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New year’s “cute tiger” is lucky. See how Changqing makes friends with young people

During the Spring Festival, it is the tacit understanding of many brands to launch special goods combined with the zodiac in that year. The marketing method of making articles on bottle body and packaging has also been common.


The tiger will undoubtedly be used well this year. Due to its positive moral of bravery and fearlessness, exorcising evil spirits and avoiding evil, it has natural advantages that can be interpreted. Major brands have started the journey of touching the “tiger”. Xiaoshidai noted that the Changqing brand under Yili is commendable for this wave of new year node marketing.





As the king of beasts, tigers also have the image of fierce beasts in people’s hearts. If the tiger is turned into a “cute tiger”, the lovely contrast image will be easier to attract the attention of the younger generation.

Many young users are particularly “sensitive” at the end of the year, hoping to place good hopes for the new year through products with a sense of ceremony. The image of fat tiger itself is very cute and interesting. Such packaging is easy to attract the attention of young people, and can also meet the needs of young people for appearance, interest and topic sense in the era of social network.

the combination of the two, resulting in cultural identity and emotional connection, can help the brand get a deeper binding with young consumers and strengthen the imprint of Changqing in the hearts of young people.


Changqing has an insight into this feature and cooperates with the well-known IP “I’m not a fat tiger” to launch the new year’s limited “sprouting tiger transportation clothes”. Various funny shapes of Buddha sprouting tigers, together with matching classic and funny quotations, stand out among the Limited packaging in the year of the tiger.




Changqing moved the image of Menghu to 0 add series of classic flavor products and launched seven different new packaging of Menghu Kaiyun.

At the same time, considering the strong demand of consumers for good luck at the advent of the new year, Changqing has given 7 packaging different good luck attributes, including “waking up naturally after sleeping”, “eating all delicious”, “turning over against the wind”, “spending too much money”, “rising appearance” “Salary increase always has you” and “good luck one-stop” to bring you good luck in the new year in the form of cute fun


First, 2D packaging allows users to play a 3D experience. It is worth noting that the customized packaging marketing opened by Changqing’s joint “I’m not fat tiger” IP is not simply piecing together the logos or images of the two sides.


Based on the strong demand for “good luck” in the new year, Changqing launched a limited packaging bottle, Menghu Kaiyun package, in conjunction with fat tiger IP, which is loved by young people, to send blessings for the year of the tiger to young people.

at the same time, interactive tips are added to the customized packaging. The interactive tips of touching fat tiger on the packaging can not only let users see, but also let users play, adding a dimension of experience, upgrading the original “2D” customized packaging to “3D”, giving the packaging the attribute of social interaction. The customized packaging with the trinity of beauty (exquisite design), material (profound insight) and social interaction (packaging interaction) has laid a user experience of fun, easy drying and love.



The second is unconventional event marketing to establish a popular gene. In addition to the bottle highlights of customized packaging, Changqing’s IP packaging marketing, which is different from other brands, has always taken the marketing action of video and plane, starting from the perspective of event marketing from the beginning.


There may be a lot of ideas about the marketing of tiger IP and the output of historical allusions about tigers in the year of the tiger, but Chang Qing did the opposite. He put forward the topic of Wusong not fighting tigers this year and took the lead in grabbing users’ attention on the first day of the new year on January 1.


Chang Qing used a “letter to Wu Song” to talk with historical figures across time and space. Wu Song started the whole event marketing. Instead, a gimmick topic # Wu Song did not fight tigers this year # aroused users’ attention and discussion. Then he invited Mancai group carnivores to play Wu Song and tiger respectively, output creative videos, skillfully combine content topics and respond to topics quickly, Tell the user why Wusong didn’t fight the tiger this year and received a wave of praise.


The third point is to keep up with the young wind, and the artist’s image becomes an unexpected joy. In recent years, talk shows have become more and more popular. Among the young people who express their desire more and more strongly, there is even a heroic saying that “everyone can speak a five minute talk show”.


Chang Qing also closely followed the popular elements of young groups, combined with the talk show group carnivorous animals loved by young people to interpret the new historical allusion of Wusong’s fight against the tiger – “Wusong will not fight against the tiger this year”.

is different from the single scene of other talk show performances. The video God of this talk show restores the scene of Yanggang, the middle scene of historical allusions, so as to truly achieve scene interpretation and improve users’ perception of creative content. Hard, wide and soft, fully embracing the preferences of young people from creative content to form.


Nowadays, interactive ways that can increase consumers’ sense of participation are more in line with the needs of younger generation consumers. Communicating with fans through these peripheral activities can better stimulate sharing and make them willing to pay for social currency.

In other words, when young people spontaneously “generate electricity” for Changqing on the social platform, it is the effect that the brand wants to achieve – accelerate the precipitation of brand impression and finally realize sales transformation.




Including “I’m not a fat tiger” marketing, it’s not difficult to find that Changqing is trying to embrace “young people”.


Data show that there are about 260 million Chinese generation Z people, accounting for 40% of the overall consumption power. These young people pursue fun, fun and personalization. As they have gradually become the main consumer groups in the FMCG market, how to grasp the needs of this group of “generation Z” young people has long been an important issue faced by major brands.


Changqing takes the IP loved by young people as the core, combines the talk show form loved by young people, and shows the brand’s “sincerity” to communicate with young consumers through younger packaging and series content. In the past year, the attempt of rejuvenating Changqing brand is far more than this.  


In March last year, changqinghuan was upgraded and officially announced the spokesman of the new generation; In April, with the launch of new fruit tea yogurt products, try to penetrate the National Climate layer; In June, fan Chengcheng, the spokesman, launched a wave of fan marketing on his 21st birthday and 618 e-commerce promotion nodes; At the same time, keep up with the catalytic habits of young consumers, take microblog and wechat as the core position, radiate xiaohongshu and other content platforms, and follow young people wherever they spread.



Different emphasis on the diversity of marketing forms is based on the brand rejuvenation strategy, which reflects Changqing’s determination to better communicate with the younger generation.


The wide range of consumption demand of contemporary young people and the small number of circles have long been a problem that brands have to think about. How to get the hearts of more young users is also a challenging process. What the brand can do is to summarize the laws in countless appearances, gain insight into the essence, and take this as a chart to sail to the sea area of young people.


Changqing, including the “I’m not fat tiger” IP joint packaging marketing, is such a typical practice.

gain accurate insight into the personalized needs of more young people, establish closer emotional ties and provide better consumption experience, so as to win the support of more young users. Smooth light, the future can be expected.

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