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Since its establishment 16 months ago, its revenue has exceeded 100 million. How does Zhong Xuegao do private domain| 5000 word depth disassembly

from gathering flow, retention to transformation, every step should be managed carefully.

Text: Guo Xiaoshuang

Source: Operation Research Society (ID: u_quan)


It is known as Hermes in the ice cream industry. It has been popular all over the network since no one knows it. This brand took less than half a year. You may not have eaten it, but you must have heard of ice cream sold at sky high prices in the unit of “slice”.

Yes, it is Zhong Xuegao.

Data show that Zhong Xuegao’s revenue exceeded 100 million yuan when he was established 16 months ago; In 2020, Zhong Xuegao achieved the goal of selling more than 100 million in less than half a year; In the first four months of 2021, Zhong Xuegao’s Omni channel sales increased by 300% year-on-year.

In 2021, Zhong Xuegao won the first place in ice sales again.

Behind the increase in sales, Zhong Xuegao also worked hard in the private domain. Zhou Bing, vice president of Zhong Xuegao, replied in an interview that he used the “stupid method” to make the private domain from 0 to 1 and shape the brand.

In the column “using enterprise wechat to play with private domain traffic 2.0”, the operation agency once shared the tricks of private domain operation around the core essence of private domain growth: gathering traffic, retaining and promoting transformation.

In this article, the operation agency will focus on Zhong Xuegao’s private domain operation and talk to you about how Zhong Xuegao does it.

How to use private domain to gather traffic?

The first step to private domain growth – gathering traffic, which is often referred to as the drainage link.
After the operation research society found that Zhong Xuegao’s private user’s drainage channels, such as official account menu bar, friends circle advertisement, order user return, etc. There are also offline channels, such as flash stores. So, how does Zhong Xuegao gather users into the private domain?

1) official account menu bar

First is the official account of online channels. Zhong Xue high interest directly used the official account’s response to direct users to add micro signals to the operators. In addition, the “pet powder welfare” in the menu bar is also an entry for “gathering flow”.
Zhong Xuegao makes full use of the “gathering flow” entrance to improve the drainage efficiency. For example, through “strong welfare” copywriting guidance and posters, users feel “profitable” after adding:

Event offers grab the prophet’s order and get the coupon to find me the lucky draw game, take you to scan the code, add friends and give you coupons

After the user adds the enterprise wechat of the operator (@ Zhong Xiaoxue), the user will be guided to participate in the interaction in the automatic reply of the enterprise wechat to complete the first activation after the user is added.
Interactive behaviors include receiving coupons and placing orders, deducting 1 to join the fan group, and receiving coupons and placing orders through private letters. At the same time, highlight the interest points of joining the group in guiding users’ interaction, and inform users of the benefits of joining the community, such as coupons, second kill activities, game points, etc.
In the previous article, the operation research society mentioned that the first communication with the user determines the retention of 80%, timely addition and response, enthusiastic self introduction, and telling the user what to do for him and speak out the long-term value can increase the retention rate of the user.
The welcome message function of enterprise wechat can realize the automatic sending of customer addition, and will not be ignored by customers. The setting of welcome message can also be activated upon addition. The welcome message of enterprise wechat supports a variety of content forms, and can be configured using text, pictures, web pages and applet messages.

2) Circle of friends advertising

The second is the circle of friends advertising in online channels. As one of the “wechat ads” draining private domains, circle of friends advertising is a more efficient way of draining on the premise of finding the target user group. Its advantage is that “the link from public domain to private domain is the shortest”. However, “circle of friends advertising” is more suitable for brands with sufficient budget and “impact performance” at key marketing nodes.
Zhong Xuegao shows business alienation in the content of advertising in the circle of friends: from March to April every year, cooperate with the dissemination of new products, launch according to regions and people, so that more accurate users can understand new products.
It is worth mentioning that the advertising circle of friends circle supports a key to pay attention to the official account and to place the enterprise micro two-dimensional code, so that the rate of user turnover is also reduced to the lowest.
The enterprise wechat QR code of enterprise service personnel can be generated through the “contact me” function. It is the most efficient way to add customers. Using the “contact me” QR code, users can automatically become friends without confirmation.
What’s more, the multi person “contact me” QR code can configure multiple members, and customers can contact one member randomly by scanning the code, which greatly improves the addition efficiency of users and the service efficiency of members.
“contact me” function

3) Offline flash store

Finally, the private area drainage of offline flash stores. Zhong Xuegao expanded offline channels, tried to take the flash store as the cut-off entrance, linked online communication and jointly build momentum, and expanded from online channels to offline scenes.
From the first flash store in 2018, it attracted attention after brushing the screen in the circle of friends. After great success, it will continue to “flash” in 2019 and copy successfully.
Now, Zhong Xuegao has many offline stores. Offline stores are one of the key channels for private domain drainage. For the drainage of offline stores, you can use the “contact me” and “join group chat” functions of enterprise wechat to return offline users to the private domain.
Here we will focus on the “join group chat” function. In the enterprise wechat background, you can create a community live code, and the group QR code will never expire. Even if the user is busy and forgets to add the group, he can scan the code again when he thinks of it, which greatly reduces the loss rate of long tail traffic.


How to use private domain for retention?

Do a good job in the aggregation of private domain traffic, and then retain it to reduce the loss rate of private domain traffic. This step is very important. The goal is to turn private domain traffic into loyal users of the brand. Zhong Xuegao mainly makes retention through communities, circles of friends and small programs. How do you do it?

1) Community tricks to improve user interaction

Zhong Xuegao’s first position in the private domain is the community. He regularly initiates activities in the community, focusing on guiding users to participate in activities through the core node of the community – group owners (Zhong Xiaoxue, community welfare officer).
For example, Zhong Xuegao will tell users what activities the community will have in the welcome speech, such as the lucky draw on Monday, the second kill on Wednesday, and the irregular ice cream pumping activities. These activities will give users expectations. Fixed activities at a fixed time will imperceptibly affect users’ minds and make users want to participate.
Take the second kill activity every Monday. Every Monday, Zhong Xuegao’s private domain users will want to come to the community to participate in the lucky draw. The prizes include around the brand, no threshold coupons, etc., and the user’s participation enthusiasm is very high.
What’s more ingenious is that Zhong Xuegao’s welfare officer (group leader) will also initiate interactive topics in the community, so that users can write their favorite Zhong Xuegao’s taste with # I love Zhong Xuegao as the topic, and match it with the figure above. Small partners who complete the task can get the surrounding information.
Everyone sends their favorite tastes and pictures in the group, which virtually drives other users to publish together. At the same time, it also imperceptibly affects and plants grass to watch users.
When the community level is very large, the “mass sending” function of enterprise wechat is very important.
The “group sending” function supports that each community can receive 1 message from employees every day and 4 messages from enterprises every month. After editing the content to be distributed, the group leader can select the community to be distributed to achieve one click distribution. Each time, the group leader can select 200 communities, and can also screen the keywords of the group name to quickly locate the target community.      
This function greatly improves the efficiency of message distribution, especially for companies with large users, and saves a lot of manpower.

2) Fine operation of the circle of friends to improve user trust

Zhong Xuegao’s second largest position as a private domain is the circle of friends. The operation research society studied Zhong Xuegao’s circle of friends and found that the content they released was very particular. Behind each content, there was a different “mission”, and each type of content had a fixed proportion and corresponding rhythm, so as to improve users’ trust and cultivate users’ awareness of “consumption”.

Zhong Xuegao’s private circle of friends
Zhong Xuegao’s circle of friends mainly has three types of content: first, synchronize activities in the community and reach users through the circle of friends; Second, the content of life, create group owner settings, and shorten the distance with users; Third, scene based product copywriting to guide transformation.

① Community activities are synchronized to make users reach

A few hours before the activity, Zhong Xuegao will synchronize the activity information, product dynamics and other contents in the circle of friends in time to guide users to comment, interact and pay attention.

② Live content to shorten the distance with users

In addition to publishing activity information, life oriented content is a necessary option for cultivating a circle of friends. Group leaders share daily life through the circle of friends, shorten the distance with users, and make users feel that they can get along with group leaders (IP) like friends, rather than cold business relations.
This kind of content can be trying to talk to users: what did everyone buy on the double 11; You can also share your daily work with the user to make the user feel that there is a person with flesh and blood and temperature behind the account. In this way, you can improve the user’s trust in the group owner (brand).

③ Solicit user feedback and “plant grass” for users

Zhong Xuegao will collect user feedback into regular activities, publish topic topics in the circle of friends, and guide users to write “small compositions” around the topic to plant grass for users.
Some enterprises will synchronize users’ small compositions in the circle of friends (the content needs to be approved by users), plant grass for users, and guide onlookers to participate in interaction.
The above three content types are the key output of Zhong Xuegao’s circle of friends content cultivation.
Of course, if you want to cultivate users in the circle of friends, you also need the function of enterprise wechat circle of friends. The enterprise wechat circle of friends now supports the addition of 2000 words. The attachment can choose to add 9 pictures, 1 video or web message. The operators also add store location and other information to attract customers to the store.
It is worth mentioning that each user’s circle of friends can display 1 content of each operator every day and 4 content from the enterprise every month. Of course, cultivating a circle of friends like Zhong Xuegao should not be too frequent. Just 1-2 pieces a day. Through the “circle of friends” function of enterprise wechat, specific content can be synchronized to the user’s circle of friends with one click, which is very convenient.
You can also group according to the tag function to do the fine operation of the content of the circle of friends. Use the “tag” function of enterprise wechat to layer users in advance; When sending a circle of friends, send it according to the “user tag”, so that different types of users can see different contents and cultivate users more specifically.

3) Small program points system to improve user loyalty

Zhong Xuegao’s third position in private domain is small program. Flexible application of applets to build a membership system in applets, and group owners will guide users to sign in to applets and participate in activities to obtain points.
sign in every day to get points
The points obtained by users can be exchanged for lucky draw opportunities, coupons, points, etc. of course, they can also be exchanged directly around the products. The point exchange mechanism fully mobilized the enthusiasm of users to participate.
It is worth mentioning that Zhong Xuegao also has a special “Zhong Xuegao tries to make you satisfied with the office” applet. The “stick effect” activity in the applet guides users to collect Zhong Xuegao ice cream sticks from different copybooks, take photos and publish them on the applet.
This kind of playing method can be said to be very wonderful. On the one hand, users will place more orders in order to collect more “stick signature copy”; On the other hand, the content related to the “baton” uploaded by users is also a kind of user witness, which virtually improves user loyalty and even allows onlookers to plant grass and place orders.
Here, I have to say that the community, private chat and circle of friends of enterprise wechat support applets. Enterprises can make full use of applets on enterprise wechat to realize the closed-loop of “check-in wake up → activity incentive → order conversion → private domain return”.

How to use private domain to promote transformation?

Using private domain to promote transformation, Zhong Xuegao mainly has three scenes: 1v1 transformation, community transformation and circle of friends transformation. How did you do it?

1) 1v1 conversion

Zhong Xuegao’s 1v1 transformation is very simple. There is no strong operation. He just adds coupons in the automatic reply of adding friends to guide new users to receive them, so as to realize the transformation. In addition, in the group owner’s personal home page, there is also a transformation entrance “official mall” to facilitate the direct transformation of users.
However, for products such as Zhong Xuegao, whose customer unit price is not particularly high, there is no need to invest too much energy in 1v1 private chat conversion, but to find a way to add conversion links to each “contact” (personal home page, adding automatic reply, etc.) of users, so that users can “place orders at will”.
In addition, in the process of private conversation with customers, operators can summarize the answers to some common customers’ questions, put them into quick replies, and edit and group them according to different types of questions, such as greetings, welcome, logistics problems, product introduction, post-sales service, etc., which greatly improves the communication efficiency.        
In addition to improving the service efficiency of private chat through quick reply, enterprise wechat also has a powerful function with the same merit – chat toolbar.
Operators can adjust, order or delete the existing tools in the chat toolbar, and put the commonly used tools such as customer details, quick reply, commodity atlas and other functions in front, which can be easily called directly when communicating with customers.  
When chatting privately, operators should follow the “content rhythm”. They can use the “tag group sending” of enterprise wechat to personalize the customers added in different periods to ensure the maximum effect.          

2) Community transformation

Zhong Xuegao mainly promotes community transformation through second kill and group purchase activities. The community second kill activity is held every Wednesday to give users the habit of squatting in the second kill activity at a fixed time.
Other brands will regularly do some live broadcasts in the community, do second kill, lucky draw, release large coupons and other activities in the live studio, improve users’ enthusiasm for participation, create a strong marketing atmosphere, and let users “have no brain” to place orders.
If it is a live broadcast, you can first set “reservation live broadcast” on the enterprise wechat to allow users in the group to make an appointment for the live broadcast. After the broadcast starts, you can automatically remind users to watch the live broadcast:

3) Circle of friends transformation

The transformation of Zhong Xuegao’s circle of friends mainly includes three types of content: scene content, festival activity information and second kill activity information.
Category 1: scenario content. It is mainly to “create” a scene for users to use the product in the circle of friends, so that users can be immersive and empathic:
In this cool autumn and winter weather, come to… Taste it slowly in the afternoon rocking chair and enjoy the happiness of rest
The scene expression highlights the product features, implanting the product features into the user’s mind like a “small film”, virtually planting grass for the user, and then guiding the order.
The second category is festival information. Zhong Xuegao does not miss every festival and key marketing nodes. They will find some reasons for brand promotion and discount especially for activities, such as welfare in September – feedback from old customers, welfare activities in the beginning of school season, etc.
Through the popularity of festivals and marketing nodes, finding legitimate reasons to issue vouchers to users can improve the conversion efficiency.
The third category is second kill activity information. Community activities and circle of friends activities are carried out simultaneously to reach more users to participate in activities. Second kill activity is simple and rough, which can be regarded as an activity playing method for efficient promotion and transformation.


The above is all about Zhong Xuegao’s private domain operation. From gathering traffic, retention and transformation, we should operate carefully at every step.
If you want to do a good job in the private domain, you must abandon the “harvest” operation, strive to do a good job in the “relationship” operation, and manage the relationship with users.
From drainage to communication, and then to the guidance after the relationship is established, operators can copy the playing methods of Zhong Xue higher brand cases, so that users can really feel “served and valuable”.
reference material:
Actually, Zhong Xuegao, who has never mentioned the private domain, walks in the front row of the private domain
36kr, “new domestic products” in ice cream. Why did Zhong Xuegao run out first? “
Wu Xiaobo channel, “dialogue with Zhong Xuegao: the troubles of an excellent student”
Reprint authorization and media business cooperation: Amy (wechat: 13701559246);
Join the community: Cherry (micro signal: 15240428449).

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