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See you tomorrow | make an appointment for live broadcast immediately. The top ten innovative trends and business opportunities in the food industry in 2022 can not be missed!

Foodaily daily food has released its annual business hot spot forecast for six consecutive years. This year, we held a press conference in Shanghai with the proposition of “creating new species in the era of large flow”, and invited Focus Media Mr. Jiang nanchun, Deloitte China Mr. Deng Nie, Mars arrow Mr. Shu Yiping and other celebrities to attend, In the two-hour business case review and track analysis, the CPC will talk about the innovation opportunities that can not be missed next year. January 13, 15:00 p.m., waiting for you to see.

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Entrepreneurs and brand managers in the food and beverage industry,
New consumer operators and investors looking for opportunities in the food and beverage industry,
Decision makers and developers of food and beverage products,
Food and beverage industry chain peers,
Let’s feel the pulse of new consumption and talk about business opportunities in the food and beverage industry in the next year!
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At 15:00 on January 13, the video number will be broadcast synchronously. Click the button below to make an appointment for the live broadcast of the press conference

Preemptive interaction

Scan code to join foodaily2022 commercial hot spot live broadcast group in advance, communicate online with food colleagues, jointly discuss business opportunity judgment and industry trend observation in the next year, and share experience. In the group, we also opened multiple functions such as live broadcast preview, information sharing, industry links, surprise benefits and so on. Let’s meet in the live studio on January 13.

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Surprise benefits include:

① 2022 annual commercial hot spot map of daily food

② A collection of 460 selected dry goods reports in the food industry

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