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Carrying the flag of national tide, will these new tea brands become dark horses on the track in 2021?


Domestic goods are in the “tide”, and tea is also in the “tide”.


In recent years, “the rise of national tide” has almost become a recognized new consumption trend, and new tea drinks are also singing all the way in the national tide wind. In 2021, a number of well-known national tea brands came out of the tea market. They have beauty and connotation, and attract both eyes and gold.
Guochao tea drink favored by capital

When it comes to Guochao tea, the first thing most people think of may be the pleasant color of tea. It enters the public view with a new attitude and is favored by consumers.
Tea Yan Yuese aims at the national tide ancient style, and quotes Chinese classical paintings from the aspects of brand logo, store decoration, product packaging and name, revealing a strong ancient style. So far, the brand has completed four times of financing, which has not only become a city card of Changsha, but also opened up a new way in the new tea track with serious homogenization.
Just in the past 2021, the penetration of Guochao wind in the field of new tea has taken another step. In addition to the beauty of tea, more and more tea brands, based on their understanding and respect for the national tide, began to cut in from Chinese traditional culture, shape unique DNA and occupy the track.
Capital has a keen sense of smell: in the first half of 2021, “overlord chaji” successively completed round a and round B financing totaling more than 300 million yuan, and “Hetian shuipu” also obtained two rounds of financing totaling 10 million yuan in three months; In December, “Your Highness’s tea” received ten million yuan of angel round financing
According to 2021 Baidu Guochao proud search big data, the search popularity of “Guochao” has increased by 528% in the past decade. Moreover, with the increasing national pride and identity of contemporary young people, “national tide” has produced great penetration among consumers, especially young people. There is no doubt that the emerging Guochao tea brands and the capital side who are constantly entering the bureau have taken a fancy to the business opportunities.
differentiated brand barriers

in fact, new tea has entered the oligarchic era, and innovation is becoming more and more difficult. It is not easy to stand out from it. However, in 2021, these Guochao brands will still rise rapidly with unique excellence, which will shine in front of people.

Creative brand positioning
From the perspective of the target customers of Guochao tea, the brand often aims at young people chasing novelty. How to attract their attention? Many brands choose to find elements that can fit with the brand from traditional culture and national style themes, supplemented by expressions loved by young people.
For example, the “Bawang tea lady” from Yunnan is named after the Chinese historical story “Farewell My Concubine”. At the same time, the brand takes Chinese traditional opera as the visual symbol, creates a logo based on opera facial makeup, as well as products and stores that integrate the color elements of Chinese cultural inheritance.
The “soul of English songs” originated in Chaoshan, Guangdong aims at the National Intangible Cultural Heritage English songs and dances popular in Chaoshan, Guangdong, and integrates Chaoshan culture into tea. In addition, there are “Kung Fu Panda tea” dedicated to restoring the classic film IP “Kung Fu Panda”, and “Miyano goyeahtea” which takes lion awakening as the visual symbol of the brand
Visible display of high appearance value
In addition to finding the national style elements suitable for the brand, Guochao tea brand also makes the best use of the elements in Chinese traditional culture in store space design.
In the store space of Yingge soul, consumers can often see the patio with Chaoshan characteristics, Yingge stick, Yingge dance figure mural, etc. In its first store in Shenzhen, there are not only the ceiling in the style of flexible flying and circular ribbon, but also the entrance signboard device made of the hat brim shape of the main characters of Yingge and dance combined with lighting and arched wood structure. In Futian CBD area, an immersive tea space experience is created with a single family design.

in the first half of 2021, the world’s first store of Kung Fu Panda tea was launched in Shanghai, which truly restored the representative scenes of “Emerald Palace”, “peace Valley” and “Panda Village” in the kung fu panda film 1:1, presenting consumers with a different new consumption experience.
In addition, brands such as his Highness’s tea and tea pavilion preface also put Tang clothes, Han clothes, cheongsam and other clothes in stores to provide consumers with diversified scene experience and further enhance the sense of interaction.
Iterate to produce high-quality products and tell a good “Tea Story”
Of course, as a tea brand, products are still the top priority of Guochao tea. According to the CEO’s brand observation, these Guochao tea brands, which already have a certain popularity, have also made great efforts in their products.
Bawang chaji, who focuses on the original leaf fresh milk tea, takes “coffee + milk” as the underlying logic to create the product foothold of “original tea + fresh milk”, forming a taste bud experience of “refreshing, not greasy, with tea fragrance”. It is reported that in the supply chain, Bawang chaji also operates a 2700 mu tea garden. In the future, it will continue to improve the supply chain construction through the tea growers’ plan, and control the high quality and standardization of products from the planting source.
Yingge soul, which started from the traditional craft, chose the craft fragrance of “oolong tea”, the representative of national tea, as the main product line to create a high-quality tea drink with “tea fragrance and sweet taste” and the ingenuity spirit of Chaoshan Gongfu tea; Your Highness’s tea is mainly black tea, black tea, green tea, oolong tea and other selected top 10 tea, and develops a new Chinese trend drink that meets the needs of young people in the Z era
It is not difficult to see that these brands break into the tea track under the brand of “national style”, which not only reflects the traditional things, but also precipitates the fashion creativity of tea. Through the differentiation of brand positioning, store space, product building and other aspects, they take the lead to occupy the minds of young consumers, and also bring a new atmosphere to the tea consumption market.
Condense deeper attraction
The reason why Guochao tea can grasp the current young consumer group is that another key word worthy of attention is “marketing”. From the punch in sharing of social platforms, to the creative interaction of communities, to cross-border joint cooperation… This year’s Guochao tea brand has a wide range of tricks, attracting a wider range of consumers.
Bawang chaji holding hands with artist Ramu Yoko can be regarded as a typical marketing model out of the circle in 2021. On the occasion of the fourth anniversary of the brand, Bawang chaji invited spicy Yoko as the world’s first tea promoter. At the same time, it also launched activities such as spicy Yoko’s same peripheral products and offline flash stores. At the same time, it launched the activity of “inviting people all over the country to drink milk tea”, opened the voice online and offline, and vividly conveyed the brand attitude of “drama” to consumers, Finally, the total exposure of the whole network exceeds 800 million.
Of course, with the help of the star effect to quickly seize the traffic, it can form a short-term topic volume and sales volume. In order to make the brand more attractive, it also needs to output the long-term marketing layout in combination with the brand’s own tonality and public demands.
Therefore, Bawang chaji also frequently carries out cross-border cooperation, such as jointly launching tin commemorative cups with “Malay national treasure” Royal Selangor, cooperating with well-known mineral water brand “Evian” to sell limited quantities of jointly branded “East beauty” cold tea, and jointly launching the “garden thrilling dream” national style tea bag gift box with Chinese tea bag brand tashanji
In October 2021, another national tide tea brand, tea pavilion preface, jointly with hanshang Hualian, a Chinese clothing brand, opened a “Chinese aesthetics flagship store” in Zhengjia square, Guangzhou, which can not only drink milk tea, but also try on Chinese clothing for free, quickly opened a new flow port and improved brand recognition. With the mode of “tea + Hanfu”, the two brands with very consistent tonality have become the punching holy land for Hanfu fans all over the country.
Through a series of marketing actions, consumers have gradually strengthened their recognition of traditional cultural values and have more resonance with Guochao tea brands. A cup of milk tea gradually has more energy. It is no longer just a good drink, but has more spiritual attributes and identity value.
With the economic growth and the sweeping of Guochao culture, Guochao tea industry still has broad growth space. While exploring the differentiation of various tea brands, the empowerment of culture lights up the way for the tea industry. I believe that in the future, there will be more and more “good tea” in the industry, which will shine the business card of Guochao tea with high-quality products and services.
Author: Wang Wan; Source: CEO brand observation (ID: new_shop_), Reprint authorized. Reprint authorization and media business cooperation: Amy (wechat: 13701559246);
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