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Some products like tea have been reduced in price. Andy Lau resigned as vice president of Qianhe flavor industry. Starbucks settled in meituan takeout. Zong Fuli talked about six aspects of management. Mengniu is incubating “small and beautiful” enterprises and refinancing rural chickens

Hot company information and announcement



Xi Cha confirmed the interface today,

Mengniu Zheng

According to Mengniu WeChat official account today, In the recently broadcast “dialogue” program, Lu Minfang, President of Mengniu Group, said: “Mengniu has made great efforts to take this as a special topic this year to incubate ‘small and beautiful’ enterprises. Mengniu provides a strong supply chain platform, basic R & D ability, stimulates creativity through equity incentive, and cultivates’ specialized and new ‘future development projects on Mengniu’s soil.” (issued by the company)


Zong Fuli put forward six points for management

From January 7 to 8, Zong Fuli presided over the 2021 annual cadre report meeting of Wahaha Group. Focusing on “management”, Zong Fuli believes that there are six points to focus on: organizational structure adjustment, reshaping management system, resetting evaluation standards, comprehensive budget management, upgrading internal audit system and digital empowerment. (issued by the company)

Change of board members of Dongpeng beverage

Today, Dongpeng beverage announced that after the review of the nomination committee of the board of directors, it plans to recommend Liu Lihua, vice president of the group and Secretary of the board of directors, as the candidate for non independent directors of the second board of directors of the company, and Cheng Yi as the candidate for independent directors of the second board of directors of the company. (company announcement)


Dongpeng beverage Guangdong marketing headquarters will set up a catering area in 2022

When Dongpeng beverage was surveyed in December 2021, it said that the Guangdong market is relatively mature, but there are regional imbalances in the mature market and regional outlets that have not been laid out, such as science and technology parks, catering, universities, Internet cafes and other channels. Guangdong marketing headquarters set up a catering area in 2022, focusing on catering channels. (Zhitong Finance)

Starbucks settled in meituan takeout

Recently, Starbucks’ special star delivery has been launched in meituan takeout channel. If you search Starbucks on meituan takeout, Starbucks’ exclusive page will appear. Judging from the current store information, the membership system of meituan takeout and Starbucks has also been opened. (food capital agency)

Qianhe flavor industry adjusts the company’s organizational structure

Today, Qianhe Weiye Food Co., Ltd. announced that according to the development needs of the company, the organizational structure of the company will be optimized and adjusted in order to further optimize the management mode, improve management efficiency and enhance the professional operation capacity of each business segment. The specific adjustments are as follows: 2. Abolish the strategic investment department, a primary functional department; 4、 Abolish the brand Department of the first level functional department, and merge the original functions into the operation Department; (company announcement)

Andy Lau resigned as vice president of Qianhe flavor industry for personal reasons


Construction of Lanxi inspection industry project of Feihe dairy


Yuanqi forest established a technology company in Hefei

Yuanqi forest (Beijing) Food Technology Group Co., Ltd. added foreign investment. The investment enterprise is qingqina (Hefei) Technology Co., Ltd., with an investment proportion of 100%. Qingqingna (Hefei) Technology Co., Ltd. was established on January 4, 2022. The legal representative is Tang Xin, with a registered capital of 200 million yuan. Its business scope includes the retail of computer software and hardware and auxiliary equipment, the sales of vending machines, etc. The company is wholly owned by Yuanqi forest. (Leju Finance)

Rural chicken completes pre IPO round of financing

According to the investment community, on January 6, the Chinese fast food chain brand Laoxiang chicken has completed the pre IPO round of financing, and the investors are Guangfa Qianhe and maixing. At present, the prospectus of rural chicken has not been disclosed. (Interface)

Aoyou officially launched chromium free passivated tinplate milk powder tank

Recently, the development project of Aoyou chromium free passivated tinplate milk powder can has achieved results, and has successfully applied chromium free passivated tinplate to the packaging of Aoyou milk powder can. Aoyou has become the first dairy enterprise in China to successfully apply chromium free passivated tinplate milk powder cans. The chromium free passivated tinplate used by Aoyou has passed a number of international authoritative safety certifications. (issued by the company)

Yili QQ star reached strategic cooperation with Lijia baby

On January 8, the QQ star growth champion Carnival held by Yili QQ star children’s growth formula and Lijia baby opened in Beijing. At the meeting, QQ star children’s growth formula and Lijia baby announced a strategic cooperation. The two sides will protect children’s health with the dual strength of professional good nutrition and comprehensive good service. (Jin Yaowen)

Yili ranks first in Hurun China’s top 100 private enterprises for sustainable development

Hurun Research Institute today released the 2021 Hurun top 100 list of China’s private enterprises for sustainable development, listing 100 Chinese private enterprises that best meet the 17 sustainable development goals of the United Nations, with Yili at the top of the list. (gelonghui)

The cooperation project of three squirrels was included in the major special plan for science and technology of Anhui Province in 2021

Three squirrels joined hands with Hefei University of technology to successfully carry out the R & D and application of “fried nuts”. This cooperation project was also successfully included in the major science and technology special project (the first batch) of Anhui Province in 2021 by the Department of science and technology of Anhui Province in November 2021. Improving the quality of fried nuts and controlling the research and development of key technologies are the key to this cooperation project. (Phoenix)

Qianwei central kitchen: it has customized and developed prefabricated food products to some customers

Qianwei central kitchen said on the interactive platform that the company has prefabricated food related products. At present, the company has customized and developed a series of prefabricated food products to some major customers. The company is optimistic about the future development trend of prefabricated dishes and is doing the R & D and storage of some products. (36Kr)


Yinshi gets millions of Yuan Angel round financing

It is reported that Yinshi, a brand of Chinese prefabricated food chain stores, has completed an angel round of financing of millions of yuan, which is exclusively invested by Xianfeng evergreen. This round of funds will be mainly used for store development, supply chain construction and talent introduction. Yinshi was founded in September 2017 and headquartered in Hebei. Up to now, Yinshi has opened 40 stores and is expected to open 600 stores in 2022. (36Kr)


Shengyang dairy transferred 90% shares of Shengyang biology, and Zhongjian technology took over the offer

On January 7, the industrial and commercial system showed that Shanghai Shengyang Biotechnology Co., Ltd. had an industrial and commercial change, Inner Mongolia Shengyang Dairy Co., Ltd. transferred 90% of the shares of Shengyang biotechnology, and Zhongjian Technology Group Co., Ltd. took over. Shengyang biology was established on July 30, 2021. Its legal representative is Wang Guiping and its registered capital is 5 million yuan. The company was previously 100% owned by Shengyang dairy. At present, Zhongjian technology holds 90% and Shengyang dairy holds 10%. (Leju Finance)

Knight dairy’s financial conditions do not meet the listing requirements of the Beijing stock exchange

On January 7, Knight dairy issued a “prompt announcement on applying for change guidance filing”, saying that the company plans to change its IPO plan on the gem to be listed on the Beijing stock exchange, and the company’s guidance agency has submitted the change materials to the Inner Mongolia Securities Regulatory Bureau on January 7. However, according to the weighted average return on net assets in recent two years, Knight dairy does not meet the financial conditions for listing on the Beijing stock exchange. (


Western animal husbandry produced 3054.1 tons of fresh milk in December 2021, a decrease of 13.06% over the same period of last year

On January 7, Xinjiang West animal husbandry Co., Ltd. issued an announcement on the sales of the company’s self-produced fresh milk. According to the data, the production of fresh milk produced by western animal husbandry in December 2021 was 3054.1 tons, a decrease of 3.02% over the previous month and 13.06% over the same period of the previous year. (Leju Finance)


Bowling Bao predicts that Q4 net profit in 2021 will still increase significantly compared with the same period in 2020

On January 10, bowling Bao said that the fourth quarter was the off-season of the traditional beverage industry, and the demand for sugar substitutes decreased. The company expects that the net profit in the fourth quarter of 2021 will still increase significantly compared with the same period of 2020. (Beijing business daily)


Shanghai jiaguoyuan Beverage Co., Ltd. was fined 8000 yuan for publishing illegal advertisements

Two batches of jiaguoyuan “strawberry compound fruit and vegetable juice” produced by Shanghai aizhiwei Food Co., Ltd. entrusted by Shanghai jiaguoyuan Beverage Co., Ltd. are prominently marked with “100% juice” in the middle of the front of the outer package, which violates the advertising law of the people’s Republic of China, and is ordered to stop publishing by the market supervision and administration of Pudong New Area of Shanghai and fined 8000 yuan. (Shanghai Municipal Bureau of supervision)

Nongfu mountain spring launches the year of the tiger Zodiac bottle collection water

Recently, Nongfu mountain spring announced through the social platform that it officially launched renyin year of the tiger Zodiac bottle collection version of glass bottle water. It is reported that this year’s renyin Chinese Zodiac bottle collection version of glass bottle water follows a classic set of double bottle design. Nongfu Shanquan introduced that this year’s Chinese Zodiac bottle collection water produced a total of 100000 sets, but still only sent but not sold. (World Wide Web)

Nestle Greater China male employees can take maternity leave

According to Nestle Greater China childcare support policy implemented on January 1, 2022, male employees in Nestle Greater China can enjoy 18 weeks or 4 weeks of fully paid childcare support leave as the first or second caregiver. The first dependant may apply for parental support leave for up to six months. Adoptive parents can also become the first or second caregivers and enjoy the same parental support leave policy. (issued by the company)

Employees of Dabei agriculture are awarded for having three children

The employees of Dabei agriculture have 90000 three births, which can be enjoyed by both men and women. (First Finance)

Pule China plant starts distributed photovoltaic power generation project


Recently, Huhtamaki, a global packaging solution supplier, successfully completed the installation and operation of roof photovoltaic power generation project at its Shanghai plant in Songjiang Economic Development Zone for the first time, realizing grid connected power generation. In the same period, the photovoltaic project located in Guangzhou plant was also connected to the grid on January 1, 2022. Pule group aims to achieve 100% renewable energy and carbon neutrality in all bases around the world by 2030. (issued by the company)

Danone France completed the reorganization of corporate governance system

According to local media in France, Danone France has completed the restructuring today, integrating dairy products, plant-based products, beverages and nutrition into one, forming a new entity of “Danone France”. In Danone France, a new 10 member management committee will be established under the leadership of Fran ç OIS Eyraud, the former head of French dairy business. (Captical)


Savoreat launches 3D printed vegetarian Patty


Savoreat, an Israeli food technology company, has launched a personalized 3D printing system for their vegetarian hamburger patties. This printing method allows customers to get personalized vegetarian hamburger patties to meet their needs for different fats and proteins. Savoreat has supplied whole vegetarian patties to European restaurants and has plans to enter the U.S. market. (one green planet)

Quick reading of food industry information


The State Administration of Market Supervision issued a notice on the unqualified sampling inspection of 5 batches of food

Recently, the General Administration of market supervision organized 267 batches of samples of 25 categories of food, and detected that 5 batches of samples of 2 categories of food such as edible agricultural products and biscuits were unqualified. The specific nonconformities are as follows. (State Administration of market supervision and Administration)


The State Administration of Market Supervision issued an announcement on strengthening the quality and safety supervision of solid drinks

In order to further strengthen the quality and safety supervision of solid drinks, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers and protect public health, the State Administration of market supervision has issued an announcement on strengthening the quality and safety supervision of solid drinks, which will be implemented from June 1, 2022. The specific announcement is as follows. (State Administration of market supervision)

The net content of quantitatively packaged goods of one batch of roasted coffee products in Shanghai is unqualified

On January 6, the website of Shanghai municipal market supervision administration announced the supervision and random inspection of the net content of quantitatively packaged commodities of cocoa and roasted coffee products in Shanghai in 2021. The spot check results showed that the net content of illy espresso ground coffee powder (medium baking) imported by Yili Coffee Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. and sold by Tianlin branch of trust Mart Supermarket Co., Ltd. in Shanghai Pudong was unqualified. (China Quality News Network)


Consumer goods industry department investigates the development of food industry in Beijing

On January 6, the consumer goods industry department investigated the development of Beijing’s food industry, successively visited Beijing Sanyuan Food Co., Ltd., PepsiCo food (China) Co., Ltd. Beijing Branch and other food production enterprises, and gave guidance on ensuring the stability of the food industry chain supply chain, preventing food safety risks, and ensuring the Spring Festival and Beijing Winter Olympics. (MIIT)

Ministry of industry and Commerce:
is aimed at developing diversified, fashionable, personalized and low alcohol Baijiu products for young and overseas consumer groups.

According to the news on the website of the Ministry of industry and information technology on January 10, the Ministry of industry and information technology solicited opinions on the guiding opinions on accelerating the construction of modern light industry system (Draft for comments). The draft of the paper proposes that the products of Baijiu group should be diversified, fashionable, personalized and low grade for the young consumer groups and overseas consumer groups. (interface News)


A number of liquor enterprises launched the year of the tiger lunar new year wine to focus on the industry

With the Lunar New Year approaching, liquor enterprises such as Maotai, Wuliangye, Luzhou Laojiao, Fenjiu, Langjiu, Gujing tribute liquor and shede have entered the Chinese Zodiac liquor track in the year of the tiger. From the perspective of the Chinese New Year wine launched by various brands, the packaging is more integrated with cultural and creative design, and the superposition of famous wine gene, cultural value, financial value, quality value, scarcity and personalization makes the Chinese New Year wine focus on the eyes of the industry. (Beijing News)


Economic Daily: regulators need to regulate the development of blind box Market

Blind box marketing can not only rely on the emotional value given by removing the blind box as a support, but should pay more attention to the product connotation to meet people’s spiritual needs. In addition, blind boxes are prone to false publicity and excessive marketing when sold, which requires the regulatory authorities to improve the relevant systems and rules as soon as possible, crack down on dishonesty and standardize the development of the blind box market. (Economic Daily)

Zhang Yong, CEO of Alibaba, stepped down as a director of microblog company

Today, the microblog company announced that Dong benhong has been appointed as a director of the company’s board of directors, and Zhang Yong has resigned as a director, effective from January 10, 2022. Dong benhong joined Alibaba Group in January 2016 as chief marketing officer. From November 2017 to November 2018, he also served as president of Ali mom.

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