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2022 product forecast, senior R & D “bet” on these fruits!

summary of 11 product trend prediction.

What products can be sold in beverage stores in 2022?

I interviewed the judges of Carmen 2021 xinyinli new tea competition, the top 8 players in China and senior R & D personnel in the industry. They came from the front line of brand and supply chain and observed the product direction for a long time.


According to their prediction, I summarized the two key words of product trend in 2022 and the “next oil Mandarin” that is expected to explode——


Subtraction, the first keyword of innovation this year,
The repeated epidemic has made consumers’ consumption view conservative.
Summing up the views of the judges and contestants, the first keyword of product innovation this year is “subtraction”, which is reflected in the following three aspects——
1. The idea of feeding “stop”
“Feeding can’t provide additional value for the product.”
In the interview, more than one R & D thought that this year’s product might be “less cream and less ingredients”.
In this way, “make the product delicious” can not rely on the rich small material system, but return to the beverage itself.
This year, tea base upgrading and dairy product innovation are still the mainstream trends, which are specifically reflected in:
  • Pursuing the regional fragrance of tea bottom, Suzhou Biluochun, West Lake Longjing, Huangshan Maofeng, Fujian white tea and other regional characteristics of tea bottom need to be explored by brands.
  • Innovation iteration of dairy products. Not long ago, Cezanne dairy introduced a new clear milk product, which is equivalent to “transparent milk”. It can not afford flocculent with fruit, but also enlarge the flavor of fruit tea itself.
2. In 280ml ~ 350ml small cups, there is a chance to sell fire
In addition to less feeding, some R & D are very optimistic about “small cup products”.
Last year, many brands launched small cup products with a capacity of 280ml ~ 350ml, which is easy to drink. There is no “risk of tasting new products”, will not be tired of drinking, and there is no strong sense of guilt.
At present, people are price sensitive. The price of small cup products reduces the decision-making cost of consumers and is more willing to try new products.
3. Simpler packaging and less unnecessary decoration
It can be felt that consumers are becoming more and more indifferent to the “service experience brought by excessive packaging”, and the environmentally friendly attitude towards life has been accepted by more people.
This year, subtraction on on packaging will also become a major trend.
Pan Shengyi, the person in charge of 7 points sweet products, believes that packaging materials that reduce waste and environmental protection will become popular, and unnecessary decorative packaging will be reduced.
Raw materials are rising, and the money that has to be spent has increased. The money that can be spent or not must be reduced.
In short, when the growth rate of new tea slows down, subtraction is undoubtedly a solution to deal with the pressure of survival. In essence, if we achieve “cost control”, there will be more room in the fierce market competition.
Industry insiders predict that “subtraction” around all aspects of products may also be a signal that tea has entered the price war.
“Health” is considered to be the biggest product trend this year
The second key word is “health”.
This word is not novel and is mentioned every year, but nearly 80% of the interviewees regard health as the biggest trend of beverage development this year.
Moreover, around the health theme, senior R & D personnel have also unlocked a variety of opening methods——
1. Functional materials have the opportunity to become the “main force of outbreak”
Functional small materials had a wave of heat last year, and many brands such as Xi tea and Ruixing have also launched products with functional small materials.
Functional probiotics on tea
According to judge Chen Pengyi, this year’s functional materials have the opportunity to become the main force of the outbreak of small materials. “Concepts such as hyaluronic acid and collagen can make consumers feel the health attribute by feeling the name from the mouth.”
At present, the common functional ingredients in the market include collagen peptide, hyaluronic acid, L-carnitine, hyaluronic acid, probiotics, etc. Champion Cui fake believes that they all have the opportunity to continue selling well.
In addition, functional small materials will be advanced in the direction of traditional health preservation. For example, lemon cream with cough relieving effect, health preserving longan red dates, beauty nourishing bird’s nest and other small materials will also be used in the research and development of new products.
2. Light fat plant base, form innovation is more important
According to contestant Wu Minjie, the application scenario of plant substrate in tea will change more.
For example, coconut milk, oat milk, nut milk, etc. have their own health attributes and high nutritional value. Their wide application in the field of coffee has also cultivated consumers’ taste acceptance.
Products made with nut milk
Nowadays, the supply chain is becoming more and more mature. In addition to the base, plant-based milk cover and plant-based cream top have appeared. Consumers have more ways to contact the plant-based, and formal innovation is more important than ever.
3. Honey, or will become a new sugar substitute
Another expression of health is sugar reduction and sugar substitutes.
Contestant Su Kexin also provided a new sugar substitute idea: replace sugar with honey to bring sweetness and richer flavor, such as satin tree honey, blueberry flower honey, etc.
In her opinion, honey has been used as medicine in China for thousands of years. It has health preservation attribute in public cognition, which provides a prerequisite for product application.
4. Green drinks are expected to continue to sell well
Green and healthy often appear at the same time.
This year, many R & D took green as the theme color of health and predicted the popularity of green drinks. However, it should be noted that the drinks should be turned green in a healthier way, rather than tinting with pigments like some Thai green lemon tea, which will lead to food safety problems.
Many researchers predict the popularity of green drinks
5. Flower flavor drinks will also increase health attributes
This year, the pursuit of flower fragrance of drinks is still the mainstream, and the functional and health effects of ingredients will be considered.
For example, lavender has the effect of calming the mind and falling asleep, which is in line with the concept of punk health preservation for most young people who stay up late.
These fruits are “bet”
by senior R & D
The popularity of oil oranges last year also indicates that starting from fruits is still an important idea for making explosive products of new tea drinks.
According to the interview, the following fruits are also favored by many senior R & D Institutes:
1. The application of affordable fruits may become a major trend
When the industry develops to a certain stage, simple and delicious fruit tea may conquer consumers again.
  • Apple: many developers are optimistic
Years ago, the hot red wine also increased Apple’s appearance in the tea industry. Many researchers say they are studying the application of apple in tea.
However, for apple, a common fruit, how to create scarcity and create a sense of value requires the brand to rethink. In addition, Apple’s oxidation problem also needs to be solved jointly by the supply chain and brand side.
  • Citrus: you can pay attention to bubble tea
Citrus fruits are moderately sweet and sour, sweet and refreshing. They are suitable for top to make hot drinks. They are also one of the popular fruits favored by researchers.
For example, the big orange like tea and the selected tangerine of the current season have been resident in the top 10 of tea like popularity. This year, we can make differentiation and continue iteration in the popular orange drinks. For example, Emperor orange, Kaman orange and other varieties can make new attempts.
The third runner up Guo Lin also said that you can pay attention to the bubble tea of citrus. “Carbonated tea tastes better. Adding citrus fruits makes it taste richer and more suitable for summer.”
2. Two niche fruits deserve special attention
It is also worth paying attention to finding explosive products from a small number of fruits to bring consumers a unique experience.
Combined with the interview, there are two niche fruits this year, which are promising in research and development: Rosa roxburghii and guava. The common characteristics of these two fruits are sour and novel taste. Like oil Citrus, they are also in line with the trend of new tea to pursue freshness.
For example, Rosa roxburghii has a sour and sweet taste and can be mixed with a variety of fruits. Rich VC content also makes this fruit more attractive.
Rosa roxburghii and guava
However, Rosa roxburghii still has supply chain problems, and factory processing will be more troublesome. “If it can be developed, I believe it can be comparable to this year’s oil Citrus.” Contestant Yao Xiaoling thinks.
3. Fresh fruit + coffee will bring new hot money
In addition, R & D believes that the combination of fresh fruit and coffee has the potential to explode in 2022.
First of all, the coffee consumption market has been booming in the past two years, and the consumption habit of coffee has been cultivated. Consumers who are used to drinking fresh fruit tea have a higher natural acceptance of fresh fruit coffee.
Fresh fruit coffee
From the perspective of taste combination, the sweet of fresh fruit and the bitter of coffee provide a dual experience and meet consumers’ pursuit of rich taste.
The tea brand has two advantages in promoting fresh fruit coffee: stable supply chain and systematic R & D.
After the interview, my biggest feeling is that the product competition is no longer at the creative level, but also tests the brand’s ability to integrate the upstream supply chain and the competitiveness of the price system.
In addition, we also mentioned that some products / markets are likely to usher in a price war this year.
Author: Jin Yu; Source: kamena club, reprint authorized. Reprint authorization and media business cooperation: Amy (wechat: 13701559246); for the sixth consecutive year, foodaily released the annual business hot spot of the food industry – exploring the development law of categories from 200000 new products around the world, studying the changes of global consumption, studying the changes of new consumers and consumption demand in combination with the in-depth insight into the Chinese market, and exploring the new value brought by the two new consumption drivers of technology reconstruction and brand popularity, Focus on the prospective discovery of category cracks / innovative products to assist new consumer entrants in anchoring market segments and category fission opportunities, and provide inspiration and decision-making reference for product innovation in the next year. (click the picture to view the detailed introduction) related reading

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