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Wyeth illuma launched a new round of brand offensive and allied with JD to make a “good start”

At the beginning of 2022, milk powder brands also began to deploy new strategies throughout the year.

Recently, Wyeth illuma and JD will launch three consecutive Spring Festival logistics public welfare short films, which respectively tell the story of the logistics industry helping small B businesses, women groups and residents in remote and poor areas in the west to pursue a better life. At the same time, Wyeth illuma will also pay more attention to the role of mother. This is not only the first round of brand communication of Wyeth illuma this year, but also the first brand linkage since the brand reached strategic cooperation with JD recently.

It is understood that Wyeth and JD will carry out in-depth cooperation in omni-channel, supply chain, development and innovation of mother and child family scenes this year.

Powerful alliance

It is understood that on January 4 this year, Wyeth and JD held a strategic cooperation meeting with the theme of “jointly creating the future · Huixiang Wanjia”. Senior executives of both sides and illuma’s new brand ambassador, Olympic table tennis champion Malone attended the meeting. At the meeting, Wyeth Qifu and JD logistics jointly discussed the social topic of how enterprises take the initiative to assume social responsibility and help common prosperity, and signed the first strategic cooperation agreement in 2022.

It is reported that last year, JD and Wyeth jointly built a number of important mother and child marketing events, including “big brand storm”, “father’s Day” and “catching up with the first day”, and also achieved good performance growth in the category of organic milk powder in the subdivision track. In this year’s cooperation, Wyeth and JD plan to carry out in-depth cooperation in omni-channel and supply chain.

JD disclosed that in 2021, the company made significant progress in the construction of circulation infrastructure and completed an autonomous region level and two prefecture level public logistics warehousing and distribution centers. Up to now, JD has completed projects such as logistics materials, logistics equipment, logistics vehicles and logistics systems, with an investment of more than 50 million yuan.

“At present, Jingdong mother and baby is already the largest channel in the category of milk powder. Through working together with high-quality brand partners such as Wyeth, we can work together to provide better services and products to the new generation of mother and baby families.” Jiang Longwu, general manager of the mother and child purchase and marketing department of the food business department of JD retail group, also said that in the future, we will strengthen the innovation of mother and child family scenes and promote the growth of quality and sales under new scenes such as travel, play, good dreams, bathing, reunion, night milk and gift giving.

Wang Ying, head of Wyeth nutrition (China) market, also said that Wyeth illuma has always been committed to providing better nutritional formula solutions for mother and baby groups through continuous product innovation. She pointed out: “relying on JD’s integrated supply chain system, Wyeth’s products can widely cover first tier cities and remote areas of sinking markets. This year, with the further cooperation with JD logistics, our products can be transported to a wider area and serve as many consumers as possible.”

According to the data, in April last year, Wyeth illuma launched illuma Yunchun, which contains OPN active protein and “plays an important role in immune regulation”. Then in June last year, it introduced illuma future Luxa and illuma Yunyou of goat milk powder with six kinds of breast milk oligosaccharides (HMOs) through cross-border channels.

This year, Wyeth illuma also focused on “opening the talent rebirth in the year of the tiger”, invited Malone as the new brand ambassador, reiterated to adhere to the original intention of the market and provide scientific nutrition and customized services for the first 1000 days of Chinese mothers and infants according to R & D strength.

Co construction of public welfare

In addition to the strong alliance in business, Wyeth illuma and JD logistics also jointly discussed the social topic of how enterprises take the initiative to assume social responsibility and contribute to common prosperity at the above-mentioned meeting.

As the first achievement of the two sides working together to build public welfare, Wyeth nutrition and JD jointly built a logistics public welfare film project in the early spring festival this year to make a voice for social topics. The first short video with the theme of “Meishan chapter” will be released on the whole network recently. Through the vision of small B merchants, the short video tells the story that small merchants not only solve the problem of commodity transportation in rural areas with the help of JD logistics, but also sell and transport their hometown specialties to all parts of the country to promote rural revitalization and achieve common prosperity.

Another short film, from the perspective of women, tells the warm story of Jingdong female couriers who not only convey social care, but also realize their self-worth. The third short film focuses on people’s livelihood in remote areas. It tells that local herdsmen have a broader development space in their life after they apply to become the little brother of JD express. They not only improve their own life, but also participate in promoting urban construction.

In the above series of short films, it also reflects that although Wyeth and JD are in different fields, they both participate in and appeal to the wider public to promote the implementation of social public welfare from their own advantageous resources.

From Wyeth’s perspective, it pays full attention to female feeding and employment, and is committed to providing nutritional support for children who cannot breastfeed, solving their mothers’ worries, enabling working mothers to focus more on their work and realize social value. In fact, since Wyeth nutrition entered China, through cooperation with the government, relevant social institutions and industry organizations, Wyeth nutrition has carried out a series of social welfare projects, including nutrition donation and public health education.

From the perspective of, relying on its “new infrastructure” advantages such as digital supply chain and intelligent logistics, the company revitalized the whole industrial chain of catering enterprises, farmers and consumers through a series of hard core operations to protect people’s livelihood and promote economy, and also well explained the social responsibility and responsibility of the enterprise.

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