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Protein replaces carbon water, and baking products usher in a healthy transformation. Here is a new opportunity!

On the one hand,
is for consumers looking for real low-carbon, healthy and delicious baking products, and on the other hand, it seems that the baking industry can not meet consumers. Will protein baking be the perfect solution to fill this blank market?

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Source: foodaily daily food (ID: foodaily)

Low carbon water, low fat, sugar control, high protein and fat reduction, shaping, body management, diet adjustment, healthy lifestyle… I believe you are no stranger to these high-frequency and high flow hot words that always appear at the same time.
Searching for what is relevant to these keywords by young red books, bean petal, B station, jitter and other young people gathered tiktok, we can find that the top notes and video hits are quite impressive, and “eat what” and “how to eat” are always the most concerned issues. How to live healthier and eat healthier is already the hard demand of contemporary young people.
Essential skills for healthy eating – eating grass, source: dietplus
In fact, such dietary demand is not only a Chinese trend, but also a world trend.
Recently, the authoritative British Nutrition media newnutrition business released the top ten trends in food, nutrition and health in 2022. From the summary of its key trends, it can be seen that consumers around the world pay more and more attention to their health awareness and look forward to the health of snacks. Among them, eating high-quality protein and reducing carbohydrates and sugar in food are increasing dietary behaviors. Therefore, many traditional categories such as carbonated drinks and snack bars are being subverted and transformed.
Among them, foodaily has found a new track – protein baking, which is quietly rising. It uses the idea of “high protein” and “replacing carbon water” to transform the traditional baking category, and has become popular in the European and American markets. Today, let’s take a look at the energy and potential of this new category called “traditional baking subverter”!
Stay away from high oil and sugar!
Traditional baking faces a new topic of health transformation
1. Refuse high sugar and high oil, and consumers’ demand for healthy baking is increasing
With the development of baking products towards snack, staple and meal replacement, and the growing awareness of great health, consumers also put forward higher and more detailed requirements for baking products, and the demand for low-carbon, low-fat, healthy and delicious baking products is increasing.
In tiktok, according to the tiktok data, compared with 2020, the 1-10 categories of voice content on the low level, low sodium, low sugar and low fat content in 2021 increased by 84%, 299%, 166%, 129%, respectively, and the average increase was over 100% over the 2021 month. It can be seen that consumers pay more attention to these areas.
Photo source: giant arithmetic
The raw materials of traditional baking are mainly flour, white granulated sugar, butter, palm oil, etc., which determines that it naturally has the characteristics of high carbon water and high oil. It also leads to the fact that traditional baking can not meet the needs of consumers who want to pursue healthier, low-carbon and low-fat foods, such as people with special dietary needs such as sports fitness, fat reduction and slimming, children and patients with chronic diseases.
Even for ordinary consumers without very strict dietary restrictions, in the face of the ubiquitous addition of sugar and various fine carbon water in modern processed foods, it is still a healthy choice to consciously control carbon and reduce sugar when choosing baking products.
a family baked high protein blueberry oatmeal muffin, photo source: myprotein
In addition, due to the hot concept of substitute meal in recent two years, many healthy baking products, such as whole wheat bread, are often sought after by consumers who pay attention to weight management as a new species of substitute meal. According to the 2021 generation food industry trend insight and public opinion analysis report of EPX consulting, in September 2021, the sales volume of Taobao / tmall platform generation food exceeded 8.7763 million pieces, and the transaction volume exceeded 325 million yuan. In terms of categories, the sales volume of baking products was the highest. It can also be seen from here that the market of healthy baking products is still broad and is expected by consumers.
However, under the social media content of “0 sugar”, “low carbon water”, “low fat”, “fat eating staple food / snack choices” and “healthy diet”, it can be said that the three party melee make complaints about the scene of large-scale grass planting, the large-scale fake spot and the large-scale Tucao scene.
These note videos often have good views, likes and collections. Although the baking products recommended by some conscientious bloggers may not really reach a particularly low carbon water volume due to the restrictions of food materials, they are still dominated by “high-quality carbon water” such as coarse grains and miscellaneous beans; Some bloggers without sense of responsibility and professional knowledge even recommend a whole portion of fine carbon water, or you can see the added sugar content by looking at the ingredient list. There are often various “anti-counterfeiting comments” under such notes.
Source: Little Red Book
In some healthy baked products such as whole wheat bread, “bad taste” is a high-frequency word in the comment area. Others will say, “XXX, do you still feel bad? This is the best of its kind!”, There is a helplessness of having to compromise between words.

Some feel that the whole wheat bread products are tasteless Tucao, picture source: make complaints about
The reality is that, on the one hand, there are consumers everywhere looking for real and delicious healthy low-carbon water baking products, and on the other hand, there seems to be a baking industry that can not provide satisfactory products for these consumers.
It can be seen that the health upgrading of traditional baking has always existed in the past and has to be faced in the future. The enhancement of consumers’ health demand and the popularity of low-carbon and fat reducing diet on social media also have to accelerate the baking upgrading.
2. Baking track is growing rapidly, and the healthy transformation has never stopped
In 2021, there were nearly 20 investment events in domestic baking track, and Mo Mo dim sum Bureau, Hutou Bureau, Dad sugar, happy cake and Xianghe pastry shop won 100 million yuan of financing one after another. It can be seen that the new baking seems to have become a hot track.
Photo source: foodaily sorted
according to public data
According to the analysis of AI media information, the market scale of China’s bakery industry will reach 260.08 billion yuan in 2021, with a year-on-year increase of 19.9%. With the improvement of the epidemic situation, the market scale will maintain a growth rate of about 10% and continue to grow. The scale of China’s baking market is expected to reach 306.99 billion yuan in 2023.
The 100 billion level baking market is undoubtedly huge. The increase of consumers and consumption also means that the industry will face the challenge of more diversified consumption scenarios and more diversified needs of people, and one of the eternal demand themes is the health of baking products.
Recipe for a whole wheat bread, image source: minimalist Baker
In the past, we have seen that the healthy transformation methods of many brands are to use “high-quality carbon water” whole wheat flour instead of ordinary flour, add grains and coarse grains, reduce the amount of sugar, reduce the amount of fat, or replace butter with avocado. However, some consumers still expect to eat foods with lower carbon and high protein, so flour Free Baking and protein baking are gradually rising. People begin to try to replace flour with various protein powders such as almond powder, coconut powder, flaxseed powder, Qiya seed, wheat protein powder and whey protein powder. This is a subversive transformation that breaks through common sense for traditional baking products. This more thorough low-carbon transformation has also won many fans and attracted the attention and expectation of many consumers.
4 low flour or no flour baked desserts, image source: CBC
3. Protein baking has great potential and is opening a new chapter in healthy baking
In fact, with the rise and long-term popularity of low-carbon water diet overseas, protein baking has experienced development for at least 20 years as a solution to reduce carbon water in baking products. At present, there are many popular protein baking products on the market.
American questprotein cookies often appear on the “recommended protein cookies” list and social media. Milk protein isolate and whey protein isolate were used as main raw materials, and soluble corn fiber and erythritol were used at the same time. Each biscuit contains 15-16 grams of protein, less than 1 gram of sugar and 9-12 grams of fiber; It tastes soft and chewy. It tastes like ordinary cookies. It is very suitable for eating after exercise.
Quest protein cookies, image source: wholesome keto treaties
Maxine’s, the most popular protein bar brand in Australia, also launched protein cake burn cookies and gained a lot of popularity. The first in the ingredient list of this product is the mixed protein of this brand, which contains high-quality whey protein and casein white powder. At the same time, it adds ingredients to promote fat combustion and block carbon water, so as to support metabolism and promote fat reduction. Each burn cookie has less than 700kj calories and can provide 13g protein. It is suitable for low-carbon water snacks or after exercise.
Maxine’s burn cookies, photo source: Maxine’s official website
In China, new brands such as ke7 and yeman have also made brilliant achievements and consumer feedback in the future.
The newly established health food brand, which cut into the market with “small light brick instead of meal”, can be 7 in the future. After several years of research and development, it has launched the domestic first “oil-free and sugar free pastry forming technology”. Compared with the traditional cake, the small light brick uses oats, egg white powder, Hericium erinaceus powder and konjac powder instead of flour. It is high in protein and fiber, and the nutritional structure is infinitely close to the dietary guide. It is a slow carbon water baking product with high satiety, chewy and delicious. During the internal test in 2017, the small light brick has obtained a batch of loyal powder. In 2020, small and light brick products can be 7 officially introduced to the market in the future. At the beginning of the launch, the brand achieved a monthly sales of more than one million.
7 small light bricks in the future, photo source: future 7 official blog
The coconut innovation brand yeman, established in 2020, has completed the ten million pre-A round of financing in August this year, which is also the second round of financing of the brand this year. Its main “coconut light cake” uses coconut baking powder instead of flour, coconut oil instead of butter, adds more than 48% of fresh eggs, and uses maltitol with low GI to make the cake more moist, soft and full of coconut fragrance. At present, the monthly sales volume of “coconut light cake” has reached 100000 boxes, and the cumulative sales volume in the whole network has exceeded 2 million bags. As of the double 11, the sales volume of yeman mantianmao flagship store has exceeded 10 million. The product has been listed in No.1 of the hot selling list of Western pastries on the double 11 of tmall, and has been rated as one of the top ten “new brands with the most potential of the year” by tmall cuisine.
Coconut full coconut light cake, photo source: coconut full official blog
To subvert the traditional baking industry,
Is it really time for the rapid development of protein baking in China?
1. Technical difficulties and barriers, difficult transformation of traditional baking
If dairy products, meat products and other raw materials with rich protein content naturally have “excellent genes” to adapt to the evolution of high protein, the evolution of low-carbon water and high protein of baked products does not seem to be so smooth.
Because in baked products, the increase of protein and fiber content is easy to lead to dry, hard and tough texture of cakes and biscuits, insufficient volume of finished products, etc., which affects the texture, taste and appearance of products, making it difficult for products to achieve the taste and flavor of traditional baking. However, in the consumer behavior research survey of comaxfavours, which has studied the development of flavor for 40 years, according to the feedback of 1200 consumers on the consumption behavior and use attitude of foods such as high protein drinks, high protein bars and sweet and salty protein snacks, it is found that more than half of consumers regard “taste” as the most important factor and mainly care about “hygiene and convenience”.
Especially for Chinese people, carbon water plays an extremely important role in food culture. To make people try to transform carbon water products and even insist on eating low-carbon water food, it needs to spend more effort to make the taste and taste of the finished products easy to accept.
Source: annual comedy Conference
Therefore, to be healthy and delicious is a difficult problem that has to be solved in the upgrading process of the baking industry.
2. Break the raw material limit and improve the technology to enable protein baking
The good news is that China can break the restrictions of traditional raw materials through process improvement and create healthier baking products with protein powder, sugar substitute, coconut oil or sunflower seed oil as raw materials. In this field, Hangzhou Hengmei is at the forefront of the industry.
Through five years of technological development, Hangzhou Hengmei can make coarse grain pastries take shape without adding hydrogenated vegetable oil and sucrose, and make protein based adhesive products without adding flour. At the same time, the low-temperature baking fresh locking technology is used to firmly lock the nutritional components of the products and reduce the nutritional loss of raw materials.
After technical improvement, Hangzhou Hengmei has been able to achieve the taste of protein baking products, reaching or even surpassing the traditional baking products. And successfully put into production.
A new product developed by Hangzhou Hengmei: two color cookies, which has achieved a triple breakthrough in nutrition, taste and beauty. Photo source: Hangzhou Hengmei
Using new technology, Hangzhou Hengmei has developed a series of products. For example, the protein crispy developed by Hangzhou Hengmei takes composite protein powder as the main raw material and polydextrose water-soluble dietary fiber is added at the same time. When compared with some traditional popular brands of biscuits, in the taste test, Hangzhou Hengmei’s protein biscuits and traditional biscuits are very close, and both have obtained the evaluation of crisp taste. At the same time, it is lighter and less oily, and will not leave oil stains on your fingers, while traditional crackers will leave some oil stains on your hands. On the whole, this protein crispness performs very well as a protein baking product.
In terms of nutrition, due to the use of protein powder base and natural sugar substitutes, the protein content of protein biscuits can reach 5 times that of traditional baked biscuits, the carbohydrate content is only 1 / 3-1 / 10 of that of traditional products, and the fat content is about half of that of traditional products. At the same time, it is rich in dietary fiber, so it has a stronger sense of satiety and is also beneficial to intestinal health.
Protein crispy developed by Hangzhou Hengmei, photo source: Hangzhou Hengmei
With the support of new processing technology, today’s protein baking products have the strength to compete with traditional baking products in terms of taste, eating experience and nutrition.
From the baking products at home and abroad, it can be seen that the healthy upgrading of the traditional baking track is an inevitable trend, so it will be an opportunity for new consumer brands in the future. Protein baking is a new sub category with rapid growth abroad and vigorous development in China. In addition, consumers’ demand for high protein, low sugar and low-fat baking products is becoming more and more enthusiastic. Brands should seize the opportunity and seize this new baking outlet in time.
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