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New consumer brands should study the book of mountains and seas


we know that sales = price * sales. (note that this formula is not about profit, so the concept of cost is not added.)
a really good brand does not rely on volume, but on price. Because it’s harder to go. For example, some luxury watches basically don’t buy traffic advertising. Because the output is very small, as long as you recognize your brand, you are scrambling to buy. As long as the brand premium is made, the profit from selling one watch will exceed the profit from selling 100000 pairs of socks.
therefore, based on this basic principle, I have come up with a move. You might as well try it. Find an ancient recipe, an ancient name, create a new track, complete some fancy brands, and ask the ancestors for the wealth password. If anyone doesn’t give you money, please ask your ancestors to find them.
why go to the ancient square? Because Chinese consumers generally believe this, don’t you see that the swindlers in TV shopping can violate their ancestors’ decisions more and more?
people’s fraud gangs go bad, but their insight into the market is really powerful.
among many consumer brands in China, there are not many consumer goods that really have brand premium. No objection, probably only baijiu. As expensive as Maotai, the gross profit can reach 90%. Hang Hermes, Rolex and losers like me. Of course, some 100 billion market value consumer goods companies in a shares, such as pianzi Huang and Yunnan Baiyao, also have brand premiums.
what can occupy the user’s mind is the brand, and what can’t occupy is the brand. For example, those who make stewed duck neck, milk and snacks rely on making profits from channels and supply chains. Few brands really enjoy a premium because of their own brands.
Guizhou Maotai, pianzi Huang and Yunnan Baiyao, do you find any common characteristics? Well, they are all unique categories in China and the wisdom of our ancestors. It doesn’t matter whether you admit it or not. You can admit money.
is a unique category in China, not because there is no competition from foreign brands. The reason why brands can sell at a high premium is, in the final analysis, the set of supply and demand: scarcity is more expensive. But different from the scarcity of other resources, the scarcity of brands is man-made and made by telling stories.
for example, the story told by Maotai is that the water for brewing is the water in the upper reaches of Chishui River, and can only be the water of Chishui River. Sorghum has to be local, and the urn for fermentation has to be local. Even if you take Chishui River and local sorghum, it doesn’t taste like that, because the environment has changed, the wine is different. It even claims that feeding should be carried out during the Double Ninth Festival in September of the lunar calendar, and it doesn’t taste good day by day. Look, what a good story. As the story goes, the river and sorghum, which are not scarce, have become scarce. Scarcity can sell at a premium.
of course, scarcity alone is not enough. We have to add some history and culture. Although the company itself is not a hundred years old, it has been a hundred years since it was added with Lai Mao, and even the “concept” of Maotai has a history of 800 years. Centennial brand, combined book of stories and scarce production capacity. Do you say it’s expensive. It’s not expensive. The story is worth the money. It’s really not expensive. If you buy it at the suggested retail price of Maotai, you can sell it for hundreds of minutes.
Maotai has artificially lowered the price. Because I have the pricing power. Mastering the pricing power means that you say goodbye to the crazy buying game. You have changed from Party B to Party A. Need to establish channels? Need to pay various pit fees and mobilization fees? Joke, please don’t give too many local dealers and retail channels with distribution rights. They are crazy to help you sell goods. Have you seen when Maotai needs to find a big anchor to bring goods at a discount? Maotai is a powerful drainage tool for major e-commerce platforms, okay.
purchase volume? make fun of. It is the amount of Maotai bought by e-commerce platforms. The story of Maotai is the best template for a high premium brand. As long as this story is reasonable and everyone believes, Maotai can continue to become the brand of Niu X. So you see, domestic unique categories are worth doing and have a premium.
Why can
only be a category unique to China? Because if you are a global category, you can’t tell stories; Or even if you speak, no one listens; Even if someone is willing to listen, the story is untenable and will soon be broken.
for example, if you want to make a down jacket brand, you say your down is the best x, and this story is easy to be pierced. Because countries living near the Arctic circle are easier to make a cold and frost proof down jacket, which sounds more professional than you.
the story can be told, but it’s embarrassing if no one believes it. If you enter the play and sell the price to the price of Canadian geese, consumers will vote with their feet immediately. People believe in the story of the canadian goose because the latter story stands.
for example, if you want to make an energy drink, you say your refreshing effect is the best x, and this story is easy to be pierced. Red bull can’t prove that it’s stronger than you, but in turn, you can’t prove that it’s weaker than you. The story can be told, but no one believes it. When consumers choose energy drinks, they still only choose the cheapest or available.
if a story that no one believes is not a brand story, there is no scarcity. Without scarcity, we can only do cost performance and earn money from the supply chain. Finally, we fight for channels, prices and turnover, which has nothing to do with the brand.
the pattern is small and the road is narrow.

the bigger problem is pricing power and anchors.

if you make up, you can only take the flat line and the people-friendly line in terms of price. If the price is raised a little, consumers will use the price of first-line brands as anchors. But if you make a domestic unique category, you can control the pricing power as much as you say it is worth.
consumer goods should not always be the fish and meat of retailers, but strive to become the knife and pawn of retailers. What is a unique category? It is the kind of category that people know about but not abroad, such as Baijiu and Ejiao. Such categories are very easy to appear in the
food track. People in different regions have different needs for food. For example, most Chinese people can’t accept the macarone loved by the French, and they can’t get used to our old Ganma chili sauce.
this category is better. It has to be functional, or people “think” it has functionality. For example, many people think that Baijiu can activate blood circulation, and bird’s nest can resist aging. Donkey hide gelatin can enrich blood. However, this national category has long been excavated, and it is best to look for it from local sources.
herbal tea is such a good category. Although it is only popular in Guangdong and Guangxi, you may have heard of the saying “herbal tea goes to fire”. This kind of category is a good category among thousands. It needs the education market, so it has a threshold, but the cost of the education market is not so high.
consumer goods are good because of high consumption frequency, fast payment collection cycle and low capital threshold, but no industry is perfect. The biggest disadvantage of this track is that the consumer goods market belongs to a “perfectly competitive” market.
especially today, when the commodity production capacity is very abundant or even surplus, the production capacity is not a high barrier and the channel is not a deep moat. Therefore, most consumer goods are hovering within 10 billion, and those who are slightly motivated can only jump repeatedly in the market value of 230 billion.
Guizhou Moutai two trillion market capitalization, earnings can still exceed forty times, not only because Moutai’s scarcity and strong liquidity, more reason is that Baijiu this category in the global market is not benchmarking.
has no benchmarking, which means that the valuation is more imaginative. For example, for FMCG drinks, no matter how big you are, you have to face a strong rival Coca Cola. Coca Cola, a century old brand in the global market, has a market value of $200 billion. This is your ceiling. For example, personal care products are targeted at P & G, Unilever and even L’Oreal.
no matter what you say, their market value is your ceiling. 20% off their price is your pricing power. The
pattern is smaller.
but you can make a highly addictive ancient spicy sauce. To be honest, I don’t know how much market value I can get, because there are no competitors.
if you make a new product and open up a new track, 100 billion is only the starting point, trillion is not the end.
we should enlarge the pattern until it explodes.

finding this category is not enough. It’s best to take a retro font size.
the name of new consumption now is not very good. It is still the sequelae of foreign brands hanging domestic products 30 years ago. The name is always neither Chinese nor foreign, which is very ordinary. Especially in cosmetics brands, there are many foreign brands with Latin letters. Only 20 years ago, it was popular to disguise as a European and American brand, and five years ago, it was popular to disguise as a Japanese brand. This is not uncommon. Before domestic goods, it represents unstable products and uncontrollable quality.
consumers worship foreign goods and simply admire good. It is understandable that some domestic brands use this psychology of consumers to cheat and cut.
but times have changed. If you are a brand, ten years ago, someone might care if you are a brand of developed countries. Now you are the brand of which country. We don’t care much anymore. We have said goodbye or are saying goodbye to foreign goods worship. Now the domestic production technology has long been put forward and even surpassed. There are so many domestic OEM factories, resulting in overcapacity. Many consumer goods categories, because so many years of OEM foundation, domestic products have long been not bad. Therefore, you should not only have a sense of foreign goods worship, but also be more confident in the brand name.
it’s best to take a name that sounds old. And best of all, it sounds like the name of an old craftsman. For example, Wang Laoji, Zhang Koizumi, Wang Zhihe and Wang Shouyi. First class consumer goods sell brands and earn brand money. What is the
brand? It’s culture. The first step to condense culture into a brand is to choose a name that sounds like it has lived for hundreds of years. If a brand wants to have a premium, it needs to be confident and even crazy, because the core of the brand itself is “repurchase”. From this point of view, Zhong Xuegao is crazy, but crazy is right.
buying a brand is “the next time”. If consumers recognize a brand, they actually want it to live longer than the brand side. They don’t expect to buy your product today, and you will go bankrupt and close down tomorrow. In case I have an after-sales demand, who should I go to. I just bought your bag today. As a result, you will go bankrupt tomorrow. Who can see the bag I bought from TM. Although I like buying out of print bags very much, I don’t want you to be out of print. Is the luxury of a bankrupt brand still called luxury?
whether luxury goods or affordable consumer goods, consumers care about the same thing: I only care about how long you live. So what kind of message do you want to send to consumers: I want to live for a hundred years, and I want to borrow another 500 years from heaven. I am confident that I will be there in a hundred years. The brand should have a momentum and an indomitable momentum.
trust comes from reunion. If you dig brand elements from Chinese culture, trust comes from thousands of years of reunion. Therefore, what should we do for new consumption? We should go to more places to find some domestic unique categories, and play more Chinese brands on packaging and brand names.
at this time you will find. There is only one answer. The Classic of Mountains and Rivers We should read more myths and legends, historical allusions and ancient famous foods in the book of mountains and seas. After all, Maotai liquor has only 800 years, and the book of mountains and seas has been for thousands of years.
you may ask, why not the Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic? Because the traditional Chinese medicine has been used in 7788, and it has been used to start rolling. The swindlers who use TV shopping have begun to use it.
now, it’s time to study the book of mountains and seas. This is a mountain sea and a blue sea. Think about it. How can I lose when he meows Kunpeng’s face?
rush, rush, rush.
Author: half Buddha immortal; Source: banfosb (ID: banfosb), reprint has been authorized. Reprint authorization and media business cooperation: Amy (wechat: 13701559246);

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