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Mead Johnson China explores a new model of public welfare and works with partners to create public welfare

At the countdown of 2021, Mead Johnson China business group (hereinafter referred to as “Mead Johnson China”) presented a special “public welfare new year”.

At the new year’s Party of Zhejiang satellite TV, Mead Johnson China joined hands with Brand Ambassador Li Chen to officially launch the “better start with love” public welfare project for caring for left behind children, and joined hands with 23 business partners to donate nutritional products with a market value of 35 million yuan to left behind children in 6 provinces such as Sichuan and Yunnan.

It is worth noting that Mead Johnson is the first international brand of infant formula to sponsor the New Year party, and Zhejiang satellite TV also opened a public welfare link for a single brand at the celebration of the New Year party for the first time. As a result, Mead Johnson China has become the first mother and child enterprise to mobilize industry forces to make public welfare contributions with the help of the New Year party.

New public welfare project

It is reported that the above public welfare project was initiated by Mead Johnson China, together with 23 important business partners, to provide nutritional support for the healthy growth of left behind children.

When consumers buy a can of Mead Johnson products above 750g through relevant cooperation channels, Mead Johnson China will donate nutrition products worth 30 yuan, with a maximum donation market value of 35 million yuan, and donate them to left behind children in need in six provinces such as Sichuan, Yunnan and Gansu through China children’s foundation. At the same time, the project also pays attention to and supports the nutritional needs of children in welfare homes, left behind children and children in distress in Xi’an and surrounding areas, and protects the children’s health in the special period of the epidemic.

Zhu Dingping, President of Mead Johnson China business group, said: “as an international brand of 116 years, Mead Johnson has always been committed to ‘giving the baby the best beginning of his life’. The New Year party places people’s expectations for the new year. We hope to welcome the best beginning of the year with the national audience in the public welfare way of ‘transmitting love’.”

It is understood that choosing to launch public welfare projects at the new year’s party is also based on Mead Johnson China’s insight into the local market after realizing localization and independent operation. The New Year party is not only one of the most important scenes with the highest participation of Chinese people, but also greatly shortens the emotional distance between brands and consumers by congratulating the old and welcoming the new in the way of “transmitting love”.

It is not difficult to find that Mead Johnson China and Zhejiang satellite TV reached a strategic cooperation this new year’s party, which is also the first time that the brand appeared to consumers after the localization operation of the former, and has become an important carrier for Mead Johnson China’s marketing upgrading.

“Public welfare + partner co creation”

In fact, since Mead Johnson entered China 28 years ago, it has always responded to the national call, used its own advantages and gathered global resources to participate in public welfare actions. The launch of the public welfare project of caring for left behind children is an important practice of the company in realizing localized and independent operation and exploring the “new praise” mode to transmit social positive energy.

Xiaoshidai once introduced that as Mead Johnson China started localization and independent operation, the company determined to strengthen a series of innovation strategies such as “decision chain”, “value chain” and “digital chain”, thus opening up a new sample and path for international brands to operate in the Chinese market. The public welfare project jointly launched by Zhejiang satellite TV at the new year’s Eve party is precisely the innovation made by Mead Johnson China based on the “value chain” and the exploration of a new idea of “public welfare + partner co creation”.

In Mead Johnson China’s view, by carrying out “public welfare + partner co creation”, we can more closely unite important partners in the value ecosystem. At the same time, we can turn important nodes in the industrial chain into “amplifiers” of public welfare undertakings and drive business partners to participate in public welfare co creation. In this process, Mead Johnson China’s role will also change from a simple participant in the past to an influencer, advocate and Platform Builder.

At the end of last year, Guangzhou Mead Johnson public welfare foundation was officially established, which also marks the normalization, platform and sustainability of Mead Johnson’s public welfare undertakings.

Looking forward to the future, Mead Johnson China said that it will continue to give full play to its scale advantages, connect the strength of public welfare organizations and channel partners, and create greater value for the society by building a broader social influence platform.

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