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The word “Fu” ran into the dumplings? How do super players in Tangyuan industry catch the Chinese people’s “Spring Festival” heart?

wrote the word “Fu” for thousands of years and ate the glutinous rice balls for thousands of years. What new sparks can they collide with?

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Quick frozen rice noodle food is a regular guest on the Chinese table. Since the 1990s, the freezing technology has become more and more mature, and the quick freezing industry has continued to grow at a high speed for 30 years. So far, a number of “national brands” have been precipitated, such as Sanquan, missing, Wanchai wharf, haibawang, Anjing and so on.
Among all kinds of quick-frozen foods, tangyuan means reunion and is the most traditional food with Chinese humanistic feelings.
From the traditional Chinese New Year food, which was handmade by families and concentrated warmth and reunion, to the comfort of “four seasons and eat whenever you want” by relying on modern assembly lines at the beginning of this century, and then to the national tide cuisine with renovated patterns and compatible traditional culture and fashion elements, tangyuan has become a model category for the modernization of Chinese staple food.
As a leading enterprise of quick-frozen dumplings, Sanquan has catered to the new consumption tide in recent years and continuously led the industry with solid innovation skills and brand influence.
With the approaching of the year of the tiger in the lunar calendar, Sanquan launched the original “Fu character outer skin” dumpling in the industry. The Spring Festival quick-frozen market is full of festive shapes and meanings.
After fruit dumplings, colorful small dumplings and dessert dumplings, Sanquan once again subverts people’s traditional cognition of dumplings with innovation. Will adding a word “Fu” make consumers who love Fu culture look at it differently? What are the unforgettable innovations of Sanquan in the past 30 years? Why does it become the representative of Chinese dumplings? How can Chinese glutinous rice balls, which have precipitated the Millennium culture, be revitalized and colorful under the new consumption wave?
Fuzi glutinous rice balls full of blessings,
Stir up national feelings
With the Chinese New Year approaching, the spring festival atmosphere in the streets is becoming increasingly strong. The innovative Sanquan has also joined the jubilant spring festival atmosphere group – recently launched a new series of “Fu” Tangyuan, which is full of new year flavor. The word “Fu”, which is common in red envelopes, Spring Festival couplets, door paintings and other scenes, is a common way to convey blessings. Sanquan creatively collided the word “Fu” with Tangyuan, allowing consumers to take Fu home and eat it to their stomach.
In recent years, in order to impress young consumers, the taste of Tangyuan has been seeking innovation and change. However, according to the sales list of major mainstream e-commerce platforms, the traditional taste is still the protagonist in the dumpling market, with stable sales. Therefore, focusing on the mainstream market layout, Sanquan chose to develop and create new Tangyuan based on the three classic flavors of black sesame, peanut and bean paste. Filling with more mass-based tastes means that consumers have higher requirements for taste experience. Therefore, Sanquan attaches great importance to the polishing of the core quality of the new products to ensure the high-quality import experience of different tastes. The aroma of black sesame is pure and delicate, peanuts are mellow and sweet, and bean paste is sweet but not greasy.
Source: Sanquan food
Classic fillings that maintain high quality output are not enough to be the biggest flash point. In order to create a differentiated feature different from the traditional dumplings, Sanquan spent some careful thinking on the presentation of the skin – the industry’s first creative printing. Sanquan uses plant extract pigment to print the word “Fu” on the outer skin of each dumpling. On the occasion of celebrating the new year, it gives more beautiful meanings to the dumplings and brings “let good things happen” to consumers who “eat happiness into their stomach”.
In order to achieve a stronger visual effect, Sanquan simplified the “glutinous rice balls literally put into the pot” in the “cooking operation standard” into a simple formula of “blessing first”. It was catchy and linked the action of cooking glutinous rice balls to the cultural image of praying and sending blessings, which was amazing and memorable.
As the first facade for consumers to perceive Fuzi dumplings, the outer packaging has the same important position as the product core. Catering to the atmosphere nodes and other celebration occasions of the red new year, the Sanquan Fu character Tangyuan series is mainly in Chinese red, and then the Fu character presented by brush calligraphy forms a full visual impact of national style, conveys the concept of “wish character presentation and happy event Sanquan”, and is permeated with a strong color of Chinese Fu culture as a whole.
Source: Sanquan food
During the Spring Festival, many people’s consumption is not just for material needs. In China’s unique cultural environment, products and brands have become material symbols that can represent emotion. Through shopping, or to meet the needs of the family’s new year goods, or to achieve self reward, or to express expectations for the future and love for relatives and friends. Only the Spring Festival will let these consumer psychology burst out at the same time.
Therefore, the packaging design of Fuzi Tangyuan strengthens the core meaning of “full of happiness” under the theme tone in line with the customs of the year. It not only conveys the cultural emotion, but also has the unique mark of the brand. It is a model for skillfully integrating the brand value and the emotion of the Spring Festival. Chinese people pay more attention to good intentions during the new year, and prefer things that embody the meaning and pursuit of a better life, happiness and auspiciousness. With the dual combination of “tradition + innovation”, this kind of dumpling with great blessing color accurately grasps the Chinese people’s consumption psychology of seeking auspiciousness and good color head. While the attribute of circle powder is enhanced, it also expands the consumption circle.
Source: Sanquan food
“Fu” Tangyuan is undoubtedly a clever combination of industrialized food and traditional culture. In the development of Sanquan for more than 30 years, such pioneering innovation is not the first time. It is precisely by accurately grasping the tide of the times and consumer preferences that Sanquan can always stand at the forefront and lead the industry.

For 30 years,
Why does Sanquan represent Chinese dumplings?
1. 1990: the year of realizing the dream
The disadvantage of preservation performance, the single consumption mode and the consumption scene strongly tied to the festival have restrained the growth of Tangyuan category to a great extent. The inspiration of a hospital vice president over 50 from the snow frozen dumplings of northeast people has completely changed the development pattern of Tangyuan food. He is Chen Zemin, the founder of Sanquan food, who invented the first quick-frozen Tangyuan in history.
1990 is regarded as a lucky year, and the rise of private companies has become a current situation that is difficult to be ignored. Taking the Asian Games in September of that year as the boundary, China’s economy turned from overheating to stability, and then began to restart the theme of opening and development. Fortunately, Chen Zemin and Sanquan Tangyuan broke into the “no man’s land” of China’s quick-frozen industry in such a year of national commercialization.
Source: Sina Finance
The appearance of quick-frozen Tangyuan has rapidly innovated people’s consumption mode of Tangyuan, and Tangyuan has become a traditional Chinese food that can be industrialized. Nowadays, whether in Beijing Hutong, Shanghai alley or Guangzhou Old Street, fragrant glutinous rice balls are more and more frequently brought to the table of Chinese people and become everyone’s daily table food. Sanquan brand has since established a solid Jianghu position in the glutinous rice ball industry.
2. New century: layout and development
For quite a long time, Sanquan has been the pioneer in the domestic quick freezing industry. In 1995, Sanquan invented the first quick-frozen zongzi in China; In 1999, the first large-scale automatic production line of quick-frozen dumplings was built in China; In 2006, the first post doctoral research workstation in the industry was established; In 2008, it became the first A-share listed company in the quick freezing industry, with a market value of RMB 5.084 billion on the day of listing; In 2016, it created a precedent for domestic geothermal energy power generation and entered the “carbon neutralization” earlier than the whole era.
Entering the new consumption era of the Internet, Sanquan has become one of the first food enterprises to participate in Internet sales with accurate industry prediction. It has long occupied the top of tmall Jingdong category. It is more active and cooperates with prosperity optimization, meituan and orange heart, settled in the community group purchase sales channel, and created a multi-dimensional distribution path that keeps pace with the times.
Various pioneering measures have enabled Sanquan food to maintain a gratifying high-speed growth when the new consumption wave swept through traditional consumer goods in recent years. According to the financial report of Sanquan, the performance of Sanquan food after the epidemic has increased from annual revenue of 5 billion to 7 billion, which is one of the few enterprises that have bucked the trend.
Photo source: microblog @ Sanquan food
Under the impact of the epidemic, Sanquan can run against the wind in the industry track. In addition to benefiting from the great increase in the demand for quick-frozen products under the “house economy”, it is also inseparable from the multi variety innovation completed by the brand through the scene layout and category layout. From tangyuanwang to fast food products, it has gradually transformed into a table food supplier, and has continuously innovated in the field of household quick-frozen food, catering business market and fresh food. It is obvious that the road of product development is getting wider and wider.
The essence of being a table food supplier is to industrialize the table food. In an interview with the media, Chen Xi, President of Sanquan food, said that on the whole, China’s “food” industrialization still lags behind, and the lag is the value depression. The industrialization of Chinese food is bound to set off a huge wave of the times.
“Sanquan has basically completed the industrialization transformation process of rice noodle products such as dumplings and dumplings, but what we do is just the staple food. It is the products that consumers can see when they go to the restaurant and turn the menu to the last few pages, and there are still a large number of categories in front of us that have not completed industrialization.” Chen Xi said. If these categories and products can appear on consumers’ tables in diversified forms in the future, it will further promote the industrialization of traditional gourmet food.
Source: Sanquan food
3. Steady and steady, create the “kingdom” of Tangyuan with innovation
In recent years, in the process of continuously expanding the product matrix and promoting the industrialization of more traditional foods, Sanquan, which started with Tangyuan, has not forgotten its original intention, spared no effort in the product innovation of “ace category” – Tangyuan, and often fired the first shot at the whole quick-frozen Tangyuan industry.
In 2010, Sanquan initiated the “sure enough love” series of Tangyuan, successfully created products with highly differentiated characteristics, and created a blue ocean of fruit tangyuan. Focus on the young consumer groups. Sure enough, love fruit dumplings breaks the tradition, integrates the traditional dumpling products into colorful fruit elements through innovation, and radiates new brilliance. The real pulp particles are cleverly matched to bring a fresh and sweet wonderful taste, which more cleverly fits the current young consumers’ psychology of yearning for and pursuing a sweet and happy life, and is highly competitive in the young consumer market.
Source: Sanquan food
In 2015, Sanquan “colorful small Tangyuan” was launched. The product replaces the traditional white shell and wears colorful new clothes made of natural fresh fruits and vegetables. 16 kinds of innovative fillings combine strawberries, passion fruit, chocolate and other ingredients to create 16 kinds of novel and delicious enjoyment. In order to make the products better catch the hearts of young people, Sanquan has designed a unique spiral tray, which is not only reminiscent of the once popular online Red game “Zuma”, in which dumplings are inlaid like gemstones, helping people to start the journey of exploring delicious food.
Photo source: microblog @ Sanquan food
In 2019, on the basis of colorful small dumplings, Sanquan introduced taro balls, a classic ingredient in dessert stores, and officially defined dessert dumplings. The product specially adds taro into the skin to increase the content of dietary fiber. It is the first innovative special-shaped cartoon taro balls in the industry to form a cross-border CP of Tangyuan + taro balls, so that consumers can not only taste the soft waxy of Tangyuan, but also feel the q-bomb of taro balls. With colorful small dumplings as the core, with heart-shaped, star-shaped, crescent shaped and other lovely taro balls, supplemented by rich taste bag selection, you can easily DIY delicious and beautiful immortal dessert dumplings at home. Sanquan also successfully led the “sweetening of dumplings” to a new era with this product.
Small dumplings, in the hands of Sanquan, change thousands of styles. Behind the Sanquan is the Millennium evolution and iteration of Chinese Tangyuan, constantly seeking new ways.
Precipitation of a thousand years of history, innovation and change for 30 years,
The way of Tangyuan
Tangyuan, first recorded in the Song Dynasty, is a traditional Chinese snack that has existed for nearly a thousand years. During the Southern Song Dynasty, Mingzhou (now Ningbo, Zhejiang Province) developed a novel glutinous rice food, which was filled with black sesame and white granulated sugar. After being rubbed into a ball shape with glutinous rice powder, it could be boiled, fried and steamed in soup. It tasted fragrant, waxy and sweet, and contained the meaning of reunion. Because this kind of glutinous rice ball will sink and float in the pot when cooking, it was first called “fuyuanzi”, and then gradually formed the name of “Tangyuan” in the southern region where soup is preferred.
The beautiful and complete meaning of Tangyuan makes it an indispensable food for Shangyuan festival in ancient times. In the Song Dynasty, with the rapid development of urban economy, food stores specialized in selling Tangyuan gradually appeared in the market. By the Ming Dynasty, Tangyuan, as a special food for the Shangyuan Festival, had been very similar to today’s preparation method. It was sprinkled with fine glutinous rice powder and rolled with sticky powder. It was filled with walnut kernel and white sugar rose. The dumpling was as big as walnut. In the Qing Dynasty, the palace flavor “eight treasure Yuanxiao” made by the imperial dining room was rumored by the government and the public as early as the Kangxi period.
At the same time, eating glutinous rice balls at the winter solstice began to become a custom. On the day of the winter solstice, people will “make rice balls” or “make glutinous rice balls” to worship gods and ancestors, and then eat rice balls around the family, which is called “adding years of age”. With the changes of years, the flavor and shape of Tangyuan are quietly changing, but the Lantern Festival when the whole family get together and eating a bowl of Tangyuan in the winter solstice have become a beautiful folk custom in China and have been passed down to now.
Photo source: YangLe Valley
In the trend of historical development, the evolving Tangyuan has also derived various characteristic fillings and cooking techniques with regional differentiation. However, due to the poor preservation of glutinous rice products, for a long time, no matter what changes are made in Tangyuan, its consumption mode is still limited to making and eating now. Until the emergence of quick-frozen Tangyuan in the 1990s, the definition of Tangyuan was refreshed.
In the past 30 years, a small quick-frozen dumpling has developed into a huge industry with a scale of nearly 50 billion and has become a representative category of quick-frozen food in China. With the increasing competition in the industry and product innovation falling into a strange circle of homogenization, enterprises began to think about how to break through the bottleneck and start to optimize taste, adjust size and beautify skin. The competition among enterprises has changed from price to quality – better materials and more exquisite packaging. The quick-frozen dumpling industry has entered the “high-end era” since then.
The birth of fruit dumplings has made the industry realize qualitative change. The opening of this “fruit storm” makes Tangyuan begin to have dessert labels on its positioning, which makes the weak Tangyuan market rejuvenate. Later, the “skin” revolution set off by crystal dumplings, the addition of flower elements and the cross-border mixing of taro dumplings all made the banner of sweet dumplings more and more distinct.
Source: Sanquan food
In recent years, the number of “lazy house” people has exceeded 800 million and is growing gradually, which undoubtedly becomes the biggest driving force for the expansion of the quick-frozen food market. According to AI media consulting data, the scale of China’s quick-frozen food market will reach 139.3 billion yuan in 2020, which is expected to reach 154.21 billion yuan in 2021 and 1986 billion yuan in 2024.
In terms of product types, hot-pot/" 22375 rel="nofollow" target="_self">hot pot food is most favored by consumers; Rice noodles such as dumplings and dumplings followed. The development of traditional quick-frozen rice noodle industry has become mature, and the market concentration CR3 is as high as 47%. Under the situation that new brands are difficult to enter and the pattern is relatively stable, product innovation and new channel development have become the main battlefield of the game between brands.
The stuffing of Tangyuan is its soul, and naturally it has become the focus of competition for formula transformation and upgrading. Most brands show the characteristics of “tradition meets the new trend” and “integration into China and the west” in the excavation of innovative flavor. Matcha Tangyuan, yogurt fruit Tangyuan, cheese and cheese taste are all strange. The boundary between exquisite dessert and traditional Tangyuan is gradually blurred. The enhancement of dessert properties will also further broaden the consumption scene of Tangyuan, and even enter the menus of breakfast, afternoon tea and night snack for working people.
Source: Sohu
In the “sugar reduction era”, the traditional dumplings with high oil and high sugar are difficult to win people’s hearts. From fruit dumplings to colorful small dumplings to sugar free dumplings, the dumpling industry has been trying to tear off unhealthy labels. For example, the rice milk dumpling is wrapped in the water milled glutinous rice powder with the rice milk sauce based on the rice flour. The pure rice flavor and the glutinous rice taste blend together, making the dumpling burst out a brand-new taste. It is soft, waxy, sweet, delicious and healthy. Ordinary glutinous rice is hard to digest. Big yellow rice is full and easy to digest. It is a high-quality coarse grain with good taste. Therefore, with the concept of health preservation and high beauty, Dahuang rice dumplings have become a popular “yellow fat man” with the help of emerging e-commerce channels such as wechat merchants, and continue to this day.
Through the innovation of stuffing and skin, the Tangyuan revolution of “dessert” and “health” is carried out. The packaging idea of Tangyuan is also an export worthy of trial and breakthrough, and the creative design embracing Guochao culture is the key to capture the favor of many consumers. Last year’s Lantern Festival, Sanquan launched a co branded Tangyuan with the cultural program “Tang Palace Banquet” of Henan Spring Festival Gala, which not only passed on the classic inheritance and integrated the brand concept of ancient and modern, but also lit up the traditional attribute of Tangyuan as a Chinese cuisine again.
Photo source: microblog @ Sanquan food
Quick freezing technology makes the boundary between packaged food and ready-made food increasingly blurred. Many regional delicacies, niche pastries and medium and high-end snacks that are difficult to fully display their charm gradually go out of physical stores, take advantage of the east wind of e-commerce and are brought to the tables of more people. As the first player in the reform of Chinese rice noodle food, quick-frozen dumplings have been upgraded from inside to outside since the early 1990s, and are fission into new growth space driven by consumption upgrading.
The core of food culture inherited for thousands of years is “home & temperature”. Sanquan’s new Fuzi Tangyuan starts with the smoke and fire of life, people’s emotion and special festival atmosphere, integrates China’s “Fuzi” culture into Tangyuan through printing technology, gives food a stronger blessing color and festive atmosphere, accurately hits consumers’ psychology, and makes new patterns for trump products.
Can Sanquan Fuzi dumplings bring happiness to China’s quick-frozen food industry?
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