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McDonald’s China upgraded its cooperation with Alibaba. The CEO of Unilever was questioned by investors. Yili’s 5.3 billion fund-raising plan was announced. China’s largest seafood restaurant plans to be listed, and Tsingtao beer is expected to increase

Hot company information and announcement


The net profit of Tsingtao beer will increase by about 43% in 2021

Tsingtao Brewery today announced the pre increase of 2021 annual performance. It is estimated that the net profit attributable to the shareholders of the listed company in 2021 will be about RMB 3.15 billion, an increase of about RMB 948 million, a year-on-year increase of about 43%. (company announcement)

Yili announced the use plan of more than 5.3 billion raised funds

Today, Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group Co., Ltd. announced that it plans to use the raised funds of RMB 5371.7985 million to make a paid in capital contribution to the wholly-owned subsidiary and increase capital to implement the raised investment project. The specific paid in capital contribution and capital increase are as follows. (company announcement)

Chabaidao: no problem with the production process

On January 11, some consumers reported that they drank cockroaches in chabaidao milk tea. On the evening of January 12, chabaidao public relations said that after self-examination by the store, there was no problem in the production process of milk tea. After that, the store operator will continue to communicate with the consumer about compensation. (market information)

Special medicine ten billion industry “unicorn”

Meilu Biotechnology Co., Ltd. plans to invest 1 billion yuan to build China’s largest and most complete special medical food industry base in Xiushui (Jiujiang) Industrial Park, and strive to become a “unicorn” of China’s special medical industry of 10 billion yuan in the next five years. (China Xiushui network)

McDonald’s China and Alibaba cooperation upgrade

Recently, McDonald’s China and Alibaba Group announced the upgrading of their cooperation. In the future, the two sides will carry out more exploration in innovative membership plan, global integration insight, product innovation, IP cooperation, omni-channel marketing, etc. (Tianxia e-commerce)

Li Ziyuan plans to invest 200 million to build a new milk beverage production line

On January 12, Liziyuan announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary Yunnan Liziyuan Food Co., Ltd. planned to invest in the construction of three aseptic filling production lines for milk containing drinks and supporting the construction of warehouses and other ancillary facilities. The total land scale of the project is about 89 mu, and the total planned investment is about 200 million yuan. (Beijing News)

Double tower food price increase

In response to the investors’ questions about whether the company’s products have the idea of raising prices, the Board Secretary of Shuangta food said that the company has raised prices in different ranges in the international and domestic markets according to the product classification. (Sina Finance)

Master Kang beef noodles is expected to open 40 new stores this year

Beef noodles in Master Kang’s private house, which has been operating for 14 years on the south side of Chang’an Street, Beijing, appeared in the style of quintessence flagship store. It is reported that the future unified positioning image of Master Kang beef noodles is mainly to create “new Chinese quintessence flavor”. It is expected to open 40 new stores throughout the country in 2022. (Beijing Youth Daily)

Blue ocean fishing

Recently, the overall color of a new store opened by Haidilao in Wanda Plaza, Longgang, Shenzhen has turned blue. It has also added a pull partition, led interactive large screen, full-automatic pot bottom production area, etc. It is understood that the store is to comply with the positioning of smart technology in the square where it is located. The customized smart store is unlikely to be implemented nationwide. (see V for hot-pot/" 22375 rel="nofollow" target="_self">hot pot meal)

Hainan Coconut Island responded that general manager Feng Biao was included in the list of dishonest Executees

On January 11, Hainan Yedao (Group) Co., Ltd. responded to investors that Feng Biao, general manager of the company, was included in the list of dishonest Executees, which did not affect the normal operation of the company. Previously, Feng Biao was included in the list of dishonest Executees due to the dispute between Dongfang Securities Co., Ltd. and Dongfang Junsheng over the repurchase of pledged securities involving Hainan Coconut Island shares. (Beijing News)

Haitian flavor industry established brewing food company

According to the industrial and commercial information, Haitian Brewing Food Co., Ltd. was established on January 10, with a registered capital of 50 million yuan and a legal representative of GUI Junqiang. Its business scope includes: technology research and development of biochemical products; Professional design services; Standardized services; General cargo warehousing services, etc. The company is 100% controlled by Haitian flavor industry. (E company)

Qixin Tianpin crab restaurant, known as “China’s largest seafood restaurant”, plans to be listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange

It is reported that qixintian International Holding Co., Ltd. officially submitted a prospectus to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on January 12. According to frost Sullivan, qixintian is the third largest hotpot restaurant operator in China based on the revenue of direct restaurants in 2020. In 2019 and 2020, the revenue of qixintian will be 1.285 billion yuan and 1.426 billion yuan respectively; In the first three quarters of 2021, it increased by 49.4% from 991 million yuan in the same period in 2020 to 1.480 billion yuan. (I knew it)

Shanghai xiandewei international trade was fined more than 500000 yuan

Shanghai xiandewei International Trade Co., Ltd. was sentenced by Shanghai Pudong New Area market supervision and administration to confiscate nearly 120000 yuan of illegal income and impose a fine of more than 500000 yuan for producing and operating foods that exceed the scope and limit of food additives. (Shanghai Municipal Bureau of supervision)

Three batches of infant formula milk powder product formula registration approval (decision) to be received information release

On January 11, the food evaluation center of the State Administration of Market Supervision issued three batches of approval documents (decision) for the registration of infant formula milk powder products to be received. The details are as follows. (Food Review Center)

Yanjing beer and Deloitte China strategic cooperation officially launched

Recently, the launching ceremony of Yanjing Beer Deloitte China strategic cooperation was held in Yanjing Beer headquarters. This strategic cooperation is an important part of Yanjing beer marketing innovation, leading the high-quality development of enterprises and boosting the achievement of Yanjing’s 14th five year plan. (E company)

Tsingtao beer has released ultra-high-end beer. The price of two bottles is 2698 yuan

Recently, Tsingtao Beer released the “Legend of the first world” of ultra-high-end beer. The e-commerce platform shows that the price of 2 bottles of 1.5L of this beer is 2698 yuan. (China Economic Weekly)

Three squirrels work together to customize the joint gift box of “food story”

Three squirrels will join hands with Tencent mobile game “food story” to launch a custom joint gift box named “food and Nianfeng” on this year’s new year’s goods Festival. The joint activity will be carried out from January 21. The customized joint gift box will be distributed in all the stores of the three squirrels. (Phoenix)

Meituan takeout helps Xi’an catering industry return to work

In order to actively respond to the requirements of relevant departments in Xi’an to promote the resumption of work and business, meituan takeout launched nine anti epidemic measures in three areas: supply guarantee, distribution safety and merchant support, including special support funds for merchants, rider housing subsidies and special epidemic subsidies, so as to help catering merchants resume work and business and boost consumer confidence. (Shaanxi metropolis express)

Wangwang group provided Xi’an with more than 1.2 million yuan of guarantee materials

At 17:00 on January 11, the first batch of epidemic prevention materials of more than 1 million yuan donated by Wangwang group in Xi’an have all arrived at the warehouse of Wangwang group Xi’an Branch. It is understood that since the outbreak of this round of Xi’an epidemic, Wangwang group Xi’an branch and Tongchuan general factory have provided security materials worth more than 1.2 million yuan to front-line anti epidemic personnel, people in need and nursing homes. (rule of law weekend)

Unilever investors attacked the CEO

Recently, in view of the downturn in Unilever’s share price, Terry Smith, the company’s top ten shareholders, launched an attack on CEO Qiao Anlu. In this regard, Jefferies analyst Martin deboo said that he believes that the root of Unilever’s problem lies in its food business, which should be sold more. (Financial Times)

Kraft Heinz appoints chief strategy and transformation officer for North America

Yesterday, kafheinz appointed DAFNE Hefner as chief strategy and transformation officer in North America. His most recent position is senior vice president of strategy and insight of Budweiser group (released by the company)

Quick reading of food industry information



Shu jueteng, spokesman of the Ministry of Commerce, introduced at a press conference on the 13th that in recent years, China’s new foreign trade industry has developed vigorously and continued to innovate. China’s cross-border e-commerce has increased nearly 10 times in five years and will continue to maintain double-digit growth in 2021. Shu jueteng further pointed out that the scale of procurement trade in the cross-border e-commerce market has increased five times in six years, and the export volume will reach a new record in 2021. There are more than 1500 comprehensive foreign trade service enterprises, more than 2000 overseas warehouses, and about 130 bonded maintenance projects of processing trade have been completed. (China News Network)

The amount of pet food has increased by 20%, and the cat food market has caught up with dog food

According to the data of urban household consumption sample group of Kaidu consumer index, the amount of pet food increased by nearly 20% in the 52 weeks ending July 2021 compared with the same period last year. Dog food category increased by more than 14%, cat food category increased by more than 25%. In 2017, the market scale of cat food was only half of that of dog food, but the market scale of cat food has been equal to that of dog food in 2021, and it is expected to further lead in the future. (Kaidu consumer index)

FAO: vegetable oil price increases by 65.8% in 2021

According to the statistics of FAO, the prices of various vegetable oils, including palm oil, soybean oil and sunflower seed oil, increased by 65.8% in 2021 compared with the level in 2020, which is not only the largest increase among the main food types according to the statistics of the agency, but also the largest annual increase in vegetable oil prices since the statistics. (futures daily)

Express is not closed during the Spring Festival

During the Spring Festival this year, Jingdong Logistics, SF, Zhongtong and other major express companies said that “the Spring Festival is not closed”. According to the service announcements issued by express companies, the service time of “Spring Festival does not close” this year is from January 30, 2022 (28 December) to February 4, 2022 (the fourth day of the first month), providing “Spring Festival non-stop service”, and normal express service on other days, covering the whole country. (Economic Daily)

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