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Seven years after its establishment, it was listed on NASDAQ. This Swedish cutting-edge wants to win the position of China’s high protein ice cream| New Xiu brand

in the era of healthy food, can we break through the ice cream inner roll and make it healthy?

Text: Cathy Wang

Source: foodaily daily food (ID: foodaily)

Ice cream = summer limit? Young people today don’t think so. In the north room with sufficient heating, wearing short sleeves and eating ice cream is the greatest respect for winter; In the spring air-conditioned room, ice cream has also become a winter choice for many southerners. Even in winter, we see many ice cream brands active.
At the same time, with the improvement of consumers’ health awareness, dessert lovers are afraid of the traditional ice cream with high sugar, high fat and high calories. How to lighten the burden of consumers and become an innovative trend in the ice cream market, Foodaily observed that low sugar and low calorie ice cream products have sprung up, but from the current development perspective, it has not really opened up a new world in the mind of consumption.
So, the concept of health = bad? “Health” is a false proposition in the transformation of ice cream category? In the era of healthy food, can the health label of ice cream be pasted?
Recently, foodaily learned that a product from Sweden – “LoHiLo high protein ice cream” has entered the Chinese market and wants to open up a new position in China. The reason for this confidence comes from its unique advantage of “high protein & delicious”.
Looking at the nutritional composition table, foodaily found that compared with most ice cream products in the Chinese market (the protein content per 100g of products varies from 2.5G to 2.5G, and basically does not contain dietary fiber), the protein content per 100g of LoHiLo high protein ice cream is as high as 13g, and the dietary fiber content is as high as 9.2g.
Source: LoHiLo
As the starting point of LoHiLo’s success, what is the magic of LoHiLo high protein ice cream? Health must sacrifice taste? How does it make it high protein and delicious? What kind of consumption insight is behind it? What kind of evolution has ice cream experienced in China? Can LoHiLo open up a track in China?
Rapid development, the first explosive product,
Healthy and delicious high protein ice cream is indispensable
LoHiLo, which was listed in 2014, won the first place in Swedish protein ice cream in 2015. After entering Finland in 2016, it became the first in this sub category in the same year, and has always maintained the top 1 sales volume of protein ice cream in Sweden and Finland, exported to more than 20 countries such as Europe, the Middle East and Asia.
After rapid development, LoHiLo has changed from a small ice cream processing plant to a well-known ice cream manufacturer with 2000 square meters of cold storage and can store about 4 million ice cream packages. It is also the general distributor of Haagen Dazs and halo top in the United States, and has accumulated strong supply chain capacity. In just seven years, LoHiLo was successfully listed on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange in 2020.
Source: LoHiLo
High protein and delicious. The unique technology developed with 40 years of experience is the wealth password
In 2014, Dan Isaksson, the founder with 40 years of ice cream development experience, successfully developed high protein ice cream and launched the healthy food brand LoHiLo based on the beautiful vision of enabling every family to eat healthy and delicious food and improving their physique through healthy food. Initially, the name LoHiLo contained the brand concept, “Lo” stands for low sugar, “Hi” means high protein, and “Lo” stands for low fat.
Source: LoHiLo
LoHiLo high protein ice cream contains 13g protein and 9.2g dietary fiber per 100g product. While supplementing protein, increase the intake of dietary fiber and promote intestinal movement. Without lactose addition, even lactose intolerant people can enjoy it easily.
Natural sweeteners with low calories (xylitol and erythritol) are used to replace traditional sucrose. Each 100g product contains only 7.2g sugar, 5.2g fat and 146kcal calories, breaking the inherent impression of high sugar, high fat and high calorie of traditional ice cream and greatly reducing consumers’ guilt of eating sweets. Even fitness people who lose weight and fat can enjoy it after sweating.
Of course, as a popular health element, the concept of high protein is widely used in various categories, but from the technical level, the taste of high protein food is a very difficult challenge to break through. Based on decades of ice cream making experience, LoHiLo high protein ice cream is delicious and healthy through unique technology, and realizes the rapid occupation of subdivided categories.
Source: LoHiLo
Meet the public’s healthy lifestyle and break the seasonal restrictions of LoHiLo ice cream
As a good product to please the heart and yourself, reward and comfort the soul, the Nordic people’s love for ice cream is probably that they are either eating ice cream or on the way to eat ice cream. However, with the continuous improvement of consumers’ health awareness, the growth of high sugar, high fat and high calorie milk based frozen desserts represented by ice cream is limited.
In 2014, once LoHiLo high protein ice cream was launched in Sweden, it attracted many female consumers who paid attention to fitness, fashion, health and fashion, and received a lot of praise. Consumers have said that in order to have a healthy body, they will deliberately reduce the intake of high sweet and high calorie ice cream. LoHiLo’s healthy ice cream formula reduces the concerns when enjoying dessert. After a hearty exercise, a cup of ice cream and a full mouth, even in the eyes of many fitness people, it has never been imagined before.
It is worth mentioning that the positioning of high protein and healthy lifestyle makes LoHiLo ice cream get rid of the seasonal sales restriction of reduced winter sales.
Source: LoHiLo
Rich sensory experience, this ice cream is a “social obsession”
In order to meet the increasingly diversified and personalized consumption needs of sweets lovers, founder Dan Isaksson carried out a large number of ice cream flavor experiments in combination with the popular trend of sweets market. Although products with high protein content often have poor flavor, LoHiLo high protein ice cream not only creates health functions, but also retains the original taste of ice cream. Unicorn dream, chocolate lovers, salty caramel, cookies, mint chocolate and other 10 flavors are favored by dessert lovers.
In terms of packaging design, LoHiLo selects high color value, bright colors and unique box design to form a strong visual impact. With the prevalence of social media, it provides consumers with materials for taking photos and planting grass, and makes the products become social artifact. Fashion bloggers and fitness experts have printed pictures and clocked in on social platforms such as ins and Facebook. While triggering the secondary dissemination, it also conveys LoHiLo’s concept of leading the trend of healthy diet to users all over the world.
Source: LoHiLo
With the rapid development and the success of overseas markets, LoHiLo has seen what opportunities to enter China. Next, let’s see what new business opportunities there are in the category of ice cream?
Explore new opportunities from the category evolution of ice cream
According to the data of prospective industry research institute, the scale of China’s ice cream market has been growing in recent years, from 70.1 billion yuan in 2014 to 147 billion yuan in 2020, ranking first in the world. It is estimated that the scale of China’s ice cream market will exceed 160 billion yuan in 2021, and continue to remain the first in the world.
Throughout the development process of domestic ice cream, the continuous upgrading and change of the 100 billion level ice cream market also reflects people’s increasingly diversified consumer demand, and also means the emergence and formation of mental opportunities for subdivided categories.
Ice cream 1.0: cooling
In 1913, American businessman Haining Sheng founded the egg company Haining foreign firm in Shanghai. In 1927, Haining Yanghang introduced American cold drink processing equipment in the off-season of egg processing, becoming the first factory in China to produce cold drinks on a large scale. The beauty brand ice knot Lian, double bear ice cream, three color ice cream and other products produced by it were very popular, and basically monopolized the domestic ice cream market at that time.
Source: Sohu
In 1950, with the official appearance of “Guangming brand”, the dominance of beauty brand was broken, and a new era of Chinese cold drink national brand was created. Through various publicity and promotion activities, Guangming brand small ice brick, snow white ice brick, cream ice cream, purple ice cream and other products have a high popularity.
Photo source: bright cold drink
For a long time, similar to domestic soda, ice cream bloomed all over the country, mostly maintaining the pattern of “one ice cream brand in one city”. Wuyang brand ice cream cone in Guangzhou, 504 ice cream in Lanzhou and madiel popsicle in Harbin are popular in ice cream markets all over the world.
Ice cream 2.0: high quality life enjoyment
With the economic development and the improvement of income level, the demand of urban residents for ice cream is also growing rapidly. People’s consumption concept of ice cream has changed from a simple thirst quenching to a pursuit of enjoyment and interest and a fashion of food culture.
Unlike domestic ice cream with simple raw materials, more stabilizers and preservatives, and a price ranging from a few cents to a piece, in the 1990s, a number of foreign-funded ice cream enterprises such as heluxue, Haagen Dazs and Meiji, which positioned themselves as high-end and committed to allowing consumers to enjoy real high-quality ice cream, successively entered China.
In 1994, relying on the “freezer strategy” (retailers only need to pay a deposit of 2000 yuan to obtain a heluxue freezer for free, but they are not allowed to sell products of other brands), heluxue put in nearly 6000 freezers in one year, quickly occupied the domestic streets and alleys, and set the highest sales record of Unilever global ice cream in the first year of operation of the new company. Even under the circumstances of the world economic contraction and the downturn of the ice cream market in 1999, the sales share of Helu snow in 10 major cities in China also increased significantly.
Source: international market
In 1996, Haagen Dazs changed its image of “ice cream snacks” in the past, positioned itself as “high-end cold drinks”, and entered the Chinese market in the sales mode of “ice cream dessert house”. Haagen Dazs not only provides high-quality ice cream, but also advocates the lifestyle of “enjoy and perfect” and pays attention to the creation of atmosphere, so as to make the ice cream taste an unforgettable “Haagen Dazs moment”. If you love her, take her to h ä agen Dazs Ice cream is also endowed with the symbol of sweet love.
Until around 2001, Yili and mengniu dairy enterprises gradually rose and distributed the cold drink market, and the market share of foreign-funded ice cream enterprises expanded year by year. Products such as pudding with comprehensively upgraded raw materials and tastes, random change, ice factory and green mood almost contracted the childhood of the post-90s.
Ice cream 3.0: novelty seeking, social sharing, consolation of soul and emotional carrier
According to Mintel survey data, among the top 10 reasons for Chinese consumers to buy ice cream, the needs of trying new tastes, social sharing, indulgence & self reward ranked first.
McDonald’s spicy ice cream, Aoxue’s northeast iron pot stewed ice cream, Li Daju’s squid ice cream, MyLab’s sweat flavor, cement flavor, denim flavor ice cream… The rapid rise of minority flavor ice cream makes people eager to try and share this “dark cuisine”. Cross border co branded products such as ice cream and cultural and creative ice cream in the scenic spot have attracted a large number of tourists and fans with “high beauty” and triggered social communication.
Photo source: Little Red Book Zhu Yimiao
The Chinese ice cream brand “Zhong Xuegao”, born in 2018, has been ranked the champion of ice products sales on online e-commerce platforms for many times in the wind of “consumption upgrading, rise of national tide, channel change and marketing innovation”. Zhong Xuegao has three product logics: regular products, topic products and seasonal products. Among them, topic products create topic degrees through cross-border joint names. When they bring consumers new products, they also break through the inherent consumption circle to meet the new needs of new consumers in new scenes.
Source: Zhong Xuegao
At the same time, with the continuous improvement of cold chain logistics and the rise of ice cream online consumer market, the off-season sales of ice cream has become the norm, and the family consumption scene is rising day by day. The spread of the epidemic has created an opportunity for the popularity of the ice cream market. More consumers are used to turning to familiar and indulgent food and enjoy ice cream at home as a mood snack to relieve their anxiety and fatigue. Mintel survey data show that 51% of consumers associate ice cream with comfort, hoping to get relief and cure.
But at the same time, health = bad? Don’t want to choose between delicious and healthy? More and more consumers who pursue health put forward more picky requirements for food.
Increasingly picky consumers, ice cream 4.0,
The key to break through is to enjoy the health
People’s demand for healthy food burst out, and the health trends of low sugar, low fat, low calories and no additives also spread to the ice cream industry. Tmall’s online ice consumption trend report shows that in the online ice cream market in 2020, the sales of low sugar products increased by 128% year-on-year, and the sales of low-fat products increased by 131% year-on-year. Low sugar and low-fat ice cream is especially concerned by the post-90s and post-95s.
Some foreign and local brands have also launched healthy ice cream products: “kemiku”, as the representative brand of sucrose free ice cream in China, uses new sugar substitutes with lower calories such as maltitol and erythritol as the sweet source; Heluxue’s brand “light excellent” adheres to the concept of healthy ice cream and introduces low sugar series and low fat series ice cream; Zhongjie 1946 aims at the consumption scene of middle-class families, focusing on high-end Chinese ice cream without adding health······
Photo source: kemikou, Qingyou
It can be seen that under the background of China’s ice cream entering a period of rapid development, the emergence of new brands and the continuous upgrading of consumer demand, consumers’ demand for ice cream has upgraded from simple cooling and summer products to attention to nutrition and health.
Healthy ice cream without sacrificing taste will have a chance to successfully open up a new position
In 2019, the healthy China action (2019-2030) issued by the National Health Commission proposed that consumers improve their health by adjusting their physical state through diet. For macro nutrients, on the basis of reducing sugar and fat, we also need to improve the supply of high-quality protein.
Innova2020 market insight data show that 40% of Chinese consumers have increased protein intake in the past 12 months, and 20% of consumers will take high protein as the main purchase point when buying yogurt, cheese, milk and milk drinks.
In the post epidemic era, health and immunity have become a long-term concern of consumers. Based on the need to improve immunity and enhance resistance, consumers have a stronger demand for protein supply. Convenient and efficient high-quality protein intake has become one of the consumer demands of the public’s daily diet.
In recent years, products with “sugar free and low sugar” as the main selling point in the domestic market continue to emerge, including “Yuanqi forest” and other representative brands. However, ice cream products with low sugar, high protein and delicious taste are relatively few, and there are no phenomenal POP products and representative brands. Following 0 sugar and low fat, protein, as one of the three nutrients, will jointly empower and create new business opportunities for healthy ice cream. Echoing the consumer demand of the new generation, with the sharp edge of “high protein” and technical barriers, foodaily believes that LoHiLo is likely to tear a hole in China’s ice cream market and promote the upgrading of a new generation of ice cream.
Build a new category mind,
It’s much more than the concept of innovation
In addition to echoing the new generation of consumers to upgrade product innovation, what capabilities are needed to successfully build a new consumer brand with category mentality? How can LoHiLo achieve high protein sub category mentality?
LoHiLo is bound to win the technical and supply chain barriers of holding high protein ice cream
New consumer brands without supply chain support, even if they look beautiful now, will eventually be a flash in the pan.
To upgrade traditional categories, we cannot ignore the matching and upgrading of the supply chain. Foodaily believes that in the long run, brands that can represent the category mind also need the support of an upgraded supply chain matching innovative products.
Based on decades of experience in ice cream production, LoHiLo has overcome the difficulties in processing technology. In addition, LoHiLo has been exported to Europe, the Middle East and Asia, established strong high protein ice cream supply chain barriers, and accumulated global experience to prepare for the expansion of the Chinese market. With the bonus of supply chain and technical barriers, foodaily is very optimistic about LoHiLo’s potential in the Chinese market.
Building a brand around the new lifestyle, LoHiLo is determined to “brand is category”
There is no doubt that the intergenerational change of people has gradually transferred the voice of consumption to the young people of generation Z. They like to try new things and are willing to take the initiative to share their lifestyles and opinions. Consumption habits have changed from paying for the value of the product itself to being more willing to pay for added value.
With a sports lifestyle, lululemon has gone from the yoga studio to the show, and even turned into a lululemon wearing popular clothes, delivering oatly with a sustainable lifestyle to young people Successful brand cases show the importance of lifestyle value output. With high protein sub categories as the carrier, LoHiLo plans to deliver a healthy, fashionable and pleasant lifestyle to Chinese consumers and gradually accumulate brand value.
Breaking the brand idea of the traditional industrial era, let’s wait and see how LoHiLo defines high protein ice cream step by step in China’s new consumption environment.
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