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Trillion prefabricated vegetable market, can’t wait for a burst of money


Buddha jumping over the wall, known as “Hermes” in the food industry, is fighting for a lot of 9.8 yuan.
“Let’s have a look. There are abalone, sea cucumber, fish belly, vermicelli and apricot abalone mushroom, all of which are real materials. The elderly and children can eat more, beauty and beauty, and nutritional value is very high…” an anchor wearing white sterile clothes and protective cover claimed to be broadcast live in the sub packaging workshop. Behind her, it showed that several workers were working next to the sealing machine and on the purchase page, She recommended this hot instant golden soup Buddha jumping wall “has robbed 4100 pieces”.
You can find that the so-called live broadcast is just a 3-minute video rotation, and the Buddha jumping wall with an average price of less than 20 yuan can be seen everywhere in pinduoduo. Even if there is no live broadcast room, it is very common for the product to sell for 100000 +.
The Buddha jumping wall with precious ingredients and complex processes is a well deserved “light of Fujian cuisine”. It has boarded the state banquet table many times, and there is a “King fried” level in the food film and television drama. In Stephen Chow’s film God of food, Tang Niu’s final work is a cup of Buddha jumping wall cooked with “internal force” by collecting all kinds of precious ingredients.
At that time, Tang Niu would not have thought that the way in which “the light of Fujian cuisine” was pulled down from the altar was so simple and direct. Compared with the “people-friendly price” of Buddha jumping over the wall, only soup bags can be selected in the price range of flower glue chicken, a famous banquet dish, within 20 yuan.
In fact, both ready to eat bags with complete ingredients and soup bags belong to the category of prefabricated dishes in a broad sense, including common quick-frozen dumplings, dumplings and clean dishes without washing and cutting in supermarkets. Prefabricated dishes are everywhere.
The little-known prefabricated dishes before 2020 have been strongly out of the circle in the two years of epidemic spread, directly facing consumers from the catering back kitchen. Especially in the new year’s Eve dinner, a very important time node, catering and retail businesses have long been gearing up.
Box horse took the lead. On December 28, HEMA launched the new year’s dish reservation and launched new year’s dishes such as Buddha jumping over the wall and seafood coffee, which is also the earliest time that HEMA has opened the new year’s dish season in recent years. I don’t know if he Ma’s hardcover gift box can do the $9.8 package.
In meituan’s shopping, the “elephant Chef” X “must eat list” zone, which focuses on the new year’s festival, was officially launched. Under the slogan of “must eat list at home”, products such as Meizhou Dongpo Dongpo pork, taotaoju walnut bag and Guangzhou Restaurant granular sausage occupied C place.
RT mart’s meals are also listed online and offline simultaneously. RT mart, which participated in the preparation of dishes for the third time, has launched a more complete range of categories, including cold dishes, hot dishes, soup pots, desserts and several popular cuisines in China, such as Zhejiang, Anhui, Sichuan and Huai.
In addition to the efforts of old players, local time-honored brands are also eyeing this year’s new year’s Eve dinner table. Shanghai’s time-honored Meilong town restaurant has launched six new year’s Eve meal packages, with prices ranging from 298 yuan to 1888 yuan; Lvyang estate restaurant launched two family banquet packages of 328 yuan and 528 yuan; Nanjing time-honored brand wangjiasha launched the “wangjiasha Zhenpin family banquet gift box” of 458 yuan.
From the b-end to the C-end, the prefabricated dishes are all around the table of young people, and they are eyeing the ceremonial New Year’s Eve dinner. The new year flavor in memory can be brought to the table in batches, which completes the “sense of ceremony” that young people can’t miss when they celebrate the new year on the spot.
In the trillion track, SKUs are blooming everywhere, but it is difficult to find popular models. Standardization tames the stomach of young people and falls into the same mud at the same time.
Besides staple food, where is the popular one?
Convenient and quick frozen food has always been a frequent visitor in young people’s refrigerators. According to the sampling survey of new consumption in Guanchao, among the quick-frozen food purchased by post-95 consumers, dumplings, hand-held cakes and ball products account for the highest proportion; Followed by small fried dough sticks, breakfast bags, small crispy meat, pizza and so on.
The consumption cognition of the target population is also generally concentrated in the main food category, which is not a good signal for ready to serve and ready to cook prefabricated dishes.
Observing the consumption trend in recent years, the catering industry has made great progress in both strong and light directions. The typical representatives of the former include laotan pickled vegetable beef noodles, Turkey noodles, Sichuan Chongqing hotpot, etc., which aims to leave a deep taste memory for consumers; The latter represents health concepts such as light food and sugar free drinks.
At this stage, prefabricated dishes are still in the primary stage of market education. It is difficult to accept them, and it is even more difficult to leave a healthy impression. The popular prefabricated dishes can only be followed by the main taste. At this time, we encounter the problem of the balance between rice and dishes. The trend of catering investment in 2021 shows that the noodle chain brand is sought after by VC, and Hefu fishing for noodles and meeting small noodles are rapidly expanding with the help of capital. The direct reason why pasta has articles to do is that the consumption decisions of rice and vegetables are completed at the same time. A simpler reference system means that chain reactions are more likely to occur.
Consumers pay attention to how to eat fresh and delicious dishes, while the catering boss considers how to deal with the standardization of Chinese chain catering and improve the repurchase rate. The prefabricated vegetable manufacturer, which started from the catering kitchen supply, only packages the products of to B and transfers them to the C market, which obviously can not solve the deeper demand.
Retail brands with rich to C experience can better understand the subtle differences. It is common to make dishes small to meet daily needs, increase customer unit price with combined packages, and strive to have simple meals with tableware. However, it is difficult to find a popular model from a large number of SKUs by relying on the “addition and subtraction method”.
At this stage, it seems that the most likely person for position C is Buddha jumping over the wall. In the new year’s meal menu released by Taobao, the Buddha jumping wall has remained high for three consecutive years. This “king of Fujian cuisine”, known for its complex processes, rich ingredients and time-consuming cooking, has become a flood in the wave of prefabricated dishes. From pinduoduo to Taobao, from 8.8 yuan to 468 yuan, the Buddha jumping wall has almost become a hard currency in the new year’s meal.
Last year, the data on New Year’s Eve dinner released by e-commerce platforms such as and all prompted the growth of sales of Buddha jumping over the wall. In this year’s pre-sale dinner package, Buddha jumping over the wall is still the main dish promoted by merchants. In order to comply with the trend of “one person eating”, RT Mart also launched a small Buddha jumping wall. Various signs show that Buddha jumping over the wall seems to have become a popular money.
But under the fame, Buddha jumping off the wall still has a long way to go. Price is the first hurdle to pass. Regardless of the cases of extremely low prices, the Buddha jumping walls of regular brands are expensive. Heyuan restaurant, which specializes in Cantonese cuisine, sells the Buddha jumping wall for 250g per person at 249 yuan. On the box horse app, the Buddha jumping wall mostly appears in the form of high-quality gift boxes, with prices ranging from 119 to 299.
Similar characteristics are the same hot flower glue chicken this year. The sales volume in the high price range is sluggish, and the low price range is flooded with inferior products. A variety of factors determine that prefabricated dishes such as Buddha jumping over the wall are more likely to be brought to the table at special moments like the Spring Festival, rather than blooming everywhere through time and space like the really hot snail powder.
why did even Lu Zhengyao come?
Lu Zhengyao, who got away from Ruixing’s vortex, also entered the trillion prefabricated vegetable track after founding “Qu Xiaomian” (now renamed Qu Bayu).
According to tech planet news, the tongue tip technology group founded by Lu Zhengyao is incubating a new prefabricated vegetable project called “tongue tip workshop”. According to the official introduction of the tongue tip workshop, one of its advantages is cheap – the price of prefabricated ingredients is close to that of raw materials purchased directly from the supermarket, and the price of quick cooking dishes is 50% – 60% of that of restaurants. At present, the tip of the tongue workshop plans to rapidly expand the market by joining in. The investment amount starts at 30000, the store is 8 square meters, and the signing needs to pay an intention fund of 10000 yuan.
During the two years of the epidemic, the prefabricated dishes that did not come out with a burst of money can be described as full of stamina. According to ncbd statistics, as of December 28, 2021, there were 89700 enterprises engaged in various types of prefabricated dishes (including quick-frozen, clean dishes and ready to eat dishes) in 31 provinces and cities across the country.
The moat of old players is also deep enough. On April 27, 2021, after the first stock of prefabricated dishes, weizhixiang, was listed on the A-share market, it swept 10 trading boards; On September 7, Qianwei central kitchen, a Henan enterprise focusing on quick-frozen rice noodle fast food, went public, pulling 7 daily limit boards; In November, Meilai, who bet on the delicacy of aquatic prefabricated dishes at the subdivision track, also submitted a prospectus to the CSRC to rush to the main board of Shanghai stock market.
These prefabricated vegetable enterprises that have reached the market scale are the leaders in the segment track. The prospectus shows that weizhixiang products include meat and poultry, aquatic products, soup casseroles and snacks, with more than 200 SKUs, including classic Chinese food such as Gulu meat, shredded fish, squirrel mandarin fish, snacks such as iron plate squid and brown sugar Ciba, as well as western food such as pizza. Born out of the “missing” Qianwei central kitchen, the cooperative brands include Yum China, Haidilao, jiumaojiu and other chain restaurants. The main customers of xianmeilai of single pledge aquatic products are traditional supermarkets and e-commerce platforms such as Wal Mart, Yonghui, RT mart, JD, HEMA Xiansheng, etc.
The “to B” channel supplemented by “to C” channel is the conventional method of these leading enterprises. Unlike them, some new brands prefer to focus on the “to C” business.
The founder of Zhenwei xiaomeiyuan revealed in the interview that Zhenwei implemented the “buyer’s thinking” at the beginning. Instead of building its own factory and handing over the production to a third-party factory, Zhenwei focused on building a brand, developing products that better meet the needs of consumers and developing the market. With the asset light model and sales performance, Zhenwei Xiaomei garden got the angel round two months after its establishment, and completed four rounds of financing in one year. XingTuo capital, zero one venture capital and Innovation workshop have injected capital one after another.
New entrants are fierce, and old players are unwilling to show weakness. The sub brand of incubation to C has also become their “second curve”. Three meals are expected to rely on the B2B platform of the domestic cold chain food supply chain “frozen products online” group. The predecessor of wangjiadu food is the central cook company in the Dongpo of Meizhou. Sanquan food has invested in the pot circle food exchange. With the concept of “home hot-pot/" 22375 rel="nofollow" target="_self">hot pot”, it has opened 8000 stores and is expected to open more than 10000 stores this year
As the new year approaches, the concept stocks of prefabricated vegetables are rising sharply in the face of the “Festival”, and the enthusiasm of the capital market erupts with the order volume. On January 4, the leading League of nations aquatic products rose by 20%, and Great Lakes shares and Huifa food rose by the limit. On January 5, Shuangta food rose, while Chunxue food and Guolian aquatic products rose. Prefabricated dishes have become the target of the secondary market.
urges young people to place an order
The surge of capital, manufacturers and stores means that in some ceremonial days such as daily and new year’s Eve dinner, no matter what kind of dining method contemporary young people choose, they can’t escape the range of prefabricated dishes.
From hot-pot/" 22375 rel="nofollow" target="_self">hot pot to fast food, from traditional Chinese food to Western food, the head food enterprises of major categories and major cuisines rely on the central kitchen supply chain to solve more than 60% of the dishes, and more than 70% of the takeout with faster and faster delivery speed is heated with cooking bags. For young people with poor skills, most of the active or passive choices are prefabricated dishes when opening community group buying and entering major supermarkets.
Referring to the small household appliance market, we can also see the dilemma of young people eating. Among the best-selling commodities released by Taobao in 2021, the air fryer won the first. This kitchen product focusing on health preservation and convenience reflects several dietary pain points of contemporary young people: want to eat well, can’t do it, and have no time. From the beginning of material preparation, many young people were persuaded to retreat from the idea of cooking and seek a relatively simple combination of carbon and water.
Are the young people really ready to accept the prepared dishes? In addition to industry data, many analyses will also compare the domestic market with Japan. Food bags first appeared in highly stressful Japanese cities, and then became popular in Taipei, Kaohsiung, Taiwan, China. The penetration rate of prefabricated dishes in Japan has reached more than 60%, but the domestic growth rate is flawed according to the prediction of Japan’s Prefabricated dish market. Japan has a small land area and few categories. At this stage, most of the prefabricated dishes are staple food and cold food. The production of Chinese food is more complex. The existence of eight major cuisines and North-South differences will make the industrialization of domestic prefabricated dishes more difficult. This diversity and uncertainty in taste may affect the large-scale expansion of enterprises. The most obvious problem is that the C-end has not been able to find a “maximum common divisor” of taste so far.
Another metaphysical problem brought about by the pre cooking of the central kitchen is the “pot gas” emphasized in the cooking of traditional Chinese dishes. This sense enjoyment that cannot be industrialized makes it difficult for prefabricated dishes to go up, and terms such as high-end and quality are difficult to be associated with “prefabrication”. It is very important for the prefabricated dishes to be stuck at the B end. It is also difficult to break through the market outside young people. Before working life, most of them live at home or go out to study. In these two environments, the former has less demand for prefabricated dishes, and the latter is difficult to achieve the processing environment. In the incremental exploration of to C, prefabricated dishes still have a long way to go.
Young people who have been fed hot-pot/" 22375 rel="nofollow" target="_self">hot pot and takeout all year round will also face an all-round “attack” on prefabricated dishes. While standardizing and taming taste buds, young people get and lose the freedom of cooking. Just as the garment assembly line eliminates the tailor shop, “tailor-made” has become a luxury “private customization” and the consumption of a small number of people. Prefabricated dishes may also be the biggest weapon for industrialization to smooth out taste differences.
Cai Lan, a gourmet, was once asked, “what would you like if a dish disappeared from the world?” Cai Lan’s answer was unequivocal: “hot-pot/" 22375 rel="nofollow" target="_self">hot pot, this is the least level of cuisine.” All kinds of semi-finished vegetables and meat are quickly cooked through strong or light heat, combined with free dipping materials, resulting in a simple and quick lively.
In the near future, the hot-pot/" 22375 rel="nofollow" target="_self">hot pot will become lively, and prefabricated dishes may also be OK.
Author: Li Lili; Source: new entropy (ID: bailaohui), reprint authorized. Reprint authorization and media business cooperation: Amy (wechat: 13701559246); for the sixth consecutive year, foodaily released the annual business hot spot of the food industry – exploring the development law of categories from 200000 new products around the world, studying the changes of global consumption, studying the changes of new consumers and consumption demand in combination with in-depth insight into the Chinese market, and exploring the new value brought by the two new consumption drivers of technology reconstruction and brand popularity, Focus on the prospective discovery of category cracks / innovative products to assist new consumer entrants in anchoring market segments and category fission opportunities, and provide inspiration and decision-making reference for product innovation in the next year. (click the picture to view the detailed introduction)
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