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The first self built factory landed in Xiaogan, Hubei Province

constantly promotes the progress of plant protein technology and creates truly healthy and delicious food.

On January 11, 2022, Chinese plant protein food technology enterprise “Sunday zero” announced the completion of round B financing of US $100 million. This round of financing is led by Chunhua capital, followed by Professor Zeng Ming, as well as the additional investment of old shareholders joy capital, Jingwei venture capital, Lightspeed China and Yunjiu capital. At the same time, “Sunday zero” also announced that its first production base and self built factory had landed in Xiaogan, Hubei Province.
Wu Yanzi, CEO of Zhou zero, said: “after the financing, Zhou zero will continue to launch more plant-based green foods with reasonable prices and delicious health based on plant protein technology, and create a better eating experience for the target consumer group of generation Z, so as to deliver a sustainable lifestyle.”
Wang Yang, founding partner of Chunhua capital, said, “The products of” week zero “are in line with the development goal of national carbon neutrality, have clear health advantages from the consumer level, are more in line with the taste of Chinese population and are affordable. Its localized and young team has the ability to quickly build brand awareness. Chunhua has a wide layout in the consumer industry, which can help” week zero ” Integrate with the invested ecology of Chunhua to form a good linkage. In the future, Chunhua will continue to pay attention to the enterprises in the carbon neutralization industrial chain, and is willing to grow together with them and give back to the society. “
Professor Zeng Ming said, “I hope” zero week “will continue to promote the progress of plant protein technology and create really healthy and delicious food.”
This financing is the fifth round of financing since the establishment of “week zero” in 2019, which also reflects the rapid development of plant protein food technology and the recognition of plant protein food by the market and consumers.
Even during the epidemic period, “Sunday zero” still achieved contrarian growth. In October of the previous year, nearly 2600 stores across the country launched “Green Fairy plant chicken hamburger” in Sunday and Dexter; In July last year, in cooperation with Ruixing coffee, it launched a new series of “planting breakfast” in nearly 5200 stores across the country; Since the year before last, “Sunday” has been pushing new products hand in hand with the family convenience store. Now dozens of products are sold and widely praised. In addition, since 2020, “Sunday” has continued to cooperate with Xi tea, launched a variety of meals and launched stores equipped with ovens all over the country. It is reported that in the first quarter of 2022, the two sides will cooperate again to launch at least one cooperative meal using “master black pepper vegetable beef of” Sunday zero “with the texture of the whole piece of beef.
In just two years, “Sunday zero” has traveled all over the country by innovatively adopting the B2B2C business model. At present, it has cooperated with more than 100 brands across the country, and its products have been stationed in 14000 + stores across the country. Among them, tea, coffee and convenience stores are recognized as gathering places for young people in recent years.
For the planning after this round of financing, “Monday zero” said that it would focus on production and research construction and laboratory equipment investment, and constantly explore the innovation of plant protein technology. At present, “Sunday zero” has been able to make an innovative breakthrough in the texture and flavor of plant protein food. Aiming at the structure of plant protein, it has carried out intermittent knitting flavor and intensive enzymatic crosslinking to achieve the effect of simulating muscle fiber, created “master black pepper plant beef” with whole meat texture, and cut into the market of ham and beef slices. It is similar to the well-known Western food beef pastrami in taste and taste, but the price is more advantageous. It is different from similar products, and nitrite and any preservative are not added. “Master black pepper vegetable beef” takes non GM soybeans as raw materials, and truly achieves 0 cholesterol, 0 trans fatty acid, high protein and low fat, giving consideration to delicacy and health.  
Secondly, “Sunday zero” will continue to strengthen team building, recruit talents, improve channels and brand building. In terms of team, Sunday zero will build a first-class team, pay attention to talent development and improve various welfare and salary systems. At the channel and brand level, “Sunday zero” will continue to focus on the b-end catering business and maintain the leading position in the industry. At the same time, it will develop products according to the needs of C-end users and constantly explore more consumption scenarios.
The first self built factory was launched, aiming at the leading production base of plant protein food in Asia
It is reported that at present, there are only a few plant protein food technology enterprises in China. After long-term technical reserves, the first self built factory of “week zero” has covered hundreds of plant protein related products such as plant minced meat, plant sausage, plant meatballs, plant meat cakes, plant meat chops, plant ham meat, etc., which almost meets the cooperation needs of all meal and beverage brands and consumers’ imagination of food, In the future, it will become a leading production base of plant protein food in Asia.
For “Sunday zero”, self built factories are of great significance in its development process. The first is the product iteration efficiency. As an emerging industry, the rapid upgrading and iteration speed of plant protein food can not be ignored. In order to respond flexibly to the market, the “zero week” self built factory can meet the changing needs of customers through flexible production, open up the closed loop of “market – R & D – production” and realize the integration of production, research and marketing. In this way, relevant products can be continuously and rapidly developed and refined according to market feedback, so as to increase the efficiency of product iteration.
Second, improve quality management. From cooperating with Zhengda, Shengnong and other middle and upper reaches food OEM enterprises to building their own factories, “Sunday zero” further ensures the production quality of products from the source by infiltrating into the manufacturing end and firmly grasping the production initiative.
Third, reduce manufacturing and operating costs. At present, the price of “Sunday zero” cooperative meals can be equal to that of real meat meals, and some of them are even lower. Now, through self built factories, “zero” can more effectively control production costs. The new factory is located in Hubei, with geographical advantages in Central China to ensure the timeliness of transportation.
The strength of the supply chain has a far-reaching impact on food enterprises, and can even determine how far the enterprise will go. Its impact is reflected in: first, whether the product quality is stable. The production process of plant protein food is not simple, and the factory production must ensure the consistency and stability of products; Second, the factory determines whether the enterprise’s production capacity is sufficient and whether it can meet the market demand.
Why can “Sunday zero” continue to surprise the market,
Leading industry?
From Shenzhen headquarters to Hubei factory to channel penetration all over the country, from angel’s turn to round B financing, from b-end business to exploring C-end business, “Sunday zero” has not only continued to surprise consumers, but also taken the lead in the industry and provided industry reference. So what did “Sunday zero” do right in recent years?
Strong R & D strength is the core of the growth of “zero week” and one of the largest parts of “zero week”. In R & D, “zero week” has cooperated with top teams such as Beijing Industrial and Commercial University, Jiangnan University and Wageningen University in the Netherlands, and has applied for or is applying for nearly 30 patents. At present, the product has entered the “week zero” 4.0 technology “stage, and can make the” master black pepper vegetable beef “product with the whole meat texture. In the future, “Sunday zero” will further refine the texture and flavor of products, and launch product forms such as stewed beef, whole chicken chop and whole pork chop.
In terms of channels, “Sunday zero” has not only reached extensive channel cooperation with well-known word-of-mouth catering brands in China, but also continued to layout channels in convenience stores, new retail and supermarkets, accelerating the comprehensive expansion of channel territory and reaching accurate consumers in multiple scenes. At present, the products of “Sunday zero” have been settled in the channels of high-frequency consumption of target users such as FamilyMart, Rosen, 711, OLE and HEMA.
As a start-up enterprise established only two years ago, “Sunday zero” has attached importance to brand building since its birth and gradually established its own brand barriers.

In terms of brand strategy, “Sunday zero” is trying to implement the brand concept into specific and friendly user communication in a sincere and efficient way, arouse users’ thinking and resonance on healthy diet lifestyle, convey the values of “balance, diversity and infinity”, and continue to build brand strength. For example, jointly launch the “urban flavor planting plan” with boutique restaurants and cafes; Create a delicious and healthy “zero week” neighborhood community with users; The “1% commonweal lunch plan” was launched by the partners with the same concept to help rural school children eat hot free lunch and practice the concept of business for the good.

Why is China’s local entrepreneurial enterprise sitting firmly ahead of what is happening in the competitive market of vegetable protein foods? In the final analysis, it comes from the accurate insight of “weekday” into consumers, the predictive grasp of the forefront of the industry, and the continuous refinement and innovation of plant protein food. As a down-to-earth pioneer in the industry, “Sunday zero” is based on diversified consumer needs, unswervingly adheres to the original intention, and uses plant protein technology to create more excellent products. After two years of development, “zero week” has a more stable pace and further goals. In the future, “zero week” will create more healthy and delicious eating experiences for consumers.





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