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Yuanqi forest broke into the top 10 of Amazon bubble water for the first time. Amhersh pushed the cheese explosion ball layered yogurt… | it was hot for a week

foodaily picks up the most important and valuable new product information and news information in the food industry on time every week, including all companies that may change the industry.


1. Amhershey pushes out the new year’s cheese pop ball yoghurt, and the layered process can get two wonderful tastes at one time

2. Mengniu Youyi C Shangxin daily Xiaojian and daily beauty two probiotic powders are specially studied for Chinese people with local strains

3. Let the new alpine green tea come into the market. It is an ecological mountain with an altitude of 1000 meters and 100% original leaf tea extraction

4. Aiming at the spring travel scene, Leshi x bubble Mart pushes 3 spring Limited flavor potato chips

5. The new Huayang children’s pasta is launched by air carving, with a new spiral shape, juicy and full material

6. Jinmailang promotes a new brand of ramen, positioning Japanese ramen and healthy 0 fried noodles

7. Wangwang launched got rice rice series combination, and a variety of products unlock new ways of playing rice

8. Tipsyou’s new prescription candy series soft candy has ten formulas and eight processes to restore the power of plant health care

9. Qiashangxin daily Honey Jelly konjaku Honey Jelly, 0 fat and low calorie, reducing the burden on the body

10. Keep’s new dirty black flavor daily protein bar tastes like popcorn and tastes crisp and non sticky

11. Ali’s afternoon tea gift box is launched in the tea, and the adorable blind box helps double the fun of tea


12. Yuanqi forest broke into the top 10 of Amazon bubble water in the United States for the first time and won the top three new products

13. The innovative cheese base in Shanghai started to build the first smart cheese factory in China

Investment and financing

14. Rural chicken completed the pre IPO round of financing, which was jointly invested by Guangfa Gan and maixing investment

15. Dongfang Honghu, a digital soft drink group, won a financing of more than 100 million yuan from byte war and launched “black herbal tea” in cooperation with Wang Laoji

16. Membership fresh fruit tea little fairy rabbit won tens of millions of angel round financing to create affordable high-quality products with fresh fruit tea


On January 5, amuxi wechat official announced the launch of the new cheese pulp ball layered yogurt at the beginning of the year. The base of the new yogurt continues the mellow and soft texture of the blue fatty series without sprinkling. Each cup contains more than 80% raw milk, and the protein content is ≥ 3.3g/100g. In terms of the production of exploding balls, fine cheese imported from New Zealand (cheese addition ≥ 20%) is selected and processed flexibly. 15% cheese exploding balls are spread all over the bottom of the cup to create a super satisfying taste. In addition, the sugar substitute formula of sugar alcohol + glycoside is specially used to reduce calorie intake. In the filling production, in order to achieve the ideal layered yogurt, the brand adopts the step-by-step filling process, which can eat the explosion pulp ball separately from the yogurt, or eat it after stirring, so as to realize the multi eating method of one box of yogurt. On the packaging, the yellow packaging design also brings a warm feeling. The new product is now priced at 125g * 8 / box / 119.9 yuan in tmall flagship store.
Image source: amush


On January 4, Mengniu’s Youyi C launched two probiotic solid drinks specially studied for Chinese people. Every day, xiaojiante adds 3 Chinese star patented strains of Bifidobacterium lactis V9, Lactobacillus plantarum lp-6 and Lactobacillus paracasei pc-01, which can help reduce the burden on the intestines and stomach and freshen the breath; The daily beauty salon selects and adds two patented strains of Lactobacillus plantarum p-8 and Lactobacillus casei Zhang, and specially adds collagen peptide, coniferous cherry, cranberry and dietary fiber to help maintain skin vitality and drink plain beauty and muscle. Each bag contains 100 billion high multiple live bacteria, with a gastric acid resistant survival rate of more than 85%, which can effectively improve the intestinal environment. The price of the new product in Mengniu niubay applet is 2 * 28 bags / box / 350 yuan.
Source: Mengniu niubay


On January 4, let tea release its new product alpine green tea. It is reported that the new product is jointly developed by Professor Liu Zhengzheng, a well-known tea expert in China. It is selected from the mountain ecological tea garden in Mengding Mountain, Sichuan, more than 1000 meters above sea level, and the national tea variety Zhongcha 108 is preferred. At the same time, the steaming process with less bitterness and more sweetness and baking process are used to form the unique green tea flavor of Gaoshan green tea; 100% original leaf tea extract, 0 sugar 0 card 0 fat, and do not add flavors, preservatives, refreshing glycerin, fragrance pleasant. The product packaging inherits the traditional Chinese style and presents the orthodox and authentic Chinese tea culture. The new tmall flagship store sells for 500ml * 15 bottles / 89 yuan.
Photo source: rangcha

4、瞄准春日出游场景,乐事 X 泡泡玛特推3款春季限定口味薯片

Foodaily found that Leshi and pop Mart recently launched a limited series of potato chips in spring to cater to a variety of outdoor activities such as picnic, camping and outing in spring. There are three flavors in the new series: Hibiscus Cherry Blossom shrimp flavor, innovatively integrating cherry blossom and shrimp to create a unique fresh and sweet taste; Mellow black truffle tastes mellow, salty, crisp and enjoyable; Fried Tricholoma matsutake in butter gives off a full fat smell. The new products have two specifications: 60g and 116g. The selling price of PepsiCo’s official flagship store ranges from 25.9 yuan to 42.9 yuan.
Source: official flagship store of PepsiCo group


Recently, kongke launched a new classic tomato meat sauce stewed spiral pasta to provide more pasta choices for children. With the concept of healthy and light food, the new product selects imported wheat, each containing 22G high protein and no artificial pigment. The cute spiral shape is better to hang the soup, full and delicious. The sauce is stewed with Xinjiang sunshine tomato, and then added with Rome diced tomato for flavor. The lean pork of pig hind legs imported from Brazil is full of chewing power. 150g large bag of meat sauce brings a strong sense of satisfaction. The new product is currently priced at 39.9 yuan / box in tmall flagship store.
Photo source: official flagship store of Airmeter


Recently, jinmailang launched a new brand “Ramen fan” and launched fresh bubble Japanese ramen, aiming to transform into high-end. The new product focuses on healthy 0 frying, with about 1 / 3 less calories than traditional fried instant noodles; The raw material of the dough cake is Heilonggang haoshai wheat at 37 degrees north latitude. It specializes in straight strip shredding and adopts advanced cooking technology to make the dough cake, which can achieve 152% water absorption. It takes only three minutes to restore a bowl of Japanese style good ramen. At present, there are 6 flavors, such as barbecued dolphin bone, tomato dolphin bone, sour soup fat cow and pig belly chicken soup. In particular, the packaging vision of ramen fan is designed and produced by pan, a well-known designer in the industry, and presents a younger style as a whole. The product is now mixed in tmall flagship store, and the price is 6 barrels / 89.9 yuan.
Picture source: Ramen fan

7、旺旺推出Got Rice米果系列组合,多款产品解锁大米新玩法

Recently, Wangwang launched got rice rice snack series to mobilize Chinese people’s love gene for rice. Among them, the doughnut is made of coarse grain corn and extruded rice, does not contain trans fatty acids, and has two flavors: strawberry milk and lemon white chocolate; Crispy rice chips: blend the finely ground rice flour into potato chips and bake with hot air to keep the natural and fresh flavor; Rice shrimp slices are strictly selected and added with sea shrimp. The original flavor is delicious, and the thirteen flavors are fresh and spicy. It can be said to unlock the new food fashion of rice. The price of new product combination is 21.3 yuan per group.
Source: Wangwang food flagship store


Recently, the Chinese health brand tipsyou launched a new herbal healthy snack series of Youfang Xiaotang, which is based on plant molecular extraction technology to reveal the new food power of herbs. “Taoyan” replenishes Qi and blood, restores the ancient eight treasures soup, and contains eight health preserving ingredients such as Angelica sinensis, ginseng and yam. It is suitable for women with cold hands and feet; “Vitality” focuses on removing dampness, adding job’s tears, red beans and poria cocos to help improve halitosis and acne caused by heavy moisture; “Chang Shuang” can lighten the body. Corn whiskers and lotus leaves can help diuresis, detumescence and alleviate the burden of “abdomen”. The new tmall flagship store sells 16 PCS / box / 59 yuan per model.
Source: tipsyou flagship store


On January 6, Qiaqia promoted the new daily Honey Jelly konjac Honey Jelly, which is added with real fruit juice. It is rich in dietary fiber and 0 fat. There are two types of white peach and lactic acid bacteria. The former cuts into the scene of staying up late to reduce heat accumulation and reduce the burden; The latter is beneficial to digestion, promote intestinal patency, clear and reduce greasy feeling. The new product is now on sale in Qiaqia food applet.
Source: Qiaqia


Recently, the new dirty black Qiao flavor daily protein bar on keep food flagship store is different from the conventional protein bar. The new product wraps freeze-dried fruit particles, protein particles and nuts with pure cocoa butter, showing a crisp taste like popcorn, subverting the influence of protein bar on tooth adhesion and bringing an unprecedented taste bud experience. Each protein bar is 30g, with a heat of about 133kcal, four animal and plant proteins, 0 trans fatty acids, and specially added collagen peptides to help scientifically manage weight. It is suitable for a variety of use scenarios before and after exercise, breakfast and so on. The price is 19.8 yuan / piece.
Source: keep food flagship store


On December 31, new Ali’s afternoon tea gift box was served in the tea. Different from the past, the new product takes the second dimension as the theme and contains the adorable blind box of Ali doll, which explains the new power of drinking tea. In addition to the blind box, five popular flavors of tea, namely Peach Oolong, litchi black tea, osmanthus oolong, jasmine honey tea and red bean and job’s tears, are collected in the gift box at one time. One box plays with a variety of flavors. Moreover, the empty gift box can also be used as a desktop storage box to place toys, lipstick and other items, which is environmentally friendly and practical. The new product has been sold in tmall flagship store for 238 yuan.
Source: Chali flagship store

12. Laoxiang chicken completed the pre IPO round of financing, which was jointly invested by Guangfa Gan and maixing investment

On January 6, Anhui fast food chain brand Laoxiang chicken obtained a pre IPO round of financing from Guangfa Qianhe and maixing investment. The specific amount of financing has not been announced. However, after this round of financing, Laoxiang chicken is likely to impact the capital market and is expected to become the “first share of Chinese fast food”. According to public information, the rural chicken has signed a listing guidance agreement with securities companies at the end of September 2021, officially opening the sprint of the main board IPO of Shenzhen Stock Exchange.
Native chicken was founded in 2003. It features Feixi old mother chicken soup stewed by 180 day native chicken and farmer mountain spring. It is a leading Chinese fast food brand targeting the daily dining needs of families. Up to now, there are more than 1000 stores.
Image source: Internet


Recently, xiaoxiantu, a membership tea brand, has completed a ten million yuan Angel round of financing. The investors are Kaihui fund and kunyan capital, and Shanzhou capital serves as the financial consultant. This round of financing will be used for the construction of model stores and team building.
Xiaoxiantu began to polish its first store in 2020, focusing on the cheap fresh fruit tea with a membership price of 9.9 yuan, with Yangzhi manna fresh fruit tea as the representative product. Unlike honey snow ice city and happy tea, the starting point of Xiaoxian rabbit is to choose fresh fruit tea with high preference and sell fresh fruit tea of the same high-end brand and quality at a low price. At present, Xiaoxian rabbit has launched fresh fruit tea drinks such as Yangzhi manna, succulent grapes, succulent peaches, vats of fresh oranges, vats of golden pineapples and vats of fruit tea, as well as classic products such as burning fairy grass, pearl milk tea and blood glutinous rice milk tea. About 30 + products are on sale. It is reported that in the next step, xiaoxiantu plans to focus on the third and fourth tier cities in East China, open model stores in core cities, further improve the direct sales and franchise system, and promote the laying of stores.
Source: 36 krypton


Foodaily learned that Dongfang Honghu, a digital soft drink group, has recently completed an angel round of financing of more than 100 million yuan. This round of financing is invested by the company. The financing will be used for technology construction, product development, market promotion, expansion of offline channels, etc.
Founded in September 2018, Dongfang Honghu is positioned as a digital soft drink group and is committed to reconstructing the offline full link transaction scenario in a digital way. The company has not only been praised by byte beating, but also recognized by Wang Laoji, a beverage giant. It has reached in-depth strategic cooperation with Wang Laoji to jointly develop and create in-depth. At present, the company is mainly engaged in two brand series of products, Wang Laoji black herbal tea and Nezha bubble water. The single product of Wang Laoji black herbal tea was trial launched in Jiangsu and Zhejiang. In July, the sales exceeded 40 million.
Photo source: Wanglaoji health flagship store


It is reported that up to now, Yuanqi forest products have been exported to more than 40 countries and regions around the world, and more than 20 overseas beverage products have been launched, including sugar free water, as well as tea burning, aliens and other beverage products popular in the Chinese market. In fact, Yuanqi forest has started its overseas strategy in 2019, first entering the North American market.
In mid May 2021, Yuanqi forest first launched a variety of aluminum can bubble aquatic products in the U.S. market. In November, Yuanqi forest officially settled in Wal Mart online mall in the United States, which soon attracted the attention of North American consumers. In mid December 2021, Yuanqi forest’s overseas version of aluminum can bubble water broke into the top 10 of Amazon’s bubble water best seller list in the United States, and won the top 3 of the new products list of the track. Yuanqi forest has thus become the only Chinese beverage brand to enter the list.
Source: small table


On December 31, 2021, the second phase of Shanghai characteristic cheese intelligent production and processing project – miaokolando innovative cheese base held a launching ceremony in Shanghai Jinshan Industrial Zone. After the completion of the project, miaokolando will have the largest cheese production base in China.
The miaokolando innovative cheese base is located in plot b14-2, Jinge Road, Jinshan Industrial Zone, Shanghai. The project covers an area of about 49.79 mu, a construction area of 51117.55 square meters, and a total investment of 800 million yuan. It is reported that the base will mainly study product innovation including 0 adding cheese sticks, high calcium cheese slices, children’s growth cheese cups and cheese localization applications combined with Chinese family tables.
Source: China Food Network





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