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The annual innovation stage that can not be missed, nearly 400 brands join hands to show the wind direction and practice of Chinese food innovation| Announcement of the first round finalists of Isee Innovation Award

observe global innovation from the perspective of business ecology, gather local and overseas innovation forces, and let innovation be seen by more people!

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Condensing global innovative ideas and practices and accommodating new brands and products from around the world, the fourth Isee award Global Food Innovation Award (hereinafter referred to as Isee Innovation Award) officially opened the registration channel on November 9, 2021
Due to the large number of reported cases, Isee innovation award will be preliminarily reviewed according to different award categories, and the shortlist will be published in batches.
Next, let’s take a look at the first round shortlist of “products / brands” of the fourth Isee Innovation Award. In addition, the award registration is still in progress, and we look forward to the submission and participation of more cases of excellent products / brands / technologies / enterprises / figures.

“Food” shortlist (first round)
The food category covers five categories: baking, catering and catering +, snacks, candy and chocolate, and functional food.
Baking innovation key words: eat as you go, charge and add meals, Western cooking, healthy ingredients, national tide elements, substitute meals and light food
Catering and catering + innovation key words: regional flavor, fast ready to eat, one person food, working table, quick Kitchen God, medium and high-end families, quality pursuit, life smoke and fire
Snacks & Candy & Chocolate & functional food innovation key words: light snacks, addictive chips, Chinese tonic, drug and food homology, high protein / low-carbon water, fresh locking new technology, taste upgrading, local ingredients

“Dairy & Beverage” shortlist (first round)
Innovation key words: traditional freshmen, sharp mouth, mild socializing, drinking, slightly drunk, eating with meals, high face value, sugar free, Guochao beverage, naming aesthetics, sugar reduction, dietary fiber, plant protein, sustainable, high protein, high-quality milk source, quality upgrading
From May 31 to June 2, 2022,

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