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Beihai ranch released children’s puree yogurt, shark fit on new 0 fat buckwheat instant noodles… | hot smell for a week

foodaily picks up the most important and valuable new product information and news information in the food industry on time every week, including all companies that may change the industry.
1. Focusing on children’s drinking scene, Beihai ranch promotes new small puree yogurt
2. Lechun launched triple cherizi black Qiao yogurt, which brings a new experience of dessert at the tip of the tongue with a sense of multiple levels
3. Hankou No. 2 factory has a new three zero gas bubble in water, and the inverted bottle sticker deduces a new creativity
4. New boom in liangpin store! Nuts, coconuts, almonds, jumping sugar + nuts, four fold package, hi turn taste buds
5. Shark fit’s new 0 fat buckwheat instant noodles and dual grain nutrition create a new choice for fitness people
6. Week zero × Pu Meiduo launches fried dumplings with vegetable meat thin skin, and the transparent dumpling skin shows the internal filling
7. Every day, Heiqiao launches a limited gift box for good luck and good luck in the new year, a box of four popular flavors
8. The first self built factory landed in Xiaogan, Hubei Province
9. Yinshi, the brand of Chinese prefabricated food chain store, received millions of yuan of angel round financing, and Xianfeng Changqing invested exclusively

On January 10, the wechat official of Beihai ranch announced the launch of the new year’s small puree yogurt. Unlike in the past, the two new products mainly focus on children’s eating scenes, and the ingredients are clean. They only contain four ingredients: raw milk, apple juice, puree and lactic acid bacteria imported from Denmark, without adding a drop of water. There are 2 flavors in the product. The strawberry and cherry flavor is red strawberry and imported montmorillonite sour cherry, which is sour, sweet, juicy and fruity; Banana avocado flavor is directly picked from the origin of banana with Mexican Haas avocado, which is dense and delicate in the mouth. In terms of packaging design, yogurt takes cartoon illustration as the theme and turns the fruit into lovely koalas and seals. It is full of childlike innocence. The independent straw design is also more convenient for children to drink and is not easy to pour. The product is now sold at tmall flagship store for 12 cups / 79 yuan.
Source: Beihai ranch flagship store


On January 13, when cherizi was selling well, Lechun also launched a new product three times cherizi black Qiao yogurt, claiming to help cherizi lovers realize the long-awaited “freedom” of cherizi. Inspired by the black forest cake which has been popular for 80 years, the new product has been mixed for dozens of times to get the perfect ratio of cheriz and dark chocolate. It not only controls the acidity of cheriz, but also locks the aroma of cocoa butter. It also gives full play to the flavor of cheriz without losing sweetness. The product is currently priced at 15 yuan / Cup in wechat applet.
In the 2022 annual business hot spot of daily food released by foodaily on the same day, “milk is light and sweet, and the new pleasure proposition of 900 million girls” is also listed as a new opportunity in this year’s category. The trend clearly mentioned that dairy products with longitudinal taste and flavor, especially yogurt, will replace the traditional dessert snacks with high sugar, high fat and high calorie by virtue of its unique nutritional and health characteristics, and usher in more development opportunities this year. This product is a good example.
picture source: Le Chun


Recently, Hankou No. 2 factory launched a three zero bubble water with 0 fat, 0 sugar and 0 card, and added dietary fiber. The content of dietary fiber in each bottle is about 4 apples, which can meet 29% of the daily demand of adults. In order to welcome the arrival of the Spring Festival, the product is specially named Duofu white peach and Zhaocai kumquat against the background of welcoming the blessing in the new year. It inherits the custom of pasting the word “blessing” upside down in the Spring Festival and adopts upside down bottle packaging, which has a full sense of creativity. The new tmall flagship store sells for 480ml * 15 bottles / 86 yuan.
Photo source: flagship store of Hankou No. 2 Factory


Recently, liangpin store launched boom! Nuts exploding almond kernel, mainly four fold package, rich taste, a total of cool black exploding and proud coconut exploding. According to the introduction of the brand, almond kernel is not skinny or soft. It is made by variable temperature baking process, and then wrapped with chocolate, jumping candy and chocolate biscuit / coconut crumbs layer by layer, making the taste very interesting; The crispness of almond kernel also has a trace of chocolate silky, which makes the taste buds experience excellent. At present, the product sells at tmall flagship store for 30g * 2 bags / 15.9 yuan.
Photo source: liangpin store flagship store


According to foodaily’s observation, shark fit recently launched a non fried 0-fat buckwheat instant noodles specially made for fitness people, which is different from the traditional products. The new 0-white flour is made of 80% whole wheat flour and 20% buckwheat flour, with low GI, high satiety and sustainable satiety for 5 hours; Moreover, the hot air drying process adopted by the product can retain the dual grain protein nutrition to the greatest extent. 60g of each bag of product contains 8g protein, the heat is only 220kcal, and the sodium content is only 51mg. The product can be boiled and soaked, and can be easily done in 4 minutes. It is suitable for a variety of edible scenes such as mixing, boiling, door frying and so on. The new tmall flagship store sells for 60g * 10 packs / 20.9 yuan.
Source: Shark fit flagship store


Recently, Zhou zero and pumido jointly launched vegetable meat thin skinned fried dumplings with Zhou zero vegetable meat into the filling. The flavor comes from coconut oil, 0 sugar, 0 cholesterol and 0 trans fatty acid. In the production of dough, Australian wheat refined flour is used as raw material, Korean thin skin technology is introduced, and the overlapping part of dumpling skin is removed to obtain a thin edge that is easy to cook. At the same time, the taste of spicy rattan pepper also caters to the preferences of young people. The product has been launched in the flagship store of pumido food tmall, with a price of 300g * 3 boxes / 28.8 yuan.
Photo source: pumido flagship store


On January 10, daily Heiqiao launched two new year themed gift boxes “good luck and good luck”, which combined the “Qiao” of “daily Heiqiao” with the “Yun” of “New Year’s good luck”, implying that good luck is in pairs and good luck every day. The gift box contains 48% milk Heiqiao series, 52% oat milk Heiqiao series with concentrated oat milk flavor, 66.6% lucky Heiqiao series from the four cocoa producing areas strictly selected, and 98% alcohol extracted Heiqiao series of “Heiqiao world American style”. In addition, the gift box also contains Spring Festival couplets, red envelopes, gift bags and other items, which are full of annual flavor. At present, both gift boxes have been launched at a price of 218 yuan / set.
Photo source: Daily black Qiao


On January 11, it was announced that the round B financing of US $100 million had been completed. This round of financing is led by Chunhua capital, followed by Professor Zeng Ming, as well as the additional investment of old shareholders joy capital, Jingwei venture capital, Lightspeed China and Yunjiu capital. Kiki, CEO of Zhou zero, said: “after financing, Zhou zero will continue to launch more plant-based green foods with reasonable prices, delicious and healthy based on plant protein technology, and create a better eating experience for the target consumer group of generation Z, so as to deliver a sustainable lifestyle.”
At the same time, it also announced on Wednesday that its first production base and self built factory had landed in Xiaogan, Hubei Province. According to the brand, the self built factory can meet the changeable needs of customers through flexible production, open up the closed loop of “market – R & D – production”, realize the integration of production, research and marketing, and continuously and rapidly develop and refine relevant products according to market feedback, so as to increase the efficiency of product iteration and respond to the market flexibly.
Click on the picture to view the details
Source: Sunday zero


It is reported that Yinshi, a brand of Chinese prefabricated food chain stores, recently completed an angel round of financing of millions of yuan, which is exclusively invested by Xianfeng evergreen. This round of funds will be mainly used for store development, supply chain construction and talent introduction.
Yinshi was founded in September 2017 and headquartered in Hebei. Starting from Chinese prefabricated dishes, Yinshi aims at the C-end users in the county and township markets. Based on the principle of affordable and delicious food, Yinshi has its own set of method system for supply chain selection. In terms of sales, stores mainly focus on semi-finished prefabricated dishes with high consumption frequency, and provide services such as frying, heating and door-to-door delivery of products to improve user stickiness. So far, Yinshi has opened 40 stores, with a single store of about 40 square meters. It is expected to open 600 stores in 2022.
Source: 36 krypton
Reprint authorization and media business cooperation: Amy (wechat: 13701559246); for the sixth consecutive year, foodaily released the annual business hot spot of the food industry – exploring the development law of categories from 200000 new products around the world, studying the changes of global consumption, studying the changes of new consumers and consumer demand in combination with the in-depth insight into the Chinese market, and exploring the new value brought by the two new consumption drivers of technology reconstruction and brand popularity, Focus on the prospective discovery of category cracks / innovative products to assist new consumer entrants in anchoring market segments and category fission opportunities, and provide inspiration and decision-making reference for product innovation in the next year. (click the picture to see the detailed introduction)
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