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The prices of some Xiangpiao products have increased since February. Wandashan Dairy has been valued at nearly 5 billion yuan. Chayan Yuese has established a new company, laiyifen takes a stake in gas brewing wine, and Yurun’s reorganization plan has been passed. Are you hungry to respond to layoffs

Hot company information and announcement


Xiangpiao announces price increase of some products

Xiang Piao announced today that in view of the continuous rise in the costs of main raw materials, labor, transportation and energy, the company decided to adjust the price of solid brewing milk tea (including classic series and good material series). The price increase range of main products is 2% – 8%. The new price will be implemented according to the price adjustment notice of each product from February 1, 2022. (company announcement)

Farmer mountain spring stock price retrenchment

Today, nongnongshan spring made a sharp correction in early trading, with a decline of 12.50%. Last month, driven by events such as the equity incentive plan, the stock price rose by more than 15%. The stock closed today at HK $47.50, or 9.78%. (Zhitong finance and economics, snack generation)

The first supplier conference of China Resources Snow beer was held

According to the news of Huarun snowflake WeChat official account, the first supplier conference of Huarun snow beer was held in Chengdu in December 30th. The star supplier system was formally established. The supplier will be divided into five star suppliers, four-star suppliers and Samsung suppliers, and strict restrictions and assessment rules are given to star suppliers. (issued by the company)

Dongpeng beverage responded that the performance of North China market was lower than expected

Recently, Dongpeng beverage was asked in the investor relations activity why the North China market was lower than expected in 2021. The company said that the sales system of North China Business Division has a perfect space compared with other regions. At the same time, it is also related to consumers’ drinking habits; The company has also adjusted its personnel structure in 2022, integrated and improved resource efficiency, and hopes to achieve a better effect in the later stage. (company announcement)

Let the new tea product “alpine green tea” be officially launched

On January 4, rangcha released a new product, alpine green tea. It is reported that this product is jointly developed by Professor Liu Zhengzheng, a well-known domestic tea expert, the “State Key Laboratory of tea biology and resource utilization” of Anhui Agricultural University. It is selected from the mountain ecological tea garden in Mengding Mountain, Sichuan, more than 1000 meters above sea level, and the National Tea variety Zhongcha 108 is preferred. In terms of taste, it follows the flavor of fried tea in the Tang and Song Dynasties, and selects the steaming process and baking process to make the taste less bitter and more sweet, so as to form the unique green tea flavor of rangcha · Gaoshan green tea; 100% raw leaf tea extract, 0 sugar 0 card 0 fat without adding flavors, no preservatives, healthy and refreshing, refreshing and refreshing. In addition, packaging design inherits the traditional Chinese style and is jointly created by many industry masters. The word “Gaoshan” was written by Ms. Qian Xiaocui, an independent calligraphy artist; The bottle shape is designed by Xiu Hao, former design director of LETV sports industry, winner of many international design awards such as red dot award and gooddesign; Bottle sticker illustration is drawn by Ouyang Pengjie, a new generation of Chinese pen painting leader. (issued by the company)

Wandashan Dairy transferred 6.6% of its shares at a valuation of RMB 4.869 billion

Wandashan completed the agreement transfer of 56176596 shares (6.6% equity) on December 30, with a transaction amount of RMB 321 million. The transferor of this equity is Beidahuang Investment Holding Co., Ltd. and the transferee is Heilongjiang Agricultural Investment Capital Management Co., Ltd. Based on the equity transfer price, Wandashan is currently valued at 4.869 billion yuan. (I knew it)

Chayan Yuese establishes a new company

On December 31, 2021, Changsha Caiqing Beverage Co., Ltd. was established. The legal representative is sun Cuiying, with a registered capital of 5 million yuan. Its business scope includes catering services; Food sales; Food Internet sales; Liquor business, etc. According to the shareholder information, the company is wholly-owned by Changsha chayue you me Catering Management Co., Ltd. (Interface)


New dairy established a food technology company in Hunan

Recently, new hope Dairy Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “new dairy”) has increased its foreign investment. The newly invested enterprise is Hunan new hope milk seeking food technology Co., Ltd., with an investment proportion of 80%, the legal representative is Chen huneng, and the registered capital is 10 million yuan. The business scope of the company includes food production; Dairy production; Beverage production, etc. The company is 80% owned by new dairy, 16% by Liu Zhijian and 4% by Chen huneng. (snack generation)

The proportion of Fengchu health shares held by Golden Arowana decreased

Recently, the share proportion of Haijiali golden dragon fish grain, oil and Food Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “golden dragon fish”) in Fengchu (Shanghai) Health Food Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Fengchu health”) has decreased from 100% to about 86.11%. Fengchu health was established on October 14, 2021. Its legal representative is Tan AIK Peng, with a registered capital of 9 million yuan. Its business scope includes the wholesale of food additives. (snack generation)


Laiyifen shares in bubble wine company

Recently, Shanghai Longyu wine industry Co., Ltd., an affiliated company of the bubble wine brand “Chuqi”, has undergone industrial and commercial changes, adding Shanghai laiyifen Co., Ltd. as a shareholder, and the registered capital of the company has increased to RMB 11.7647 million. Shanghai Longyu wine industry Co., Ltd. was established in May 2016, and its legal representative is Zhu junjin. Its business scope includes food sales (including bottled wine), sales, etc. (snack generation)

Yurun’s reorganization plan was voted by creditors

Recently, Yurun’s reorganization plan was voted by creditors and approved by Nanjing Intermediate People’s court. The securitization platform “Yurun selection” for debt transfer will still be operated by Zhu Yicai through Yurun holdings. Yurun holdings also promised that the total net profit of the securitization platform from 2023 to 2025 will not be less than 2 billion yuan, and the net profit in 2026 will not be less than 5 billion yuan, and will submit the listing application within 2027. (E company)

Bright Dairy means that Jiangsu Zhongyi is not authorized to establish a national investment center

Previously, investors asked on the investor interaction platform whether Guangming dairy cooperated with Jiangsu Zhongyi Brand Management Co., Ltd. Anhui Branch, and authorized the establishment of Zhongyi National Investment Promotion Center for new Guangming milk products to recruit agents for new Guangming products nationwide. Today, Guangming dairy said on the investor interaction platform that Jiangsu Zhongyi Brand Management Co., Ltd. is the distributor of the company’s subordinate marketing center, but it is not authorized to establish a national investment promotion center. (Daily Economic News)


Guolian aquatic products plans to raise 1 billion yuan to expand the production capacity of prefabricated vegetables

This morning, the League of nations closed the daily limit. Guolian aquatic announced yesterday that it plans to raise a total of no more than 1 billion yuan for the central kitchen project of its subsidiary Guangdong Gome Aquatic Food Co., Ltd. and gradually transform its product structure to catering ingredients and marine food dominated by prefabricated dishes. (Securities Times, snack agent)


Thomson Beijian expects the annual net profit to increase by 5% to 25% year-on-year

Yesterday, Thomson Beijian released the performance forecast of the annual report. It is estimated that the net profit in 2021 will be 1.600 billion to 1.905 billion yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 5.00% to 25.00%. (issued by the company)


Shuanghui development signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with muyuan Co., Ltd

Yesterday, Shuanghui development announcement signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with muyuan Co., Ltd. the two sides will improve the industrial chain, enhance the value chain, open up the supply chain and improve product quality, efficiency and market competitiveness based on the purchase and sale of live pigs. (company announcement)


Yili modern smart health Valley demonstration project was officially launched

Recently, at the centralized signing ceremony of key industrial projects in Hohhot in 2021 held in Beijing, the “zero carbon five-star demonstration project of Hohhot Yili modern smart health Valley” jointly built by Hohhot Municipal People’s government and Yili Group was officially launched. The estimated investment of Yili modern smart health Valley zero carbon five-star demonstration project is 13.5 billion yuan, the annual output value is about 1.6 billion yuan, the annual tax payment is about 200 million yuan, and about 1.3 million tons of standard coal can be saved every year. (media scrolling)


Miaoke Lando invested 800 million yuan to build a cheese factory

Recently, the new innovative cheese base project of miaokolando was officially announced to start. After the completion of the new project, miaokolando will have the largest cheese production base in China. It is understood that the miaokolando innovative cheese base project, which is under construction this time, covers an area of about 49.79 mu, with a construction area of 51117.55 square meters and a total investment of 800 million yuan. (dairy online)

Daoxiang village and Beijing Metro jointly founded “Didao shop”

Recently, the “Di rice shop” jointly founded by Chinese pastry brand Beijing Daoxiang village and Beijing Metro has officially opened. The two new stores are located in Yonghegong station and Beitucheng station of Beijing Metro. The store is long and narrow. In addition to baked food, it also sells packaged cooked food, quick-frozen food, New Year gift boxes and other products. (Interface)


Wufangzhai applied for Wufang universe trademark

Recently, Zhejiang Wufangzhai Industrial Co., Ltd. applied for the registration of several trademarks of “Wufang universe” and “Wufang Lingjing”, which are internationally classified as food and convenience food. The current trademark status is waiting for substantive review. (shopkeeper you)

“Shixiang” completed tens of millions of angel rounds of financing

Recently, the innovative restaurant chain brand “Shixiang” of sour rice noodles has completed tens of millions of angel rounds of financing, and the investor is B capital. Founded in August 2021, “Shixiang” is an emerging innovative catering chain brand focusing on sour rice noodles in China. So far, the number of “Shixiang” stores has exceeded 40. (investment community)


“Gan Shi Ji” won a round of financing of 50 million yuan

The chain catering brand “Gan Shi Ji · Chengdu Feichang powder” has recently completed 50 million round a financing, which is jointly invested by two catering / food groups in Greater China and Qingling capital as the exclusive financial consultant. This round of financing is mainly used for direct store expansion, organization system optimization, digital system construction and brand marketing strengthening. (36 krypton)

Yum China launches low carbon environmental protection activities

Recently, yum China announced that its brand KFC China has launched a series of low-carbon and environmental protection publicity and promotion activities to advocate a sustainable lifestyle and further strengthen consumers’ awareness of low-carbon and environmental protection. As of December 20, 2021, during the three-week event, more than 28 million KFC members across the country have participated in carbon reduction actions. Through 63 million punch in carbon reduction actions, the cumulative carbon reduction for the earth is 145 tons. (issued by the company)

The approval document (decision) of Australian premium formula food for special medical purposes is to be received

Recently, the food review center of the State Administration of market supervision and administration announced the information to be received for the registration approval (decision) of a batch of formula foods for special medical purposes. The details are as follows: (food review center of the State Administration of market supervision and Administration)

A batch of infant formula milk powder product formula registration approval document (decision) mailing details sheet is published

Recently, the food review center of the State Administration of market supervision and administration announced the mailing details of the approval documents (decision) for the registration of a batch of infant formula milk powder products. The details are as follows: (food review center of the State Administration of market supervision and Administration)


Lang Ping starred in Fulinmen micro film

On the first day of work after the new year’s Day holiday, Fu linmen, together with former Chinese women’s volleyball coach Lang Ping and former Chinese women’s volleyball captain Wei Qiuyue, launched the heartwarming film when happiness knocks on the door. At the beginning of the new year, Fulinmen released a brand new year speech in the form of micro film – paying tribute to everyone who works hard for everyone and small family, and calling for a happy life for his family in the new year.

Yizi completed the acquisition of chipita, a bakery company

Yesterday, Yizi International announced that it had completed the acquisition of chipita global S.A., which will use chipita’s central and Eastern European distribution network capacity to strengthen its distribution in the region, and continue to introduce its brand into new countries in the region and other regions. The company also hopes to increase procurement and manufacturing expertise based on chipita global S.A.’s differentiated capabilities. (issued by the company)


Starbucks requires all U.S. employees to be vaccinated or tested

Starbucks said yesterday that it would require its US employees to be vaccinated or tested weekly from February 9. Earlier, John Culver, chief operating officer of Starbucks, said that about 220000 employees in the United States must disclose their vaccination before January 10. (Reuters)


Quick reading of food industry information



The State Administration of Market Supervision issued the administrative measures for supervision and inspection of food production and operation

Recently, the State Administration of Market Supervision issued the revised Measures for the supervision and inspection of food production and operation (hereinafter referred to as the measures), which will come into force on March 15, 2022. There are 7 chapters and 55 articles in the measures, of which one key content is to divide the risk level and strengthen the risk management of food safety. In combination with the food category, business scale, risk control ability, credit status, supervision and inspection of food producers and operators, the risk level of food producers and operators is divided into four levels: A, B, C and D from low to high, and key supervision and inspection are carried out for special food producers, central kitchens, group meal distribution units and other high-risk food producers and operators, Increase the frequency of daily supervision and inspection according to the actual situation. (General Administration of market supervision)

Revised and released measures for network security review

Today, the state Internet information office and other 13 departments revised and issued the measures for network security review. The measures include the situation that the data processing activities carried out by network platform operators affect or may affect national security into the network security review, and it is clear that network platform operators with personal information of more than 1 million users must apply to the Network Security Review Office for network security review when they are listed abroad. According to the actual needs of the review, the CSRC has been added as a member unit of the network security review mechanism, and the national security risk assessment factors have been improved. (Sina Finance)

Let “take out seal” become the standard for food safety

The market supervision bureau of Zhejiang Province recently issued the guidelines for the standardized use of food and beverage takeout seals. According to the guidelines, for takeout foods that have not been sealed or have incomplete seals, the distribution personnel have the right to refuse to deliver and the consumers have the right to refuse to sign. The market supervision department can impose a fine of 200-500 yuan on the merchants according to law. The relevant person in charge also said that those who use staples, transparent glue and other simple seals will not be used as takeout seals. (Nanfang Daily)


Hungry? Respond to layoffs: the news is untrue

Today, it is reported that Ali’s local life is about to start a round of significant layoffs. The layoffs involve almost all business lines, including personnel of regional branches, excluding third-party riders. The above report pointed out that a person close to hungry Yao disclosed to the interface news reporter that the layoffs were due to the gradual widening of the war gap between hungry Yao and meituan in the field of local life. In response to the above rumors, the hungry party said: “the news is untrue. We have no so-called layoff plan, and we have formulated a clear plan for the next development”. (AI finance and Economics)


Amazon responded that Kindle may exit China

Today, Amazon China responded to the “Kindle is closed, out of stock and may even exit China” by saying: “we are committed to serving Chinese consumers. Consumers can buy Kindle devices through third-party online and offline retailers.” The response also pointed out that some models of Kindle e-book readers are currently sold out in the Chinese market. Several independent sources within Amazon China told reporters that the company’s Kindle hardware team had been abolished in November 2021. “China also no longer has the business of Kindle electronic devices.” A person familiar with the matter said. (shell Finance)

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