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Market trend analysis of FMCG, prediction of 5 major packaging trends, release of recruitment information for 1000 + jobs, and shock of 2022 packaging ceremony!



预见包装, ONLINE未来
时间:2022年1月21-22日 19:00-20:30
On January 21 and 22 last year, Lion media group held the grand ceremony of “foresight packaging, online future – the first online scene release of China’s packaging trend” “, we talked with many brands and industry experts about the packaging trend in 2021. The new year has quietly arrived. After the difficult years of the first two years, will there be some new changes in the terminal industry and packaging industry in 2022? What challenges and opportunities will it bring?
On January 21 and 22, 2022, “foresee packaging, online future – the second online release ceremony of China’s packaging trend in 2022” will continue to be held in the live broadcast Hall (online) of Meishi media group. We will discuss with you from the aspects of new market consumption, prediction of technology development, increment of packaging development, advancement of packaging talents and so on, in order to bring more inspiration!
At the same time, lion took the lead in sorting out the recruitment information of 1000 + jobs in the packaging field in the industry, and will roll through the release ceremony to help the healthy flow of talents in the packaging industry!
new consumption: changes and changes in the field of FMCG in 2022

perceived market, dismantling opportunities, track segmentation and trend

The rise of new consumer brands will be the main theme of Chinese business in the coming decades. What changes and changes will take place in the field of FMCG in 2022? What impact will this have on the packaging application trend? We will focus on market changes in food, beverage and daily chemicals, disassemble market opportunities, and perceive the changes in the development trend of packaging technology. Hot issues of food and beverage industry trend release – Lion united with foodaily daily food, disassembly of food industry and packaging opportunities
in the new consumption field of food and beverage, in order to match the changes of new demand of new people, product innovation needs to return to essence. Foodaily recently released its annual business hot spot forecast, which combines the global research experience of 200000 new products with in-depth insight into the Chinese market and focuses on the forward-looking discovery of categories / products. It hopes to help new consumer entrants anchor the fission opportunities of market segments and categories, take a pulse of the current consumption environment reform and new consumption trend, and deconstruct the business password and industrial opportunities under the hot spots.

starting from the new, the trend of daily chemical beauty consumption and packaging application is released — the authoritative analysis of daily chemical hot track by Meishi big data department shows the trend of category consumption.
the consumption dividend of domestic daily chemical market is gradually released, the new rules of the industry are becoming more and more rigorous, and the unprecedented change and opportunity are coming. Standing at the crossroads of consumption upgrading and consumer group change, what new market demand will the daily chemical industry release? Meishi media data center will release the popular tracks and category consumption trends of daily chemical and beauty products, so as to provide inspiration and decision-making reference for your product packaging innovation next year.

development prediction: prediction of packaging technology development by packaging industry chain enterprises
consumption insight, policy analysis, fresh cases and landing guidance

Sales Specialist, packaging materials division, lescale Stora Enso

唐瑭 斯道拉恩索中国包装华北区域销售经理 


1. What is the market trend of refrigerated and frozen food?

2. What do consumers expect from refrigerated and frozen food packaging?

3. What packaging material solutions does Stora Enso have for refrigerated and frozen food?

分享嘉宾:Adam Stewart——Chief Science, Rearch, Development and Quality Service Manager


1、全球可持续包装所需材料物性硬性条件分析(如材料物性, 材料阻隔, 可持续性);
2、澳大利亚市场对环保材料包装的规划, 现状, 原因, 以及政策引导解析;
technological advance: new increment of packaging development in 2022

material reform, technological innovation, improvement of processing capacity and new increment of packaging

According to lion’s continuous in-depth understanding of the packaging market and its perception of the industry, we believe that the three packaging technologies of digital printing, single material and pulp molding are likely to become new increments of packaging development in 2022. In this grand ceremony, we will also focus on discussing the development trend of these three technologies with you in the section of technology. Development trend and case sharing of digital printing technology
Smithers Pira reported that under the influence of the epidemic, the share of digital printing technology in the label and packaging market will increase from 4.4% (US $18.5 billion) in 2020 to 7.2% (US $35.9 billion) in 2026, which is equivalent to a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 11.2% from 2021 to 2026. The advantages of
digital printing technology at the supply chain end are: flexibility of packaging processing, interaction of brand marketing, changing regulatory requirements, brand protection and product traceability, continuous innovation of design, sustainable development of packaging, etc. at present, there is still great room for improvement in the market application of packaging digital printing in China.
digital printing technology providers HP, Konica Minolta, boster and Haiying printing, which is constantly exploring market applications in the field of digital printing, will bring us wonderful cases and technology sharing.

interpretation of the development trend of single material technology
the special research report “the future 2025 of single material plastic packaging film market” released by Smithers points out that its market scale will be 20.44 million tons (US $55.9 billion) in 2019, and it may be increased to 26.03 million tons (US $70.9 billion) in 2025. Asia Pacific, North America and Western Europe are the three major consumer markets of single material plastic packaging film in the world. The development trend of single material at the supply chain end is as follows: it is a single material, but it should meet the functional requirements (the functional requirements mentioned here include strength, heat sealing, barrier and so on); It is a single material but meets the production efficiency requirements of flexible processing (due to the change of single material, the consistency of the original industrial chain production is broken, and the challenge to quality and efficiency is more significant);
to sum up, the development of single material packaging, from packaging design, processing, machine production to recycling and reuse, is not a simple industry, it is an ecological closed-loop system. However, with the formulation of China’s dual carbon strategy, the technology and application of single packaging material have been greatly accelerated, which will be a rapidly rising market. During the release ceremony, LiBai, ExxonMobil Chemical, Chengde technology, taghleef of ti’ai company, jienord packaging, Braun, Hesheng plastic, Kaida, Nanfang packaging and other enterprises will bring us relevant content sharing from different dimensions such as market prospect, latest technology progress and relevant cases around a single material.

pulp molding technology development trend interpretation and great appreciation of cases at home and abroad
pulp molding, an environmentally friendly product, has been produced on a large scale in China for more than 30 years. Under the background of global plastic ban, relevant products have become the main force of plastic ban substitution, rapid iteration, Tencent, Pepsi, Huawei, apple Chanel and other major head brands / cutting-edge fashion brands have adopted pulp molding packaging; The investment heat is heating up rapidly, and packaging giants such as Shanying international, dashengda and Hexing have successively invested in the bureau to layout the pulp molding industry; The industry has received policy support, and Guangxi Laibin and other places have attracted investment and launched the pulp molding industry base project. The pulp molding industry has become one of the most concerned areas in the current packaging industry. Together with the IPFM project team of lion media group, we invite well-known enterprises, researchers and industry observers in the pulp molding industry to deeply analyze this hot industrial area. Highlights: 1 20-year industry veterans interpret the environmental protection of the whole life cycle of pulp molding 2 Enjoy the latest pulp molding application cases at home and abroad on one screen (episode) 3 Industry KOL key – the decision to choose pulp molding for FMCG products 4 Pulp molding industry observation and entry tool
advanced talents: the most needed talents in the packaging industry

CPO value, salary and mobility, and achievement of compound talents

in today’s increasingly fierce competition in the packaging industry, talents have become the key weapon of the industry. The flow of talents in the packaging industry is frequent. The transfer of talents in the packaging industry is closely related to the development of enterprises. Real talents are always seeking higher value. Therefore, the competition for talents in the packaging industry is also a contest of brand strength. At the same time, for packaging managers, how to make themselves more competitive? How to seek more suitable enterprises to play greater value? How can I get a higher salary? We will discuss with you during the live broadcast ceremony.



source: Packaging Manager (ID: mediapak), reprint authorized. Reprint authorization and media business cooperation: Amy (wechat: 13701559246); for the sixth consecutive year, foodaily released the annual business hot spot of the food industry – exploring the development law of categories from 200000 new products around the world, studying the changes of global consumption, studying the changes of new consumers and consumer demand in combination with in-depth insight into the Chinese market, and exploring the new value brought by the two new consumption drivers of technology reconstruction and brand popularity, Focus on the prospective discovery of category cracks / innovative products to assist new consumer entrants in anchoring market segments and category fission opportunities, and provide inspiration and decision-making reference for product innovation in the next year. (click the picture to see the detailed introduction) related reading food people are “watching”

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