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New year’s war! How do food and beverage brands play during the Spring Festival of the year of the tiger?

Buying new year goods is an indispensable part of the Chinese people’s sense of “Celebrating the new year”. On the eve of the Spring Festival every year, it is one of the most important sales peak seasons in the food, beverage and beverage industry.

This year, what new consumption hotspots will there be in the upcoming Spring Festival of the year of the tiger? How should food and beverage businesses carry out the “new year goods war”? Recently, after communicating with nearly 20 well-known enterprises, the snack generation found that the new demand in the post epidemic period and the new aesthetics of young customers have become the hot spots in the market, “digitization”, “national fashion”, “health” and “high-end” have become high-frequency words.

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Tonight, we might as well come to “cloud shopping” New Year’s shopping street in 2022.

Youth and digitization

Almost all food and beverage brands, including Master Kang, Xu Fuji, liangpin shop, Mars Wrigley, Wang Laoji and Baicao, mentioned that in the new year consumer market, the post-85s and post-90s have taken over and become the main force in purchasing new year goods, which has driven a series of changes in shopping behavior preferences.

One of the most obvious changes is that this group of “Internet aborigines” prefer to shop online and obtain information, showing a popular trend of “catching up with large collections online”.

The reason behind this is that post-90s consumers pursue efficiency and convenience more. At the same time, it also superimposes the impact of the normalization of epidemic prevention and control – after all, even concerts have been moved online. This means that “cloud shopping”, “door-to-door consumption” and “one-stop shopping” are more popular, the advantages of e-commerce are further highlighted, and the “house” economy represented by e-commerce is playing an increasingly important role.

“The younger phenomenon of the purchase group of Spring Festival New Year’s goods is becoming more and more obvious. Growing up in the Internet era and multiculturalism, they usually hope to complete the purchase quickly. Therefore, this year’s’ end box New Year’s goods’ may become the mainstream of new year’s goods consumption. People are more inclined to buy new year’s gift boxes on the same platform.” Mars Wrigley told xiaoshidai that most of its products can be purchased on the online platform.

“We have also made many customized innovations through cooperation with e-commerce platforms, bringing more opportunities to the consumer market during the Spring Festival.” The company said that taking the Spring Festival consumer market as the starting point, this year, Mars Wrigley will have more investment and attempts in product innovation, e-commerce channel expansion and o2o local retail new model, so as to improve the brand’s customer rate.

It is worth noting that the emerging online shopping channels have also begun to become one of the “main battlefields” of brands.

Special purchases for the Spring Festival, for example, are the first time that the tiktok has tried to direct sales and transformation in the new year’s social networking platform, such as jitter and other electronic commerce platforms. “In the H5 part, we are diverted to Guangming dairy’s door-to-door milk delivery service platform – Guangming free order. Consumers can choose nearly 100 milk and yogurt, and send them to consumers’ homes through the whole cold chain.” The company said.

Xu Fuji pointed out to xiaoshidai that in addition to the traditional e-commerce platform, short video, live delivery and o2o home business all showed accelerated growth. “It can be predicted that consumers will continue to increase the purchase of online channels in the channel selection of this year’s annual purchase, and the offline store supermarkets will be affected to a certain extent.”

Interestingly, Xu Fuji mentioned that young consumers like “quick decision”, which also affects the arrival of sales peak. “We found that consumers are more and more focused on the last week of the Spring Festival in the procurement time of spring festival goods, and the mind of hoarding goods during the Spring Festival is more and more obvious, which also requires retailers and brands to become more sensitive and accurate in the grasp of resource investment and promotion rhythm.”

In order to better play with young consumers and create a fresh “year flavor” experience, more and more brands are also adding new ways of digital play.

Kwai instant noodles, for example, understand that Kangshifu instant noodles plan to convey new year’s greetings through WeChat expression pack, WeChat red cover, social poster, H5 and other carriers this year. Tiktok, WeChat, jitter and fast hand make brand Spring Festival social topics for brands. “This year, in the marketing of new year goods, we will more actively enter platforms with more young audiences such as short video platforms.” Wang Laoji also mentioned.

National tide wind and health

In recent years, especially among young people, Chinese consumers are more interested in the expression of the creative trend of traditional culture, and cultural self-confidence has climbed to a new height. This has also driven the “national tide wind” of the new year goods market to grow stronger and stronger.

For example, the snack generation learned that on the occasion of the Spring Festival in the year of the tiger this year, Haagen Dazs of General Mills launched the “hongyunfa” mahjong ice cream gift box, innovating the interpretation of “national tide”. The company told the snack generation that consumers now prefer products with traditional cultural elements and cultural memory for their choice of new year goods. They also like to use such products to express their wishes and give gifts at festivals.

“Mahjong is a national entertainment activity full of smoke and fire. It integrates many elements that Chinese people like to see during the festival, such as family, wealth and entertainment.” playing a good hand of tiger Hu style “, mahjong ice cream gift box has a full atmosphere and fun. It is suitable for giving gifts and sharing with family in the new year.” General mills.

Leisure snack giant liangpin shop and baicaowei also pay close attention to the outlet of “national tide”. Xiaoshidai noticed that this year, liangpin shop continued to cooperate with Dunhuang IP and launched a “liangpin golden selection” gift box using Dunhuang elements such as Jiuse deer and Feitian. Baicaowei has launched a new “year’s taste” and “super polite” national tide gift boxes, and once again joined hands with national treasures to launch national tide gift boxes such as “lucky stars shine” and “Kyushu Jubao”.

“With the improvement of young people’s recognition of national culture, aesthetics and tradition, the national tide style is still hot and deeply loved by young consumers. We have launched a variety of national tide style gift boxes in line with young people’s aesthetics to endow the annual ceremony with profound cultural connotation and meet their purchase needs of new year goods.” Baicaowei tells xiaoshidai.

For drinks, the theme bottle body is also a good carrier to express the traditional “annual flavor”. For example, xiaoshidai noticed that Wang Laoji launched bottle packaging with traditional cultural elements and auspicious meanings such as totem cans with surnames this year. Master Kang’s iced black tea launched a new year’s box according to the mass selling specification of “New Year’s home” (330ml / classic can / modern can / 2L), and the carton / bottle body adopted the design element of “four character Hekang” for the first time.

In addition to the pursuit of external appearance, consumers pay more attention to “eat well and eat healthily” in their annual consumption.

Many brands and shopping platforms have pointed out to the snack generation that the data show that in the selection of New Year gifts, people tend to be more quality, healthy and high-end, such as nut gift boxes, dairy products, low sugar products, high-specification fruits and high-end fresh gift boxes have become more popular. “Health is indeed a general trend. For example, there is a significant demand for sugar free chocolate.” Tmall global said.

At the same time, some brand analysts believe that the epidemic has affected the income level of some consumers to a certain extent, “new year products with higher cost performance, such as snacks and gift bags, will also sell well, and the trend of polarization will become more and more significant.”

Yu Jian, general manager of Kaidu consumer index greater China, also told the snack generation that the high-end and healthy trend of consumption upgrading will continue, but consumers will also be “more rational”. “Overall, our judgment is that the level of consumer spending is expected to grow steadily.” He said.

“Lazy economy” and other new hot spots

An interesting change this year is that semi-finished products or prefabricated dishes are becoming popular among consumers.

According to the market research results of Box New Year’s cabbage, at present, 35 year old young people are taking over the dominance of new year’s Eve dinner, and these consumer groups are also more willing to try prefabricated New Year’s cabbage. “(on the box horse platform,) prefabricated vegetable gift boxes, customized new year goods and gift flowers have increased significantly.” The company told the snack generation.

A box of horse new year vegetables has also made targeted preparations this year. The company said that when developing new year’s food products, considering simplifying the processing steps as much as possible, almost all new year’s food products can be directly and simply heated and served.

“In addition, in view of the high beauty demand of new year dishes, the R & D team of HEMA has made more efforts from product R & D to outer packaging. For example, the shape of reheated Squirrel Fish is comparable to that of fried fish.” HEMA said to the snack generation that the soup “big dishes” such as Buddha jumping wall and flower glue chicken will also be provided with very “photogenic” pots to meet the needs of consumers for “drying” the new year’s Eve dinner.

“According to the popular trend in the past, the new year’s Eve dinner was either made at home or booked in a hotel. It was rare to purchase semi-finished products and cook them at home. Because in the past, the common consumption concept, on the one hand, thought that the semi-finished products must be worse in nutrition and taste, on the other hand, it was also the ability of the prefabricated food brands on the market to reach the consumers all over the country Lack of strength. ” Li Xiangguo, a simple meal brand under Zhong Xuegao, said to the snack generation.

Lixiangguo believes that in recent years, in terms of product quality and category R & D, as well as overall services such as cold chain transportation, some “good value for money and excellent comprehensive cost performance options” have emerged in the market, which makes more and more consumers willing to try to liberate themselves and their families, and will take the initiative to search for and place orders to buy high-quality and authentic prefabricated new year dishes.

The snack generation introduced that recently, Lixiang country launched the limited edition new year dish series gift box in the year of the tiger, including new year dish gift box, potted dish gift box and golden soup Buddha wall jumping gift box, and opened pre-sale on platforms such as tmall, JD and small program mall. Among them, the New Year gift box has ten new year dishes, such as spicy red croaker, Hongyun wine stuffy Dongpo meat, Huaiyang stewed lion head and so on.

“In tmall global, consumers’ annual purchase presents three key words: fast, healthy and fun, such as frozen fast food and non processed semi-finished products. More and more attention is paid to Nuowei tea wine and strange snacks, and the demand for healthy foods such as plant meat and plant milk has increased significantly.” Tmall global also pointed out the above trend to the snack generation.

Pay attention to “snack generation (wechat: foodinc)” and watch the wonderful news.

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