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Foodaily daily food has released its annual business hot spot forecast for six consecutive years. This year, we held a press conference in Shanghai with the proposition of “creating new species in the era of large flow”, and invited Focus Media Mr. Jiang nanchun, Deloitte China Mr. Deng Nie, Mars arrow Mr. Shu Yiping and other celebrities to attend, In the two-hour business case review and track analysis, the CPC will talk about the innovation opportunities that can not be missed next year. January 13, 15:00 p.m., waiting for you to see.

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In the ice age 18000 years ago, the earth’s life circle evolved in a severe cold environment, and a large number of new species were born in the Cambrian period.
The concept of species explosion introduced from geological science has a new interpretation in the business world with the evolution of new generation Internet infrastructure, technology and demand. Nowadays, there is a general consensus on the large-scale emergence of new commercial species. However, due to what changes new species are born and how they evolve and iterate, different individuals in different industries have different paths and rules.
In the field of food and new consumption, to match the changes in the new needs of new people, we have seen the golden age of explosive growth of “new species” in China after four commercial dividend periods: e-commerce dividend, social media flow dividend, supply chain dividend and category fission dividend.
But at the same time, we also feel that when the e-commerce dividend and social media traffic dividend gradually fade, the dividend becomes a red sea, and more and more new consumer brands lost in the traffic volume and ROI volume fall into the mire and crisis of “fixed growth”.
This year, with the key words of antitrust, restricting the Internet and grasping the real economy… With the removal of traffic barriers among giants, the ecological environment of e-commerce and social media platforms is moving from separation to integration, and the open and interconnected “large traffic era” is about to become a new infrastructure. Under this background, where should new species come from and go?
We think the answer is very simple, returning to product innovation and category mind. The new consumption encountering the cold current gives us a great opportunity to seize the fission opportunity of categories, redefine consumers’ mental cognition with innovative products and brands, and the outbreak of new species in the next round of track based on the new infrastructure in the era of large flow and China’s strong supply chain potential.
In this context, foodaily’s annual business hot spots will focus on the forward-looking discovery of categories / products, combine the global 200000 new product research experience with in-depth insight into the Chinese market, and hope to help new consumer entrants anchor the fission opportunities of market segments and categories, so as to provide inspiration and decision-making reference for product innovation in the next year.
On January 13, foodaily daily food will hold a business hot press conference in Shanghai to invite friends from the industry to announce future business opportunities. At the same time, we invited Mr. Jiang nanchun, founder and chairman of focus media, Mr. Deng Nie, leading partner of Deloitte management consulting in China’s consumer goods and retail industry, and Mr. Shu Yiping, President of Mars global health snacks division in Asia Pacific, to take a pulse with us on the current consumer environment reform and new consumption trend, and deconstruct the business code and industrial opportunities under the hot spots.

Entrepreneurs and brand managers in the food and beverage industry,
New consumer operators and investors looking for opportunities in the food and beverage industry,
Decision makers and developers of food and beverage products,
Food and beverage industry chain peers,
Let’s feel the pulse of new consumption and talk about business opportunities in the food and beverage industry in the next year!
How to participate
Method 1: make friends on site
The conference was held in Shanghai on January 13. Due to the epidemic situation, the conference will adopt the directional invitation system, and we will also open a small number of on-site places. The registration is mainly open to the founders of new potential brands or department heads of mature brands in the field of food and beverage. The review system will be adopted, and we will reply within 24 hours after receiving the application.

Contact Anne
Mobile phone: 13402541926
Method 2: watch online live broadcast
At 15:00 on January 13, the video number will be broadcast synchronously. Click the button below to make an appointment for the live broadcast of the press conference
Preemptive interaction

Scan code to join foodaily2022 commercial hot spot live broadcast group in advance, communicate online with food colleagues, jointly discuss business opportunity judgment and industry trend observation in the next year, and share experience. In the group, we also opened multiple functions such as live broadcast preview, information sharing, industry links, surprise benefits and so on. Let’s meet in the live studio on January 13.

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Surprise benefits include:

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