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Mo Mo dim sum Bureau cross-border oatly, creating an alternative “light” playing method of a new midpoint of health!

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Momo and oatly Oh Maili has creatively opened the prelude to the deep combination of Chinese baking and vegetable dairy products.

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In the past 2021, if you want to say which category is the hottest in the food industry, baking must be on the list.
According to the estimation of 30000 capital, the potential market space of the retail end of China’s baking industry is about 470 billion. At present, the retail volume of China’s baking food is about 230 billion, and there is at least twice the market increment space. Under the siege of the new trend of national tea, fancy bubbles, functional snacks and other categories, the pace of new Chinese dim sum baking to seize the market share has gradually accelerated.
China has a long history of baking and dim sum making, and everyone has warm memories about dim sum. It can be said that this is a whole population market that needs to be upgraded but does not need education. In the past two years, with the new consumption wave sweeping, Chinese baking has shown a strong trend of “making western food at the midpoint”, that is, the integration of Chinese dim sum ingredients and Western baking methods, which not only breaks consumers’ cognition of traditional Chinese dim sum taste, jumps out of the stereotype of Chinese cakes, but also leads the young generation of China to carry forward dietary confidence and revive traditional culture to a certain extent.
Photo source: microblog @ Momo dim sum Bureau
Moreover, in terms of the current situation, Chinese culture has risen all over the world, and the national tide has a profound impact on the wind direction of the food industry. In the past year, the relationship between Guochao and baking track has become closer. Many cutting-edge baking brands have taken advantage of the trend of Guochao, and Chinese baking has become a microcosm of the rise of Guochao. Many key baking brands promote the rise of the “new Chinese baking” segment by optimizing and upgrading traditional products, assisting with national style innovation, and then entering the social circle of young people for marketing.
Momo dim sum Bureau has made eye-catching performance in this dim sum category pursuit war. In just one year since its establishment, it has completed five rounds of financing and become an outstanding Unicorn brand.
As a leading brand in the subdivided industry, we see that Momo dim sum Bureau has been deeply engaged in product innovation. While continuing to bring healthier high-quality dim sum to consumers, it is also constantly breaking the category boundary and looking for new opportunities and breakthroughs in the next industry.
Recently, foodaily observed that Mo Mo and oatly plant protein brand oatly omrili have jointly signed, innovatively opened the prelude to the deep combination of Chinese baking and plant dairy products, and launched a new “light oat series”, that is, a series of baked snacks integrated with oatly plant-based oat milk, perfectly integrating the “health” genes of the two, Bring consumers an unparalleled new taste bud experience.
Unlock the new joint formula and upgrade the snack kernel
1. Based on health, strong forces work together to break through the midpoint of new materials
In recent years, with the upgrading of consumption and the popularity of the concept of health preservation, a healthy and delicious quality of life has been more and more favored by contemporary young people, and gradually gave birth to a new consumption trend – everything can be healthy. From drinks, snacks to snacks, once regarded as “happy fat house equipment” with high sugar and high fat, based on the huge demand for dietary health, it has also begun transformation and upgrading, and the strategic publicity of health attributes is blooming everywhere.
Among them, the selection of natural and healthy raw materials seems to be the promotion focus of most products. However, when a large number of categories play the same move, consumers will have no choice for products under the homogeneous bombing. The similar vacancy of the publicity text “Rainbow fart” has become a common problem, and the co branding with brands that pursue consistency and make public praise in category tracks can strengthen consumer confidence and build goodwill.
Source: Momo dim sum Bureau
The super popular brand “Mo Mo dim sum bureau” of the baking track has opened up a new idea of CO branding, CO branded with oatly milk, the king of oatly milk reputation, and integrated oatly milk into the hearts of Chinese points to make special co branded dim sum, bringing surprising cross-border innovation. Mo Mo dim sum Bureau advocates a healthy and light lifestyle, adheres to roast and sell now, low sugar and low oil; Oatly focuses on a plant-based diet with natural ingredients and zero cholesterol. It is very friendly to people who are lactose intolerant. The two are highly consistent in the concept output of health products, which directly promotes the “combination of two swords” – the joint brand new product “light oat series”.
2. Launch a joint brand new product “light oat series”, with the dual temptation of delicious + health
The new co branded light oats series is based on the two star products of Mo Mo – cassava and seaweed Xiaobei. Oatly oats milk is creatively added to create a different spark. A mouthful of oatmeal and sweet potato, with soft waxy skin and oatmeal cream wrapped inside, has a unique oatmeal flavor. Oatly coffee master’s choice of oat milk, combined with mellow oatmeal, makes the oatmeal pulp particularly delicate and smooth. When consumers taste a mouthful of oatmeal and sweet potato, they can feel the strong oatmeal fragrance brought by a mouthful of exploding pulp reverberating on the tip of their tongue, which makes people have endless aftertaste, lightness and low burden.
Another new product is the seaweed Xiaobei upgraded by “raw material + weight”. The upgraded version of seaweed Xiaobei uses 0 sucrose and 0 cholesterol oatmeal sauce instead of salad sauce. After testing, the heat of every 100g oat sauce is 79% lower than that of 100g ordinary salad sauce. It tastes fresh and gets rid of greasy. At the same time, the weight of the product is upgraded. The Qifeng cake with the size of 5×5 cm is wrapped with crispy seaweed meat floss and sandwiched with light truck oatmeal sauce, which adds a trace of moisture and delicacy, so that customers can double their satisfaction when tasting the new version of seaweed Xiaobei without guilt.
Source: Momo dim sum Bureau
3. Break the joint routine and cooperate with hard “nuclear” products
Brand Co branding is one of the mainstream eye catching moves at present. It enables the brand to obtain brand increment from channel expansion, interposition the brand crowd, and convey the brand concept and value. It is regarded by the industry as an opportunity point for the short-term explosion of cutting-edge brands. More importantly, CO branding means innovation, brand freshness and innovative “heat preservation”.
In the past, CO branding was more based on the simple combination of packaging or logo design, but now co branding began to delve into the DNA of the brand, and the entry point of deep combination can be from CO creation of products, concept design, creative output to marketing layout. Deep co branding makes more and more brands start to think and try more possibilities, which has created the fire of “cross-border CP”.
From the perspective of baking dim sum raw materials, Momo dim sum Bureau has accurately improved consumers’ import experience with the in-depth integration of materials, greatly deepened the healthy and burden free high-quality brand image of both sides, and successfully created the joint effect of “1 + 1 > 2”.
National tide and wind rise,
Lead the midpoint cultural revival with new ideas and ideas
If the joint promotion of innovation is a phased attempt and exploration of product innovation by Mo Mo, it can be said to be a step-by-step practice in leading the revival of midpoint culture.
When Wang Yuxiao, the brand founder of Momo dim sum Bureau, went on a business trip abroad, he observed that there were few Chinese dim sum gifts. She believes that the traditional Chinese dim sum industry is old, and everyone’s understanding of the products still stays in the production experience of relatively dry mouth and lack of freshness. In addition, the overall visual perception is old-fashioned, resulting in young people becoming less and less interested in Chinese dim sum. Therefore, she hopes to make a brand-new brand popular with young people on the track of Chinese dim sum, make up the gap, make the midpoint look new, and make more young people willing to pay for Chinese dim sum and like Chinese dim sum from the bottom of their heart.
According to the report on the development trend of baking industry in 2020, the market scale of China’s baking industry will be 235.8 billion yuan in 2020. It is expected that China’s baking market will maintain a growth rate of about 7% in the next five years. While the colorful Western pastries are rapidly occupying the lives of young consumers, the Chinese dim sum category has fallen into a “strange circle”. The people who buy dim sum in the store are older, but the user groups who actually consume dim sum widely cover all ages and families; In addition, traditional dim sum time-honored brands emphasize gift giving scenes rather than daily snack consumption, which makes the traditional midpoint brand lack a large part of the young market.
Source: Google
New Chinese baked dim sum players accurately grasp this pain point and constantly shorten the distance between Guochao dim sum and young consumers through product and sales innovation. On the one hand, the new Chinese baking brand chooses to integrate Chinese dessert ingredients with Western baking methods, so as to bring traditional pastries closer to leisure snacks, so as to enhance its sharing and communication attributes and broaden potential consumer groups. On the other hand, it caters to the new eating habits of young people, making Chinese cakes small enough to be eaten one by one, so that they have the characteristics of snacks and are suitable for shopping, chasing dramas and other consumption scenes.
Standing at the new outlet of the baking industry, we will focus on the west to create popular models, snack transformation and extension scenes, and store design to meet the national trend… While the new Chinese baking dim sum brand uses 18 martial arts to please young consumers, it also successfully allows the capital to see new opportunities for the rise of baking dim sum categories. The “gold absorption potential” of the Mo dim sum Bureau, which has been established less than two years, is the strongest, Behind such brilliant achievements, it is naturally inseparable from the “new idea” and “heart” of the product delivered to consumers.
Source: Momo dim sum Bureau
In terms of production, Momo dim sum Bureau inherits the ingenuity and craftsmanship aesthetics of Chinese traditional dim sum technology, and adheres to hand roasting, low sugar and low oil; At the same time, it combines the characteristics of Western snacks to create richer taste levels and more attractive appearance, such as fresh milk coffee mashed potato, rainbow egg fried mashed potato, super cheese crisp, etc., which have been praised by many young customers.
In terms of product size design and sales mode, Momo also has accurate insight into young consumer groups. The younger generation is not interested in old-fashioned snacks, but they must have no resistance to snacks, so Mo dessert makes snacks into exquisite snack forms, one by one. In addition, Momo also reduces the threshold of consumers’ first taste and second purchase through lightweight sales. In the past, dim sum was sold by box and weighed by Jin, emphasizing the attribute of staple food instead of food. Mo Mo can be sold by “one”, so that young people passing by can’t help but “buy one and try” and even “buy more and try”.
Using this differentiated product positioning, Mo Mo distinguishes itself from traditional Chinese dim sum enterprises, so as to leave a more fashionable, stylized and young brand impression in the hearts of young people.
Source: official account of Mo Mo dim sum Bureau
However, only relying on differentiated products and daily positioning to successfully enter the lives of young people is only the first step. Whether the products are good or not is the core competitiveness of the new Chinese pastry industry. Young consumers’ fear of high sugar and high carbon water in pastries forces brands to think about how to integrate health and quality into the core of products.
Therefore, Mo Mo is very exquisite in materials. It changes the traditional characteristics of heavy oil and sweet in the past, focuses on low sugar and low fat, and specially opens up a low sugar series in the menu to meet the taste needs of young people in the current market. In order to create hard core quality, Mo Mo has always adhered to high standards in the selection of raw materials. The products use high-quality fresh cream with dense taste and strong frankincense, which directly fills the product quality, and even likes to mention the title of “ceiling of Chinese dim sum raw materials”.
On the basis of polishing innovative products, contemporary young people who love “making films” also attach great importance to the ingenious thinking of packaging design. As for the brand, after the user purchases, if the brand can attract users to take photos and punch in through the originality of product packaging and facade style, enrich the purchase experience, and form the communication on social media, it will often greatly help the product out of the circle.
Therefore, in terms of store design, Mo Mo dim sum Bureau has been upgraded from a traditional stall to a high-value facade, adopting the operation mode of front store and back factory, taking red and blue as the main color of the store, coupled with a large number of neon lights, which is very memory and brand characteristics. In addition, inspired by the stone lion at the ancient gate, the brand has derived a brand logo with great personality and recognition, which is very eye-catching. At the same time, Mo Mo applied the intangible cultural “shadow play” to the brand experience and product packaging for the first time in 2021, closely linked to the national tide culture gene, aroused resonance and empathy among young people on a large scale, and won great praise.
Source: Momo dim sum Bureau
It is worth mentioning that not long ago, Mo Mo dim sum bureau successfully extended its store to the inspiration source of national culture – capital Beijing, and launched two limited products with full Beijing flavor, Facebook grouting cookies and sugar gourd and sweet potato. On its first day of opening, it was enthusiastically pursued by countless consumers, reaching a turnover of 180000 and the ultimate flat effect of 32 square meters.
Facebook cookies and sweet potatoes, source: Momo dessert Bureau
Share public welfare stories and deepen the sense of social responsibility
In addition to the above innovative leadership of products and categories, the rapid rise of cutting-edge brands also makes more and more brands pay more attention to the practice of social responsibility. Of course, this is also a must for an enterprise to be evergreen for a hundred years! In fact, the cross-border joint branding of Mo Mo and oatly is not only the launch of groundbreaking joint branded new products, but also the implementation of silent public welfare together.
Foodaily learned that due to the accidental participation of a silent partner and his serious work attitude, the Mo dim sum Bureau learned about the employment difficulties faced by this group and its disappointment in life, and had a new understanding of the silent group, thus giving birth to the idea of making Mo silent store.
There are about 80000 silent partners in Changsha, and only 50% of them can get employed smoothly, which means that many silent partners have no jobs and face great pressure to survive. At present, the opening of silent store in youyougang and Lehe city of Momo has helped 19 silent partners to obtain employment smoothly, and the silent recruitment plan is still continuing. It is believed that more silent partners will join the big family of Momo in the future.
Oatly is also “doing great things silently for silent groups”. Its silent barista project aims to provide free coffee training courses for hearing-impaired people, help them broaden their horizons, improve their skills, and recommend employment opportunities for them. For oatly, sustainable development is one of the important core values of oatly. Oatly is helping the hearing-impaired youth create a better life by establishing the link of the silent barista community.
Photo source: microblog @ Momo dim sum Bureau
Both the silent program of Momo dim sum Bureau and the oatly barista growth program provide a platform or employment direction for the fair employment of the hearing impaired. Both sides agreed to give them the most needed help with the warmest action, which deeply reflects the social responsibility of the two brands.
On January 5, Mo Mo held a silent flash event with the theme of “Shh! Dim sum silently” in the newly opened friendship silent store in Changsha. Most of the employees in the silent shop are silent partners of Mo Mo, and the silent baristas in oatly are invited to stay. During the event, consumers can participate in sign language classes in the store and experience the coffee drawing and baking teaching of silent partners.
Photo source: microblog @ Momo dim sum Bureau
The founder of Mo Mo once said at the silent partner exchange meeting: “Maybe many times we can’t decide our origin, but I believe we can change some things with both hands. I always have a dream. I want to help 10000 hearing-impaired people get fair employment in the next five years. But this dream can’t be completed by me alone. I need everyone’s help and cooperation to realize it. It’s all Mo Mo to protect silence and light up hope The direction of people’s efforts. “
Mo Mo has also moved from Changsha to Wuhan and Beijing. In the future, the brand also plans to add more silent stores, so that silent partners can have a more comfortable working environment and flexible employment opportunities, do what they like, feel their own value, and be treated gently by the world.
In order to break the boundaries of silence and voice, Mo Mo’s silent planning will also work with Alipay bell. Blue Wind Chime program, also known as “barrier free small store program”, is committed to helping disabled people open and obtain employment in small stores to do business equally and barrier free. With the help of the platform’s technology and flow level, such small stores and stories can be transmitted. On the one hand, it can expand the popularity of small stores by “planting grass” and support the development of these stores through diversion and income generation of real gold and silver; On the other hand, it can also light up and warm more people’s hearts through the transmission of stories.
Source: Momo dim sum Bureau
Due to the industry’s insight and catering to the psychological needs of young consumer groups, new Chinese snacks are favored by young people, showing an explosive development trend. However, the temporary volume can not make the baking brand become popular. Baking brands still need to get rid of homogenization in product innovation and continuously iterate and upgrade around users’ brand positioning, content platform, supply chain control behind it and product barriers.
In the face of problems such as low customer stickiness and low brand moat, Mo Mo dim sum Bureau, an innovative pioneer in the new Chinese baking industry, has made a new improvement in the brand from product core, user experience to brand pattern by means of joint branding + public welfare, and written a reference answer worthy of reference by the industry, I believe that in the future, Mo Mo dim sum Bureau will bring more wonderful stories on the baking track as a new midpoint leader!
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