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Xinmeizan has completed the “100 day plan”, and Xinshuai has promised double-digit high growth this year!

In the fourth month when Mead Johnson China business group (hereinafter referred to as “Mead Johnson China”) ushered in a new mode of localized and independent operation, this milk powder enterprise, which only recently experienced great changes, set an “ambitious” goal for this year.

“We are confident in the future and have set double-digit high growth targets for 2022.” Zhu Dingping, President of Mead Johnson China business group, disclosed to the snack generation yesterday that in the past 120 days, Mead Johnson China has exceeded all the objectives of the “100 day plan”. In the future, Mead Johnson China hopes to become a sustainable profitable growth company and finally achieve the goal of “becoming an international brand of infant milk powder preferred by Chinese consumers”.

Zhu Dingping, President of Mead Johnson China business group

In his opinion, new Mead Johnson, backed by Chunhua capital, can not only take advantage of Chunhua ecological resources to develop new paths, but also reshape Mead Johnson’s Chinese gene through “four innovations” and run out at full speed during the adjustment period of the milk powder market.

Let’s take a look at the details.

Sales exceeded expectations

Xiaoshidai once introduced that with the successful delivery of Chunhua capital on September 9 last year, it officially took over Mead Johnson China. After September 10, they also announced the new organizational structure under localized independent operation, and appointed Zhu Dingping as the president of Mead Johnson China business group. Immediately, Zhu Dingping led the new meizan team to launch a series of “campaigns”. First, he completed the preparation of the first national Partner Conference in just 15 days and released the new vision and strategy of the enterprise.

One month after independent operation, Mead Johnson China quickly reached long-term close strategic cooperation with more than 20 head and waist customers across the country, which also laid an important foundation for new Mead Johnson to hand over a beautiful report card in the first “big test”. According to the data, in the “double 11” last year, Mead Johnson China achieved a global sales volume of nearly 600 million yuan, and won the champion of the list in six segments on multiple platforms such as tmall, JD and vipshop.

To Zhu Dingping’s delight, Mead Johnson China achieved positive profits last October, showing a good momentum of recovery; In November, the sales progress began to surpass the time progress and regain the development acceleration; In December, Mead Johnson China became a strategic partner of Zhejiang satellite TV’s New Year Gala. Recently, the company is implementing the “tigers go to war” Spring Festival schedule plan, trying to drive a big victory in 2022 with the opening success of the Spring Festival Schedule.

Zhu Dingping concluded that the current practice shows that localized operation can effectively respond to the challenges brought by the rapid change of market environment, and the new Mead Zan strategy is the key to breaking the dilemma of Mead Johnson China. At the same time, Mead Johnson’s strong foundation in scientific research and brand is full of potential, and the “customer-oriented” new culture also releases the potential and competitiveness of Mead Johnson’s Chinese team. “All this has helped Mead Johnson China regain its vitality.” He said.

In the communication with the snack generation, Zhu Dingping also talked about the challenges he has encountered since taking office four months ago for the first time.

“When I first served as president of Mead Johnson’s China business group, I was repeatedly asked: why can Mead Johnson China solve the problem that international infant milk powder brands have spent 20 or 30 years in the Chinese market? My answer is very clear, that is, the new Mead Johnson model.” Zhu Dingping believes that the model of “holding by China’s top investment institutions + localized independent operation + century old international famous brands” can not only maintain Mead Johnson’s advantages in brand value and technological innovation, but also further close to the needs of local markets, local channels and local consumers.

But at the same time, he admitted that the above model is a new exploration in the field of consumer goods, and it is not easy for partners to immediately believe and accept such a “new species”. To this end, Zhu Dingping personally led the whole company to promote the “new meizan strategy” with unprecedented efficient decision-making and action, and successfully organized the first national partner conference at a speed and efficiency exceeding the industry expectations, so that the industry fully felt the “new meizan, new fashion”.

“Especially after the” double 11 “achievements, the partners gradually realized the unique advantages of the new meizan model, and their attitude towards us gradually changed from hesitation and wait-and-see to understanding, recognition and support, and reached long-term and close strategic cooperation with us.” Zhu Dingping said.  

In order to meet the new needs of localized operation, Mead Johnson China has also gradually improved the organization from the two aspects of “giving priority to serving the local market” and “creating demand”, reshaped and strengthened the core competence of the enterprise organization, and strive to become a flat and efficient agile organization.

New cross-border play

At present, the industry’s most concern about new meizan is what new moves this international brand with a new model can play in China with the blessing of Chunhua capital. So, what’s Zhu Dingping’s opinion on Mead Johnson’s China leader?

In this regard, Zhu Dingping told xiaoshidai that Mead Johnson China has been able to efficiently and smoothly promote localization in the past four months, first of all thanks to the support and trust of Chunhua capital.

“I have rich experience in the milk powder industry, combined with the support of different dimensions provided by Chunhua capital project management team, so that xinmeizan can sort out key strategic projects in a short time, seek ways to break the market, improve market operation efficiency and accurately hit the target market.” Zhu Dingping said.

He also pointed out that Chunhua capital has excellent investment experience and strong resource ecology in the dairy industry and other consumption fields, and has provided strong support for the development of new meizan in terms of efficient decision-making, resource empowerment, sharing and cooperation. Under the governance structure of Chunhua capital holdings, the localized operation system of new meizan ensures that the company can have a more agile response speed.

An example is that Mead Johnson China and Zhejiang satellite TV reached a strategic partnership at the new year’s Eve party. It took only seven days from the first contact to the completion of the contract. Zhu Dingping described it as “unimaginable before localization and independent operation”. Behind the efficient decision-making and execution is Chunhua capital’s full trust and support for the new meizan management team.

In fact, Mead Johnson China is also actively exploring cross-border cooperation with other Chunhua capital investment enterprises, hoping to play a new set of “combination boxing”, and pizza hut has become its first brand.

“This Spring Festival, we will carry out the first cross industry linkage with pizza hut.” Zhu Dingping introduced to the snack generation that the two sides will take Mead Johnson xueyouli as the connection point, test cross-border cooperation in five important cities in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Bay area, such as Guangzhou and Shenzhen, and jointly leverage passenger flow resources and achieve a win-win situation through online and offline means such as store exposure and social media joint drainage.

“We will also build the world’s first joint theme restaurant to provide consumers with an immersive theme experience and launch the ‘strongest New Year’s Eve dinner’.” He said.

It is understood that Mead Johnson China has cooperated with Chunhua’s Zhilian recruitment and focus media platforms in personnel recruitment and promotion earlier.

Full speed milk powder track

Looking forward to the overall trend of this year’s milk powder track, Zhu Dingping, who has worked hard in the industry for 15 years, also gave his own judgment.

He pointed out that under the environment of repeated epidemics, slowing economic growth and increasingly fierce market competition, the state is trying to build a new development pattern of domestic and international double circulation. The mother and infant industry has also ushered in new opportunities and challenges such as the “new national standard” of infant powder preparation, secondary registration, “three child policy” and the upgrading of mother and infant consumption structure. Various factors are promoting profound changes in the industry pattern.

Zhu Dingping believes that at this stage, the infant formula industry is undergoing “change” and “Reconstruction”. The market concentration will continue to improve in the next two or three years, and finally form a market pattern led by several leading brand enterprises. This year is a crucial year to lay a new pattern. To this end, Mead Johnson China has set itself a double-digit high growth target far exceeding the industry.

“To this end, we are reshaping Mead Johnson’s Chinese gene through ‘four innovations’ in model, mechanism, product and culture, and strive to accelerate progress in the period of market adjustment.” He said.

Zhu Dingping further explained that, first of all, the new meizan model is the pillar to support the new localization and independent operation. Secondly, the company will activate the value ecology through mechanism innovation, continuously optimize the market channel structure, and strengthen the channel resources and strategic layout.

At the same time, it will stimulate consumption potential through product innovation. At present, the company is fully launching the marketing activity of “a new start in the year of the tiger, better formula selection” and working with partners to guide consumers to understand the importance of scientific research empirical formula to milk powder in a novel way.

In addition, the follow-up company also plans to introduce Mead Johnson’s innovative products in the U.S. market through cross-border purchase, especially the fast-growing special infant milk powder.

Finally, Mead Johnson also hopes to release the team potential through cultural innovation. In addition to promoting cultural innovation within the company, Mead Johnson also promotes the transformation of employees from professional managers to entrepreneurial managers.

“Recently, we put forward a brand-new battle slogan of ‘no grounding is not new meizan, no victory is not new meizan, no commitment is not new meizan’, hoping to make partners better understand the new style of new meizan people.” Zhu Dingping also stressed that the most important thing at present is to strive to seize market opportunities through innovation and promote Mead Johnson China to become a profitable growth company.

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