have become the “wealth password” of tea.

The snack generation noticed that in 2021, a series of “treasure” fruits were introduced into the new products, which led to the hot sale of fruits such as citrus, citrus, perfume lemon and yellow peel. The new products with good taste of a small number of fruits and the popularity of their own social media platform not only enrich consumers’ beverage choices, but also drive the sales of tea loving drinks.

However, because it is easy to “follow the trend”, its aftereffect remains to be seen. “The new products of Naixue tea and Xi tea have made oil Mandarin popular all over the country and become one of the most popular fruits in 2021. Both brands hope to achieve differentiation through a small number of fresh fruits such as oil Mandarin, but this has not worked to a certain extent. Other smaller market participants have followed suit, resulting in the market finally filled with similar tea products.” In the 2021 tea shop report, IMT pointed out that.  


Xiaoshidai noticed that the series of pop lemon tea launched by Xi tea in May 2021 is the category of traditional Cantonese lemon tea. Through Huanxin raw materials and production technology, Xi tea has introduced this regional characteristic beverage with high heat in Guangdong into the field of new tea drinks, and introduced it to the national market.

“While most brands are scrambling to search for novel ingredients, Xi tea has renewed the classic lemon tea formula, and launched four lemon tea products: Green pop lemon, rock pop lemon, fragrant pop lemon and green pop lemon in May, bringing a new perspective to the market.” Inminster pointed out in the above report. The 4 lemon tea is made from perfume lemon, collocation with different tea bottoms and kale, citronella and small cucumber.  

Yingminte believes that major brands are too obsessed with new product innovation and ignore classic products. “Therefore, under the current market competition pattern, Xi tea’s move is very important.”

For another example, jointly sign and launch the surrounding products to IP the products.

Xiaoshidai noticed that in August last year, Xi tea launched a series of meat green products, which became a new hot model. After that, Xi tea successively launched more new products of this series. At the end of 2021, inspired by the iconic “meat green color”, Xi tea and a number of consumer brands jointly launched peripheral products in different fields such as lighting, masks, fragrant candles, jewelry, cosmetics and so on, Open the IP of multi meat green products.

This series of product innovation actions have stimulated the sales of Xi tea to varying degrees. According to the wechat applet of “happy tea go”, in 2021, 18 new products launched by happy tea, such as Zhizhi meaty green tea, green tea fried lemon, fried juice orange, have successively entered the top 10 popular products. Up to now, the three products of Zhizhi succulent qingti, qingti pop lemon and pop juice orange, which are among the top 10 popular tea products, are all new products launched in 2021.

New store

In terms of stores, Xi tea also continued to expand in 2021.

The latest data on the official website of snack generation today shows that at present, the total number of happy tea stores has been close to 900. By the end of 2020, Xi tea has nearly 700 stores. In other words, the new tea chain will add about 200 stores in 2021.

“In 2021, Xi tea will continue to expand its store coverage and open stores in 20 new cities such as Sanya, Nantong, Yinchuan and Yantai to serve more users.” The company said today.

As one of the representative brands of “new consumption”, Xi tea also made a series of “inspiration” attempts in store space design in 2021.

“The building facade of Xicha Beijing Qianmen Street store continues and maintains the original ancient architectural characteristics of old Beijing. The interior is inspired by traditional architectural elements such as mortise and tenon, beam and column and reproduced in modern design language. Xicha Shenzhen Nantou ancient city store uses deconstruction to create a spatial layout combining dynamic and static, with Lingnan decorative elements inside.” For example, the company said that in addition, Xi tea’s stores in Nanchang Street, Wuxi, Zhenhua commercial building, Yantai and Yixing babaoban also take the connotation or unique cultural elements of the city as the design inspiration.

While laying out offline, Xi tea is also improving the online experience.  

It is revealed that through technical investment and store process optimization, in 2021, the waiting time for happy tea users to pick up tea after ordering online has been continuously shortened, and the average waiting time for each user to pick up tea in the store has been shortened by about 5 minutes compared with 2020; More than 500 stores have realized meals within 15 minutes during non peak hours.

“At the store point level, we have achieved ‘kill queue’.” The company said.

In addition, the intelligent tea fetching cabinet launched in 2019 has also been more widely used in 2021. It is reported that more than half of Xi tea stores have been equipped with “contactless tea fetching” intelligent tea fetching cabinets, which can better meet the consumption needs in the post epidemic period while improving the service efficiency.

In terms of improving user stickiness, in 2021, Xi tea upgraded the original “go member” of Xi tea to “Xi tea member”, making member privileges and benefits closer to users’ daily drinking scenes and social needs. In addition, tea loving members have prepared exclusive privileges for the highest level “VIP. Black card” members.

Overall, the effect of brand is strengthening in the competition of current tea chain to cultivate user loyalty.

Yingminte pointed out in the above report that in terms of brand selection factors, surprisingly, consumers are more concerned about “buying the brand” than “having exclusive brand drinks”. “This is the opposite of what was observed last year. Given that consumers in this saturated market have not developed brand stickiness before, this change is a great progress.” The report said.

“Brand selection has not changed significantly. Xi tea, Yidian and Duke tea continue to lead the sales list. Xi tea is very popular in the southern market where it originated, while Yidian and Duke tea is developing rapidly in the East.” Yingminte pointed out that the penetration rate of current tea in the post epidemic era is the same as that before the epidemic, and the brand will continue to face the pressure of attracting new users and expanding the audience.

Yingminte predicts that in 2021, the total consumption expenditure of current tea will recover to RMB 54.8 billion, with an annual increase of 9.8%, slightly lower than the level before the epidemic. This means that the market will return to its pre epidemic level by the end of 2021. Looking forward to the future, inminster believes that there are still significant growth opportunities in the market.  

Pay attention to “snack generation” (wechat: foodinc) “and reply to” happy tea “to see the wonderful news.

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