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Keming food apologized, Coca Cola drank new wine, Wandashan general manager talked about listing, was fined for using an incomplete map of China on July 11, and a Kuan food planned to IPO. Last year, global food prices hit a new high in the past decade

Hot company information and announcement


Keming food responded: the products exceeding the standard are accidental events and have been recalled for rectification

In view of the over standard events of deoxynivalenol in individual batches of its wheat flour products, Keming food issued a formal statement on January 6. The above events are accidental events, mainly caused by accidental wheat raw grain pollution. At present, all products have been recalled and have been quickly and comprehensively rectified. The company sincerely apologizes to the majority of consumers and sincerely accepts the criticism of consumers and regulatory authorities. (Securities Daily)

Li Shifeng, Secretary of Daqing municipal Party committee, meets with Pan Gang, Yili

On January 6, Li Shifeng, Secretary of Daqing municipal Party committee, met with Pan Gang, party secretary and chairman of Yili Group in Harbin. The two sides held in-depth discussions on further deepening strategic cooperation and accelerating the development of Daqing dairy industry. Pan Gang said that Daqing dairy industry has obvious development advantages and superior local business environment. Yili Group is full of confidence in investing in Daqing. We hope to cooperate more closely with Daqing and make continuous efforts in feed processing, dairy farming and product line expansion to promote local economic development. (official website of Daqing Municipal People’s Government)


Guangzhou urban construction investment group’s acquisition of equity of Guangzhou restaurant was approved

On January 6, the Anti Monopoly Bureau announced a number of cases of unconditional approval of business concentration. The case of Guangzhou Urban Construction Investment Group Co., Ltd. acquiring the equity of Guangzhou Restaurant Group Co., Ltd. was concluded on December 27. (antitrust bureau)


Wandashan General Manager: the company is listed at the right time

Previously, Wandashan completed the listing and transfer of 6.6% equity, with a transaction amount of 321 million yuan. Wandashan staff said: “the reason for doing this transaction is to optimize the equity structure. From the perspective of corporate governance and listing, a better equity structure is beneficial.” In addition, Zhang Xinpo, general manager of Wandashan, said in an interview that IPO is not an end, but a means of enterprise development. IPO can help realize the qualitative leap of the company, and the company’s leapfrog development can promote asset structure, industrial structure and organization optimization. Therefore, the company does not pursue listing, but chooses the opportunity to be listed. (blue whale Finance)


New hope plans to raise no more than 4.5 billion yuan to repay bank debts

New hope issued a non-public offering plan on the evening of January 5. The company plans to issue no more than 368 million shares to Nanfang hope, the largest shareholder, with a raised capital of no more than 4.5 billion yuan and an issue price of 12.24 yuan / share. After deducting the issuance expenses, the company will be used to repay bank debts. (China Securities Network)


A Kuan food submitted a prospectus to be listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange

Recently, Sichuan Baijia akuan Food Industry Co., Ltd., a convenience food enterprise, officially submitted the prospectus. A Kuan food plans to be listed on the Shenzhen stock exchange this time, with GF Securities as the sponsor, and plans to raise 665 million yuan for the construction of Health Food Industrial Park (phase I) and R & D center. (Beijing business daily)


Angel yeast has raised the prices of some products

On January 6, Angel yeast said on the investor interaction platform that affected by raw material costs, manufacturing costs, transportation costs, management costs and various market factors, the company had raised the prices of some products in the fourth quarter of 2021. (flush)

Junyao health: chewing tablets and drinks related to Helicobacter pylori are still in the stage of product investment

Junyao Health announced that at present, the company’s main business is still lactic acid bacteria drinks, and chewing tablets, drinks and other products related to Helicobacter pylori are still in the product investment stage. (36Kr)

Laiyifen set up a new company in Shanghai. Its business scope includes the wholesale of edible agricultural products

On January 7, Shanghai laiyifen Food Sales Co., Ltd. was established with a registered capital of 2 million yuan. Its business scope includes: Internet sales (except the sales of goods requiring license); Wholesale of edible agricultural products; Retail of edible agricultural products, etc. The company is 100% controlled by Yifen. (E company)

On July 11, 150000 yuan was fined for incomplete use of China map on the official website

It is reported that Qi Shi Yi (Beijing) Co., Ltd. was fined 150000 yuan by Dongcheng Branch of Beijing Municipal Commission of planning and natural resources for violating the regulations on map administration by displaying incomplete maps on the website and marking contents that cannot be expressed on the map according to relevant national regulations. (Zhongxin Jingwei)

Xi’an HEMA was investigated for irregularities

On January 2, the comprehensive law enforcement detachment of Xi’an market supervision conducted an on-site inspection on the first branch of Jingkai of Xi’an HEMA Network Technology Co., Ltd. and found that there were some non-conforming behaviors in the baking room of the company, such as “unwashed eggs on the console”, “disorderly placement in the operation room” and “mixing bread with staff clothes”. At present, the comprehensive law enforcement detachment has filed and investigated the illegal acts of the company according to law. (Beijing daily client)


Master Bao has more than 100 stores, and most of the new stores are sinking the market

Recently, master Bao announced that by the end of 2021, the number of master Bao’s Direct stores had exceeded 100, selling 100 million meat floss shells a year. According to the list of stores given by master Bao, he currently has 112 stores in 43 cities across the country, including 7 stores to be opened. 2021 is the year that master Bao has the largest number of new stores and new cities so far, and almost all the cities settled in are sinking markets. (interface News)

Cooperate with Wang Laoji to launch “black herbal tea”, and Dongfang Honghu won an investment of more than 100 million yuan

Dongfang Honghu recently completed an angel round of financing of more than 100 million yuan. This round of financing is invested by the company, and the financing will be used for technology construction, product development, market promotion, expansion of offline channels, etc. Dongfang Honghu locates a new digital FMCG Brand Company and has reached in-depth strategic cooperation with Wang Laoji. At present, the company is mainly engaged in Wanglaoji black herbal tea products, with a single product sales of nearly 100 million yuan. (36Kr)

WOA will sell oatup milk products in Hong Kong and Macao for the first time

Wideopen agriculture Limited announced on January 6 that the renewable plant oat milk product oatup will be sold in Hong Kong and Macao. Metro alliance, a subsidiary of WOA (bright food global distribution company), has signed a three-year exclusive distribution agreement. Metro alliance will sell all its Oatmeal Milk Products in large Hong Kong and Macao markets. The first batch of goods to Metro is expected to arrive in March. (Aohua Finance Online)

Small cans of tea push the New Year gift box, and cooperate with ant chain to officially enter the yuan universe

On January 6, the small pot of tea launched a variety of New Year gift box sets such as “Baifu welcome door · Spring Festival Limited tea ceremony”, “Wufu linmen, new year’s red luck tea ceremony”. In addition, xiaocan tea also officially announced the opening of digital cooperation with ant chain under ant group to sell digital collections online. The cooperation between xiaocan tea and ant chain also means that xiaocan tea has officially entered the meta universe. (Beijing business daily)

Coca Cola CFO sold approximately $6.96 million worth of shares

According to the documents disclosed by the securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), on January 4, Murphy John, executive vice president and chief financial officer of Coca Cola, exercised 115900 shares with an exercise price of US $34.3525, and then sold 115900 shares at an average price of US $60035 per share, with a value of about US $6.96 million. (futu information)


Jinbaotang appoints new chief Supply Chain Officer


American food manufacturer Campbell soup announced on January 4 that Daniel L. Poland will succeed Bob furbee as the company’s chief supply chain officer on January 10. Poland will oversee the company’s end-to-end supply chain and report to mark Clouse, President and CEO of Campbell soup. (powder bulk solids)

Coca Cola launches new TOPO Chico hard soda


Coca Cola’s TOPO Chico launched a new ranch water hard soda in the United States. This soda contains tequila and lime juice. (foodbev)

Coca Cola will cooperate to launch fresca mixed canned cocktails


Coca Cola announced on Thursday that it would cooperate with corona’s U.S. manufacturer constellation brands Inc. to launch a series of spirit based canned cocktails under its fresca brand this year, called fresca mixed. This is the beverage giant’s latest move into alcoholic beverages. The company said that fresca mixed will go on sale later this year, which will be the third alcoholic beverage that Coca Cola can launch. (Wall Street Journal, Sina Finance)

Ben & Jerry launches new vegetarian ice cream


Ice cream brand Ben & Jerry announced the launch of the 20th vegetarian ice cream, including banana and chocolate flavors. Ben & Jerry also said that nearly 40% of its ice cream products do not contain dairy products. (the beet)

Quick reading of food industry information


Global food prices hit a 10-year high in 2021

According to the report released by the food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, due to the sharp decline in the high international vegetable oil and sugar prices, the global food price fell slightly in December 2021, but it still hit a 10-year high last year. The average index in December 2021 was 133.7 points, with a month on month decrease of 0.9% and a year-on-year increase of 23.1%. In 2021, the FAO food price index averaged 125.7 points, a sharp increase of 28.1% over the previous year. (CCTV News)

Thailand has become China’s largest importer of fruits and vegetables, accounting for 45%

According to Thailand’s Siam Daily reported on December 29, olamon, director of the Department of international trade negotiations of the Ministry of Commerce of Thailand, said that from January to October 2021, China imported the most fruits and vegetables from Thailand, and Thailand accounted for 45% of China’s imported fruits and vegetables market. (Ministry of Commerce)


Industry insiders said that the “close connection” regulation caused chaos in Australia’s food supply chain

People in the Australian food supply industry said that with the increase of the number of cases, the number of “close contacts” also increased, resulting in the decline of the number of staff, which put pressure on the food supply chain and limited the food supply to restaurants, bars, hospitals, child care centers and other units, resulting in chaos in the food supply chain. Therefore, the industry called on the Australian government to cancel the relevant provisions on close connection. (Australian)


Alibaba adjusts the architecture of Taobao

Dai Shan, president in charge of Alibaba’s China digital business sector, issued an internal letter to adjust the structure of big Taobao. On the basis of adhering to the dual brand operation of Taobao and tmall, she set up three new centers for industrial operation and development, platform strategy, user operation and development. After this round of adjustment, Taobao will form a unified platform mechanism to ensure that consumers’ shopping experience is simpler and smoother, and the development and growth of small and medium-sized businesses are more deterministic. (Ming Pao)


Tencent shares in intelligent driving platform software provider

On January 5, the investor of Shanghai Lingnian Technology Co., Ltd. changed, Guangxi Tencent Venture Capital Co., Ltd. became a new investor, and the registered capital of the company increased to 596900 yuan. Shanghai Lingnian Technology Co., Ltd. is an intelligent driving platform software provider, established in August 2021. The business scope covers network technology services; Integrated circuit sales; Data processing and storage services, etc. (Ming Pao)

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