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Talk with Mars, focus, Deloitte China and other 50 + brands about the business hot spots in 2022, and listen to what opportunities they see?

On January 13, the 2022 annual commercial hot press conference of daily food, jointly sponsored by foodaily daily food and foodaily Thinking Research Institute, the leading new commercial media in the domestic food industry, was grandly held in Shanghai with the proposition of “creating new species in the era of large flow”.
Zeng Xin, founder of foodaily daily food, Mr. Jiang nanchun, founder and chairman of focus media, Mr. Deng Nie, leading partner of Deloitte management consulting in China’s consumer goods and retail industry, and Mr. Shu Yiping, President of Mars Global Health snack business department in Asia, In the resumption of business cases and track analysis in the past year, we jointly revealed the business passwords and industrial opportunities in 2022 and the next two years, so as to feel the current consumption environment change and new consumption trend together.
PepsiCo, Wangwang, KFC, Hankou No. 2 plant, adopt a cow, IFF, fenmeiyi, Hengmei and other 50 + excellent brand founders and enterprise executives, platform partners such as BiliBili, xiaohongshu and Xiaoxiang Zhihe, as well as senior media such as interface, and cbndata first financial business data center, attended the meeting to witness the release and enthusiastically participate in discussions, suggestions and suggestions, Talk with the industry about new opportunities for innovation.
The press conference lasted for two hours, and the whole process was broadcast live and can be viewed online. The cumulative number of viewers reached tens of thousands. It was the first systematic review and forward-looking prediction Conference for the future innovation trend in the industry.
As the sponsor, foodaily daily food has released its annual business hot spot forecast for six consecutive years. It predicted “fancy bubble” and “substitute food” in 2019, “mother and baby warming and children’s food” in 2020, and “new trend of national tea” in 2021. Almost all the forecast trends stepped on the market outlet at that time, It has played a guiding role in promoting industry innovation and progress.
This article will make a summary of the top ten business hotspots in 2022 and the sharing of the true knowledge of the big teachers at the press conference, and encourage you! (there are wonderful round tables after the top ten trends. Don’t miss it ~)
Oriental herb, milk light and sweet, new staple food culture
Top ten commercial hot spots of the year 2022 daily food announced
The reason why commercial hot spots can be “hot” is that the underlying logic is inseparable from the same frequency resonance with consumers. Therefore, foodaily starts from the four consumer centered dimensions of health, to spiritual pleasure, to the link between people, to the redefinition and understanding of beauty, to reveal our observation and prediction of future business hotspots under different levels of consumer demand.
1. Oriental herb, opening the era of national tide of functional food
By grasping the health needs of young people, China’s functional food has developed into a 100 billion track with considerable growth. At present, China has become the second largest health food market and the largest incremental health food market in the world. However, looking at the panorama of domestic functional food, it is still shrouded in the halo of Western imported health products such as vitamins. China has 5000 years of health wisdom. How can Oriental herbal culture play its due value in this tide of functionalization and open the era of national tide that really belongs to functional food?
2. Digestion and extension, human reset in the era of health 3.0
From “eating delicious food” to “intestinal health” to “post digestive health”, food with digestive health as the main demand has been the focus of attention all over the world. Back in China, fast-paced life and stress, unscientific diet and exercise have led to increasingly prominent digestive health problems for Chinese people. Starting from the extension of intestinal health and driving the attention from oral health to general health, new raw materials, new solutions and new experience forms rush out to jointly deduce the new power of digestive health 3.0 era.
3. The outbreak of fruits and vegetables, Nuggets natural health of the new trend
China is the world’s largest producer and consumer of fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables are the second largest industry in the domestic planting industry after grain. The innovation and development vitality of the fruit and vegetable industry will not only affect the rise and fall of millions of enterprises, but also affect the smooth implementation of the “healthy China” strategy. The huge diversified consumption demand for fruit and vegetable products and the slightly monotonous category market have formed an inexhaustible driving force to promote the innovation of the fruit and vegetable industry. Functionalization, scene, cross category form, modern preservation and processing technology will become the new engine of the fruit and vegetable explosion. Fruit and vegetable raw materials with rich taste and natural nutrition are becoming a secret weapon for the birth of explosive products.
4. West Point revolution, a new attack under the wave of Chinese revival
On the one hand, there is the closing tide of traditional baking brands, and on the other hand, there is the innovation and entry of Chinese snacks under the background of national tide revival. Behind the alternation of the old and the new, the baking track has attracted unprecedented attention. With the birth of local culture, Western dim sum will also have a new round of transformation, learn from and absorb Chinese inspiration, and evolve a new round of revolution.
5. Milk is light and sweet, the new pleasure proposition of “900 million teenagers”
With the popularity of self pleasing culture, the strong development of hedonic drinks and foods, and the rise of consumer power, the female group may usher in the next “battlefield” – New desserts, that is, open the desserts enjoying beauty with healthy “milk” elements, so that the “900 million girls” can bid farewell to the sweet troubles of high calorie, high sugar and high fat, Wake up the sleeping taste buds with “light sweet”.
6. Energy “addiction” products add a happy buff to young people
It seems that the correct expression of this sentence has not been found in today’s energy drink track. If the previous generation of energy drinks solved the anti fatigue demands of long-term manual workers, what should they rely on to activate their energy when the new generation of young people who do not do heavy work but are full of emo suffer from “mental fatigue”? Maybe we should learn some new “addictive” routines from other drinks.
7. New species of snacks, breakthrough solution of wireless introversion
The competition in the leisure snack market is far from over. According to Tianyan survey data, there are more than 163000 leisure and snack related enterprises in China. Under the huge market of trillion scale, the supply chain, new channels, traffic and new marketing means are being paid attention to, but a key problem is that brand products are becoming more and more similar. What should be the breakthrough solution of snacks under the infinite volume? How to improve the short board and create new species of snacks?
8. New staple food culture, return to the core of market fireworks
Throughout the Chinese people’s three meals a day, the staple food culture seems to be the soul of a meal. Behind every staple food is the amorous feelings of water and soil, the warmth and fireworks of life. When the problem of food and clothing is solved, the faster and faster pace of life makes the staple food evolve into a more convenient, efficient and modern one-stop way and experience. At the same time, with the staple food as the core, the game between industrial efficiency and life is promoting the evolution of Chinese food culture and new lifestyle. Seize the core of the new staple food culture and shape a new expression of love for life. The huge market opportunity generated by the integration and symbiosis of catering and family kitchen has just been unveiled.
9. The new concept of old-age care drives the trend of old-age food
In the context of new consumption, young people’s new ideas, new cognition and new attitudes have injected different fresh vitality into the traditional elderly food market. Jingdong data show that half of the consumption of applicable products for the elderly is driven by young people. The seventh national census data show that the elderly population over 60 has exceeded 260 million, announcing that China is about to enter a moderately aging society. How to eat, what to eat and how to eat more professionally have become the focus of the whole people. Is it a new solution to the consumption upgrading of silver hair food from young people?
10. Packaging sublimation, the beauty of science and technology and the beauty of human nature burst out together
Traditional packaging undertakes more physical functions, while the new generation of packaging needs to carry more emotional levels on the basis of continuing physical functions, so that users can feel more emotional values, such as sustainability and social welfare; Deliver personalized emotion, humanized details, transparent and clean sense of security and other user values.
How to create new species in the era of large flow?
Under the title of “creating new species in the era of large flow”, Mr. Zeng Xin and Mr. Jiang nanchun shared their views and gave the way to break the situation of food brands in this special era.
Zeng Xin said that this year, with the background of business environment such as antitrust, restricting the internal volume of the Internet and grasping the real economy, with the removal of traffic barriers among Internet giants, the ecological environment of e-commerce and social media platforms is moving from separation to integration. The “large traffic era” of openness and interoperability is about to become a new traffic ecology with new infrastructure and reduced traffic costs. For brands, we should take this opportunity to think about how to grasp the balance between brand value and flow, focus more on cultivating our own internal skills, return to product innovation, return to category mind, and return to how to continuously break the circle in subdivided categories through more vivid products and empathy with consumers.
In this process, there are two significant “new consumption kinetic energy” and two “guiding ideology”. The two “new consumption drivers” refer to brand interest and technology reconstruction. The former emphasizes that on the demand side, brands must understand the emotions, attitudes and spiritual philosophy of this generation of young people, and be able to empathize with the circle, society, family and country, and themselves; The latter emphasizes that on the supply side, new technological changes will create endless new opportunities for the refinement of business models. The whole food industry should technically reconstruct the whole industrial chain from farm to table, so as to achieve higher business efficiency.
The two “guiding ideology” refer to open innovation and sustainable development. The former advocates that enterprises should not be confined to closed organizational cooperation, but should make their own innovation more open; The latter advocates that brands should establish higher industry standards for themselves, which can be sustainable, and immerse themselves in sustainable thinking from the time of product development and design, without sacrificing the resources of the next generation on the basis of the development of this generation.
Jiang nanchun believes that at present, the demographic and flow dividends of China’s consumer industry are weakening, and there is a huge turning point in the retail sales of consumer goods, but China’s production and supply capacity has been rising at a high speed. Therefore, the homogenization competition in the industry is becoming more and more serious, entering the situation of “stock game, killing both quantity and price”, and many brands hope to engage in promotion or flow. However, when the traffic cost is higher and higher, it is difficult for the brand to break through the traffic bottleneck. In fact, traffic is not the root of business growth, but the result of the brand winning people’s hearts. Therefore, what the brand needs to do is to calculate the hearts of the people, make the brand deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, use the user’s mind to generate continuous free traffic, improve the traffic conversion rate and bring the premium ability of the product.
Under this situation, Jiang nanchun put forward three communication trends of brand building: the first is centralization against fragmentation, that is, in the vast fragmented information of the Internet, the idea of “planting trees” rather than “planting grass” is adopted to expose the brand to everyone’s familiar high frequency; The second is repetition against forgetting, that is, through repetition and high-frequency exposure in a closed space, let high-quality brands establish consumers’ sense of security and trust, which has become an unthinking choice in the category; The third is certainty against uncertainty, that is, using certain media logic to win the uncertain communication environment and do repetitive and cumulative things to enjoy the compound interest of time.
Dialogue with celebrities: focus on the trillion snack track. How can the next generation of new species be refined?
In the last part of the press conference, we riveted on the business hot opportunity of “new snack species, breakthrough solution of wireless internal volume”, and invited representatives of head brands and enterprises from different dimensions of business industries – Mr. Jiang nanchun, founder and chairman of focus media, Mr. Deng Nie, leading partner of Deloitte Management Consulting China’s consumer goods and retail industry Mr. Shu Yiping, President of Mars global health snacks division in Asia, and the three celebrities had a wonderful brainstorming with foodaily on the innovative practice of “new snack species”.
From left to right are Zeng Xin (founder of foodaily daily food), Deng Nie (leading partner of Deloitte management consulting in China’s consumer goods and retail industry), Shu Yiping (president of Mars Global Health and snacks division in Asia) and Jiang nanchun (founder and chairman of focus media)
1. Successful new consumer brands often come from the understanding and empathy of users. How to see the evolution of the demand for snacks of the new generation of consumers, and what characteristics of snacks are more popular with consumers?
Shu Yiping, who has rich practical experience in the front line of the industry, expressed his views: from the perspective of snack categories, there are several significant homogenization characteristics in several key points of the industry, including homogenization of target groups (no more than three potential groups: young women, exquisite mothers and small town youth), homogenization of growth channels (especially online channels in stage 0-1) Homogenization of supply sources (OEM industry is booming, but high-quality OEM channels need to be improved) and homogenization of capital structure (mainly commercial capital, industrial capital is relatively weak).
Shu Yiping, Asia president of Mars global health snacks Division
Deng Nie, who has long focused on the research of consumer goods and retail industry, brought the view of “five modernizations”: national trend, differentiation, personalization, health functionalization and experience, that is, consumers are increasingly showing a long-term trend of “focusing on health needs on the one hand and emotional experience on the other hand”.
2. For the current consumer demand is relatively fragmented, what is the difference in the focus of demand for different groups of people?
Jiang nanchun: in the context of consumption classification and the wave of new brands, consumers generally show the consumption characteristics of “three loves, three fears and three deficiencies” – love to eat, play, love health, fear of old age, fear of death, fear of loneliness, lack of love, lack of mood and lack of stimulation. Not only products pay attention to quality, but also brands should pay attention to the improvement of quality and taste. Consuming a brand is a spiritual satisfaction and an auxiliary proof of self labeling for young consumers. Therefore, the product not only needs to meet the basic functions such as satiety, taste delicious, function healthy, convenient and time-saving, but also should “learn” to comfort the soul, help consumers from solving physiological problems to solving spiritual values, from meeting material needs to meeting spiritual needs, from convergent consumption to personalized consumption, and from consuming practical products to pursuing enjoyment of life. On the whole, it reflects two characteristics: new economic consumption and new healthy life.

Jiang nanchun, founder and chairman of Focus Media

3. Looking at the contradiction and future from the industrial side, Mr. Shu, how do you think the 0-1 of snack brands should be differentiated and innovated under the current situation of homogenization and involution? What dimensions do you need to build barriers for small and medium-sized categories in the competition road? Please share some experience?
Shu Yiping: first of all, we should explore different needs on the basis of the target population with clear labels; Secondly, reach the target users through incremental channels. In addition to grasping the giant platform with high degree of centralization and productization, go offline, go deeper, go to the vast second and third tier cities, and really find your users; The third is mainly about the supply. Make evolution and breakthrough in the product source itself, from the existing OEM mode + labeling to that you can really make a breakthrough in the processing technology and safety of food and beverage; The fourth point is also very important, which is to integrate a better and richer organizational structure from the perspective of organizational resources.
4. If we implement innovation points and break the homogenization, what levels of strategic upgrading should we make from the perspective of industry (innovation mode, supply chain, etc.) and Commerce (Marketing and channels)?
The products made by Nie are more delicious and fun than those made by others. For the healthy snack track, I think there are two pillars: first, functional nutrition. At present, the mainstream functions of snack categories are the same, so what the brand needs to focus on is to create differentiation in subdivided functions. For example, there are many solutions for intestinal health. Even if it is based on probiotics, its innovation is also tens of thousands, which can be aimed at strains or live bacteria; Another pillar is scene innovation. Even if it is the same demand of the same consumer, the product form should also be targeted under different scenes. There are countless possibilities when we arrange and combine people and scenes, so there are still many directions for product innovation.
Deng Nie, leading partner of Deloitte management consulting in China’s consumer goods and retail industry
Shu Yiping: any food innovation must first meet the basic requirements of safety, and food practitioners should be worthy of themselves and their families. However, if we can add some emotions and values to the product on the basis of basic user needs and functions, or respond to the national call to publicize positive energy, this is also the key point for the brand to really impress consumers.
5. Which track do you like best? What categories and product opportunities do you think may become the next hot spot in 2022?
Deng Nie: I’m more optimistic about functional health food. From Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, Chinese consumers’ pursuit of food has reached the top two levels – “respect for needs” and “self realization”. Specifically, the brand mainly grasps three points: three low, one control and one increase, that is, low calorie, low fat and low salt, sugar control and protein increase. In fact, now many people have more professional requirements for their own health. They not only learn nutrition knowledge, but also approach professional athletes from their daily life and diet. Therefore, functional healthy food must be the general trend.
Jiang nanchun: probiotic plus and cheese based snacks.
Shu Yiping: I still firmly believe that food and snacks related to children will still have a good development trend in 2022.
Zeng Xin: I think it will be milk based dessert. When Chinese young women have promoted new tea and low alcohol wine tracks, the next track that can “ripen” may be milk based dessert for them who have a higher pursuit of Yueji.
Finally, Foodaily once again sincerely thanks to the guests, partners and online live friends. We are deeply concerned about the 2022 annual food business hotspots. Please keep our attention to our official account and video numbers. We will continue to bring you wonderful and detailed dismantling in the form of articles / live broadcast. Meanwhile, foodaily is committed to becoming a window for major food brands to release products, display innovation and advocate new food consumption in the future. It also invites more and more food practitioners to join in. We are willing to experience and achieve the “new food era” with you!
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Commercial hot spot
Among the 200000 new products in the world, explore the development law of categories, study the changes of global consumption, combined with the in-depth insight into the Chinese market, study the changes of new consumers and consumer demand, explore the new value brought by the two new consumption drivers of technology reconstruction and brand interest, and focus on the prospective discovery of category cracks / innovative products
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