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5 innovative trends, 23 selected new product cases, decoding the new playing method of yogurt track in 2022!

how will yogurt work in the future?
For a long time, milk, yogurt and other dairy products have been regarded as ideal foods for human body to supplement protein, calcium and a variety of minerals. With the increasing health demands under the epidemic situation, yogurt with its own “nutritional health” aura has become the only choice for consumers to enhance their physique.
According to the 2021 yogurt consumption trend report released by cbndata, among the types of dairy products consumers like to buy in 2021, yogurt accounts for 85%, second only to fresh milk accounting for 86%. It is noteworthy that on the supply side, the number of online products of yogurt in 2021 has far exceeded that of fresh milk and milk containing drinks, and the consumption scale has increased by 90% in two years. On the consumer side, more than 60% of consumers prefer low-temperature refrigerated yogurt because it contains more active strains, tastes better and is cooler and refreshing; In addition, according to Euromonitor data, the sales of yogurt products in China will increase from 45.6 billion yuan in 2012 to 220 billion yuan in 2022, and the proportion in the whole dairy market will jump from 20% in 2014 to 36% in 2019. It is expected to further increase to 42.2% by 2024.
With the continuous expansion of yogurt consumption scale, the market has derived many subdivided consumer needs, driving the brand to update and iterate in product composition, taste and packaging. In terms of capital, it ushered in “Carnival” and promoted many “new” yogurt brands to appear on the shelf. Nowadays, dairy giants such as Yili, Mengniu, Guangming and Danone can be seen on the supermarket shelves. New power products such as Jane Eyre, Lechun, Beihai ranch, Herun and adopting a cow are also added to the shopping basket by more and more consumers.
Nielsen survey data show that more than 20000 new products will appear in the domestic FMCG market every year, accounting for 46% of the growth, but the average deposit period is less than 18 months. In the past two years, the explosive trend of new brands and new products in the domestic yogurt industry has widened the scale of the market, but on the other hand, the influx of brands has also made the market more and more “internal”, and the “fight” on the yogurt track is becoming increasingly fierce.
So, under the “jungle law” of survival of the fittest, how will the yogurt brand develop in the future? We might as well turn our attention to developed countries and regions such as Japan, Europe and the United States, and find places worthy of reference and learning in the domestic market through innovative cases in the international market in the past two years.  
Flavor innovation
Under the influence of decades of economic globalization, the consumption concept of Chinese consumers is firmly moving away from the original slightly conservative direction. Whether combined with western traditional food or Chinese inherent flavor, consumers are trying and even accepting it with a more open mind.
In the food industry, taste innovation is not only exclusive to snacks, beverages and other categories. In addition to paying attention to nutrition, consumers pay more and more attention to the taste buds brought by yogurt. Based on consumers’ persistent pursuit of “delicious food is the last word”, it is difficult for food enterprises to ignore the innovative and pleasant flavor and high-end quality, and all kinds of yogurt taste mixed products are on the rise.
In the new taste experience innovation, cbndata’s 2021 yogurt consumption trend report shows that “yogurt + fruit grain” is the yogurt mix and match product with the largest consumption scale, while “yogurt + functional ingredients” has a very prominent consumption growth rate and has great development potential. In addition, adding alcohol, garlic, cucumber and other flavors to yogurt not only refreshes and breaks the default taste experience of dairy products to consumers, but also enhances the interest of products and the possibility of interaction with consumers.
(1) Fruit + yogurt
The “luxury fruit” series of new products launched by Ohayo dairy products Co., Ltd., a big yogurt country in Japan, are very popular with consumers. The fruit flavor yogurt product launched in October 2021 uses the pulp of Japanese Satsuma. When eating, consumers can not only enjoy the refreshing taste of sour and sweet citrus and the pulp texture of citrus, You can also taste the balanced taste brought by the mellow pulp and milk. At the same time, the product also added L-55 lactic acid bacteria, which can better promote intestinal health.
Source: Ohayo official website
(2) alcohol + yogurt
In recent years, with the strict control of drunk driving and the improvement of consumers’ health awareness, consumers’ consumption of alcohol has decreased, but people’s preference for alcohol products still exists.
In order to satisfy consumers’ taste for alcohol, in July 2021, food Union, a Latvian dairy and ice cream producer, launched yogurt with different flavor characteristics, which injected new vitality into traditional dairy products through a cross category beverage shake me up yogurt cocktail. It is understood that this is not an ordinary yogurt drink, which has rich texture and mild flavor, and makes the product more out of the ordinary by adding special “air bubbles”.
Food union describes: “exotic pineapple coconut pina colada and weird bubble gum flavored drinks are designed for consumers who prefer adventure. People who like more famous flavors will like the fruit flavor of green apple, peach, shake me up and plum.” These yoghurt cocktails have great appeal to consumers who are looking for products that can supplement nutrition.
Source: Food union official website
(3) Hunting flavor + yogurt
At the same time, the trend of transforming brainstorming into taste bud flavor will give dairy products multiple possibilities, and the combination of dairy products with “curious flavor” will bring consumers good opportunities to impact taste buds again and again.
In order to satisfy the curiosity of consumers, the caciki garlic flavor yogurt launched by the Turkish brand Sutas along the Aegean Sea, which has a long yogurt diet culture, is a pioneer in flavor innovation. It is understood that the product contains garlic + yogurt and two combined flavors of garlic, cucumber, mint and other ingredients. Sutas official introduction “our products are a collection of natural garlic, fresh cucumber, mint, pure olive oil and 100% natural s ü TA ş The taste and nutrition of yogurt do not contain additional sugar. ”  
Source: Sutas official website
(4) Cross border + yogurt
In October 2021, yogurtland launched a frozen yogurt with milk tea flavor. It is reported that the formula of the frozen yogurt contains black tea and brown sugar, which makes it have a sweet taste. In view of its delicate and sweet cream flavor, it is very attractive to curious consumers. The brand reported that the product is also served with limited edition rainbow jelly as a topping, which will be a great choice for pearl milk tea flavor yogurt.  
Source: trendhunter
Raw material innovation
If any product wants to be recognized by the market, the key is to have consumer demand.
In recent years, with more and more vegetarian diet and light food culture widely popular on social media, the public has paid attention to the field of “plant protein”. On the other hand, with the continuous change of consumers’ eating habits, the consumption of food and beverage industry has gradually upgraded to nutrition and health. Plant protein has the advantages of low cholesterol, low fat and high protein, Let it become the key trend of industry development.
In the field of plant protein, according to the statistics of FMI food industry retail association, the sub category of plant-based yogurt showed strong growth, and the total plant-based yogurt increased by 35.2% in 2020. Euromonitor data show that in 2018, the global market scale of plant yogurt was USD 974 million, with the largest market scale in Europe and America and low acceptance in Asia. From the compound growth rate, the compound growth rate of global plant yogurt is expected to reach 17.8% from 2018 to 2023, including 38.5% in North America, Europe and only 3% in Asia Pacific.
Although plant-based yogurt is still in the primary development stage in the Chinese market, according to the latest report of hexa research, China will be one of the main demand centers for plant-based yogurt due to the surge of population and the increasing awareness of the health benefits of vegetarianism. With the continuous development of science and technology, plant-based yogurt products frequently appear in the market, and expand from traditional soybeans to more grass seeds, nuts, grains and other choices.
(1) Nuts + yogurt
In December 2021, plantveda foods, a Canadian dairy company, launched plantgurt probiotic yogurt substitute, which aims to provide consumers with a way to enjoy sour and oily land without dairy products. It is understood that the yogurt substitute is based on cashew nuts as raw material formula, does not contain sugar, but also increases the taste of blueberry and mango. The brand has announced the product and is expected to launch in retail stores in early 2022.
Source: trendhunter
(2) Fruit + yogurt
On January 5, 2022, the British brand coconut announced the launch of the new product coconut collaborative raspberry coconut YOG. It is understood that the product is refined from coconut base and is naturally rich in potassium and magnesium, calcium and vitamin D. At the same time, this yogurt inspired product is refined with live bacteria, fructose and raspberry flavor of the same name. It is an excellent choice for vegetarian consumers and balanced nutrition consumers. According to the brand, coconut collaborative raspberry coconut YOG will be launched in the store in Sainsbury, UK on January 19, 2022. At that time, it will certainly be favored by consumers with plant or vegan lifestyle and proficient diet.
Source: trendhunter
(3) Grain + yogurt
Oddlygood, a plant-based food manufacturer from Finland, launched a non lactic acid milk substitute based on oats in September 2021. This non dairy yogurt product is also known as “gurts”, which is rich in nutritional value and active culture. It is reported that this yogurt adopts fresh fermentation technology, contains live pure yogurt culture and vitamins such as B2, B12 and D2 and a variety of minerals required by the human body, and the shovel does not contain gluten and soybean. There are raspberry, vanilla and blueberry flavors to choose from. Yogurt substitutes can be found in conventional and low sugar options to meet various dietary needs and preferences.
source: food business news net
(4) Super food + yogurt
Plant based yogurt substitutes are attractive to those who want to avoid certain ingredients, especially the common allergens in nuts, soybeans and lactose.
In this regard, in May 2021, melata launched a Greek yoghurt v-gurt made of brown rice, quinoa and other super foods without dairy products and sugar. It is understood that the product is rich in prebiotics and probiotics, rich in dietary fiber and no cholesterol. The protein content is only 1g less than that of traditional dairy products. At the same time, it also adds flavors such as passion fruit, turmeric, vanilla, mango and strawberry. In addition, the series also provides an ordinary non sugar for consumers to choose, which can be eaten alone or added to various condiments and dips.
Source: trendhunter
Function + yogurt
Supplementary nutrition is the most basic function of dairy products. However, in the post epidemic era, with the popularization and deepening of nutrition knowledge, the simple word “nutrition” can not fully meet their needs. In addition to the basic regulation of intestines and stomach and increasing appetite, different groups have more accurate and diversified functional demands for food, such as office workers’ desire to restore vitality, middle-aged and elderly people’s desire to improve memory and brain health, teenagers’ desire to supplement calcium and protect vision, women’s desire to reduce fat and skin health, etc.
According to the consumer dairy consumption survey of Dr. clove in 2020, the basic demand for liquid milk has been basically met. Consumers expect to bring better nutrition through the addition of vitamins and minerals, and expect to realize the needs of fat reduction and sleep assistance. In addition, according to the 2021 yogurt consumption trend report released by cbndata, with the advancement of health demands, consumers have a strong willingness to “throw money” for yogurt. Nutritional composition is the most important factor for consumers to select yogurt products. More than 30% of consumers began to pay attention to the ingredient list of yogurt products and carefully select ingredients.
Although in China, the number of functional dairy products in the market and per capita consumption are not high, the accelerated change of people’s demand and mentality caused by the epidemic makes the potential of the functional dairy market more huge. In the future, functional differentiation will be a development direction of the dairy industry.
(1) Yogurt for improving immunity
For consumers who want to keep healthy by seeking simple and nutritious methods, snack yogurt with supporting immunity is the best choice.
In July 2021, Yoplait launched a low-fat yogurt rich in vitamins, zinc and other elements. Yoplait power yogurt is rich in a variety of benefits, may help support the immune system, and has interesting flavors full of fruits and chiya seeds, such as blueberry with blackcurrant and kiwi fruit yogurt or cherry with pomegranate and kiwi fruit, which improves the familiar taste of fruit flavor yogurt. Low fat yogurt is rich in zinc and vitamins A, C, D and E. yogurt does not add sweeteners and pigments. The sweetness in the product comes from sucrose and the color comes from fruits and vegetables.
Source: trendhunter
(2) Antioxidant collagen yogurt
The light + fit skim yogurt series launched by Danone is very suitable for delicate women who want to increase protein and skin health. At the same time, it is also a snack that can indulge in cream and delicious food.
It is understood that light + fit contains 15 grams of protein per serving, including 2 grams of collagen – this structural protein is said to help relieve joint pain, promote heart health and improve skin. Light + fit also contains antioxidants and vitamins A and E. In addition, there are four flavors to choose from, including mango kiwi, cherry blackcurrant, orange grapefruit and raspberry lime. Yogurt can also be integrated into various recipes as a healthy ingredient or a substitute for heavier products, and the products can be purchased through Dannon’s official website.
Source: trendhunter
(3) Sunscreen moisturizing yogurt
In September 2021, Meiji launched a yogurt Meiji skin care yogurt bare skin Mikata with UV protection and moisturizing functions. According to the official website, the main functional components of this product include SC-2 lactic acid bacteria, fish collagen peptide and sphingomyelin. Each bottle (112ml) contains 51kcal calories and 4.7G protein. It has the function of “protecting skin from UV damage by drinking”.
Source: Meiji official website
(4) Yogurt for relieving eye and nose discomfort
In order to alleviate the discomfort of modern people’s eyes and nose, in September 2021, Japanese brand megmilk snow print launched a helve yogurt with function claim. It is understood that this product contains helveticus lactic acid bacteria, which can alleviate the eye and nose discomfort caused by pollinosis and allergy. In addition, the product uses 47% raw milk, and the overall taste is mild.
Source: megmilk official website
(5) Yogurt to improve memory
The Bifidobacterium memory countermeasure yogurt launched by Senyong memory is said to contain 20 billion bifidobacteria mcc1274 (B. breve) that can maintain cognitive function in the world. It is a yogurt product that can improve the memory loss caused by aging.
Source: Senyong official website
Coincidentally, in June 2021, megmilk snow print also launched a product containing β- Lactoferrin functional yogurt products, it is understood that, β- Lactoferrin can also help the body maintain memory (clue based memory) that declines with age.  
Source: snow seal official website
Scenario / marketing innovation
Yogurt, as a healthy ornament in daily life, mainly appears in the scenes of consumers after a full meal, waking up in the morning or leisure afternoon, but now yogurt is given more social attributes.
Cbndata’s 2021 yogurt consumption trend report shows that consumers’ demand for yogurt is far from just eating with or after meals, but has begun to penetrate into all scenes of daily life: fitness and fat reduction, business entertainment, even leisure parties, festival celebrations, etc. While the demand for delicious food is upgrading, consumers also hope to get a sense of belonging and identity from delicious food.
In order to enhance consumers’ participation in consumption scenes and product experience, more and more dairy enterprises begin to pay attention to the excavation of advertising and marketing opportunities. For example, flashing seasonal publicity points over a flat time span is an obvious way. For example, creating a traditional festival atmosphere makes consumers more willing to spend for such festivals, Whether it’s gift giving or your own experience, it’s also an opportunity worth marketing.
(1) Seasonal limitation
In October 2021, the British dairy brand Yeo Valley launched the limited edition organic spiced apple Caramel yogurt, which aims to provide consumers with another way to enjoy the flavor of the season.
It is understood that this yogurt is refined with the brand’s iconic organic yogurt and Granny Smith apple, cinnamon and caramel flavors. The packaging of yogurt also uses 100% recyclable plastic. Yeo Valley organic spiced apple Caramel yogurt is now available in Sainsbury’s and Waitrose stores in the UK, with 450 gram cans selling for £ 1.70 each. The yogurt is only available in autumn for curious consumers.
Source: trendhunter
(2) Festival limit
In October 2021, frubes will launch Yoplait yogurt brand during Halloween to provide young people with a terrible atmosphere to celebrate Halloween. It is understood that the yogurt box has three kinds of packaging, each containing three terrible strawberry, howling red berry and terrible peach taste. In addition, the product also comes with a special gift package promotion, which will provide young consumers with a tailorable Halloween mask and three theme sticker bags to collect skull, mummy and vampire themes.
Yoplait yogurt is positioned as a beneficial snack and a good source of calcium and vitamins. At the same time, because its formula can be stored outside the refrigerator for up to 8 hours, it is also very suitable for school lunch.  
Source: trendhunter
(3) Public welfare publicity
Coconut is becoming more and more popular all over the world, especially in view of the continuous development of plant sports. However, many people do not know where or who these coconuts come from, or the problems they are facing.
In order to celebrate world coconut day (September 2), so delicious dairy free launched the good people loop program in August 2021. The brand also invited all fans who love coconut and dairy free products to join the program. It is understood that the activity aims to educate consumers and help draw people’s attention to the people behind delicious fruits, so as to provide support for coconut farmers in the supply chain.
In order to help educate the public, the brand cooperated with the famous Philippine photographer xyza Cruz bacani to take eye-catching photos of Philippine Coconut farmers. Fans can buy limited edition prints as part of the so delicious limited edition world coconut day bundle. The bundle also includes four coupons for so delicious coconut milk frozen food and free coconut milk yogurt.
Source: trendhunter
(4) Creative advertising
On the arrival of Valentine’s day in 2021, in order to help fans enjoy yogurt in a social distance, the brand Noosa released a romantic and funny advertisement. In the advertisement, the clever advertising point of the slogan “we shouldn’t have it, but we did it” announced seven strange and unnecessary yogurt inventions “gadgets” to be launched by the brand, including yoguzzi, passage pocket T-shirt, purple, socially disabled spoon, hidden desires smoothie holder, mine & your tube splitter and lovers double spoon. In the advertisement, Noosa showed several inventions, including a double headed spoon that allows lovers to enjoy a mouthful of yogurt at the same time. Other examples include a T-shirt with a special yogurt bag, a dog shaped lickable yogurt mixture appearing in front of the camera, and so on.
Source: trendhunter
(5) Specific population
Nestle has launched a new product lindahls Pro Series for enthusiastic athletes and health conscious consumers in the UK, which will provide them with a way to help replenish energy after training or exercise. Products include raspberry and vanilla flavors, as well as lemon cheese cake, strawberry and lime pie snack cans. Drinkable options contain 23 grams of protein with low sugar content, while cans contain 18 grams of protein with low sugar content and no fat.
Nestle lindahls Pro product series mentioned in a statement of the brand: “combining the nutritional benefits of protein milkshake in the form of ready to use, it is the perfect snack for fitness people and can be stored in the refrigerator in the office or at home at any time.”
Source: trendhunter
(6) Healthy snacks
In October 2021, Welch launched fruit ‘n yogurt snacks fruit snack yogurt and added a new variety to Welch’s ® Strawberry Fruit ‘n Yogurt ™ Snacks, including blueberry, strawberry and Mango Peach flavors, are rich in a variety of nutrients such as vitamin D and calcium required by the human body, bringing consumers different fruit yogurt snacks.
“In addition to new flavors, Welch’s ® Fruit ‘n Yogurt ™ Snacks also presents new colors and packaging. The new products provide a variety of packaging, sizes and formats to meet the needs of consumers on different occasions, ”Nora Collins, Deputy Marketing Director of PIM brands Inc., shared: “whether at school, at home, at work or on the road, our new size, packaging and taste ensure that fruit and yogurt lovers around the world can find the right size, format and taste and enjoy it anytime, anywhere.”  
Source: Welch’s official website
Packaging innovation
When goods are put on the shelf, as consumers’ first impression of food, packaging is sometimes more recognizable than the food itself. Forbes research data show that personalized packaging can increase the revenue of products in marketing by as much as 15%. Most of the time, young people regard brands as real people and seek to establish closer and more meaningful relationships with their favorite brands. China food and beverage trends and consumer insight also said that 80% of consumers are more willing to pay for personalized packaging.
As more and more yogurt substitutes enter the market, brand products that make innovations in packaging modeling and playing methods can give some inspiration to many brands struggling with sales stagnation and category transformation.
(1) Modern sense
OIKOS, a popular yogurt brand, recently launched a new “dynamic” packaging design for its mixed Greek yogurt packaging. The brand works with breadwood & Co to create attractive and eye-catching packaging suitable for OIKOS’s target market. The new design has the beauty of modern simplicity and will attract modern shoppers. “Reshaping a completely different Greek yogurt experience is a huge effort,” said Fe Amarante, senior creative director and head of brand design and brand promotion in Danone North America. “This is a very flat category of yogurt, and the experience has a lot in common.”  
Source: trendhunter
(2) Transparency
Alexandre launched a yogurt line that stands out because of the packaging with certified recycled, organic and A2 / A2, and its container design with a unique percentage of milk fat. A2 / A2 refers to a molecular structure in protein, namely A2 β- Casein can promote intestinal peristalsis and reduce the occurrence of lactose intolerance.
Stephanie Alexandre, founder of Alexandre, explained, “many people who think they have lactose intolerance are actually intolerant of A1 protein. If A2 protein is cited, it can help solve this problem.” It is worth noting that Alexandre is the first renewable dairy and egg ranch certified by savory land to market in the United States, and the 100% forage production line has also been certified by the renewable organic alliance. Unlike most dairy products in the United States, Alexandre’s grass fed dairy products are seasonally unique and non standardized. It is worth mentioning that consumers can know the percentage of milk fat in a specific container by scanning the QR code on the package.
Source: trendhunter
(3) Sustainability

Chobani paper cups help reduce the use of plastics. As an alternative to plastics, chobani launched chobani paper cups. The brand’s cold extract coffee, coffee creamer and oat milk can be found in paper packaging solutions. Now, a more sustainable solution is being applied to yogurt. It is understood that the yogurt paper cup is made of 80% paperboard, which is a renewable material and indeed has a thin plastic lining. Although the product is made of recyclable materials, the brand recognizes that finding a solution suitable for everyone is a challenge because municipal operated recycling centers have their own unique rules and requirements. The brand’s oatmeal yogurt will enter the paper cup together with other solutions, which will explore the use of less plastic and more paper.  

Source: trendhunter
(4) Carbon element
For yogurt, consumers’ first impression is milky white, but when Danone Ukraine’s Activia brand launched black yogurt and put it on the shelf, it completely overturned everyone’s understanding of yogurt. It is understood that this is not only the first black yogurt on the Ukrainian market, but also the first yogurt product containing charcoal on the market. The inspiration and design of this product are all around the “charcoal” element. According to the brand, they created a great yogurt texture with charcoal, wrapped the whole package with it, and attracted the attention of consumers through dark packaging, making people feel like “holding a real charcoal”. At the same time, in order to create a novel experience for consumers, the brand will also launch a variety of charcoal foods and beverages, including products in various segments from baked goods to noodles and drinks.  
Source: trendhunter
The diversified dairy industry is like a complex ecosystem. The fierce competition process will continue to create market diversity. We can always find crisscross innovation points in different channels. Nowadays, under the background of the accelerated development of the global economy and the post epidemic era, dairy consumption has also brewed more “inevitable” trends and new directions.
It can be seen from the appeal cases that the diversified development has become a trend of scale and climate in domestic and foreign markets. For example, the development of dairy combined with dessert is to meet the comfort of consumers; The innovation of flavor has also jumped out of the field of sweetness, and can even be based on what we know as food and beverage; Festival marketing pays more and more attention to traditional festivals; Focusing on the fun of dairy enjoyment has also become an interactive way for consumers and deepened consumers’ participation.
However, the sub category of yogurt is not only the dessert, cross-border flavor and interest we see and summarize now. In the future, we will also see more possibilities to dig vertically under the existing trend. As dairy enterprises can accept the higher and higher fault tolerance rate of listed products, we believe that the number of diversified new products will maintain an increasing trend. It can be said that the self-contained and developing ecological diversity is just a portrayal of the future development trend of dairy products.
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Author: Little Zhong; Source: FDL digital food claim (ID: foodatalink), reprint has been authorized. Reprint authorization and media business cooperation: Amy (wechat: 13701559246); for the sixth consecutive year, foodaily released the annual business hot spot of the food industry – exploring the development law of categories from 200000 new products around the world, studying the changes of global consumption, studying the changes of new consumers and consumption demand in combination with the in-depth insight into the Chinese market, and exploring the new value brought by the two new consumption drivers of technology reconstruction and brand popularity, Focus on the prospective discovery of category cracks / innovative products to assist new consumer entrants in anchoring market segments and category fission opportunities, and provide inspiration and decision-making reference for product innovation in the next year. (click the picture to view the detailed introduction) related reading

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